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Lucendar's Legacy of Fire PbP

Game Master Lucendar

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Quzman swiftly steps forward to interpose himself between the stranger and the group, "Who are you and why do you ask? We have had a long and draining journey, and our time is precious."

"Please excuse the interruption. My time with you will be but brief. My master has it on sources that the Sand Stalkers are in Katapesh and that it is rumored you carry the legendary Scroll of Kakishon. Whether true or not, my patron, Rayhan Xobhadi, always inquires into matters of such importance, rumors or not. If you are not familiar with his name, you may ask around town. He is a powerful wizard, a great diviner of rare magical treasures, quite a welcome profession here in Katapesh, city of antiquities. His intellectual curiosity has been piqued and he wishes an audience with you...should you carry the Scroll. Perhaps, he can help you decipher its secrets, as I do not see a mage among you. If you do not carry it, then forgive my intrusion and let me slip from your mind." He hands you a business card, with Rayhan's name and address, bows and leaves...unless you wish to discuss something with him.

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Eli speaks as the man leaves, loud enough for him to hear as the door shuts, "I believe I have already forgotten you."

Turning to the others, "This scroll is indeed a curious thing we must learn more about what it is. We can trust no one, we assumed Zayfid was an ally and that has brought us only misery."

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

"Eli, can amy of you decipher something from the scroll's pages? We might need some help to figure out what it says, just to be sure what we are carrying. Maybe we can ask around town to see who is trustworthy or not."

hp 61/61, AC 22/15/17, F +13 R +12 W +11 Init: +4, Perception: +0

"I have never heard of this sage, but that doesn't mean much. Do either of you know of him? We certainly need to figure out what the scroll is and what to do with it."

Put those gather information/knowledge (local) skill ranks to work, boys...

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Take 20 on Knowledge Checks to learn more about the scroll and about the man and his patron

HP 63/63; AC: 25(23)/15/21(19); F+7/R+9/W+4; Init: +3 (+5); Percep: +11 (+13)

Quzman nods in agreement with the rest, "Truly, we will need some assistance with solving the riddle of this scroll that everyone but us seems to know about. Unfortunately, my talents lie in the open desert and its inhabitants. I do not fare so well in such "civilized" surroundings. In my tribe, we were all family and shared what we had. Here...things are much different. You are usually much more comfortable around crowds Eli, perhaps you can take the lead in the city. Perhaps Father Chaqra might be able to inquire about the item with his "contacts"."

Eli, a few things on knowledge skills:
1. Can't take 20 on Knowledge checks (there's a penalty for failure)
2. You already made Knowledge checks on Scroll, got as much information as Dumah gave you. no retries (see skill description)
3. To gather information, you need a diplomacy check and it takes 1d4 hours, and you can't take 20

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23 Who is Rayhan Xobhadi?
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20 Who is the mysterious man who works for him?
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23 Why are they interested in the Scroll?
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (18) + 12 = 30 Who else is looking for the Scroll and why?

Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (17) + 12 = 29
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (17) + 12 = 29
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14

Quzman reaches Eli, but the bard rises in a confident manner, his grip on Tempest stronger than ever. And in a powerful but worried voice, he says "Mortals, can you not sense it? The magic of such a place of evil! We must recover it at once!" Without looking back, he marches off toward the gap in the wall.

For everyone except Jameena:
The powerful James Earl Jones voice is very familiar and though you have not heard it in over a year, you immediately remember the last time you heard it: in battle with Kardswann!


With Quzman and Jameena in the lead, the party explores the rest of the room. Jameena does not sense any more evil, so that puts the party a little more at ease. To the north, there rests a single massive block of deep black stone upon a dais. Carvings on the sarcophagus and the surrounding wall depict the terrifying image of a nine-legged spider with a gaping maw.

Eli suddenly whispers in the now recognizable possessed voice, "The Scroll of Kakishon!" and rushes to open the sarcophagus but try as he might, he cannot lift it. He looks down at his body and says "What a weak form!" Eli regains his senses, as the spirit within him subsides.


Zayifid smiles, "Smart move, whore. But I've never wanted your deaths, just the Scroll of Kakishon. So run and hide, you are no threat to me, with your scimitar in my hand. But you, shell of Vardishal, will give it to me now or you will die!"

