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Lucendar's Savage Tide....All aboard! (Inactive)

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Eleder

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Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

16th day of Desnus 4712
3:00 pm

Ahhh...the cool breeze of the salt air did its best to relieve Captain James Barron of his foul mood but the glare of the sun and the 80 degree temperature were not going away anytime soon. Damn those summer months! Captain Barron took his red handkerchief from his pocket, removed his hat, and swabbed his forehead and sunburned neck of sweat. He then scratched his brownish scraggly beard...when the heat got in, it was hard to get out! Two more days of this and I can relax, he thought. Take some time off. The pay for this trip was going to be significant.

As he put his hat back on, he admired the mast of his baby, the Velvet Rose, her sails flowing in the wind. We're making good time, he thought, should be in Eleder in two days. I'll treat my crew to some drinks when we arrive, even the six Mwangi. He smiled, only on the seas did colonials and Mwangi get along. But that's politics, never good for a seaman of his stature to get involved in that.

He looked over the decks and saw some of the passengers who had embarked in Senghor. Seems they must want to be cooling off as well, he thought. His eyes lingered, much too much, even by his standards, on the petite young girl of golden locks. Wow, what a body! If only I were 20 years younger... He let his thoughts trail off, as he spotted the elven lass of auburn locks...she was a looker as well. Hell, even the green one was a pleasure on the eyes...but she was tall and strong and looked like she could hurt someone. Must be the Mwangi blood in that one. He made a mental note to be careful what he said around her. Then he smiled, as his thoughts turned to the first day the three women came aboard: many a crew member was disappointed to learn that they were not women of the night, paid by the Captain for a job well done, for navigating the ship so close to the Shackles without incident. But at least, the sight of the women kept the men in good spirits both during the day and at night..

Captain Barron chuckled at himself, as he looked over and saw the bald half-orc, a monster of a man with muscle to boot, but he was quiet and seemed peaceful and full of respect, quite unlike any half-orc he had ever encountered. At least, in his brief conversations with the man. The Captain rolled his eyes, as he caught sight of Chesley...ugh! Even the name was pretentious! How he preferred the silence of the half-orc to the loud ostentatious behavior of this so-called playboy, who swore he had bed every noblewoman up the Mwangi coast. Well, he had yet to get anywhere with the three exotic females.

Finally, the Captain gave a surprised look, as the two men he had dubbed "Frick" and "Frack" came up the stairs. But for the older one's moustache, they were nearly identical in appearance: colonials, around 25, clean cut, freshly shaven, hair parted in the middle, dressed in the same uniform, with finely polished sabers dangling at their sides. Guess they're not automatons..they get hot too! The Captain held back his laughter. These two were quite a pair, having embarked in Senghor and supposedly accompanying the shipment of three crates stored in the hold. The Captain smiled, as Frick and Frack walked along and around the deck, marching in perfect unison, tipping their hats to the ladies and nodding to the men.

What a voyage, he thought, glad it's almost over. Hmmm...with the gold he was going to earn, maybe one of the fine ladies on board would accompany him to celebrate! One can only dream, thought Captain Barron, as he turned his eyes to the horizon..

I know it's a weekend but I got inspired to write the intro to this obligation to post till Monday, unless you get inspired too! You've informally seen each other during the past 2 days but now the stifling heat has forced you all to be in the same place at the same time, so you may want to formally introduce yourselves. Besides the Captain, his crew of 14, and Frick and Frack (they have kept to themselves so you have not formally met them), there's just you. Any questions, let me know.

Visual aids to help:
Captain Barron
Frick and Frack uniforms

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

From the moment Chez boarded the ship he pondered how to best introduce himself to three ladies also embarking on the journey. Although he preferred solo introductions, they could be timely and could make the others jealous. The swashbuckler knew from experience it would be best to approach them as a group, this way they would they would not feel intimidated and be more open to his interest in them.

Chez gathered the necessary supplies as he waited for a moment that the three ladies were in close proximity to each other. Once the timing was right, he made his approach carrying his bottle of fine wine and 4 mugs.

He passed by the balding half-orc and give him a wink and a smile, however it appeared that this just made the man eye him more suspiciously.

