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Living in the Lands of the Linnorm (Inactive)

Game Master Aiunder

Savol Kodiakborne is a living legend. Now he returns home to the North to claim his ancestral homelands and with your help he just might get that chance.

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Savol Kodiakborne is a living legend. He has made his name fighting in the Worldwound, spent time pirate hunting in the Shackles and slaying Dragons all over the world. Now he returns home to the North to claim his ancestral homelands and carve a nation out the frozen tundra.

This is not his story, this is yours.

A call has gone out for the bravest, smartest and most loyal of his companions and followers to join him and rebuild his family's ancient kingdom and forever have your names entwined in the great history that is The Lands of the Linnorm.

I'm Looking for about six players for a homebrew campaign that will ideally take a group of characters from stepping into Ulfen territory for possibly the first time to claiming your own town or fortress. Right now I'm looking for for flavour over numbers and players who want to work with me to tell a tale and are willing to commit to posting at least once a day. I'll close recruitment next Saturday (9th) night and make my decision by the following Monday (11th)

Dotting for interest, I can definitely post minimum once a day and love a good story. Any races/classes off limits?

I have a concept for a Cavalier (probably of the Order of the Lion with Soval as his liege). The idea is a member of a former Cheliaxian noble family that found itself unwilling to bend knee to the new Devil laced regime. Naturally, they lost nearly everything and were hunted. The Cavalier's family was saved by Soval, and now the young fellow feels a debt to Kodiakborne and will repay it with service.

I've never gotten to play a cavalier before, and it seems like this might be a good way to test one out :)

Jediah the Unbreakable.

This half-breed was taken from his mother by his father in an odd occurance. Instead of abandoning the mother after such a violent encounter she was kept as a slave. Jediah was subjected to the violent upbringing of orcs and used the endless trauma to harden his mind and frame, vowing to take his mother away from her misery and break his father aross his knee.
Unfortunatly he never got the chance, his father died on Soval's blade and while he was able to secure his mother a home on Soval's estate, he was never able to find the rest he craved. So he continues in Soval's service, continuing to forge himself into an unstoppable mountain that will hopefully find a home.

Julian Itto is the son of a Minkai samurai and a woman he met near the worldwound. He was instilled by his father with ideas of loyalty, friendship, and battle honor. While he was never as strong or as large as his father, he has been quicker ...he adapted his fighting style accordingly. One name was mentioned time and again as an exemplary warrior: Savol Kodiakborne. Though Julian's parents have passed, the 17 year old received word that his father's friend was marshaling forces. He set off four the Inner Sea and the lands of Linnorm to fulfill his father's duty, if in a slightly more underhanded way.

Zethyris, half-elf rogue. Left his hometown of Westcrown after his mother died in the fire that burned down his house. A dashing swordsman looking for adventure, he started working for Savol Kodiakborne as a mercenary. Finding dull moments to be few while working with the legend, Zethyris became a loyal follower. He now quests northward for glory, excitement, and a place in legend.

Dotting, Cleric of Iomedae, race pending

Also dotting for interest; I've wanted to play a game in Golarion's northern regions for some time now. I'll have to think about an appropriate concept.

A question on the deadline: You stated "next Saturday (9th)," but next Saturday is the 11th. Could you clarify that deadline?

Anastasiya, Human Sorcerer

Anastasiya is a direct descendant of the queen of Irrisen. She hated it there. She hated how backward the kingdom was. She hated having to learn witchcraft. She hated how all of her family was obsessed with the imminent return of Baba Yaga. So one day, when she was fourteen, she ran away and vowed never to return to dreaded Irrisen.

With luck she found a trade caravan that took her along and eventually she made it to Absalom. She'd been living there for three years when she first met Savol. He immediately intrigued her: the famous Ulfen warrior that came from as far north as she did, and whose people hate Irrisen as much as she does.

Anastasiya convinced Savol to let her stick around whenever he was in town and - over the next couple of years - earned his respect.

When she herd of Savol's newest plan she begged him to take her along. Why she wants to go back north, even she herself can't tell. Maybe to help destroy Irrisen. Or maybe to create her own wintery realm on Ulfen ground, just like her great-great-grandmother did.

Oh, Hi Andra!

Glad to see so much interest already

Oops. Apparently my calendar doesn't work. Yes recruitment closes on Saturday the 11th and ill post my choices by Monday the 13th

Only Paizo books allowed aka CORE, APG, UM, UC, ARG (pending approval)

No synthesist summoners. I will allow Gunslinger but I would run core to Golarion where they are almost unheard of outside of Alkenstar

Core races and Orc (should be a core race) only

And NO evil

Would you consider a Thassilonian Specialist wizard? It's from Inner Sea Magic.

