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Life on the spike, A Planescape PbP game (Inactive)

Game Master Johnny_Panic

Sit in Sigil at the center of all the planes, borks try and get on with life in a place where any thing gos but gods.

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The read doors down the way in to the "Nag Heads pub" some steps down and your into the main bar area, to the left is the bar, some 5m long, the room itself is some 18m deep x 26m wide x 3m tall, to the right is a raised area with a stage and tables for eating. Sid the Demon stands behind the bar, chating with a local, on the wall are a number of human female heads, all old is and look angrily at any one coming in. Get to close to one and they will start to Nag you about being over weight, not working hard or being like home. You can see how the Pub got its name. Real or not they are funny at 1st then very annoying after a time, some seem to have been gagged.

The pub is not to full yet and Sids happy to take coin and pass over any drink you like, His wife and elf (ugly as sin) come in and out the back room with food.

why not take a seat and see who shows up.

PS players just a note your GM is dyslexic IE me, in real life, I do try and check my spelling as best I can, Tell me when its do bad you have no idea what Im talking about.

That's "two red doors show the way into the Nag Heads pub, some steps down and your into the main bar area, to the left is the bar, some 5m long, the room itself is some 18m deep x 26m wide x 3m tall, to the right is a raised area with a stage some tables for eating and a few doors off. Sid the Devil, lurks behind the bar, chating with a local, on the wall are a number of human female heads, all old its seems and ugly. If any gets to close to one, it will start to Nag them about being over weight, not working hard or not spend time at home doing the dishs. You can see how the Pub got its name. Real or not they are funny at 1st then very annoying after a time, some seem to have been gagged with this and that.

The pub is not to full yet and Sids happy to take coin and pass over any drink you like, His wife an elf (and man is she as ugly as sin, Cha3) comes in and out the back room with food if needed.

why not take a seat and see who shows up"

bad gammer and selling, thats me rushing see.

Ok GM rules
Rule 1- Fun
Have fun, if its not fun whats the point

Rule 2- Braking rules
All other rules are there to have fun if they stop fun I will brake them.

Rule 3- XP
In my games your going to get XP for RPing funny, clever and Smart over Kill/loot/xp. Your more likely to get XP by stopping a fight cleverly than laying wast to vast numbers of mooks. Case in point,
"lets go in the caves and kill em all" = low XP
"NO lets stink them out and then offer them a deal to work for us" = High XP.

Rule 4- Initiative
In all situations where Initiative is needed
The order of action is as follows (Initiative sets order per grouping)

1-Running Away at the start of a round you say "Im running away" you go 1st if you can find a root to run and can run.
2-Actions (Putting out the light, casting (none harmful) Illltions etc) Actions are none directly harmful things you do in a round, you go after running away.
3-Hitting things (Directly harming some thing/one) you go last you sicko, come on if you can not think of a clever way out of this fight then why not fall back on hitting it with a pointy stick, really call yourself civilized etc.

I have found this leads to a lot more fun in game play and makes the players think about more than Crunch.

Rule 5- Fluff
This is not really a rule but an observation, we play RPG games and they started as way to make alter egos for ourselves, some how ever play them as wargames and spend way to much time gaming the RPG System in crunch and forget the Soul of a PC is in the Fluff. Well Im a GM who not only likes Fluff it may just be more use then Crunch when your playing Rule 4. If you say "I take out the perfume ive been collecting and use it to make the other female dragon seem nice to the male whos talking about eating is, he mind may move dinner to forplay"
That kind of stuff saves ya PC;s life more than how you got a +1 off a stat buff. :)

My game play.

A sign on the Pub door reads

"No Drods, No beggers, No RKI-Shi-Omrozz, No Gods, No Eidolons and most of all No Mimarists!!"

You hear a loud cracking and splintering noise at the next table. Someone seems to have put a large metal box on one of the chairs, which was a bit too much for it. The box seems to have arms and legs though, and manages to stand up, brushing off some splinters. "Am I in the right place?"

One of the Nagging heads on the walls says,

"Your to fat for the chair"

Wile Sid the Devil comes over with a solid Brass one.

"Depends what you here for cutter"

he says as he start sweeping up the bits of wood.