Vardishal deftly lashes out with his scimitar and on his second attempt, Tempest falls harmlessly out of Eli's hands to the floor!


This is what I found to refresh our memory of what has happened around the Scroll. I couldn't find anything where Dumah provided anymore information about it to us. Could you point that out or refresh our memories.

Here are some tidbits about the Scroll:

Quzman jumps forward to interpose himself between Eli/? and the opening, "Hold on a minute Eli. We'll go find this Kakishon, but first we need to get the rest of us together. And if we're to go hunt for this, we should know what exactly IT, Eli, what is it?"

"Eli", in his new voice, laughs. "Mortal, Kakishon is not a person, it is a place, a divine realm said to be filled with powerful magics. And I sense its magic is close, beneath us. Such power cannot be left in these vermin hands.

Eli opens the tube and carefully pulls out the scroll. On the tattered parchment, he finds an immense rune inscribed on it and nothing more. He studies it and though he has never studied ancient history, it comes to him that the rune is not a character of any alphabet but rather a rune of power associated with the wizard-king Nex, during the early parts of his kingdom. Such runes were commonly used to conceal the true nature of the page, such as government secrets, maps, treasures, etc. It was said only one gifted in lore could pierce the obscuring rune.

Despite Dumah's Knowledge (arcana) roll of 32 with a detect magic spell in effect, he was unable to discover any more information. Perhaps, other more powerful spells are required, like arcane sight or legend lore?

Eli Wynnstock wrote:

Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20+12 Who is Rayhan Xobhadi?

Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20+12 Who is the mysterious man who works for him?
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20+12 Why are they interested in the Scroll?
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Diplomacy 1d20+12 Who else is looking for the Scroll and why?

Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20+12
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20+12
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20+12
Versatile Performance - Oratory for Sense Motive 1d20+12

The following information took 1d4 ⇒ 2 hours to obtain, as Eli combed the merchant circles, taverns, and markets. He also had to grease some pockets to obtain the information, especially the last spoiler, so please deduct 25 gp from your inventory.

Rayhan Xobhadi:
You learn he is a well-respected human diviner in Katapesh in all the merchant circles and famous for authenticating numerous treasures and finds. Whenever there is a business dispute as to a magical treasure, he is the leading authority. He is fair but intimidating, as he stands 6'5". He is well-off financially and has a private villa.

Mysterious Man:
Many messengers and couriers work for him and when interested in an item, always makes contact through third parties.

The Scroll is an item of legend, said to lead its owner to a cache of magical riches and treasures. However, Rayhan's interest is most likely scholarly, as he is an intellectual type.

Who else looking:
Because it leads to riches. Word on the streets is many of the city's richest merchants are interested in purchasing the Scroll if the document can be authenticated by Rayhan.
Also, one of the most powerful underworld crime lords in the city is rumored to be interested in the Scroll as well: Father Jackal!

25 GP deducted from the party fund

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Eli gathers back at the temple with the others to share what he has learned.

"It seems Rayhan Xobhadi is a well-respected human diviner here in Katapesh. He is often requested by the merchants to authenticate treasures. He is the one they call when there is a business dispute as to a magical treasure, and he is considered the leading authority on the subject. Apparently he is a man of means so greed is not likely his motivation for seeking the Scroll, so maybe we should seek out his private villa and discuss this matter with him. I admit I am hesitant to go to someone who has show an interest in us all of a sudden, our history with benefactors has been touchy to say the least. Many merchants want to get a hold of the Scroll since the legend is it can lead the possessor to a cache of magical riches and treasure. That is too why the local crime lord, Father Jackal, wants to get his grubby hands on it as well. What do we want to do with it?"

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

It takes a moment but Eli remembers something about this Jackal, "Quzman, Ty...we have dealt with this crime lord before, well at least his agents. The Bandit, who kidnapped April, the one who was plotting to kill Princess Almah. He was an agent of this Father Jackal and is one the Pactmasters see as a foe. I believe as well that Dumah and Bahyii were trying to help Heleen pay back debts to this criminal."

hp 61/61, AC 22/15/17, F +13 R +12 W +11 Init: +4, Perception: +0

"We have to know more of what it is we hold. If the scroll is a possible instrument of evil, it should be destroyed - especially if criminals such as this Father Jackal seek it. And if it leads to wealth and magic items, then we could either sell it or try and claim if for ourselves. I can think of few better than the Sand Stalkers to see such treasure put to good use."