Submitting Dagmar, human Hedge Witch. Background to follow.

DM - ARC wrote:
And NO evil

Not sure if you wrote that in response to me, but just to clarify: Anastasiya is supposed to be chaotic good. Albeit she probably developed that alignent only to oppose her heritage.

Its that "nature vs. nurture" thing: she does want to be good, but lately she fears that maybe her Jadwigan nature might still control her actions in some unconscious way.

Also, what level are you looking to start this campaign? This might have some bearing on where/when a character met up with Savol Kodiakborne. A spellcaster from Varisia, for example, could have joined him on his initial voyage south, in which case the character would likely be higher level, or during his return voyage, and have much less experience.

I have a winter witch sitting in the sidelines. I didn't get to use her in the game she was made for. Here's the sheet already done, although naturally it will be altered for this game if the character suits.

Edit: Oops. Never mind. I see you're quite inundated with full casters already, including one witch.

Below is some Background for my hedge witch:
Pic of her familiar

Savol Kodiakborne's homecoming wasn't a happy event for everyone. Her older brother, a faithful shield-brother to Savol since the two were children, had followed him to the ends of the world during his travels. When news spead of Savol's return, Dagmar was overjoyed at the thought of seeing her long missing brother again. Failing to spot him amongst Savol's other followers, Dagmar began asking after him. It was with a heavy heart that she was told he had fallen in combat during a great battle at sea with pirates led by a fearsome half-orc captain who slew several of the crew before being brought down.

When Savol Kodiakborne later put out another call, this one to join him and rebuild his family's ancient kingdom, Dagmar decided that the best way to honor her brother and his memory was to join Soval in his place and to serve him as her would have. Though not the powerful warrior that her brother was, Dagmar knew that all armies would have need of a talented healer such as her and hoped that her knowledge and spells might also prove useful.

I am making an arctic/tundra Ranger or druid based primarily around survival and similar skills. Currently beginning a background for it. Have not selected race yet. Will look at options based on what I am looking for that fits the concept I build.

Disregard the part where I wrote "nature vs. nurture". That's the wrong concept (as in this case both would be evil). What I meant was more along the lines of "can you choose who you want to be, or is it predetermined by your nature and nurture?"

Anyways, let me know if that character could fit into your campaign.

I know we seem to mostly be going for characters local, but this half-Tian snow ninja concept I'm working on could be extremely fun. Young buck hoping to impress and fulfill his father's duty by any means necessary.

"Snow Ninja" was also my ex's nickname for me when I'd wear white long underwear and nothing else around in the apartment. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?????

Thanks for implanting that image of you in your underwear in my mind. ;)

I'm not sure if "better" is the word I would use. :)

How dare you doubt the skills of the Brooklyn Snow Ninja! His uncomfortably tight (uncomfortable to others, not to himself, of course) waffled wear wreaks havoc on all disbelievers!

Meet Krallek. A brutish thug who is chock full of home spun wisdom. I'd love a place in you campaign.

It will be starting at level 1

Lich - the evil post was mainly because I forgot to put it in the start. Every time I've allowed evil characters no matter how good the background or idea it always ended in either player vs player trouble or someone mad and purposefully letting another character die.

Agent - I just didn't wanna post every Paizo book in general if its Paizo and not third party feel free.

What kind of point buy were you planning to use for stats and how many traits (if any) will you be allowing?

How do you want stats generated, Arc?

Shadow Lodge

DM - ARC wrote:
I just didn't wanna post every Paizo book in general if its Paizo and not third party feel free.

In that case, I'm thinking about an Aldori Swordlord (from the Inner Sea Primer or World Guide, I'm not sure which).

No!!! The PostMonster ate my concept, and I forgot to copy it to a text document. >.<

I have a concept for a paladin of Shelyn that I will be rewriting and posting. Do you want us to limit ourselves to a single submission, or can we make additional proposals?

Andreas Vaughn
LG Taldan paladin (Sacred Servant) of Shelyn

Andreas Vaughn was born in Taldor, but was sent to live with his uncle in Magnimar at a young age when his parents were lost in a mudslide. He found the City of Monuments inspiring; Andreas followed in his uncle's footsteps and became a sculptor. The young man soon felt a call to serve Shelyn, and through his worship of the Eternal Rose Andreas' work steadily improved with each passing season.