"you here to see the Dragon, if so you will have to wait a bit, hes in the 'Pocket' with a lady like, soon as hes done, he says ill see the applicants"

Sid looks around

"seems your the only one for the moment, The Dragon says, the pays good but it will be dangerous work, and hes worth a coin or to so when he says well he means it. So what will ya have to drink, got some nice hot grease for a Tin man like ya self, I'll get the wife to bring some for ya?"

Sid heads off back to the bar.

Metal can you find an Icon of some kind so I can spot your posts with ease

The Modron reaches up and adjusts a dial on his side, labeled Language Mode, to Planar Cant. Or maybe it's Pirate Cant, hard to tell with all the grease smudges there. "Aye, if there be coin this be the right place. Hot grease will hit the spot. But don't be lettin' me deceive you: the cutters who built me use only 2.3% tin. Titanium be a much more useful alloy, and what you want at your side when some berk be stabbin' you in an alley for a little jink. You see, its atomic structure be significantly more stable..."

You would think having a Modron lecture you on the chemical composition of various metals would not be your ideal night at the tavern. But this tin man seems to have unusual storytelling skills, even when lecturing on rather obscure topics.

Perform (Oratory) check: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (20) + 13 = 33

Everyone in the room is mesmerized by the fascinating chemistry of the metals used to construct Modrons.

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

A stern sleek looking woman dressed in a long black trench-coat walks into the bar. Following her is a man-sized creature with leathery wings wrapped around it's body. It waddles in her wake and eyes it's surroundings. She speaks to one of the heads in a flat monotone voice...
Think super stereotypical emo chick

Hey Loretta how's life up on the great wall today? You must of told somebody they had a big butt again to deserve this nasty gag. She reaches up and takes a pair of dirty underwear out of the heads mouth, dropping it on the floor. Now isn't that better, we can hear your "beautiful" voice again. She seem like she's joking, or not, or maybe shes dead or something, I mean look at that pale complexion.

She walks over to the bar and waits for Sid to be free. As she waits she wheels in her stool to face the rest of the room. Her gaze sweeps the area and her eyes stop on the strange cube with arms who has every-bodies attention.

Knowledge Planes: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

Sid looks at the talking box with arms and his eyes glaze's over having no idea what half the words mean, he shakes his head and head back to the bar and Bastille comes in.

Bastille dos her thing with the head and as she gos to the bar it says,

"Call that an dress, ya look like a Trollop"

Sid comes over as Bastille
"Nice ya see ya back in the place Miss, got some the that fine Ice Wine you liked so much last time.

Sid gets a bottle and from under the counter.

"you come here to see the Dragon, if so hes just in a meeting, say he will be done soon, from whats I over hear seems like a high payer is with him need some thing doing, sounds like just your kind of work. But if he asks I don said nofing"

He gos off to help his wife with a order

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Bastille smiles as she walks away from the head. Ahh she likes this bar. As she watched Sid do his thing she stops him before he heads off.

Sid, do you have any fresh blood, maybe pigs or whatever, long as it's fresh. Koda is giving me the hungry eyes and I don't feel like taking him hunting. Then under her Breath. Thanks for the tip bout the dragon, not what I'm here for per say but a girl's gotta eat and rats are only good for so long before you get sick of the bones.

Male Half-Celestial Human (Outsider) Fighter 5

"Is this 1131 Hell Scream Lane?" A rich melodic voice announces. 'If it's not, I'll have some harsh words with the with the local survey administrator! Matching the holier than thou voice, you can see the visage of a well made man as he steps down the stairs to the inn with sure steps as if he is entitled to the entire street itself. The being has white wings, dark brown hair and golden armor, he has a rich narwal wood bow and on his back and a well made quiver with a sheaf silver arrows strapped to his back.

The man looks around the bar, and somehow finds the only stool in the bar that seems to be absent of dust and detritus. "Innkeeper bring me a menu and be quick about it!" Glancing around for the first time the man almost seems to radiate golden light.

Great, some sort of celestial you can't help but think. The only thing worse than a righteous angel is an inept demon.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

A giant scarred man squeezes through the door and looks around. He saunters over to the bar and cracks his knuckles.

"Barkeep, I'm looking for a "Mr Tippie Toe', word on the street he's looking for some cutters."