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Speaking of items of evil, what has become of El-Neb?

HP 63/63; AC: 25(23)/15/21(19); F+7/R+9/W+4; Init: +3 (+5); Percep: +11 (+13)

Quzman looks up from his contemplation, "El-Neb? We let the priests of Sarenrae deal with its taint. Hopefully in their hands, it will plague innocents with its curse no more."

Taking a long drink of water, "It has been a long time since the name of Father Jackal has crossed our paths. I wish we had the time to seek him out, or at least his lackey the Bandit. He is one I would like to have a long drawn out conversation with that one. He is beyond redemption in my eyes."

Clapping his hands together, "So, what say you? It sounds like this Rayhan may actually be able to assist us in determining the truth behind this Scroll. It came at a heavy price, hopefully it is worth it."

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

"Rayhan sounds like our next stop then. We have to know what we are carrying."

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

"Okay let's go see him then. It is obviously something important it the Spirit of Vardishal wanted me to uncover its location."

Eli carefully stows the Scroll deep in his pack before they leave to seek out the diviner.

Jameena have you compiled a list of potions/healing items for the group to purchase. Remember I have the two wands that can be recharged as well, one is empty one has 7 charges.

IIRC, wands cannot be recharged, only staves.

Eli leads the party to Rayhan's villa, which is actually not within the city walls of Katapesh but in a well-to-do section of the city, just to the southeast. The villa is a modest three-story structure built from heavy clay bricks perched on a cliff overlooking the Obari Ocean. It consists of the main house, a few outbuildings, and a well-kept garden. A gated brick wall surrounds the entire cluster of buildings.

You present yourselves to the two guards stationed outside and show them the business card and they escort you inside the main home and instruct you to wait in the study and then leave. A few minutes later, a bald-headed human with a groomed white beard comes in, standing a towering 6'5". Pic of Rayhan

"Welcome to my humble abode, Sand Stalkers. I am Rayhan Xobhadi, thank you for accepting my invitation." The first thing you notice about the man is his piercing gaze, as if he knew things about you. Behind him enters another man. "This my friend, Mahath, also a fellow mage, like myself. We were having the most wonderful chess game. I think I was beating you this time, Mahath. I have been practicing." The two men share a laugh. "I hope you don't mind if he joins us. He's a trusted friend. Drinks?" With a clap of his hand, suddenly, the door opens as if pushed by an invisible force and pitchers and glasses of lemonade float in the air and served before you. Rayhan smiles and sits. "Cute, huh? The children from the orphanage love that. Sorry, to be rambling...but is it true? Do you have the Scroll? Can it be??" The old man is bursting at the seams with anticipation.

hp 61/61, AC 22/15/17, F +13 R +12 W +11 Init: +4, Perception: +0

Jameena stays close to Eli, taking up position just behind the bard.

As Rayhan introduces himself and Mahath, she softly whispers a a brief prayer.

"Dawnflower, show me the true measure of these men, and let your divine light reveal any darkness that might lurk in their souls."

Detect evil. I know this is Markofbane's new character, but following Zayifid's deception, you can expect Jameena to scan pretty much anyone she meets.

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

"Well met, Rayhan Xobhadi and Mahath. I am Eli Wynnstock and these are my friends, Quzman Garhani, Tyronel, and Jameena Al'Qadr. I will not pretend that our reputation does not precede us here. I am sure many a bard has told the tales of the Sand Stalkers. I am equally sure that they have over embellished the tales and understated the cost. Before we discuss if the rumors that we have the Scroll of Kakishon are true, please tell us why you are so interested in finding it."

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Versatile Performance - oratory to make a Sense Motive check 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21

Jameena Al'Qadr wrote:
Detect evil. I know this is Markofbane's new character, but following Zayifid's deception, you can expect Jameena to scan pretty much anyone she meets.

