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Lucendar's Bastards of Erebus (CoT) PbP Thread

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Westcrown

Current Characters

Caladius Rend


played by John Hathaway (650 posts)
Callandor the True

HP 12/13 - AC 14/8T/12FF - SV F+3, R+1, W+5 Percep +6, Init +2, blind

played by MyTThor (67 posts)

Female ( HP 13/1) AC:17 FF:12 T:15 F: +5 R: +2 W: +0 Initiative +3 Perception +3

played by I know Magic! (54 posts)
Tablark Hammergrind
Loco Billo Billcragg

HP 7/10 - AC 16.13.13 - F+2.R+6.W+2 - Init. +4 - Perc. +6 (+2 stone, +1traps) . GP 25.63

played by Unspunnen (110 posts)
Madge Blossomheart
Shel Whispertongue

32/34 HP; AC 17/15/13; F+5, R+10, W+ 3, Perc +10/+11Traps, Init. +4; Evasion
Female Halfling Rogue 3/Ranger 1

played by Gerald (576 posts)
Shoanti Tribeswoman
Tauni "Rabbit" Desba

Female Human Wizard 4 [HP: 29/29; AC 12|T12|FF10; CMD 14; Fort +3 Ref +3 Will +5; Init: +12, Percep +10]

played by markofbane (471 posts)

played by Lucendar (428 posts)

Previous Characters

Captain Castothrane

(22 posts)
Sky Dragon

(1,745 posts)

I know Magic!

(42 posts)

(1,945 posts)

(69 posts)
Darius Finch

Male Human Sorcerer 1

played by I know Magic! (4 posts)

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