FYI DM, I decided just to go all out for combat maneuvers, so I switched my achetype to Lore Warden, if you want to take a look.

Sid winks,
"Got some Ox blood in the back, ill send it out"

Then he sees others come in and gos to see what they may need.

Sid wings by the Bar and plucks off the wall his Bar Licence, then heads over to the Fine gent whos just called for the Menu.

A Head from the wall says.

"Well look here, a pretty boy wants to spend time down the cheap side, come on sweetie show us ya lags"

That this all the old lady heads start cackling.

Sid who indeed is a devil gives them a look and slowly they settle down.
He holds the Menu at arms length and drops it on the table for him to look at.

"Sorry about that Sir, they do like a nice looking lad when one comes in"

Sid holds up his Licence,
"As you can see all my paper works in order, now you have a look at whats on offer and let me know if any thing takes your fancy"

One of the heads say
"ill have him, he takes my fancy"
and they all start cackling.

Sid heads over to the other new customer at the bar.

"He has that, sir, he has that, good jink to, We just calls him the Dragon here, Sorry to say hes in a meeting at the moment, in the 'Pocket' but once hes done I'm to show any one interested in, so I takes it your are, same is the lady here, The ...
He thinks for a moment
"Tanium man over there"
Pointing at the box with arms.
"Until then what will it be?

You not the bar is filling up, others are coming in and some ask after the Mr Tippie Toe or just 'The Dragon' as well. You note a some 8 human Forms in hooded robes take up one table but do not seem to be drinking much or paying any heed to the rest of the room.

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Hmm, who comes to a bar, especially this bar, and doesn't drink or enjoy the company? I wonder what's up with them?

Knowledge Local for the hooded dudes 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24

She turns to face the scarred man next to her reaching out a lithe finger to run it down a particularly nasty one on his bicep. She keeps eye contact the whole time and whispers.

Hmmm you bring new meaning to the word cutter, I sure hope you are here to work for the dragon. If he's taking more than one applicant for this job of his, I know I could use a man with your....mmmmm, talents.

Without loosing eye contact she reaches over and grabs her bottle of ice wine and pours the scarred man a drink. She hands it to him with a smile.

You know they are not local Bastille, but what they are you have no idea

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

In comes a woman wearing a long, tight black dress that closes just below her bald head. Her skin is a deep blue, almost as black like her dress, and there are not two but four arms extending from her body. "Sid, be a dear and bring me the usual. Oh, and could you bring a tiny cup of that ox blood you had last time? I need to work on Logar's transformation." As she says that she pets the well groomed black rat sitting on her shoulder. Her voice is cold and smooth, clearly lacking any form of emotion.

Behind her a pearly white creature comes flying in carrying a bag. It's face is featureless except for two azure blue, almond shaped eyes. The four armed woman nods in the direction of one of the few empty tables and the creature moves there, setting the bag on the table and opening it's previously undetectable mouth, showing several rows of razor sharp porcelain teeth as if saying "reserved". The woman nods in approval before she turns to the bartender, "I heard the old Dragon is looking for some hired help. Anything that might interest me?"

The transformation is basically a preparation for next level. Will take Improved Familiar then and turn the rat into a Ratling.

"O yes my lady, hes in a meeting at the mo, but says he will see any one seeking the work soon as hes done. Ox blood it is Miss"

Sid heads off as one of the nags heads says from the all.

"He looks like my last husband he dos, but not as dumb"

This sets the rest of the heads off again in laughter

You not one of the Robbed me walk over and start to talk to Sid the Devil try as you might you can not hear what its saying but you hear Sids reply

"Sir I am being paid well, to keep this bar open today, and NO I will not send very one away and only let you and your band stay. So please sit down or we will be having words, and that's the lemon true, now SIT DOWN! and wait your turn."

The last words are said with such power if you are not all ready sat you feel an uncontrollable need to do so.

Will Save DC30 or find a seat fast even if its the floor, which you see some do.

one of the heads says,

"Now you gone and done it, you've upset Sid, best get out before he bands ya"

The other seven at the table get up as one and start to move toward Sid and there robbed fellow robbed buy his side, he did not sit.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Grune suddenly finds himself seated on the floor and slowly gets back to his feet.