I understand, I'm just glad you didn't scan Zayifid when you met. His true nature would have been revealed a lot sooner.

With her divine sight, Jameena senses no evil among the two mages.

"Well said, bard! Yes, the stories of the Sand Stalkers have reached our ears here in Katapesh..your freeing of Kelmarane and your conquest of the Carrion King! Great deeds, indeed. I seek the Scroll for scholarly knowledge. I know the treasures its legend portends, but I am not man of need. I have this wonderful home with a breathtaking view of the ocean on high from these cliffs. I have my health and my faculties and those I consider friends as company. I am truly a blessed and rich man. No, the unknown has always intrigued me, as of age three, the ability to discover something not seen in hundreds or thousands of years. To reveal it to the world for all to bask in its knowledge, that is my gift. I have spent all my life in my pursuit of knowledge and discovery, almost 50 years now. Specifically, I've studied the legend of Kakishon for years and in that time, have run across countless shams and forgeries and dead ends. I hope this time is different."

He seems honest and forthright to Eli.

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

"I love a good tale, but I am from across the sea and I am unfamiliar with the legend of Kakishon. Would you be willing to share it with us, and then maybe we will know if something we have found is linked to this myth."

"Ah Master Eli, no need to be coy. From what I hear about the Sand Stalkers and their honor, you would not have come all this way to tease an old man's heart if you did not have or believed to have the Scroll of Kakishon. We should stop with the games. I will speak to you of the legend only after I have had a chance to investigate for myself to determine if what you have is or could be real. If not, you are wasting my time. Of course, I will examine the Scroll here in front of you. I know I have not earned your trust...yet. What say ye?"

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

"Might as well show him what we have and see what his opinion is...

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

"Hmm, yes trust is in short supply with us these days I am afraid. We have suffered a great deal of loss. Good friends now walk with the gods, because we had an abundance of trust." Eli will pull the Scroll out of the pack and place it on his own lap. "As you can see we have an unusual scroll, found in part by the aid of one of the Templar's of the Wind. I am eager to see if it is indeed the legendary Scroll you speak of and I will trust you to look at it upon earning that trust by sharing your knowledge of the story with us."

"You have shown great character today, Master Eli. Templars of the Winds, interesting...we may yet discuss that but another time. For now, I will not disappoint you. Now, let's see what we have here." Rayhan clears the table and unfolds the Scroll, revealing the rune Eli saw before. "The paper, yes, it is old yet delicate. Magically preserved. Interesting, around the right age. That is good, good. Mark of the wizard-king Nex." He intones magic often seen by you, reminding you of Dumah, as he casts Detect Magic and Identify and another spell you never saw Dumah cast. He then continues to examine the Scroll for a few minutes, making strange mutterings, his eyes wide, almost enchanted, as he peruses the Scroll. He then looks up excitedly, his hands shaking and eyes wide as he speaks: "By the gods, this could be the real thing! Or as close to the real thing as I've ever come by in my years of research. It would need more study to confirm but I am sure it is so. Oh, you wonderful Sand Stalkers, you have found it!" He hands Eli back the Scroll and takes a drink of his lemonade, as he tries to calm himself.

The man introduced as Mahath smiles as he looks over the group. So, the legendary Stand Stalkers! Rayhan told me he was trying to locate you, but he was remiss in mentioning he had had luck in that regard! Not to diminish the importance of the item you bear, but I must ask: where is young Dumah? Is he no longer one of your number? Or were the tales not true that he had joined your ranks?

If Mahath noticed Jameena’s prayer, than he said or did nothing to acknowledge it.

With a raised eyebrow at Rayhan’s summary of his quest for the scroll, Mahath adds Indeed, that is true. Many have been the time where he’s waxed on at length about it and his latest research on its legend. I have to say, however, I never suspected it would be found in our lifetimes. I too hope this is the true item, for I am uncertain how many more false discoveries proud Rayhan’s heart could take!