Andreas' growing success also proved to cause the man grief when he captured the form of a nude Korvosan noblewoman in marble. What he did not realize at the time was that the young model he convinced to pose for the piece was promised to a Banker of Abadar; the woman and several friends had traveled to Magnimar on vacation prior to her wedding. Fearing scandal if her role in the sculpture's creation were discovered the woman revealed her background to Andreas and demanded the work be destroyed. The young paladin saw the requested act as an affront against his goddess. Instead of destroying the piece he sent it to the woman's fiance as a wedding present.

It was at this time that Andreas met the daughter of Savol Kodiakborne. The beautiful young shieldmaiden (Or druid, sorceress, bard, etc.) shared tales of her frozen homeland with the young paladin, and Andreas' mind was flooded with images of exquisite beauty rendered in ice that would never melt. The idea of continuing his work in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, combined with the fact that he expected a less-than-friendly response from a certain Korvosan Banker in the near future, served to encourage the paladin to take his work elsewhere. Andreas left Magnimar alongside the Daughter of Kodiakborne when she departed the City of Monuments to rendezvous with her father's fleet and return home.

Dwarven Cleric(Forgemaster) reporting in. Will have more flavor and crunch later this evening.

I've posted some stuff in the Campaign info tab as a teaser prelude

Okay people with some fluff (No particular order)
Heaven's Agent - Andreas Vaughn
Joy - Dagmar Ragnisdottir
The friendly lich - Anastasiya
Andrea1 - Jediah
braingamer - Zethyris
digger - Julian itto
ridge - chelaxian cavalier

sorry if I missed someone

character generation
Level 1
Twenty point buy
two traits plus one campaign trait I'll be posting soon
max money

please ask if you have questions.

Kragdash son of Felzak

Kragdash was born as fifth son of the chieftain of blood hand tribe. He lived relatively normal life for an orc as a child apart from the constant struggle with his brothers as they fought between themselves to eliminate the rivals for the throne. He was one of the younger of the siblings so he learned to endure the wounds even better than your average orc. But none of the sons of Felzak was to fell their father and take over the tribe. It was the chiefs own bodyguard Arkus that drived a battle axe to chiefs skull. Arkus wanted to make sure that those still loyal to the line of Felzak would have none to rally behind and started slaughtering his decendants. Kragdash managed to escape, to his knowledge the only one that did.

The young orc started to wander after spending some time alone in the wilderness. Knowing full well that any other nearby orc tribes would slaughter him on sight after recognizing the markings on his flesh. He decided to try find his place elsewhere. He roamed from mercenary force to another adopting the worshiping of Gorum from a priest who was part of one of the groups.

One day when Kragdash entered a tavern, the barkeep made clear that his kind was not going to be served. Some harsh words were exchanged mainly with the orc threatening to show the barkeep his own heart and other unpleasant things he got the ale to wetten his throath but some of the patrons had decided that they weren't going to stand for it. A fight ensued after one human decided to throw a punch. As the guards were about to drag Kragdash in to jail one other traveler spoke up and told that he hadn't been the one to start the fight. The traveler was one of Savol's followers. The guards let the orc go on condition he would leave town before night fell. The woman who had spoken on his behalf asked for a favor in return, the group was going to be traveling trough orc lands and wanted his council. Kragdash agreed, and took a liking to the group and kept around even after the orc lands were long gone.

Concept crunch-wise:
CN Orc Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager) The guy who can keep on going (Deathless feat chain, fleshwound, guarded life that sort of things)

PS. First time PF pbp so might make few fumbles as I learn.

DM Arc, does that characters with some fluff post mean you've made your decision? I've not even had a chance to flush out my bio yet. I dont like typing on my phone so was going to do that tonight.

Shadow Lodge

I'm submitting an idea for a tempest druid from the Shackles.

Andro Alizario's Prologue:
Andro Alizario grew up in the Shackles, the unfortunate get of a Chelaxian mutineer on an unknown Keleshite trader. His time with either of his parents, if ever there was any, was forgotten early on, leaving him only his name. In order to survive, he soon found himself a ships hand on the Stirge, one of the many pirate ships haunting the waters around the shackles and the Eye of Abendego. He found himself taken under the wing of the ship's navigator, an old man deeply attuned to the air and seas around the Eye. Andro quickly began to pick up the basics of the old man's craft. With time, he also began to pick up his mentor's philosophy as well, finding himself rooted into the basic tenets of the veneration of Gozreh. The old man, however, was not the only person on the ship with a proclivity for sharing his beliefs, and Andro soon found himself also beseeching Besmara for aid alongside many of the other deckhands.