"Only in The Cage," he mutters to himself.

To the robed crew, "Easy friends, let's not get too excited. Someone might get hurt."

The Modron sits down on the floor promptly, having learned well that in certain situations it is best to go with the flow, and follow instructions.

But seeing that the robed men have not obeyed, he joins in the conversation, to reinforce Grune's attempt to calm the sitation. "Perhaps you berks not be hearin' the orders. We all be guests here. And if I need to be activatin' my meat grinding attachment for Mr. Sid, I be glad to do so. Though with my scarred friend ready here, I may not be needin' it." He nods to Grune as he speaks.

Intimidate check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (9) + 14 = 23

They stop and as one and move into a circle, from under there robes come whicked looking knifes. The one talking with Sid seems to be starting to cast some thing

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10 Bad guys Inti

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

Ralani sits on a stool at the bar, the floor was very much beneath her standing. Not even gonna try as I can't make that save

When the robed guys started moving she raised an eyebrow, enough of a signal for the flying creature on the table to bring her her bag. This would be messy, and not her kind of messy.

I'm sorry, but is that intimidate or initiative?

Sorry will post if fuly next time initiative

One of the other inn goers make a move to throw a knife and falls down as some kind of heat ray hit him in thes chest from one of the Robbed forms.
It came form the dagger like device.

a number of heads on the wall start to scream.
Supise round over.

Running away -

Sid, moving to his wife to get her out of the way heading into the back room behind the bar in a flash, her under his arm.

Two other inn go'ers head up the steps and out the door.

Non combat actions, you next just state what your doing out of the way

Then Combat action who ever wants to have a go, roll initiative and state what you are doing.

Bad guys act on 10, Over to you,

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Initiative, though I wont be going offensive....this round 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

Bastille runs over to the blue person with 4 arms muttering words of power as she goes, Her companion follows her closely. Upon reaching the woman a cloud of mist springs up concealing them both.

Casting Obscuring Mist

I heard you talking about transformation using blood. I'd love to chat about that, but it seems now is not the time. I have your back if you'd like to face these hooded hoodlums, otherwise I suggest we use this cover to escape.

Also Modron intimidate check is the bomb well done sir

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

Initiative:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16

"It's hardly a subject for banter." Ralani hardly even reacts to the woman beyond that. She starts mumbling until eventually a small horde of simian creatures take shape around the feet of the figure that "shot" his dagger.

Casting Mad Monkeys, targeting the ground around the guy that attacked

They do not seem at all shaken that the box with arms talked in such a way.

The Monkeys pop into existence with in the group, I will wait until all have sated actions for Round 1 to tell you what happens, just after you cast Obscuring Mist blocks your view of them and your Monkeys.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Does anyone have knowledge(local)? Do we know who these guys are?

Grune raises an eyebrow at the guy who just got deaded. Not knowing what this is all about, he takes his drink to the end of the bar and leans back to watch the show.

Initiative: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (14) - 2 = 12

Metalbeard draws a large stick from his side storage compartment, and begins rhythmcally banging himself on the head, making a satisfying booming noise. He also begins an accompanying poem,
"There once was a pointy-ear from Sigil
And fighting her was quite a vigil
Monkeys chew off your nose
And then each of your toes
And yes it will hurt, just a little"

Perform(oratory) check:1d20 + 13 ⇒ (1) + 13 = 14

The inspirational rap has an immediate effect on Metalbeard's new allies. Mostly in that it makes them so nauseous, they want to swing harder & get the fight over with more quickly.

Bardic performance: allies get +2 on attacks/da/saves vs fear

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

I can already see Ralani will like Metalbeard. Anyone who sings/rhymes her praises is good in her book.

Male Half-Celestial Human (Outsider) Fighter 5

"Hold now! This is a licensed establishment, and you have willfully and knowing threatened the proprietor. In accordance with Sigil Writ TK-421 Subsection 4, Clause b: you are warned to cease, and desist, place your weapons on the ground and wait for the local Harmonium enforcer. If a local Harmonium enforcer is not available due to, fire, portal or act of god(s) I as a Faternity of Order Factor, have the legal right and obligation to act. DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS!"