HP 63/63; AC: 25(23)/15/21(19); F+7/R+9/W+4; Init: +3 (+5); Percep: +11 (+13)

Quzman quietly sips his lemonade in the background, sizing up the "gentile" host and his "friend". Unskilled in the intricacies of fencing with the spoken word, he feels the tension rise as Eli and merchant banter. As Rayhan makes his pronouncement, he can stay quiet no longer, "WHAT have we found man? It's a scroll, that all can see. But, what is it that makes it special, that it cost us two of our teammates in return? I can hardly see where a scrap of paper is worth one true friend, let alone two. Sadly, good Dumah was one of those taken from us for this piece of paper." Quzman blurts in a huff before returning to his tight lipped spectator.

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

Ty continues sipping on the icy beverage. "Both Dumah and myself fell in the process of retrieving this scroll. Through the grace of the Dawnflower, I was returned. Apparently, Dumah's spirit informed the priest that he felt his journey was complete, and he had found peace. Did you know him?"

Mahath slumps, and though he does not cry the grief on his face is unmistakeable. Knew him? Yes, you could certainly say that I did. I was his mentor for ten years. I trained him in the arts of wizardry. He lived with me from the time Haleen found him, a lone orphan on the streets, until he left seeking her, the journey that led him to join your ranks.

Mahath chokes up, pausing for a moment to push back the feelings coursing through him. Dumah and I did not part on the best of terms. When Haleen went missing, he and I had different thoughts about how to approach the problem. I advised patience; I thought it best to inquire through contacts while I liquidated my holdings, crafted items to aid in a search and purchase items of use. Dumah obviously disagreed. He left without telling me, determined to search all of the world if that's what it took. I have been hoping to cross paths with him again, to smooth over our differences, but sadly that seems out of the question now.

At least I am reassured that he has found peace in his rest. He always sought answers about his true family, and it would seem in the life beyond he must have found that or he would have returned to us.

He turns to his friend. Yes, Rayhan. Much has been lost in the recovery of this artifact. Please, I think they have earned the right to know about it.

Mahath receeds into the background like Quzman, lost in his thoughts and grief as he listens on.

"Mahath, my deepest sentiments for the loss of your friend. I know how much you wanted to make amends, but I am sure his spirit was at ease with your decision."

Rayhan turns to the party, gathers a journal from one of the bookcases, and says, "It is time for me to tell you what you wish to know. Sit back and relax. The legends say that Kakishon was created by the wizard-king Nex to serve him as a portable paradise and an impenetrable bolt-hole. Much as the more commonplace bag of holding opens into its own reality, the Scroll of Kakishon was said to contain this entire world inside of it—the scroll was not Kakishon, but the doorway by which Nex could enter and exit the realm. Kakishon was said to have been a paradise, a laboratory, a menagerie, a hunting ground, and even a tomb—most likely, it was all these things and more, with each island serving a different role. The legend of Kakishon falls into increasing obscurity after Nex’s war with Geb began. All signs point to the strong possibility that Nex had grown dissatisfied with Kakishon and had lost interest. When he vanished from the face of Garund in 576 ar, he left the Scroll of Kakishon behind. Eventually, it was stolen from his castle and the scroll passed through many hands. Some used it as a prison for their enemies, others as a place to impress allies or as a vault for their treasures, the stories say. The closer to the present day we get, the more obscure the rumors grow—no sign of the Scroll of Kakishon seems to have surfaced over the past several hundred years. The last person to own the scroll, I believe, was a Keleshite wizard named Andrathi. The accounts of his life are vague and fragmentary, but it would appear that he was the lover of a genie named Nefeshti, the leader of a group known as the Templars of the Five Winds, a name I believe you are familiar with, right? Legend holds that the Templars fought somewhere in the mountains against a cruel efreeti warlord named Jhavhul, and that while the Templars of the Five Winds managed to defeat Jhavhul, the defeat was shadowed in loss. No sign of Andrathi or the Scroll of Kakishon remained after the battle. No sign… until today."