"Good afternoon ladies. It seems the gods of fate have blessed me to travel in company of such fine lasses as yourselves. Believe me, my past travels have had me kept in tight quarters with passengers whose odors and demeanours could rival that of any sailor here." He nods and looks towards a few sailors working hard and dripping of sweat. Chez smiles.

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Chesley Saryn and I would be most humbled and pleased if you would share this bottle of Senghor's finest with me. Oh, and it would be a great honor if you could just call me Chez" Chez will pass a mug to any of the three ladies who are willing to take it.

"It would be a great pleasure to me if you would be willing to share your names as well. I have found fine wine and pleasant conversation makes a long journey go so quickly." Chez smiles and flicks his golden bangs to the side as he begins to pour wine to any wishing to receive it.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda eyed the golden haired man with a bit of suspicion. Normally, those who approach her always stammer something about her green hued skin and hair. He must be a smooth operator. Be careful around that one with too many compliments. But hey, free w ine is free wine...

"Thank you for the wine, Chez. I'm Ialda. Ialda Soumral. She takes a cup and takes a long pull, much larger than most delicate females would. "Delicious. That's a lot better than most of the swill I'm used to in my travels, she laughs at she becomes lost in her thoughts for a second.

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi leaned out, over the sea, feeling the warm sun on her face and arms. It was a bright, crisp day, with the salty sea air blowing across her face. She was surprised that the colonials had such difficulty with the tropical heat. Perhaps it was the humidity that affected them so.

She looked down at the sound of Chez's voice, addressed to herself and others nearby, and might have lost her footing in the rope ladder-netting (if anyone knows what this is actually called, let me know) at such a moment had she not learned to anchor herself at an early age.

Xarethi turned back to the sea for a moment, allowing her gaze to fall back on the cresting foam at the horizon, the occasional splash and flip of a tail some sign of life other than Colonial or Eleder on the vast expanse. Like always, they seemed to be calling to her, waving at her. She allowed the fancy to fade away as she looked back towards Chez, leaning back over the boat's deck then lowering herself rapidly on the rope netting.

"Chez? Umm, hello. I am Xarethi Kalamnus. I don't know if there's a shortened form of that or not."

She gladly accepts the mug that he offers her.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru winced as he came up from below decks, blinking as the darkness yielded to the inescapable brightness of day. His human parentage had lessened the pain his father must have felt from such unceasing light, but no man, be he human or orc, could leave a ship's hold and come on deck without his eyes watering. He'd stayed below decks for two days before the oppressive heat sent him to the main deck of the Velvet Rose, and his spun cloth shirt was soaked with his sweat.

He nodded to Captain Barron as their glances past over each other. The Captain was an even man, far better than many Kowaru had encountered in his travels. Most respected his "mongrel strength" in the same way one respects the killing power of a tiger - something ferocious and inhuman. The Captain was different, though. Their few conversations had shown him that the Captain was willing to put aside obvious differences in the name of getting along - an admirable goal, to be sure.

He noticed the other travelers were on deck as well. He'd not truly met any of them, but he kept a respectful distance from them for now. One never knows the prejudices of another, until the other makes it known, he mused darkly. Still, if he had to guess, the half-elven woman would likely be a kindred soul - neither part of the elven world nor the human. Her light green skin tone only made her more of a mystery to him.

The elf woman was a mystery as well - he'd once heard her speaking aloud below decks, but didn't see anyone with her. Could she see the spirits that surround us, he wondered to himself. Or is she simply addle-minded?

The two humans, however, were complete opposites. The man was gregarious, spent most of his time at a table near the galley, and constantly had stories pouring from his lips. Kowaru wondered how many of them had a grain of truth to them, and how many were simply spun from wholecloth. The woman seemed friendly enough, but she seemed to enjoy the outside far more than the man. He'd seen her standing at the fo'c'sle, letting the sea spray around her with a genuine smile upon her face. It's almost a religious experience for her.

As Kowaru found an open space on the deck, he shed his sweat-soaked shirt and laid it over a nearby rail. He closed his eyes, and listened to the rhythm of the waves, the smell of the brine, and the creaking of the Velvet Rose. He listened to the rhythm of his world, and after finding it, began to move with it. He let his muscles move in the kata Master Ping had taught him, clearing his mind of worry and frustration and doubt, and simply being. He tried to focus his ki in the manner the little man had described - feel it in your stomach, feel it in the center of your soul! - but he could not truly harness it the way his master had. Still, he continued with the moving meditation, working up a sweat as he finished the motions.

