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Life on the spike, A Planescape PbP game (Inactive)

Game Master Johnny_Panic

Sit in Sigil at the center of all the planes, borks try and get on with life in a place where any thing gos but gods.

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Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Koda Reflex:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Koda flawlessly dodges the shards of house as he rushes Batty through the portal. Having forgotten to secure herself in Batty is almost dislodged from her seat by shrapnel but manages to keep her composure and not fall from Koda's back. They circle the Knife as everyone else piles through the portal.

F Sylph Ninja 7

Brehna flies through the portal at first opportunity.

Ref 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Once in Sigil Brehna will circle around the knife until everyone is out.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Ref(DC5): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7Ha! Failed!

@Grune. You slide down into the water.
take 1d10 ⇒ 4 DMG from the glass of the knife, and you need a swim check.

F Sylph Ninja 7

Is there somewhere I can tie a rope off to then trail it in the water to those who may fall in?

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Swim: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

Reflex save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

Metalbeard stumbles a bit after stepping through the gate, but is able to maintain his footing enough to avoid falling. He tosses his folding boat into the water, then attempts to climb in.

Climb check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

Finding ample handholds on the Knife, he doesn't have much trouble getting into the boat. Seeing Grune is in the water, he blows up his large inflatable duck and tosses it to him.

Yes, I actually have a 'flotation device' in my inventory.

To hit roll: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

Realizing he is out of the presence of royalty, he also takes a moment to switch his language dial back to Sigil mode. Grune, you berk, best be usin' the ducky and paddlin' this way! The big monster-thing still be livin' in these waters. He also takes out his portable battering ram, unfolding it and holding it in the water for Grune to grab.

Yep Grune you can swim to Metalbeard folding boat and get in with out the need of a roll problem, Berhna seeing this do you still need the rope,
They others is fine to clime down into the boat.

Roll for Ditch beast.

1d100 ⇒ 52

Lock holds its an 8 round trip to the back. with a 10% chance the Ditch beast, will spot you, any think that makes you move fast or distracts the
Ditch beast will help you get back to the bank.

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

reflex: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28

The paniced troll rushed through the portal, not really because he was supposed to, but because somewhere in his addled mind he recognized it as a way to get far away from the terrible trees.

He didn't fall in when he reached the edge of the cliff that dropped off into the water below, but he didn't stop either. Instead he went right over the edge head first clinging to the cliff wall like a spider.

Still panicked, have to keep moving away from the trees. Spider Climbing down the cliff.

Ditch Monster spot rolls 10% 7d100 ⇒ (67, 76, 66, 41, 91, 99, 12) = 452

O that last one was close but you all get across fine to the Bank.
Ok your back in the streets of Sigil.

where next.

F Sylph Ninja 7

"We should go collect our bounty for this mission."

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

Shaking his head to clear it the troll looks around. "This one does not understand. Trees should not be so... unnerving."

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Batty sighs longingly. yes, i suppose we should. I do hope the next place wont have any plants. Should we mention this green war to tippy toes is all i wonder.

Metalbeard disagrees. Plants be among the weakest berks on the planes. Plenty of creatures be messin' us up worse.

He breaks into another beat poem.

On the plane of Earth you may be mashed into a pulp.
On Acheron have your eyes gouged out, And your elbows broken.
On Baator see your kneecaps split and body burned away,
And limbs all hacked and mangled on Gehenna....

Apologies to Monty Python.

Perform (oratory): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16

Seeing the faces of his companions, he remarks, Perhaps that be enough poetry for now. Time for collectin' our jink.

You all head back to the "Nag Heads pub" You can do things on he way just post them and ill fit them in

The streets and side roads of Sigil are the same as ever, full of cutters trying to make a living and keep out the dead book. Dustmen and Angels walk past. Soon your at the familer door of the nags and down you go.
As you walk into the bar are you see Sid tending bar wile in the main space There is the Chinese Dragon Mr Tippy-Toe looking down as 6 bodys laying on the floor, you can see 2 humans an elf some thing that looks half fish, a Sprite of some kind and a Large rock like being covered in gems.