Rayhan closes the journal and looks at the five of you. "This is an important find. If you will let me, I would very much like to look into this matter, to research this scroll and decipher some of the writings upon it. And if this is indeed the Scroll of Kakishon, as I believe, there are protections placed upon it to prevent undesirables from being able to open it and travel to the world within. Yet in time, I feel that I will be able to decipher these writings. You see, before he vanished, the wizard Andrathi went through the same process—yet he obviously managed to discover the way to open the scroll, even if it meant his doom. Some of his writings have survived to this day, and as it happens, I own copies of these writings. By building upon the foundation he lays in his writings, I am sure that I will be able to duplicate his research and refine it. It may take days, even weeks, but if this is indeed the Scroll of Kakishon, I will find the key to open it. But once it is open, I will need your aid, should you be willing to provide it. The legends speak of great treasures kept safe in Kakishon, the greatest of which was Jhavhul’s own weapon, the legendary Firebleeder, said by some to be a falchion and others a living flame. Sadly, my adventuring days are behind me, but if I find the way, I would be honored to accompany you into Kakishon to find the truth!"

Rayhan pauses. "I know this is much to digest right now. You don't have to decide right now, but you are welcome to stay at my villa as my guests, should you wish it so. I have plenty of space."

hp 61/61, AC 22/15/17, F +13 R +12 W +11 Init: +4, Perception: +0

"A most fantastic tale, master Xobhadi. No wonder the spirit of Vardishal wished for us to recover the scroll." Jameena says, her soft melodic voice even and measured.

"If you think you can peel away the veils of secrecy, then I believe you should try and do so. And I would think it best if we accept your invitation to stay here while you work, to keep a careful watch. There are those who would take the scroll for themselves. Not only this master of thieves and murderers, Father Jackal. But one of the original Templars of the Five Winds, Zayifid, seeks the scroll as well.

He was the one who showed us the way into the House of the Beast in the guise of a holy man, only to reveal himself and ambush us as soon as we found the scroll. This cunning villain escaped the encounter, and he may lurk nearby as we speak, invisible or in some disguise. One thing is certain - sooner or later, he will attempt to seize the scroll. And I intend to be there when he does, to let him taste the just retribution of the Dawnflower from my scimitar."

I had thought to move on soon, Rayhan. But with your hospitality, I think I will remain on hand in case you find a way in which I may be useful to your study.

"Thank you, Mahath. I know you were interested in finding Haleen too while you were in town... Wait, Jameena, did you say, holy man?" Rayhan sits back, a look of realization on his face. "Was he about 7' tall, bald, strange mark on his forehead, claiming to be a chosen of Sarenrae? That was the description of the man who's been spreading the rumors that you all had the Scroll in the first place! The rumors started about a week ago and it spoke of your coming to Katapesh! It's why I had agents posted at the entrance to the city in the first place, looking for people matching your description. I've been looking for the man ever since but no one seems to have found him. You have a powerful enemy indeed!"

hp 61/61, AC 22/15/17, F +13 R +12 W +11 Init: +4, Perception: +0

Jameena pales at the mention of the holy man they know to be Zayifid.

"That thrice-cursed serpent. We should have known we had not seen the last of him. He is a deadly enemy and cunning. Who knows what manner of disguises he can assume. We should trust no-one. I should be able to sense his evil nature, even in disguise - but without Dumah, we have lost much of our ability to fight him. We need to be able to pierce his invisibility and hinder his movements. Can either of you help?

HP 63/63; AC: 25(23)/15/21(19); F+7/R+9/W+4; Init: +3 (+5); Percep: +11 (+13)

Quzman tightens at the name of blasphemer Zayifid. In steely voice, "If your agents ever do find this man, please let us know. The Sand Stalkers have a lot to discuss with this heathen, as he has cost us much."

After regaining his composure a little he will again address Rayhan, "I thank you greatly for the offer of lodgings while you study this scroll. Some place where we can all sleep securely in this city is a welcome thought. You began to mention a friend of our dearly departed, Haleen. Do you know something of her whereabouts? We have some items for her that may help her cause if we can find her."

When Jameena asks if they can help regarding Zayifid, Mahath is strangely quiet and quite intense.

The reason I came here was in my search for Haleen. Rayhan was helping in that regard, and I'm not sure if he's heard back from all of his agents on that or not. If you seek her as well, then I think perhaps we could search together, pool our talents as it were.

