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RPG Superstar 2015

Living in the Lands of the Linnorm

Game Master Aiunder

Savol Kodiakborne is a living legend. Now he returns home to the North to claim his ancestral homelands and with your help he just might get that chance.



M 1/2 Orc Fighter 8(HP) Unbreakable HP 92/92 Init+5AC 24/23/11 F12/R5/W5(8 v. fear)
(851 posts)

M Goblin Rogue 3 Favored SP HP 28/28 AC 17/12/15 F4R9W2 Per+7 Init+4
(612 posts)


Rogue Elf

Male Half-Elf Rogue 6 / Aldori Swordlord 1 / Duelist 1 (HP: 60/64 | AC:24 T:18 FF:24 [+2 vs traps, +4 vs movement AoO]| F:+6 R:+14 (+16 vs traps) W:+6 | Init +7 [+9] Per +15 (+18 vs traps)
(638 posts)

Darren Ehlers

Ulfen Raider
Thorvald the Black Shield

Male Human, Ulfen Init +3 Senses +10, AC: 23, T: 12, FF: 23 vs traps 25, hp 91, Fort +8, Ref +5, +7vs traps, Will +5
(1,170 posts)
Hurin Sundershield SonOfHelgrud

The Friendly Lich

The Friendly Lich

(100 posts)
Blackfire Adept

Female Human Sorcerer 8, HP 63, AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11, Fort 5, Ref 3, Will 6 (+2 vs. charm, cold, fear, fire, sleep)
(776 posts)
Rat the rat

(27 posts)


Chung Po
Julian Itto

M Human AC19 F:+3, R:+9, W: +4 Ninja 8
(545 posts)
Digger Chandler


Duchess of Wintercrux Svetochka Elvanna
Dagmar Ragnasdottir

Female Human (Ulfen) Hedge Witch / 4 (HP:25/25) (AC:13) (Saving Throws Fortitude: +4 Reflex: +1 Will: +5 )
(672 posts)



Male Human (Cheliaxian) Cavalier of the Sword 8 (HP:73/76)(AC 25/11t/24ff [+1 vs range with shield]; F+9, R+3,W+5)
(955 posts)

Song of Chiroptera

Song of Chiroptera

Male Human GM
(226 posts)
Ostog the Unslain

Male Human (Ulfen) Cleric 8 [HP 52/52 | AC:19 F:18 T:11 | CMD:18 | Save F+7 (+2 Cold} R+3 W+9 | Init: +3 | Perc: +5 | Channel 6/6 (DC 20)
(340 posts)


Master Soan
Isham Tabouri

male (HP43/43 AC 21 | T 14 | FF 17 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +11 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +10) Garundi Ranger (Freebooter) 2 / Bard 4
(649 posts)

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