After he was through, he saw one of the crewmen was swabbing the deck, using seawater to clean up the droppings left by the loons. He walked over to the man and bowed to him. "Peace, brother. I wish to borrow your bucket for a few moments." Though his voice was gravelly, he spoke quietly, almost reverently. The man looked confused, but he nodded and handed him the bucket. Kowaru lowered the bucket back into the ocean, and hauled it back on deck. He poured the cool water over himself, running a hand over his shaven head, washing the dried sweat from his body. "Thank you, brother. I shall not trouble you further."

He returned to the other four passengers, making note of the two mercenaries marching around deck, and sitting into a lotus position with them. "Peace be with you, brother and sisters. Might I sit here for a time with you?"

Xarethi: The rope ladder is the rigging. If you learn how to climb it like a monkey, you can be Master of the Tops. Hooray for useless knowledge learned from RPGs!

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Now that's a strange duck the barbarian thought to herself, seeing the strange looking position in which he folded himself into. ]"Help yourself,, she paused trying to answer him in an appropriate way. "We have wine, if you would like some. Don't we Chez?"

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

As Kowaru passes by, the two identically clad men stop their marching and stop at a railing diagonal to where the party is now and soak in the sea breeze. The moustached one sits with his back against the rail and drinks from his wineskin, while the other has his back to the party. They engaged in conversation and some laughter, but with the creaking of the boat and the sound of the waves, you cannot hear from this distance. The three females in the party do catch occasional glances from the man.

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"Pleased to meet you Ialda." Chez smiles genuinely as his eyes dart across the luminescent emerald tinge of Ialda's skin and how it accents her finely honed muscles and other pleasing curves.

The swashbuckler pauses momentarily as he almost enters a trance-like state while admiring her. Quickly Chez regains his composure, "I am pleased you like it. I get the impression that you are no stranger to travel, so I take your acceptance of my choice of wine as a great compliment."

He notices the half-elf look towards the half-orc and then raises an eyebrow as she invites him over. "But of course, any friend of yours is welcome around me."

Chez sips back the contents of his mug, pours some more wine into it and offers it with a smile to Kowaru.

As Xarethi descends from the rigging with agile grace, Chez takes a moment to appreciate her movements.

Chez happily provides a mug of wine to her, "Xarethi. Such a beautiful sound. Almost elven in its ring. I certainly see no need to shorten such a pretty name."

The swashbuckler smiles reassuringly and looks up where the woman was, "A good view from up there I imagine. You seem quite at home on a ship. Do you journey the sea frequently?"

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru raised a hand in a polite dismissive gesture to Chaz. "I thank you, brother, for your kindness. However, I only drink enough wine to purify my water, and not a drop more. Alcohol dulls the soul. And you may call me Kowaru."

The half-orc took a swig from the waterskin at his belt, and let the water quench the thirst he had worked up. There were questions he wanted to ask his fellow travelers, but many of those could wait for a few days. He had plenty of time to question them at his convenience. For now, though, he simply asked, "Have any of you been to Elenar before?"

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi smiles.

"Often enough. I sometimes feel a very close kin with the sea."

She glances back at the rigging. "It's a lovely view."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez smiles and shrugs at Kowaru's comment. He takes a moment to consider what the heck he is talking about, but writes it off as some sort of religious rhetoric that is long lost on him. "Ah, well to each their own friend."

Chez holds his mug up in a toasting pose and says, "I find wine makes my soul feel all tingly." He takes sip from from his mug and smiles towards the ladies.

"This shall be my first visit to Elendar. Have any of you been there? Anything you can tell me of the local customs would be greatly appreciated. I most certainly would not want to do anything there that could mistakenly offend anyone."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Kowaru and Chez, the city is Eleder not Elenar or Elendar. :)

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"I have visited the city quite often. I am a guide for groups wanting to explore the Mwangi Expanse. I usually pick them up or drop them off in Eleder. Be on your p's and q's. The city, besides it amazing shipyards, has quite the militia upholding their laws. The laws are common sense, but trust me, don't try to pickpocket anyone or start any bar brawls. As in most cities the upper class rules the roost, while the lower class Zenj Do most of the work, but live hand to mouth.". The green lady thinks for a few about anything else that might be useful. Thinking of nothing else, she continues gulping her wine.