Under the tutelage of the old man, Andro eventually found his very nature starting to emulate the seas and storms that he studied and sought to control. While often placid, he became fickle and prone to bouts of excitability and even ferocity when his spirits were raised. After several years of learning to read the skies and the seas and even start to bend them to his whims, tragedy struck when the Stirge was attacked by Andoran pirate hunters. The old man was killed in the attack, but the Stirge managed to slip away thanks in no small part to Andro's reading and manipulation of the storms surrounding them. Afterwards, he was left to develop his skills on his own. He quickly managed to become the ship's navigator, and enjoyed the position for a few short months before his ship was again attacked by pirate hunters. The warriors from a far off land struck in the dead of night, while much of the crew slept, and the ensuing battle was bloody and fierce. Andro escaped much of the bloodshed as he slept unnoticed in the rigging and remained hidden once he awoke to the sounds of battle. After the fighting died down, he immediately noticed that the Ulfen attackers were a very different sort than his previous murderous compatriots. Their leader especially was a man who inspired trust and loyalty in his crew, and Andro soon found himself offering his skills to Savol Kodiakborne. The young man has been finding a path through the storms for Savol ever since, and now finds himself heading for the strange lands of the Linnorm Kings ready to carve a name for himself into the annals of history.

Question about familiar choice. Are snowy owls viewed as any kind of ill omen among Soval's group of Ulfen or as a creature of wisdom?

Nope haven't decided just posting a list of people with fluff that I've seen/read.

Dagmar - owl is good.

only bad omens really are killing bears as they are the Kodiakborne's totem animal (exceptions for self defence and ancient rituals)

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to submit Belka of Greatbeast

Belka is a Feral Child Druid of Kellid descent born on the Thunder Steppes in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. I think she'll go Nature Warden later, or maybe grab the Mammoth Rider PrC from the Paths of Prestige book which is to release in just over a week. Her companion is a Megatherium, a giant ground sloth (kinda bear like in appearance, though they grew to the size of elephants)


As a young child her tribe found itself in the way of a stampeding herd of demon-addled mammoths that had ventured too close to the Worldwound. During the stampede some got killed and little Belka, then 3 years old, got separated.

Alone and wandering the cold steppes she managed to avoid danger several times but eventually she found herself cornered by a young smilodon. Her saviour came from an unlikely source: a similarly young megatherium charged in and drove the sabre-toothed cat off. As the big beast tried to lumber off again Belka clung to it's fur and climbed on it's back. Together with the great creature she travelled back to it's troupe and stayed with them as their guardian and friend, helping them avoid both predation and demonic influence seeping in from the Worldwound.

She met Savol Kodiakborne when she was only 15 and leading her troupe against a small pack of dretches that had come from the east. While she thought they finally managed to drive them off the demons quickly returned led by a pair of babaus. Fearing the end had finally come once again saviour came from an unexpected source, this time Savol and his allies. They slew the creatures with relative ease but were surprised to find such a young girl living among wild animals. That night Sovol and his people shared a camp with Belka and a herd of Megatherium.

Now, 4 years later, Belka has received a message from the man who saved her years ago and while leaving her herd behind pains her, she has to go and repay the debt to this man for saving not only her but her entire adopted family.

dot for interest - basic concept, a marine/dragoon from Rahadoum who served with Kodiakborn from the Arcadian Ocean to the Shackles. He's continued to serve in the Rahadoum fleet, defending the country's interests. The private interests, nepotism, and corruption in the Fleet has worn on him in the absence of Kodiakborn's crusading spirit.

Julian's crunch is up. He's probably going to go ranger/ninja once he learns to get along in the north. More detailed fluff on the way. (Perfect use of a writing retreat in Nantucket, right?)

What is the division of over-world to dungeon for the campaign? I'm considering dropping the Sacred Servant Archetype and going with a bonded mount at fifth level, if the campaign would support such a choice.

Julian was born from the coupling of a Tian samurai and a Chelaxian archer. These two far-flung lovers met at the Worldscar during the constant battling. Though culturally different, the two fell in love and bore a son named after the archer's father. Though valuable warriors both, they were aging and their commander sent them "home." They ended up in Tian, living a life less stained by blood.

