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Limbo PbP

Game Master Lekku

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Lureene turns to Therena, and brings her Suny's dessert plate. "Don't worry 'bout it, hun, just fans of mine who wanted me to make a road trip for a special performance for 'em. I didn't feel like obliging them, and my heroes..." she turns and blows a kiss to all the people who helped her, "convinced them to leave me alone."

Max HP: 94; Current HP: 94| AC: 11 (T 10, FF 11); CMD: 16; F/R/W: +8/+6/+15 | Current Effects: mage armour (8 hours), longstrider (10 hours)

"Oh, well I'm glad to see that you're still with us. The kitchen is tidied up, so I think I'll come hang out here for a while. There's still some stew in the pot on the fire and a bit of dessert in the ice box." Therena sits down at the bar and asks Mors for a small glass of sherry.

Silver Crusade

m drow Ranger 1

"I apologize for not joining in the fight, but it's refreshing to let someone else do that, for once," Gyldyr remarks.

Lureene walks over to the elf, and says to him, "That's all right hun. If it had been someone else other than me up there, I would have sat out the fight as well. I'm a lover, not a fighter."

After a moment, she sighs, murmering, "Why can't they just leave me alone? I just want to find him, that's all."

Sorry, Suny for leaving you out... I tried to be patient and let everyone have a chance to speak up if they wanted in, but I got a little impatient. Moving forward, i'll try to make sure there is a big enough window for people to respond when the action heats up.

I would have just let anyone and everyone join, but then its' a little hard to build an encounter that isn't either way too hard (if not enogh people are available) or way too easy (with too many people). Oh well... live and learn, right? I'll try to hold a spot for you if i run another fight or something.

Another thought, i hadn't really planned a follow-up to this. I intentionally left it open, and would like to let some other aspiring story-teller take the reigns that I took from Lureene. Anybody want to take control and show us what the note from Scarlet will bring the Limbo barflies next?

Biter's tiny frame appears at the top of the stars, a titanic yawn cracking his jaws whilst he wipes sleep from his eyes. Annoyance registers as he takes in the scene.

"Was'ing there a bite and no one was'ing to wake Biter? That is'ing just mean."

Male Human Wizard 5

"A sumptuous epicurean experience, an exhibition of the art of dance that bordered on hedonistic, and a gleeful bit of pugilistic calisthenics... a fine evening to be sure! But what's this? It seems that some work is yet to be done. Friend Mors, please allow me to do some small part to undo a portion of the havoc our vigorous exercise may have wreaked."

Olivier approaches the rear wall that was scorched from the fire attack, waves an ancient hand in a small semi-circle, and mutters a couple of hushed syllables.

Cast Make Whole - this should fully repair the wall as well as any damage to the adjacent floor and ceiling.

When that task is completed, the old man moves over to the chair that had been similarly damaged.

Cast Make Whole (again) - this should repair the chair and any residual damage to nearby surfaces.

"Now, that is an acceptable improvement. I must say, gentle compatriots, 'twas indeed a rousing diversion, and the lot of you performed quite admirably. It was a pleasure joining you in the defense of our fair winged lass! Oh, and my apologies, my dear little Pythia, I trust that I didn't unduly shock your herpetological sensibilities..."

RP Only

Thirsty after hacking up his foes, Keane waves down Lureene. "Aye koo dewit uh stoot ale..."

HP 20/20 :: AC 18 :: +5 Perc, +3 Init :: Fort +2 Reflex +5 Will +1

"and a translator."

RP Only
Thomdril wrote:
"and a translator."

"Doon teest me, boy."

HP 20/20 :: AC 18 :: +5 Perc, +3 Init :: Fort +2 Reflex +5 Will +1

"Pardon, but didja say somethin' about a teet? That seems somehow inappropriate in current company, dontcha think?" Thom indicates the women in the room.

"I'm sorry... I don't speak spanish."

Lureene brings over the dwarf's ale, and gives him a hug as well. "I wanted to thank you again for helping me out there."

She then says to Thomdril with laughter in her voice, "Hun, you should know by now what all dwarves want by now. Ale, and more ale!"