With that the Celestial, sweeps his bow out from his back, and coolly knocks two arrows at the same time. Now I know what you're thinking, can he really fire two arrows at the same time? Well let me tell you that this is a 110lb draw bow, with etched arrowheads forges in the fires of Ghenna and it could put a shaft right into your head, so you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky" Well, do ya, punk?"


Initative: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20
Ready an action: Fire two arrows at the closest hooded figure should (he/they/it) threaten violence or do anything other than place their weapons down at their feet
Attack: Bow 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12
Attack: Bow 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23
Bow Damage: 1d8 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18
Bow Damage: 1d8 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

I think everyone is going to like Metalbeard. He's our bard after all. Plus I mean he's a Modron win/win.

Monkeys...oh goodness, all that will be left of them is their shoes, and probably just the left one.

I think that's every one

In order -

Bastille and Metalbeard actions happon

Ralani Gets her spell off an then is with Bastille in 100% concealment v the mist.

One Of the the hooded forms sees Revials bow come out and starts to aim his pointy device. Revial dissuades him of this action with two arrows in his chest, its crumbles to the ground very still.

The Monkeys come into being and land on the one that shot the cutter deaded, yanking and pulling, arms waving it trys to get them off. Its seems very freaked out. One of the moneys pulls its hood down. You see some thing you have never seen before, where a head should be is a kind of fat flower, as the hood comes down it seems to open up into the air becoming twice the size. A number of Stigma fold out of it, wile the main Anther seems to fatten, the Stigma waves about, one of he moneys grasp one and promptly pops out of existence (deaded). As one the others hooded forms then drop their hoods showing the same thing. Then they seem to bleach out a yellow haze of particles. About half the Monkey in the gas pops out of existence.

How ever the shooter and two other drops to the floor Monkeys yanking parts off there heads.

Start of Next round -

Bad days run away -
The 4 left start shooting wildly and run for the steps out of the Inn.

Every one not under cover roll Ref save DC10. If you fail take 1d10 damage

1d10 ⇒ 2

You can have one last action as they run away if you like.
Ralani very very good spell to use on them. 1000xp each, Ralani +500 more, Metalbeard +250 just for the song alone. once ever one has done the last action, we will jump to game play, as the Dragon show up. Guys. I want to say that was perfect. Bit of fighting bit of thinking.

Reflex save:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Seeing the creatures escaping, Metalbeard scrapes one of his claws against the front of his body, making a horrible noise reminiscent of fingernails scratching a chalkboard. His parabolic audio reflector, however, aims the worst of the sound directly at the flower-creature closest to the door, hoping to halt him in his tracks and stop the whole group from fleeing.

Casting Ear-Piercing Scream targeted at the leader of the fleeing group, single target, DC15 Fort or dazed + 3d6 sonic damage. 1/2 dmg & no daze if save.

He also yells to the group, "In case you don't be fearin' my meat grinder, my veggie-matic be ready as well. Surrenderin' berks won't be killed, but the rest of you get ready for the bone-box... err... stem-box."

Another Intimidate check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (13) + 14 = 27

Sorry Mealbeard they can not be harmed with sonic damage to hearing, they have none, but will have to make a roll for shock wave

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

3d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 5) = 12

Parts of it fall off but it keeps going.

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

Ref save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Grune narrowly ducks a blast.

"Did I just see a bunch of plants in robes?'

He looks suspiciously at his drink and puts the mug aside.

So I get 1000xp for drinking a beer?

This is one time deal to get the ball rolling, and you got it for NOT getting your PC killed in a foolish way hehe and yes you did see some kind of plan in robes.

Male Half-Celestial Human (Outsider) Fighter 5

Thats what it looks like.

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

With a simple wave of her hand Ralani sends the remaining monkeys after the fleeing plant people while she herself moves to investigate. "How quaint. I don't think I have ever seen anything like this before." Her voice sounds genuinely surprised, the first show of any emotion from her.

Taking 10 on Knowledge (Arcana) via Master Scholar for a 26 to see if she knows anything about these creatures.
Making Knowledge (Planes) check for the same reason
1d20 + 15 ⇒ (17) + 15 = 32

Ralani as you walk up you see their body's seem to be rotting before your eyes. You move fast and have a look at a body and see it has legs, trunk and arms like an Tree-ent but its some kind of flower not tree. One plant hand ends with a dagger like form but with a crystal at the end.