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

"It's Eleder, Chez. But perhaps wine makes your tongue all tingly too."

She turns to the green skinned beauty.

"Right now, I only wish to return to Northcoast. Or perhaps the fishing lanes, I haven't decided yet." She loses her line of thought for a moment. "No need for me to go around breaking laws at all. Seems like risky business."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

I apologize for leaving out this visual aid, a pic of the ship you are on!

Velvet Rose

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aeronniell closed her eyes and allowed her body to move along with the roll of the waves underfoot, the warm sun basking her face. Smiling, she reminisced the times long past of her adolescence.

Returning to Eleder felt much like a homecoming. Never having spent more than a few years in any one port, she had spent over a decade in Sargava's capital around the mid 4670's, which made it feel more like home than anywhere else.

Nodding, she reminded herself that she would bring the most beautiful wildflowers she could find to Jerrell's grave, celebrating the Desnan she had considered her adopted father.

Faintly, she thought she could hear the whispers in the wind welcoming her and allowed herself almost to be lulled to sleep. Finally, she opened her eyes...

And found herself standing in recently formed group with four other passengers.

Blushing, she laughed it off and awkwardly offered an excuse for her distraction.

"Sorry.. I.. was drifting off there. It's been ages since I've seen Eleder."

Finally making eye contact with the others, she felt the need to offer further justification for her daydreaming.

"It was the closest thing I had to a home, although I'm sure it's changed in the past fifteen years. It was quite the quaint colony last century, and I hear the docks are now the most impressive in all Garund."

Smiling politely, Aeronniell allowed her eyes to drift lazily back to the horizon.

She would have introduced herself likely to all the others earlier on the voyage (including Chez and Kowaru) - just a quick passing 'hello'- yet in an unusually approachable tone for an elf.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Doh! Sorry about that mistake, DM. I'll get that right in the future.

Kowaru listens to the group's answers, taking their measure. He also notes the two other passengers off to the side. Idly, he wonders what their story was.

Kowaru nods solemnly at Xarethi's words. "Laws are the backbone of an ordered society, just as morals are the backbone of an ordered soul." He turns his attention to Aeronniell and Ialda. "I know that large cities breed all sorts of strange power groups. Are there any that I should be aware of in Eleder?" Kowaru stresses the name of the city, clearly in an attempt to get the name of his destination planted in his mind.

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez gives a friendly nod as Kowaru asks about Eleder. The truly perceptive though might notice that the swashbuckler rolls his eyes slighty while he smiles towards the ladies, when Kowaru goes into another sermon about the soul.

Once Kowaru's question has been replied to, Chez then looks towards Ialda and asks, "so you are a guide for those folk travelling the Mwangi expanse. That really sounds like a unique place to go, perhaps I could retain your services?"

A sudden realization dawns on Chez's brow, "although, I find that I will likely need to earn some more money before I take on such an excursion. I usually pursue work guarding caravans and such. Perhaps you could help acquaint me with Eleder when we land? For your trouble I would like to offer to buy your meals for you... and fine meals at that."

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi is distracted from the mesmerizing view of the foam of the sea by the topic of discussion. "I have never been to the Mwangi expanse. Is there anything interesting there?"

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"There are rumors of great riches hidden in the Mwangi jungles. That is what brings scores of explorers to the area. Some go home happy, while others go home with less gold in their pocket than they arrive with. Perhaps we can talk abut some caravan guarding work, Chez. I usually stick with what I know, but if the price is right, I'd be interested. And buying my meals would no doubt be a losing proposition for you. I can eat more than it appears, the greenish barbarian laughs to the others.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aranel continues to offer other reasons to visit the Mwangi Expanse for the benefit of those who are listening.

"... and the people. Eleder's people are much more authentic and thankful - less of the presumptuous sorts who have lived off their family's wealth for centuries like you'd find in Egorian or Oppara."

Pausing to consider the matter further.

"... and the night sky! Somehow it looks different down here. Brighter. You can see stars down here that you wouldn't normally see anywhere else."