A tall hell Spawn Berk is stood next to Mr Toe, she has a very large balck sword on her back.

"Than you Rosa, here is your payment."

He hands over a small bag and the looks up as you come in.

"O your back, splendid after such a day of bad news, I will not be a moment"

he looks back at the large Devil woman.
"And the orb? did you restive that with the body's?"

The woman gos into a bag and pulls out an orb just like the one you had, its light is winkng red.

"O blast, they did not even make 24 hours, that's very unfortunate, o well I have the key that;s what counts"

he holds up a small glass Eye ball.

"Well that will be all Rosa, thank you for your help, with this one, I know how hard it is for you to do such things for me, and I will not ask again"

The Horned hell spawn woman with the Black sword bows her head to him and the walks past you out of the room, you see a heat haze coming of her as she go's past, she dos not even look at you as she gos past.

"Well lets go back into my pace shall we.

He waves you to the patrol, wile the heads of the old woman on the walls mutter to them selfs, "Your next hehe" "They still alive?" "not long now and they will be in the dead book, o yes"

Just as you walk in Tippy Toe says to Sid.

"Sid tell the Dustmen to come get thows bodys will you"

Sid rushes over and starts to move/loot the dead

"Will do Sir, Ill get on that right now so I will"

You take seats in his room and he sits down, you note hes alone this time.

he looks at you as unseen survenst bring brinks and Nibbles

"So how did it go?"

Male Bariaur Cleric 7

Jarun enjoys their walk through the streets of Sigil. It's been a while but he feels at home somehow. The language, the smell, the different kind of berks...

While there's plenty of places and people to visit Jarun stays with the group. Not just because the king had asked him to but because he was curious who gave them their last mission.

A dragon... of course..Being new to the group, Jarun decides it's for the best if he stays back. The casualness of disposing of the bodies of what must have been other planewalkers reminded him of the darker side of Sigil. Once you leave a place like this you tend to forget about the nasty stuff..

F Sylph Ninja 7

"Give him the Orb please." Brehna says

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Grune fishes out the orb and passes it to the dragon

"Here you go big guy. Nice enough place, if you don't mind the doomsday duid cults and trees that try to eat you."

Tippy Toe takes the Orb and walks over to a table with an indent in it, He places the Orb on it and picks up what looks to be a flat wand. Hes he walks back to hes seat he says.

"Well lets see what it was like shall we"

He points the wand at the orb and then room fades as the seen changes to the Gate way on the Knife, The image all around is some kind of magical projection of the events of your trip, with sight and sound. Tippy waves the wand and time speeds up, he slows it down to key events but seems to flash throw most until the the end, he then takes it back to the Green mass in the small town. He gets up and has a close look at it. He asks you things at key points.

Tippy Toe stops the projection and claps his hands twice, an unseen servant comes in with some bags of gems.

"18,000 in chink each of the surviving members of the original party as we agreed, for your new companions the same deal for the next trip, one tip pays 18,000 if you get back alive and with the Orb green. Its that simple"

He gos back to looking at the image of the green mass, to himself he says "Could this be them?

Then a voice behind you says.

"and you say the water did this?

You all look around, there again is the Tall woman, you have no idea how she got in the room with out you seeing her but there she is.

Tippy toe comes over and says
"My dear you should have said you where coming"

She smiles at him, a cold hard smile.

"And you could have told me when not one but two of our groups come back, one dead the other very much alive"

You not this is the 1st time she has spoken and some how her words seem off as if they are said more in your head than your ears.

"Yes I should have I was just worried, next time I will not forget"

She smiles and sits,

"So the water did that you think?"

She points at the green mass made of dead flesh and plant matter.

F Sylph Ninja 7

"I'd guess druidic magic's on the water, but I'm hardly an expert."

Going to wait for what the other players say. But after this meeting you can go shopping and sell your loot, its up to you if you wish to split the Chink with the new players

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

The troll says nothing. The concerns of the deals his charge makes are not of concern. Only making sure he survives them is.