But Julian heard the stories. Instilled with strong senses of duty, glory, and honor, he worshiped both his parents and their former companions. They both often spoke of the Ulfen wonder Kodiakborne, his plight, and his battle.

Julian did not inherit his father's great strength, but he did inherit his mother's speed and cunning. He studied both swordplay and archery, but definitely had more of a knack for the latter. His father hid his disappointment fairly well, but a child always knows.

Still, after being so often defeated in spars with stronger opponents, Julian started thinking outside of the box ...well, outside his father's box, at least. Stealth, speed, and surprise could make up for a lack of strength or size. Misdirection, mischief, and plain dirty tricks take care of the rest. Though his father disapproved of such methods, Julian's mother saw their use, and secretly trained him on her own.

Things went well until the accident on the road that cost his father his life. Insult was added to injury when the next week, a courier came with news from Kodiakborne, calling his allies across Golarion to fight for his rightful place in his snowborne home. Saddened by the loss of his father, full of youthful need to prove himself, and raised with stories of glorious battle, Julian quickly gathered his things and began making his way to the land of the Linnorm Kings, to make his father's spirit proud at last ...even if he uses mom's tactics to do so.

appearance and personality:
Julian, of mixed ethnic ancestry, doesn't look quite like his mother or his father, but shares some attributes with both. He is, at 18, just 5'4" tall. His hair and eyes are black and his skin a tan shade. He is in decent shape, he simply isn't as big as his mountain of a late father.

He moves in controlled manners. When casual (or acting casual), his movements are soft, slight, and graceful. In battle, no movement is wasted as he quickly bounds, hides, fires, and strikes.

Julian is ...well, he's 18. He is brash and somehow both idealistic and cynical, needy and standoffish. He desperately wants to prove his worth, and with his father gone, Kodiakborne will do. He also loves to act worldly, as his mother taught him much of Inner Sea customs. Still, hearing about traditions, styles, and such is not the same as encountering them. Depending on what they are, he could react with delight, frustration, or disgust.

In short, he's a moody little bastard, but he will give his all for the cause.

As for posting, I'm a public school teacher on vacation with an overactive mind. I need more things to do! I post in four other pbp games at least 2 or three times a day if possible. Even when work is in session, I get out at 3, so posting is never a problem for me.

I love roleplaying and writing and got my bachelors in creative writing and film production. I've played parts in various collaborative storytelling methods, and this is one of my favorites. I like getting into characters' heads, finding out things I didn't even know about them, and working with other players to round each other out.

As far as dungeon delves vs open terrain it'll be mainly open terrain with a few possibly vast "dungeons" so 80/20 or so with a bit more dungeons at the beginning.

Dropping, cannot get a concept together for this right now. Enjoy everyone

Really digging the international/inter-racial feel of things so far. I always like stories where disparate characters are gathered for one goal. Ninjas, Rahadoomi, Kellids, orcish ...witches, druids, barbarians ...lots of cool mixes.

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, there's definitely some cool stuff going on here. It's already starting off with something of an epic feel, and that's a really good sign.

Glad this has other people so interested. I'll try and get the campaign traits and stuff up tomorrow.

Would you allow the paladin's divine bond to stack in some way with the cavalier's mount ability, if I decided to multiclass at some point? What about the exotic mount ability of the Beast Rider archetype?

I like the idea of playing a mounted paladin for once, and a paladin on horseback is an impressive sight even in the frozen north. That being said, there is always some appeal to the idea of a non-standard mount as well, something more fitting with the climate and terrain. Maybe a wolf, mastodon, or megaloceros. Perhaps even a bear, due to its significance to Kodiakborne.

I might end up simply going with a horse in the end, but I'm already considering different options; it's probably best to ask while fleshing out the initial concept.

I would allow the divine bond and mount to stack once you get divine bond. As far as beast rider lemme think on it. I also reread your fluff and Savol has no children but Jild could fit as Savol helped to raise her (he's kinda like an uncle)

I understand entirely about having to think on the Beast Rider Archetype; it's entirely awesome, but there are other considerations to keep in mind.

I was looking at the background story you posted and was thinking Jild would fit into my concept as well. Her interest in music and lore would explain why she would make a trip to Magnimar while Savol restocked his supplies somewhere, and provide the opportunity for Andreas to meet her. Besides, if some random paladin were to show up in the company of Savol's daughter ... as soon as Kodiakborne learned why Andreas was fleeing Magnimar I'd probably be rolling a new character. >.>

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