Suddenly the door to Limbo flys open as a blonde bombshell wearing a scarlet dress and a fancy mask leaps into the room hand on the hilt of her rapier. "Right, who wants it then—" Upon seeing the bloody mess in the middle of the floor, her blue-violet eyes grow wide and she cries out, "OH GOD!"

A moment later, a middle-aged elf woman, and another blonde who looks just like the first, save for a blue dress and short hair, come running into the room. The one with short hair looks at her twin with one eyebrow raised and scolds, "Really? Do you just try to cause trouble?!"

Female Elf Cleric 1, Rogue 1<br>Favored: Cleric

The middle-aged elf stops rubbing her temple, composes herself and says, "Pardon our entry, we thought this was the Silver Eel. We didn't mean to interrupt your fight club..."

The older woman then clears her throat and tips her head in the direction of an empty table across the room. The two other then intone, "Yes Miss Nell..." and take a seat, the one in the red dress removing her mask.

After a few moments of awkward silence, "Miss Nell" approaches the bar and quietly asks, "If we haven't over-stayed our welcome, would you happen to have a suite to let?"

Sorry to kick-in-the-door and... take a nap... but this sleepy elf works 3rd shift and must away! Be back tonight... :D

Lureene nearly jumps out of her wings after the entrance of the 3 lovely women, seeing they are not affiliated with Scarlet, at least she hoped not. She walks over to the female elf and replies, Welcome to Limbo, my name is Lureene, and we do have suites for you, if you want. Don't mind the mess, we are cleaning it up now. what can I get you, hun?"

looks like the men have someone else to fight over now.

Biter gives the three new arrivals his best "humans are weird" look, then stalks to the bar shaking his head, "Bat Lady is'ing having something for Biter to eats?"

HP 20/20 :: AC 18 :: +5 Perc, +3 Init :: Fort +2 Reflex +5 Will +1

Thom takes a look around... realizes that the excitement has, at least for now, died down. He also realizes how taxed he is after all the day's adventures.

"Hey, Mister Mors, I'd love a room if ya got one open."

He gives his coin and takes his key, noting the room number, and heads upstairs with a quick "thanks" to the proprietor.

Male Human Wizard 5

Olivier, now finished with his repairs, moves back to his table. Pulling his pipe back out, he relaxes and notes the sudden increase of female patronage in his now-favorite tavern...

Lureene Ourson wrote:
looks like the men have someone else to fight over now.

Hate to burst your bubble but Rath, if he weren't terminally shy, would be after Therena. She's good-natured, doesn't seem to have a vain bone in her body, cooks well, is a healer - that's like marrying a Doctor :) (Rath's parents would be so proud), and doesn't have a bevvy of killers dogging her every step... what's not to like? :)

Rath, tired after a very long day and unsure if a bed comes with his nomimal employment as 'server', moves to a far corner of the bar. He shakes a dozen shurikens from his gi onto a nearby table, drops a few improbable looking weapons next to them, makes a pillow of his near empty backpack under the table and falls asleep. Not even seeing Biter for the first time, whom he acknowledges with a lazy salute, is enough to keep him awake. Today has been full of wonders, that is a good thing.

Silver Crusade

m drow Ranger 1

Gyldyr stands up and makes his way to his room, subtly avoiding Nelliel. He closes the door and his raven flies up to perch on the corner of the bed, keeping a beady eye on the door while Gyldyr removes his heavy robe, tunic, and weapons and climbs into bed.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Humming a happy ditty a middle-aged gnome, cane stuck jauntily on his arm, backs into the tavern dragging a small two-wheeled ‘cart’. In the cart, is a very large crate, some 8’ high and 4’ long. Sticking off of the crate and cart are a wide variety of ropes, gears, pulleys, gizmos, flags, banners, bunting, and odd devices that defy description including what appears to be an Orc trumpet (if Orcs had any business making legitimate music or instruments).

The little gnome happily proceeds to back into the room, pulling said cart, seemingly without notice of the chairs, tables, and patrons he is cavalierly and casually displacing in his wake. When he reaches the approximate center of the bar (again without ever looking up), he stops and begins to unpack his cart. In a matter of minutes, with dizzying rapidity, he pulls, unsnaps, opens, tugs, unlatches, latches, closes, kicks, wrestles, and cajoles the crate & cart into a geometric monstrosity covering approximately 20 cubic feet. It is decidedly a merchant’s stall (with a colorful awning to protect patrons from the sun) packed to the rafters with an odd assortment of items both familiar and incomprehensible.

