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Life on the spike, A Planescape PbP game (Inactive)

Game Master Johnny_Panic

Sit in Sigil at the center of all the planes, borks try and get on with life in a place where any thing gos but gods.

Current Characters

Brass Pigeon

Male Half-Gnome/Elf
(166 posts)
Drazmorg the Damned
Doomed Hero

Male Changeling Fighter 1, Monk 1, Rogue 1, Ranger 1, Actor 5
(3,568 posts)
Sargava Vignette
Silver Crusade Johnny_Panic

(485 posts)
Bastille Targarian

Female Aasimar Witch 4/Druid 3

played by Shizzle69 (97 posts)
Galenna Icethrone

F Sylph Ninja 7

played by wesF (248 posts)
DM Irie

played by Shizzle69 (116 posts)
Dr Davaulus
GM Spugly Fuglet

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

played by Johnny_Panic (812 posts)
Grune the Scarred

Half-orc Inquisitor 1 AC 18/12/16 / HP 10/10 / F +5 R +3 W +5 / Init. +4 / Perc. +6 / Sense Motive +7

played by Fanguar (75 posts)
Jarun the Liberator

Male Bariaur Cleric 7

played by Brass Pigeon (43 posts)
The Lady of Pain

played by Johnny_Panic (301 posts)
Gelatinous Cube

played by ErikS (60 posts)
Slavemother Undamesta

Female Vedalken Wizard (Void) 5 / Pathfinder Savant 1

played by Cuàn (30 posts)
Gargoyle Brute
Runt the Troll

AC 30, HP 96/96, Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +3, AoO 9/9

played by Doomed Hero (43 posts)

Previous Characters

Revial The Architect

Male Half-Celestial Human (Outsider) Fighter 5

played by Celeador (36 posts)

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