The elf leans against the railing looking skyward, eagerly anticipating nightfall.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda smiles at the elf. "Most outsiders don't care about either of those things, Aeronniell, which is why I typically don't even mention them anymore, but you are correct on both counts. I sometimes forget that in my dealings."

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aeronniell frowns a bit.

"It's been fifteen years. I remember most of the incoming colonists were kind people and hard workers. I wonder if these rumors of riches have started bringing in the... less appreciative sorts."

Aeronniell considers asking about Ialda's skin, but once again stops herself, worried the topic could be a sore subject. Her eyes drift towards Chez and Kowaru before she addresses the half-orc.

"Power groups? Such an odd question..." she responds, without really answering it.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

The moustached guard catches the comely elf's look and tips his wineskin at her and the group from a distance.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

"I know, but I will be spending some time in the city - it seemed wise to find out what factions seek to influence Eleder's populace before I ran afoul of them myself by accident. Then again, you have been gone for awhile. Perhaps I shall ask around once I arrive.

Kowaru looked back and forth between Aeronniell and Ialda, weighing both women's words. "I have traveled through parts of Golarion, but never to the Mwangi Expanse. I have heard it is a dangerous place, though it has a savage beauty all its own. I cannot say if my journeys will take me there - I suspect I will be in Eleder for quite awhile.

"And tales of lost treasures are the dreams of many desperate souls. It is a sad reality that desperate souls are often preyed upon by the conniving. Wherever there are men with more dreams than sense, the con men and tricksters will gather to bilk them of their life savings. I shall hope to meet the kind colonists you remember, Aeronniell, and none of the sorts you fear may have arrived."

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi turns her back fully to the sea, leaning against the railing again to communicate with the others.

"I don't see the point of all this treasure-gathering. Except... well, I guess good things can be done with it. It would be easier to get some of the powers that be to listen to me if I had more wealth to barter with."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

The always perceptive 1/2 elf nodded toward the elf, "looks like you moght have an admirer over there," nodding her head toward the sailor.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

The moustached "admirer" smiles, takes a deep breath, and begins to walk over toward the group, while the other one grabs him by the arm, and they appear to have words, but he shakes loose and reaches the party, with the other one in close proximity. He removes his cap, bows very elegantly, and looking at the three ladies first, says, with the bluest of eyes and cheerful of smiles "Good afternoon, ladies...and gents. Devon Altamir at your service." He pauses to let the party absorb his introduction. The other gentleman sighs but makes no effort to introduce himself. Devon gives him a glare and says, "And this, rudest of gentlemen, is my brother Dixon. Please do not hold his ill manners against me." He flashes the group another smile, showing off his pearly whites. He holds his cap at his side in one hand and his wineskin in the other and straightens his jacket so the party can see the proud insignia woven on (an emblem depicting a griffon holding a skull in its claws flanked by 2 scimitars), as he looks at each member of the party. Both men have above-average looks..Cha 12.

Sense Motive DC 10:
Devon is trying very hard to impress the women with his impeccable appearance and position.

Sense Motive DC 15:
Devon sees Chez as competition.

Sense Motive DC 12:
Dixon is angry with his brother and looking at the party very suspiciously.

DC 10 Knowledge (Nobility):
By the precise form of his bow, it is obvious Devon has had formal social training.

DC 10 Knowledge (Local)/DC 15 Knowledge (Nobility):
The insignia belongs to the Vanderboren family, notable and influential merchants in Eleder.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Sense motive 1d20 ⇒ 19

Know. Local 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Nice to meet you, Altamir brothers. Would you care to join us as we enjoy the day here on deck," the green skinned lady asks the two. The one named Devon reminded her of more than a few clients of hers in the past. Well to do sort, who thinks he knows more about everything than he actually does. Wonder what his play is?

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Sense Motive
1d20 ⇒ 12

"Oh, umm. Yes. How do you do?" Xarethi is not used to such attention, but attempts to be polite.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Devon smiles, "Very well, thank you Xarethi. And of course, Ialda, it would be my pleasure to join your fine company, at least for a few minutes. And by the way, such a lovely name, as is yours Arenal. Quite a stock of three exotic women, I have never seen all in one place. Am I just lucky? And pray tell, are you ladies single or does someone here speak for you?" He eyes the 2 males of the party.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Well, Chez here has shared his wine with us. That was awfully nice of him, I suppose. And Kowaru seems most kind as well. But I don't think you could say we are spoken for, as far as I know," Ialda grins, knowing that Devon was exhibiting the classic signs of jealousy. This could be fun...