Male Bariaur Cleric 7

Jarun's eyes narrow as he listens to Tippy-Toe and the mysterious woman speak. He doesn't like them one bit, especially the apparent lack of empathy towards the dead planewalkers That's Sigil to you. Since most of what's being said isn't of his concern he stays out of it. The next trip... should I go? Jarun wonders. The group seems interesting enough and the king's request was simple so Jarun stays with them and hopes their next mission, his first, won't involve any horrifying trees.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

I'm game for splitting the reward evenly with Runt and Jarun. It's 12 000 gp for a 6 way split.

"I usually just hit things for a living, but they definitely did something to the water, whether magical or mundane, I couldn't say. So, Tippy Toes, do you have another portal key for us?"

"Yes I do Master Grune and if your new fellows are willing here it is."

he holds up an old Book "The lost Planes V3" ,
the label on says

Clerk's Ward The Hall of Records

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

im down for a split as well. Ill mention something about it after we leave tippy.

Holding her bag quite formidably batty jingles the contents. so tippy toes, it was a pleasure releaving you of your shinies. I must ask if youve heard of this green war however. Plants seem to be a bit of a problem for us so far. Just wondering if you knew of any connection between these keys and plants. Or if you rather keep some secrets at least if you think there might be a connection. Or if youd rather i just shut up and take your money, im game for that too.. She smiles wryly in that special batty way.

F Sylph Ninja 7

i too am fine with a split.

At Bastille words he shoots a look at the woman, who nuds.

"yes I know of this Green war, and no I do not think the keys we 'won' have a direct link, but well in Sigil you never know, why do you ask? I'm paying you to explore nothing more, has some one said something to you?"

F Sylph Ninja 7

"I don't care about any war as long as the jink is good. "

Seems like your lucky day, newcomers, as we seem to be votin' to split the jink with you. Best be rememberin' it in our next battle... Metalbeard acquiesces to splitting the loot.

Metalbeard grows a little impatient at their host's vagueness about the Green War. We don't be askin' about the Green War for fun. My poems and words don't be doin' much to those plant-berks. If we be expectin' more in those lines, we need to be spendin' this jink you just gave us on the right supplies. Do you want us in the dead-book, or will you be levelin' with us about exactly what's goin' on with these druids and plants?

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

"What is 'jink'?"

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

@Runt: "Local slang for money. Berk, cutter, dead book, you'll get used it."

Male Bariaur Cleric 7

Jarun nods at Tippy-Toe in acknowledgement of his participation in the group's next travel. "I shall be amongst them Mister Tippy-Toe."

Then he grins at Runt's question. The difficulties of being a newcomer to Sigil. Those were the days he thinks as he remembers his own arrival in Sigil some years ago. He'd felt lost and at home at the same time and the language was both familiar and impossible to understand at the same time.

"You berks are too kind. Normally I would politely decline your offer but I have lost a very valuable crossbow to those sodding trees and would be more than happy to buy a new one. Metalbeard, I will definately remember."

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Noone's told me much about the green war. I'm basically just trying to increase my chances of avoiding the dead book. I find I have much more fun when I'm alive.

Tippy-Toe takes a pen and some paper and makes a note then hands it to you Bastille, the writing is like nothing you have seen before. But the words at the top are in Sigil plane,

@The Hive Sam McCup's place, side door Red, raptat 4 then 2 then 4.

"I'll we know is some thing is going on and just like you, its seems to be some kind of green war, we have come across this more and more of late. But go see Cup he knows more, and take him some Apple pie or he will be grumpy, a word to the brainbox wise, the lady has been on the streets of late so some thing is up"

he go's to get the other orb,

"Now go spend you jink and come back here in a 20 hours. to peck up your orb."

She shows you out, you know the lady has gone and you did not even notice.

F Sylph Ninja 7

So how much do we have each?

If I read right we now have 12000 each. I suggest we invest in some anti-plant supplies!

So with 12k each its shopping trip is Sigil now I will alow self designed magic items, use the rules v cost and what you can do but if you want a Dung Catapult ya can if done v the rules. Also you can sell stuff, at buy price -5% this is Sigil after all. If your having it made and not finding it in a odd looking shop then you only have 20 hours of cart time \, not a lot.

