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Leviathan Rises (Inactive)

Game Master Harakani

After the Old Ones conquered Golarion the survivors fled to a patchwork of demiplanes known only as The City.

Current map



    * Grandmother is a Venerable Female Human Witch 4
    * Grandmother knows a sleep spell
    * Grandmother has the Child Scent, Scar & Healing Touch hexes
    * Grandmother has a soft spot for children
    * Grandmother has one surviving daughter
    * Grandmother makes a lot of her living as a travelling healer

Grandmother’s House:


    * Grandmother originally got a large house so her daughter’s family could live with her.
    * The house is collateral on a loan that Grandmother is slowly paying back.
    * Each room is about 10 ft by 10ft by 8ft.
    * The ground floor has a front receiving room and a rear kitchen.
    * The second floor has two bedrooms. One is grandmother’s.
    * The attic was originally used for storage, but has now mostly been turned into tiny bedrooms.
    * There are 22 people living here.
    * There is a 10 ft by 10 ft back garden with a small outhouse that does not need to be emptied
    * There is a 5ft by 10ft front garden onto which the door opens, that is 2 ft above the street
    * The house was conjured into existence almost three years ago
    * The house is probably worth about 200gp to buy, or 2gp/week to rent.

Malthus Street:


    * Malthus street is 10ft by 260ft.
    * Each side consists of 26 tiny terraced houses (52 total)
    * The houses are identical which marks them as cheap conjurestone that the plane fills empty space with. Spellcraft
    * The houses are identical which means they creator probably didn’t know much about houses or engineering Knowledge Arcana
    * The houses all have the same cracks and flaws, suggesting they are a copy of a house that was very well known to the caster Knowledge Engineering
    * Residents make an effort to make their house look different.
    * Many residents attempt to grow food in their front or back gardens.
    * The street was conjured into existence almost 3 years ago with 24 houses, and was extended three times. Knowledge History
    * One end of the street is a gate to High Road
    * One end of the street used to be a gate to a mansion, but was sealed over with conjurestone 12 months ago.

High Road:


    * High Road was originally a street in Egorian in Cheliax. Knowledge History
    * The buildings are excellent looking real stone buildings in the new Thrune style.
    * The buildings did not originally sit next to each other. Knowledge Engineering
    * Most of the buildings have been taken over by prestigious businesses
    * The area has seventeen gates, including one to Malthus Street, one to the East Markets, and one to the saved University of Egorian
    * The area has a gate to a pocket realm that in turn has a gate to hell Knowledge Planes
    * The powerful caster who built the High Road and saved the buildings rules this area as a personal fief, and only allows persons of “Quality” to live here, though anyone may pass through or work here (for now). Knowledge local
    * High Road appears to have a beautiful and fully functioning night sky with stars - save that the moon is Groetus. This adds considerably to the cost to live here.
    * Most of the enemy gangs are in territories off High Road.

East Markets:


    * The East Markets were originally in Katapesh. Knowledge Geography
    * Legend says the merchants didn’t think the mere end of the world sufficient reason to stop trading. Knowledge History
    * The East Markets are full of semi-permanent stalls and tents seperated by tiny paths
    * The East Markets are over a square mile in area, and ten feet high. Knowledge Geography
    * The East Markets edges connect to each other in strange ways Knowledge Geography
    * It is always daylight in the East Markets, they are always open for business, and it is always hot.
    * Although there are scores of gates, the guild of merchants that runs the East Markets has strict rules on who can open gates, and tend to punish infringers by dissolving their planes.

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