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi shakes her head.

"Nope, not spoken for."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Devon's face lightens with hope. "Ah, well isn't that good news to my ears? I mean, with your physique Ialda, I doubt you would be subservient to any man." You notice that as he finishes the sentence, he tries to puff himself up, past his 5'10" stature, adopting a superhero pose, with both hands on his hips, and looking to the sea.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"You've got that right, Devon. I would never be subservient to anyone. I can swing a flail and track a rabbit jus as good as anyone else, male or female."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Devon gets a puppy dog look on his face. "Reaaaaaally?? That is so hot!" He gives the three girls "a come hither" look, arching his eyebrows and moistening his lips.

"Ok, how embarrassing! That's enough!", interrupts Dixon, in a rough and loud tone. "I've let you have your fun long enough, little bro. These fish ain't biting, and from the looks of them, they could kick your ass!" He grabs Devon by the back collar of his jacket, "We got a job to do, an important one, so when we finished, if any of you fine ladies got some free time in Eleder, you can look up this playboy there. For now, he's off limits!" With that, Dixon drags Devon away, a look of innocence on Devon's face, as he yells out, "Ladies, we'll see each other again...Till the fates.."

Dixon yells, "Shut it, already!" With that, Devon remains silent, though he does wave goodbye and blow kisses. Many chuckles and laughter can be heard from the sailors on deck and even the Captain.

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi joins in the laughter.

"Poor guys. Are they always like that?"

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda just shook her head, feeling bad for her role in that disturbance. "Sorry everyone, I just wanted to see what he was about. I didn't expect that sort of reaction...

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Sense motive: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (13) + 0 = 13

Clearly, if looks could kill, +5 vorpal daggers of human bane would be shooting from Chez's eyes.

Chez smiles cordially throughout the encounter with the two interlopers, but he never takes his eyes off their eyes, doing his best to maintain a focused glare. Instinctively, his hands go tense and rest closely to his swords.

As the men walk off, Chez attempts to lighten the mood. "Well, clearly some men really have no sense of timing or grace... and on that note, more wine anyone?" Chez grins.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

This is always my dilemma in a PbP, knowing when the players want to move on to the next scene and when they want to continue rping. I am moving the game along. If I was wrong to do so, let me know in the Discussion thread so we can avoid it in the future.

The party enjoys the wine and their chit chat over the next few minutes/hours and before long, nightfall comes and a beautiful full moon lights up the sky. The sailors eat their dinner with the captain, while the party eats their meal together. The Altamir brothers respectfully remain below deck and eat their meal there.

When sleep time arrives, the three females head off to their cordoned off section (via a curtain), while the males head off to their bedrolls. Many a sailor tried to sneak a peek behind the curtain the first night but Ialda scared them off. The night shift of 7 sailors takes over. The night passes calmly with much snoring coming from the sailors but eventually, you slowly drift off to sleep to the land of dreams.

You're walking on the beach, the feel of the warm sand under your feet and the crashing sound of the waves on the shore in the background. The cool breeze sweeping up your hair and the smell of sweet wine from the cup in your truly have reached paradise! But then you hear the distance, a faint banging coming from the ocean, getting louder little by little and getting closer to you. Then, along with the metal banging, you swear you hear voices but you turn to find yourself alone on the beach. What is going on? Then, a scream and the ocean waves swell up and turn into a tsunami heading towards you!

You awaken in your bedroll, sweaty from the night's muggy heat and a little terrorized by your dream. As you look around, you hear the sounds of metal clanging on metal from above, as well as scurried movement on the above deck, and the scream of the Captain: "All hands on board, we're under attack!" Then the screams of men dying! As you orient yourselves and get up from the bedroll, looking for your possessions, you hear the Altamir brothers rushing up the stairs, with Dixon's voice saying "Brother, this is not our job! We must protect the cargo!" followed by Devon's voice, "I'm not letting these men die, follow and help or get out of my way!", followed by running up the stairs. There is a mad scramble of sailors waking up, looking for weapons.