Hands on hips, he observes his handiwork with pride, dusts himself off, turns sharply on one heel, and addresses the patrons in a voice pitched to make dogs howl and carnival barkers proud:

“Ladies and Gentle-persons of all ilk – be you fair or foul - my name is Bitiborium and you stand before my Item Emporium! I travel the many worlds finding the rarest, strangest, mundane-iest, zaniest, whole-grainiest, and scientificy…est, and otherwise unforgettable baubles anywhere! Sometimes my cart is packed with gems and treasures, sometimes magic, and sometimes mule turds… yes, that happened once. Never try to beat a sphinx in a riddle-battle when you are both speaking a language in which each of you has only passing familiarity - lesson learned! BUT that is not why I am here TODAY. TODAY I am here to offer you goods of surpassing interest and some of no value whatsoever. Yes, indeed, Bitiborium has rare offers for you today… for trade or purchase. All reasonable (and some unreasonable offers) WILL be entertained! Come forth and see my wares! The best wares anywheres ‘cept underwears!”

For anyone who approaches Bitiborium to learn more Perception DC:10:

There is a bewildering array of ‘stuff’: Musical instruments, kitchen utensils, shoelaces, chewed gum, a Howitzer shell, paprika, Blue Mountain coffee, cosmetics, etc. Anything you can think to need or not need appears to be here. Most of it, it is fair to say, is junk. But what is perhaps more intriguing is the ornate wooden case tucked away in a dark corner at the very back of the stall. It appears to have grown organically out of the cart. From the edges where the lid meets the base, you can see a bit of black velvet sticking out (presumably the liner for the case). And there appears to be a lock built into the case, with a strange ‘keyhole’ depression that appears to be the size and shape of a coin.

Sorry for the text heavy entrance… so as not to clog the main thread… anyone who made the perception check come HERE.

Lureene walks over to the strange gnome, and examines the cart. Maybe there were some clues or hints, as to where her father disappeared.

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Bitiborium moves towards the beautiful barmaid with something of a leer of appreciation... but he seems to pick up on her melancholy mood and genuine concern crosses his face, "My dear, what are you searching for? From the look on your face, I scarce think you'll find it among my standard wares."

Lureene is surprised to feel tears springing to her eyes. It is times like this she hated what she was, a half demon freak. "Is there anything in there, about my...father?"

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

The gnome's slow smile tells her that there may be hope. "Not in the regular section of my cart, no... But there is another section and, yes, something there may help you indeed. Let me attend to anyone else who might wish to purchase things here and then I will show you something... interesting - for a modest price."

Lureene, feel free to read the spoiler above - you qualify. :) We can jump to the other thread if any other folks show an interest - either tomorrow or later tonight.

Anyone paying attention to the exchange between Bitiborium and Lureene, can add +2 to their Perception check for the spoiler above.

Silver Crusade

m drow Ranger 1

Gyldyr's raven was listening to the noises from downstairs, and curious, he cawed loudly in the wizards ear to wake him up. Gyldyr curses fluently in Undercommon, getting tiredly out of bed. "I'm not going down with you to see what the (insert curse) it is," he hisses to his familiar in Elven. Then he opens the door momentarily, shoves the raven out, and goes back to bed. The raven (Blackwing) flies downstairs to look greedily at the baubles the gnome is selling.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Bitiborium admires the stately raven sitting on the awning, greedily eyeing the shiny trinkets. "You have good taste, my feathered friend! You may choose a pretty for yourself, no charge."

Silver Crusade

m drow Ranger 1

Blackwing happily selects a shiny silver bauble, then returns to his perch to admire his new possession.

Lureene, as if in a trance, takes out one of the gold coins she received as a tip ironically, enough, from Gyldyr and slides it into the slot.