As you all walk around shopping you not a odd looking shop,

"Doc Ruby Headhat's pervayer of of devices must extraordinary"

It says above the door, which has a sign on it saying.

Back in 10 mins.

If you wait hes not back in 10 mins or half an hour.

The shop is full of the most odd looking things.

You think it best to carry on and come back, but when you do the shop is not the same, its an old bakery.

Do you go and see Sam McCup in The Hive now? do you get some Apple pie?

F Sylph Ninja 7
The Lady of Pain wrote:

As you all walk around shopping you not a odd looking shop,

"Doc Ruby Headhat's pervayer of of devices must extraordinary"

It says above the door, which has a sign on it saying.

Back in 10 mins.

If you wait hes not back in 10 mins or half an hour.

The shop is full of the most odd looking things.

You think it best to carry on and come back, but when you do the shop is not the same, its an old bakery.

Do you go and see Sam McCup in The Hive now? do you get some Apple pie?

"Well, that's weird. " Brehna observes. "Sigil." Brehna says with a shrug.

"I do like pie." Brehna thinks as she enters the bakery.

Male Bariaur Cleric 7

"Both weird and somehow very much as one would expect in this place.".

Jarun's stomach isn't particularly aching for food but he still follows Brehna into the now-bakery.

F Sylph Ninja 7
Jarun the Liberator wrote:

"Both weird and somehow very much as one would expect in this place.".

Jarun's stomach isn't particularly aching for food but he still follows Brehna into the now-bakery.

Are we best of friends since I rode you like a pony at a petting zoo? We bonded. That's cool. :-)

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Who doesn't love pie?

Grune's never one to pass up pie and also enters the shop.

Sorry for the lack of posting, threw out back & sitting up at the computer has been hard.

Metalbeard has been out browsing the local bazaars, and apparently found some use for his 12000 gold, as he is now wearing a fancy new robe and eyepatch. I be lookin' for special stuff to ward of plants. The pickins' be pretty thin out there, but this gunk-- He holds up a jar with some kind of ointment-- this be 'defoliant polish', 800 gold a jar, and it be hurtin' any plant-monsters that be grapplin' a berk.

Char sheet with updated magic items is at

Having reunited with his companions, Metalbeard looks around the strange pie shop, reciting his favorite pie poems and then chatting up the clerk to try to get clues about the strange disappearing store. So, mister Headhat be comin' in today?

Perform (Oratory): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (19) + 14 = 33
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (8) + 14 = 22

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Batty peruses the shop with curiousity. Looking for any specialty items. Perhaps something Koda or bassandra would enjoy.

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

"What is 'pie'?" Runt said curious, following the others into the bakery.

F Sylph Ninja 7
Runt the Troll wrote:
"What is 'pie'?" Runt said curious, following the others into the bakery.

"Cooked fruit inside pastry. You'll love it. " Brehna says casually then stops at takes a moment to look at runt. "Well, you probably will anyway. Hard to tell sometimes. "

Metalbeard chuckles at his new companion's ignorance of pie.

Perhaps this will explain it:

Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry,
When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away

Now you be knowin' all about pie, right?

Perform (oratory): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (1) + 14 = 15

As he recited the poem, however, Metalbeard was also stuffing a large slice of key lime into his mouth. About 50% of the slice is on Runt by the time the poem is over.

I guess if I'm going to get a nat 1, better now than in combat!

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

Runt nods and follows the other's lead regarding ordering.

Once the confections arrive, he takes a small bite, makes an approving face, and finishes the rest with one more bite.

"Pie is enjoyable."

You walk in and find a place full of Chaos. A Fat man is running around stacking pies will a large blue woman and some gnomes by the look of them stand around an over looking at an oven.

"More space we need more space!"

as you come on the woman in blue says,

"Please move very slowly and keep you hands by your side, what ever you do do not move your arms"

The fat man puts down the last try of pie and then stands still arms by his side.

"I think its stopped for now, but what do we do?"

The glow form the oven seems to fade.

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