You have never seen any think like it before Knowledge planes gives you the idea it may be from some kind of Plant Plane if such a thing could be.

F Sylph Ninja 7


Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

Reflex:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9
Reflex Koda:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

oh I need to roll my and Koda's HP Unless I'm taking average?


witch:1d6 ⇒ 5
witch:1d6 ⇒ 2
witch:1d6 ⇒ 4
Druid:1d8 ⇒ 5
Druid:1d8 ⇒ 3

Koda:1d8 ⇒ 4
Koda:1d8 ⇒ 5
Koda:1d8 ⇒ 7
Koda:1d8 ⇒ 6
Koda:1d8 ⇒ 1
Koda:1d8 ⇒ 4

edit:Ha I rolled average both times anyways

Batty takes the pollen explosion to the face and stands there stunned rubbing it out of her eyes. She thinks about what could have cause such a thing as she walks out of her obscuring mist. Upon seeing the flower headed being with two arrows out of it's chest she tries to recall where she may have seen that before.

Know(planes)1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28
Know(nature)1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

Oops, I forgot the saves for Ralani, her familiar and the homunculus.
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Familiar:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Homunculus:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
All have a +4, odd

As she walks up to the bodies Ralani is struck in the face by a last puff from one of the creatures. She wiped the pollen off her face with two hands while a third reached for the the bag carried by the homunculus that had followed her. She pulled a small notebook from inside as well as an inkpen and started to take notes.

As you pull one of the flower being over you find under it Brehna who smiles up at you Relani and pulls her Short Sword out of it. She gets up and takes a deep breath.

Brehna over to you

Metalbeard also walks over and examines the creatures, trying to figure out if any of the poems he has in his data banks pertain to this type of being.

Bardic lore check (untrained knowledge): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Despite having shuddered at the mention of Gehenna, the modron then turns towards Revial. "You be soundin' like a Guvner during that battle. Be you a skilled bluffer, or this be for real? The Guvners be watchin' this gig?" Metalbeard has learned to be a bit cautious around the authorities... though actually working for them could be an interesting opportunity.

From all your rolls you can work out this.

1: You have never heard of any thing like them before
2: They do indeed seem to be some kind of plant
3: That carry nothing, but seem to grow what they need from their bodys.
4: They do not seem to have ears or eyes of any kind that you know of.
5: When dead they rot very fast.

waiting on Brehna, but will move on.

You see sid come back into the room, he has a look around and gos over to Revial The Architect,

"well done Sir and you did see true them burks started it so they did, asking me to close up so only they can stay, then all this"

he waves his hand around the room.

On of the heads on the wall says
"They did they started it. see all seen em, so they did, must have not liked the beer."

Im going to slow up for a bit and lit every one post, the Mr Stippie Toe will be aling any time now and we will move to game play tab. So any thing you wish to do please do in the next few days.

F Sylph Ninja 7

Should have the sheet done by the end of the day, but I'll post RP stuff in the mean time that doesn't require rolls.

Brehnna is of humanoid average height and wafishily thin. Her movements are graceful and one seems to seamlessly flow into the other. Her skin is two tones of blue and white that blend with each other, though the pattern doesn't move rapidly her "stripes" do gradually shift over a few hours. She wears tight leathers with a number of pouches and weapons strapped to her. The most prominent of which are a shortsword on one hip and a chain and sickle-like weapon on the other. She looks at you warily, but then gives a friendly


F Sylph Ninja 7

Is there a reason we're roleplaying in the discussion thread? Also, DM, the recruitment thread seems to be closed so i cant see the exact rules for character creation. Sorry for getting such a late start, but it's been an unusual week for me.

All good points, Ill pop the PC stuff in Game Info tab for you, and we will be moving over to Game Thread in the next set of posts. When the Dragon shows up

Ok we will now move over from Discussion to Game play, I have posted the start there for the main game. This thread will now go back to being OOC and Discussions etc.

Thank you guys, so the game is a foot, what will you do.

F Sylph Ninja 7

HP rolls 8 (max first level)+5d8 ⇒ (7, 7, 3, 4, 2) = 23

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