AC 11 (+1 Dex), touch 11, flat-footed 10 CMD 10; Fort (2) +2, Ref (0) +1, Will (2) +5 (+2 vs enchantment spells and effects); Maximum HP: 8; Current HP: 8

The main doors open and a sad-looking young half-elf enters the bar. He is clearly surprised by what he sees, and very quickly begins examining things such as the doors, walls, floor, etc. by tapping, feeling, sniffing, and peering at them all closely. He then comes over to Olivier and peers at the old man intently. After a few moments he mutters, "Yep. Real." before shaking his head and making his way around the gnome with the small store to sit at the bar. He taps the bar several times (though more to ascertain its reality than to order a drink), loosens the long silk scarf he wears around his neck, and orders a shot of gin and cranberry juice over ice.

Atop the stairs, golden tresses spill beneath the overhang as Alis pokes her head around the corner to see what's going on downstairs. Looking behind her, perhaps to see if Miss Nell is wise to her antics.
Alis' Stealth 1d20 + 7 - 2 ⇒ (8) + 7 - 2 = 13
Nell's Perception (sleeping) 1d20 + 8 - 10 ⇒ (16) + 8 - 10 = 14
Alis' Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Upon descending the stairs, Alis winces as floorboard creaks beneath her foot. Rolling her eyes, she continues and you can see that she's changed out of the ridiculously tight corset she was in earlier and is now wearing a more comfortable-looking rose-colored nightgown embroidered with floral themes along the hem and cuffs.

"Hmm, what's all this then?" she asks looking over Bit's wares.

RP Only

Perturbed by the imposition of the gnome and his... wares, Mors casts a disdainful eye across offensive contraption.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Continuing in Bitiborium's thread.

Lureene glances over at the blonde and feels a pang of jealousy, but she quickly squashes it. She smiles at the pretty young lady, and asks, "What do you think of this, hun?"

Biter wolfs down his food in his usual manner, one arm curled protectively around his dish… apparently to ward off would-be food stealers. As the common room fills with new and interesting sites and people, however, his breakfast (in the evening?) is soon forgotten on the bar-top, and curiosity spurs the surprisingly large goblin to slip soundlessly from his bar-stool and make a stalking circuit of the room, stealthily poking and prodding at all the newcomers.

Stealth (using all the activity as a distraction) 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (14) + 15 = 29

Make a Perception vs. the Stealth check above:
Biter makes his way over to where the dozing monk has laid out his gear, the foreign weapons drawing his idle eyes and hands. He quietly climbs atop the table and paws around the weapons, seeming most interested in the vicious looking throwing stars.

Boredom quickly sets in and he continues on his circuit (absent-mindedly taking one shiny shuriken with him) and quietly approaches the new half-elf. A wary eye on the sad-looking half-blood longears, the mighty hunter sniffs at the traveler's boot, recoiling at what he smells, tiny hand fluttering to dissipate the offending odor. yah, you heard me... whatever is on your boot offended the sensibilities of a GOBLIN.

He finishes his adventure by moving up to the giant, gnome-constructed stall in the center of the room, using whatever they are watching as a distraction to close unnoticed (hopefully). He pauses, ears twitching, trying to ascertain what Bat Lady and the newcomer are watching. Then curiosity wins out, and the tiny hunter climbs his way up onto the stall itself, like a tiny mountain cat stalking his prey. posting in both threads, now, i guess.

Feel free to read the spoiler even if you don't make the check (i mean, i did spend all that time writing it), just don't have your character act without knowledge they wouldn't have, saavy?

Even on a 20 this won't work, but hey...

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Lureen sita back, quiet for a while, and a look of quiet resignation comes over her beautiful face, a face filled with sadness, a face of a little girl, not of a half fiend siuccubus.

She turns to Mors and asks, "Is there a room where I can sleep for the night. I am tired and need to rest, and think on things."


I actually have stats of her father, he is an 11th level wizard in 3.5, and also one of my characters in a RL game that died. Lureene came to existence due to choices I made as a character. I need to find his sheet, its around here somewhere...

RP Only
Lureene Ourson wrote:
She turns to Mors and asks, "Is there a room where I can sleep for the night. I am tired and need to rest, and think on things."

Mors shows her to a room, and inquires if she needs anything further.

