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Life on the spike, A Planescape PbP game (Inactive)

Game Master Johnny_Panic

Sit in Sigil at the center of all the planes, borks try and get on with life in a place where any thing gos but gods.

Leveling (fast progreation) 23k level 7 etc

PLAYERS Levels to date

Bastille Targarian
7 Brehna
7 Grune the Scarred
7 Metalbeard
7 Ralani

In the Dead Book
Revial The Architect.

The 3 Rules of the spike

There are three principles (or heuristics) governing the world of Planescape: the Rule-of-Three, the Unity of Rings, and the Center of the Multiverse.

The first principle, the Rule-of-Three, says simply that things tend to happen in threes.[5] The principles which govern the planes are themselves subject to this rule.

Unity of Rings
The second principle is the Unity of Rings, and notes that many things on the planes are circular, coming back around to where they started. This is true geographically as well as philosophically.

Center of All
The third principle (fitting neatly into the Rule-of-Three above) is the Center of All, and states that there is a center of everything — or, rather, wherever a person happens to be is the center of the multiverse... from their own perspective, at least. As most planes are functionally infinite, disproving anyone's centricity would be impossible. In Planescape, this is meant philosophically just as much as it is meant in terms of multiversal geography.

Back ground Info and helpful links

LINKS good site for setting INFO

Sigil Locations

Ok GM rules

Rule 1- Fun

Have fun, if its not fun whats the point.

Not fun things -
If your having a problem with me or anther player, please PM me and we will sort it if we can.
Use of cussing - I should not have to even say this but Kids use this site, so no swear words if you have to curse, there are fun ways of doing it like "By Odens hammer" "You Rat-fink gob-nocker!" just make your own words up.

remember has to be fun.

Rule 2- Braking rules
All other rules are there to have fun if they stop fun I will brake them.

Rule 3- XP
No XP I will just level every one when they do some thing hard for a long time or some this cool in game.

Rule 4- Initiative
If your making a run for it say at start of round and I will late you take 20 for your init roll form then on in the fight, but you have to be running away from the fight for good.

Rule 5- Fluff
This is not really a rule but an observation, we play RPG games and they started as way to make alter egos for ourselves, some how ever play them as wargames and spend way to much time gaming the RPG System in crunch and forget the Soul of a PC is in the Fluff. Well Im a GM who not only likes Fluff it may just be more use then Crunch when your playing Rule 4. If you say "I take out the perfume ive been collecting and use it to make the other female dragon seem nice to the male whos talking about eating is, he mind may move dinner to forplay"
That kind of stuff saves ya PC;s life more than how you got a +1 off a stat buff. :)

My game play.

lets move to making PC,s

Your going to start at 6th level, I think this will give any one seeking to by a none core race or monster that chance to take the level hits and still have some levels in some thing of class,

I will OK PCs on a PC by PC case by case bases, Find cleaver ways to make your PC.

No god bases magic of any kind, The lady dos not like gods and she hates there followers even more, you can be an agent but you will get no magic of divine help, Divine magic items how ever will work fin if you can trust what you just paid for down the market.

Every one knows one other so work out who and how.

One contact name - who - and what are they

One enemy - who and why

Some thing you care about, what and why


Race Any even made up ones and Monsters

Classes Any Pathfinder or Planescape (moved to pathfinder)
-NO Divine caster classes-
(You can be one but your magic dos not work on he pike and most planes)

20 Points

4 Traits (one planescape-ish) (I like em)

level 7 gold 32k

Then you PC build to be OKed by me.

Ok start biulding PCs

Links to PCs Sheets

Metalbeards PDF sheet

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