Much later in the day, Mahath will approach the group. I have been giving it much thought since you carried to us the news of Dumah's passing. It grieves me that I was not able to make amends with him in this life. In honor of his memory, I will pledge to aid you in dealing with Zayifid and the trail that the scroll leads to, if you would have me. That is as long as you understand I am still trying to seek out Haleen and check on her.

Later he'll ask Quzman You mentioned having items of Dumah's yet. Did he have any sort of notes or writings that may provide me insights of what we are up against?

As far as writings go, Dumah did have the book from the monastery, his spell book and a couple of scrolls.

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

Eli thanks their new host for his kind hospitality and says, "If Zayfid is after this then we must not let him get it, or anything that it might lead to." Eli looks at his companions and sees the determination in their eyes, "You can count on the Sand Stalkers. It seems clear that Zayfid knows were are in the city, but he may not know we are here as of yet. I suggest we lay low, set a watch for trouble and wait for Master Xobhadi to unravels the Scroll's secrets. Of course if word of Haleen were to come, than as Dumah's friends I think we are obligated to check it out and see if we can pass on to her what he would have. Though we must handle all dealings in the city with extreme caution so as to keep Zayfid off our trail."

Later when Mahath comes to the group to offer his services, Eli sizes up the older wizard. "Dumah was greatly skilled in magic and saved all of us many times, you should be very proud of your student. Dumah spent the entire time I knew him trying to find his dear Haleen, If there is anything I can do to aid in finding her and settling her debts I will."

When Mahath asks about Dumah's notes Eli brings the man Dumah's pack. "Dumah was a dear close friend, and I will see that these belongings are gotten to their rightful owner, Haleen. Until then I will entrust them to you. I hope his writings and collections of information will help you in our search for her and for whatever this Scroll reveals to us. Let me be clear, these are the rightful property of Haleen..and I will be sure they are brought to her by any means." Eli taps his hand on the hilt of Tempest to drive home his point.

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

Ty nods at the offer of hospitality given by the mage. "Thank you for your offer. It's not often we find someone we can trust right now. Betrayal seems to be behind every curtain. But having some place we can relax for just a bit is wonderful."

To Eli:

Thank you, young master Eli. I can’t help but think that had he not run off, or had I been quicker to go with him… He trails off. But I am every bit as determined as Dumah was to find Haleen. She is one of my oldest friends, and saved my life more times than I care to mention. I will read through these and see if there is anything that might help with the Scroll or Haleen. If not, perhaps I could at least determine a fair market price for them; Haleen wasn’t one for academics or arcane skill, and it certainly sounds like she could use the coin far more readily than the items themselves. He smiles at the tap of the rapier handle. There is no need for threats, idle or otherwise. I will keep them safe until we find Haleen in this magical pack. Here, let me show you. And, since we are going to be searching for her together, there are some other things in here that you may wish to know about as well… He will take off his handy haversack, add the books and scrolls to it, and show Eli how it works and what else is in it, especially the healing items and alchemical items, just in case.

"You are welcome, please stay as long as you want."

Besides some additional shopping, any other plans for the rest of the day?

HP 63/63; AC: 25(23)/15/21(19); F+7/R+9/W+4; Init: +3 (+5); Percep: +11 (+13)

If there was no information about tracking down Haleen to take care of Dumah's stuff, then no just a couple of items to pick up as far as I"m concerned.

hp 55/55 AC: 26/17/21 F +5 R +11 W +6 {+4 vs bards/sonic/lang; +1 vs traps} Initiative + 4; Perception +9

I say we stay put to avoid Zayfid learning anything else about us. I'd even suggest we ask if one of Rayhan's staff could go make our purchases or at least Mahath to avoid any chance of people seeing us.

AC 22/15/18; HP 67/67; F+8, R+8, W+6 Init. +4; Perception +11

Ty doesn't have any real plans for the day. I'm sure he will be busy, getting used to being alive again!

Mahath will be reading, going through the books and scrolls provided to determine what they are and estimating values. He'll get as far as he can reading the book we picked up in the monastery way back when that Dumah has been carrying. I'll do spellcraft rolls when I get the time for interpreting the spell book and scrolls; he doesn't have Read Magic memorized at the moment. If any Sand Stalker approaches him to run an errand so they can be discrete, he will certainly do so.

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