HP 20/20 :: AC 18 :: +5 Perc, +3 Init :: Fort +2 Reflex +5 Will +1

Do a brother a favor and "accidentally" show her to my room, Mors. :D Or maybe to Biter's?

Lureene Ourson wrote:
Lureen sita back, quiet for a while, and a look of quiet resignation comes over her beautiful face, a face filled with sadness, a face of a little girl, not of a half fiend siuccubus...

Alis gives a soft sigh knowing all-too-well the pain a daughter feels when she has lost her parents.

"Dream well," she says gently as the winged-beauty goes off to think and rest.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Mors, Alis, et al. - I started Bit's 'bit' in another thread for a couple of reasons (1) I didn't want to hog the main thread and Bit tends to be... well... talky. (2) I wasn't sure anyone would like the idea so I thought it safer to move him somewhere where anyone could ignore him if they liked. (3) This is my first go at DMing in a PbP environment - seemed easier to isolate it in case I botched it ugly.
I'm gratified that everyone wants to play along and have no problems, bringing it all back here whether the mods help out or not... so let's continue here.

Biter: Your preeminent stealth skills allow none to see your actions. You poke the skull, but your finger goes through the incorporeal bone. Your finger (up to the last crooked knuckle) disappears into the skull! You yank your finger free as Majjeff (the Skull) says, "Oy, that tickles! Could you scratch my Parietal Lobe while you're in there?"

Biter pulls his finger free, eyeing the strange Skull which is now bobble-heading around to look at him. Ever the smeller, Biter cautiously smells the finger recently in Majjeff's brain...
Acckks... brain-smell like tapioca and jujubees!

Male Gnome Merchant / 10
Lureene Ourson wrote:

Lureen sita back, quiet for a while, and a look of quiet resignation comes over her beautiful face, a face filled with sadness, a face of a little girl, not of a half fiend siuccubus.

She turns to Mors and asks, "Is there a room where I can sleep for the night. I am tired and need to rest, and think on things."

Bit:** spoiler omitted **

Lureene, believe it or not, I didn't pre-script Majjeff to further your particular storyline - it just happened to work out that way. Happy accident. :) I'll give some thought to working something in the future - the Harrower line in the Majjeff's vision was a hook for the next phase in your journey that anyone can work off of. You will be happy to know, there is another item in the box that I thought your character *might* enjoy as well as expanding the RP possibilities here... Assuming Mors doesn't tell Bit to pack it up.

Mors wrote:
Lureene Ourson wrote:
She turns to Mors and asks, "Is there a room where I can sleep for the night. I am tired and need to rest, and think on things."
Mors shows her to a room, and inquires if she needs anything further.

No thank you, Mors. You have been a darling to me, thank you." She gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before closing the door. Once she has settled in, she removes her armor and other clothinging to strecth out nude and climbs into bed, crawling under the sheets for some much needed rest.

BTW, she did not lock her door, he he

Rath's Peception check to wake up while Biter is inspecting his weapons... What's the minus for being asleep? :) -10 to me instead of +10 to Biter's DC... right, snowball meet Hell... 1d20 + 7 - 10 ⇒ (9) + 7 - 10 = 6

Rath begins to snore as Biter paws through his goods.

Biter or anyone who cares to look at the weapons left on the table:
Biter, you see shurikens, a nunchaku, a Kama, and two sianghams - one that looks all silvery and the other of cold iron.

"Have you anything else in that black box of yours, master Gnome?"

The young half-elf produces a gold piece from a pouch she had concealed in the sleeve of her nightgown and places it upon the counter.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Because of the Biter interplay, we are saying Majjeff is still on the counter, not back in the box.

Bit gives her an Oscar-winning smile. "As a matter of fact, I do, young Miss. But I need not your coin. Only one coin is necessary to open the box. However, the proprietor here has not taken a friendly shine to me..."
Bit debates with himself briefly, "Well, he seems to be absent so perhaps I can risk bringing ONE more item to show you - if you promise to defend me when the proprietor comes for my head." *wink*

He looks Alis over, top to bottom, as if trying to figure out what item would most appeal to her... his gaze is penetrating and just slightly unnerving.

"Defend you in a nightgown?"" Alis laughs. "Indeed! Well then, let's see what you have.... if you're done having a look for yourself!"