Initiative rolls:

Arenal: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22
Chez: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
Ialda: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11
Kowaru: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
Xarethi: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Initiative order:

You are all awake and standing. You can sleep in light armor with no restrictions so you have it on, if that is your wish. What do you do? It's 30' to the stairs and another move action to get on deck, if you wish.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 6

Aeronniell sighs as the two brothers depart, and shares a look of sympathy with the others.

"Too much time at sea for those two."

The elf continues her conversation with Kowaru as if they were never disturbed, somehow trusting the half-orc to be only genuine, both in part due to his demeanor and his muddled heritage.

"What exactly is bringing the four of you to Eleder? I am hoping to pay my respects to a dear friend who passed away twenty-five years ago next month. Part of me is also quite curious to see how the port's changed."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

This is sort of thing Chez relishes. The unknown. Be it kraken or pirates, the swashbuckler is ready for action.

Chez would sleep with his chain shirt on and with his swords in their scabbards beside him.

In unison, the agile warrior un-sheaths his swords from the now empty scabbards lying on his bedroll. Chez dashes top side with an excited grin .

HP 14/14; AC 12/12/10; F+1, R+3, W+3 Init +2, Perception +0

Xarethi awakens swiftly and follows Chez and the others to the stairs, grabbing up her spear.

"What is it, what's going on?"

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Stirred awake by the shouts, Aranel first ensures that Ialda and Xarethi are also awake.

Her thoughts drift to the dream.

A tsunami - I must remember and reflect on what the Starsong has revealed.

Dreams were always important to Desnans, and Aereonniel was no different, sometimes meditating on the slightest detail of a single dream for decades.

Reflexively, she grabbed her bow and began swiftly moving up towards the main deck.

Double move up top?

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda had learned throughout her journeys to always be prepared. She grabbed her pack and weapons, and headed above deck with the others to see what sort of attack the ship was undergoing.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

I will assume for now that Kowaru also decides to investigate!

As you rush up the stairs to the deck, droplets of blood fall on you from the ceiling, where pools of blood are leaking down through the floor boards. When you reach the top, you see a throng of 4 sailors looking out from the stairwell, in fear and terror, at the chaos before them, whispering "Terrors of the deep..the stories are true!" The attackers are 7' tall scaly humanoids, one of whom just impaled a sailor with his bone trident, with long fish-like tails and webbed claws on both their hand and feet. Something like this!

You count five of these monstrosities on deck, grinning, revealing a toothy maw in their piscine heads. Three sailors already lay dead on the deck, horrific puncture wounds in their back and abdomen. The Altamir brothers are bravely attacking one of the humanoids to the south. Two Mwangi sailors, armed with short swords, attack another, as they scream for help. Captain Barron and another sailor engage one of the attackers at the far western end, with him screaming, "To arms men, send these Sahuagin scum to the murky depths, for we shall not fall this night!"

Suddenly, a crossbow bolt barely misses your head. You look to the North and under the moonlit sky, you see five more of the humanoids in the water, riding on the back of tiger sharks, wielding heavy crossbows. "Man the ballistae!", screams the Captain, as you see 2 sailors run to the east and western ends of the ship, and load the weapons. "Five more to the southwest, Captain!", screams the sailor at the western end.

Two of the hulking scaly humanoids (at N7 and O9), step over the dead sailors at their feet, see you and grip their blood-stained tridents menacingly!

Initiative Order:
Captain Barron
Brothers Altamir

Combat map

Hope you enjoy the combat!

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

In case it wasn't clear, anyone acting before the Sahuagin can post their combat action.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda steps forward to P7 and jabs at the mer-creature located 10' in front of her at N7 with her longspear. "Have at them, everyone...looks like there are plenty to choose from!"

Attack w/Power Attack 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Damage 1d8 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

AC 14
HP 14/14

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Despite her height, the scaly humanoid towers over the barbarian, but her skill with the spear is clear, as she plants her back foot and expertly thrusts her weapon into the creature's chest, nearly skewering it in one blow, ripping through his flesh, like butter, and spraying blood all over the deck. The creature screams in pain, as it looks shocked at the wound that nearly toppled it over.

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