The young half-elf folds her arms across her chest as she weather's the strange fellow's unblinking gaze.

Getting ready to head to bed, but if it's another question I get, then Alis shall ask, "How shall our true titles be regained?" You gather that Alis is speaking of herself and her twin sister.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

"I fear I have nothing that will go to your heart... but something of an intellectual curiosity you might fancy. If I'm not mistaken, you come from a noble and ancient lineage - breeding shows as it were. If so, you might have heard rumor of what I am about to show you...

With much ceremony, he pulls out a dust-covered, vine-enscribed, ancient, black, wine bottle. You quickly realize the bottle is clear... the contents are jet black. "Behold! This is a bottle of Shadow Liqueur. Distilled from the essence of the Plane of Shadow itself and the strange and wild fungi, mushrooms, and plants growing there. The smallest sip of this drink will make a grown man tipsy... but moreover, like the odd reflecting powers of the Shadow Plane itself, the drink changes the personality of the drinker – making the bold man shy, the righteous naughty, the lascivious chaste, and the law-abiding chaotic. Few were the rich who could afford the indulgence of this drink... to act out their fantasies and be, for a little while, someone other than their normal selves." He leans in to Alis and says quietly, "And so many people want us to be other than ourselves, don't they? And wouldn't we for a moment want to see what they would be like if they acted like us instead? Your sturdy nurse, perhaps, acting scandalous..."

He smiles "Once, I drank from this very bottle, a LARGE swig... I woke up a week later as an..." he struggles to pronounce the foreign title, "an 'Insurance Underwriter' in someplace called 'Hartford'." He shakes his head sadly with a wan smile, "It wasn't a layer of Hell – but it was close."

mechanics & idea:
Fort Save DC:22 (which you can purposefully blow) - gain an ‘opposite’ personality trait for a span of time. Idea here is if you want to play your character (or try to get someone else to play their character) in the main Limbo thread away from their normal range – use this. :)

Alis' eyes grow wide and she takes a quick glance over her shoulder as if expecting to be chastised at any moment. Seeing no one there, her gaze fixes upon the bottle and she bites the knuckle on her index finger.

After a moment, a huge smile splits her face and she asks, "How much for two shots?" }:D

It's faint, but Bit can just barely make out Alis singing softly to herself in excitement:
Alright sir, sure I'll have some shadow wine it's early,
Pour one for Miss Nell this could be funny,
Another for my sis' it makes her flirty...

Male Gnome Merchant / 10
Alis Kirmoon wrote:
Getting ready to head to bed, but if it's another question I get, then Alis shall ask, "How shall our true titles be regained?" You gather that Alis is speaking of herself and her twin sister.

Only the Majjeff answers those sorts of questions and he is allowed 1 Scry/week. However, the Majjeff and all the other items are for sale, if folks in the bar are interested in purchasing. I was thinking a couple of these items taking up permanent residence in the bar could be amusing.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10
Alis Kirmoon wrote:

Alis' eyes grow wide and she takes a quick glance over her shoulder as if expecting to be chastised at any moment. Seeing no one there, her gaze fixes upon the bottle and she bites the knuckle on her index finger.

After a moment, a huge smile splits her face and she asks, "How much for two shots?" }:D

Bit smiles broadly. "2 shots will get everyone in here doing handstands naked and singing show tunes." He looks her over again, "Hm... I might like to see that."

He shakes off the thought, "As a general rule about this vintage:
Drink a single drop and you will have 15 very interesting minutes.
Drink but a dram, you gain a good hour of 'alternate' behavior.
Drink a draught, you gain a full day.
Drink the whole bottle - you gain a lifetime. Although, if you down the bottle, you may die before you enjoy the effect."

"I was hoping to sell the bottle entire, Miss. As for price, what have you to trade? I seek the rare, odd, and interesting. Any of these rare items - those shown and those yet unrevealed - are for sale for the price of... say... the tears of an Eidolon, or a single tail feather of a much loved familiar, or a demon's kiss, or even a well-crafted Chocolate Eclaire. Do you have any rarities upon your person... I mean when you are fully clothed and not in your night shift?" Bit grins like a well-fed cat.

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