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Legacy of Fire

Game Master Megan Robertson

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Will be deciding the group once we have 14 applications or by the 13 but will most likley have 14 by that point its only 3 more

Silver Crusade

Quick request to Wareagle: I'd like to change a couple of my skill choices, namely Craft(Armor) to Craft(Carpentry) and K(Dungeoneering) to Handle Animal. Would that be acceptable?


For any who want to make any changes to thier character feel free to before the 13th

Seeing as there are so many applications and activity has started to slow down on my part I am changing the date to this Sunday any may still send in applications as long as it is on time.


Eagerly awaiting your selections.

Best of luck, everybody!

Throwing my hat into the ring.

Mujahid Al-Asad:
Name: Mujahid Al-Asad
Race: Human (Kelishite)
Class: Ranger 1

STR: 18
DEX: 13
CON: 13
INT: 12
WIS: 13
CHA: 9

Gnoll Killer: You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made against gnolls. If you’re a ranger and you select humanoid (gnoll) as a favored enemy, your trait bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against gnolls increases to +2. If you’re a spellcaster, you gain a +1 trait bonus to spell save DCs for damaging spells against gnolls.

Desert Child: You are accustomed to high temperatures and gain a +4 trait bonus on any saving throws made to resist the effects of being in hot conditions, and a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against fire effects.

Kelishite by ancestry, Mujahid's dark skin has been bronzed by years in the sun and hardened by the harsh winds of the desert. His straight black hair is shoulder-length that he usually keeps hidden under a turban or helm. He keeps a short beard and moustache, as he has found that the time to shave every day is sometimes not possible. He is in excellent shape, his body honed in the wilds through training and combat, though he does bear some scars from the latter. The most visible scar is a white line on right temple, pointing from his right ear to the top of his forehead.

While laughter is not unknown to him, Mujahid tends to comport himself seriously. He tends to keep to himself and though he knows everyone in the Riders of the Sun, he knows few people outside of the group. Generally he is at least a little uncomfortable in social situations as he knows little about dealing with people outside of merchant transactions or paramilitary camaraderie. He bears a strong hatred towards gnolls due to childhood trauma and will show them no mercy.

Born into a moderately successful merchant family, Mujahid Al-Asad spend much of his childhood on the road as his family's trade caravan plied the trade routes across Katapesh. He was well-loved by his parents, but pushed hard for it took much to survive in the sands of Katapesh. The caravans were often waylaid by bandits, so Mujahid was taught how to fight. He was also taught about the desert, both of it's beauty and it's dangers. It looked like he was poised to continue the family business and do his family proud as he got older.

But when Mujahid was twelve years old, the Al-Asad caravan was waylaid by more than just bandits. This time it was attacked at night by a large gnoll tribe! Never encountered in such numbers, the Al-Asad guards were unprepared for the strength and ferocity of the gnoll's attack. One by one they were cut down until the gnolls were able to freely attack the merchants as well. Mujahid wanted to fight, but his parents forbid it even as his father went out to defend his family. The boy saw his father cut down, but not in one stroke but many. He could see the gnolls playing with his father, cutting him down by inches, letting his strength leak away into the sands by dozens of small wounds. Finally, his father died and the gnolls laughed, their hideous barking echoing out into the dunes. Overcome with rage, Mujahid grabbed for his small sword, but his mother still shielded him as the gnolls turned on them next. He saw his mother run through by a gnoll spear and displayed high in the air like a grisly trophy. He knew he was going to die. He knew it. But still, the need to fight, the need for revenge burned hotter than the wastes at high sun. He pulled out his meager weapon as the gnolls advanced and screamed his rage to the heavens. And the heavens answered.

Arrows flew in from the darkness, cutting down gnolls effortlessly. Riders came into the firelight and began cutting their way through the gnoll's ranks. The gnolls morale broke and they began to run. As one of the gnoll warriors turned away from him, Mujahid took the opportunity to stab the beast in the back. The monster sreamed in pain but did not fall. Spinning around, the gnoll backhanded the boy into the blood splatted sands and raised it's own fearsome blade. Stunned by the blow, Mujahid could only look up at his death as he tried to stay conscious. But the blow never fell. A rider decapitated the beast in the next instant, robbing the monster of any more victims. And with that, Mujahid fell into darkness.

When he awoke, Mujahid was overcome by surprise and then by despair as he remembered his parent's death. He found out soon after than he had been saved by the Riders of the Sun, a mercenary band of paladins, rangers, warriors, all faithful of Sarenrae, goddess of the sun. They had been following the trail of carnage that the gnoll tribe had been leaving in it's wake and had been determined to end it. Unfortunately, while they did so, they did so too late to save Mujahid's family. As the boy slowly recovered, the Riders offered to escort him back to Katapesh, the capital city, where he might find refuge with relatives. But Mujahid had other plans now. He asked the Riders if he could join them. This came as little surprise to the Riders. Several of them had joined under similar circumstances, orphaned by violence. And so Mujahid joined the Riders of the Sun, where he learned to overcome his grief and to focus his rage into clarity of purpose.

As Mujahid grew, he became a strong warrior and a valued member of the Riders. He pledged himself to Sarenrae, even though he never felt the calling to join her clergy. His calling was of the land and under the Rider's tutelage he learned it well. How to track, to hunt, and to survive in the desert, as well as in other lands for his time with the Riders took Mujahid to many places in Golarion. But even as he traveled, Mujahid's heart was always in Katapesh. WHile on the road with the Riders, word came to him from back in Katapesh that Garavel was looking for brave men and women to aid in retaking the village of Kelmarane from a tribe of gnolls in the service of the notorious Carrion King. Mujahid knew that he had to be part of the group. Breaking away from the Riders was hard for him, but they parted on good terms. Soon thereafter, Mujahid found himself back in Katapesh in pursuit of vengance and his destiny.

Luck? That is for the weak. Let selection take place by deathmatch.

Party will be the winner (Calain) and Whom ever survives past 3rounds with Calain...

The Exchange

Yes, good luck to everyone. And to Calain, scimtars at dawn?

Just an FYI. If it's a deathmatch then there should be no survivors other than Calain.

you all make this a very hard decision for me will be back with results later today

Silver Crusade

Starting to feel like a kid at Christmas :) Good luck all!

Good luck everyone. It will be an interesting game regardless of who makes it, that's a guarantee.

The results are in!!
Before I reveal who is accepted, I would like to say that you all made this a very hard decision as you all made great characters.
So here it is, the moment you have been waiting for. The following are the players who have been chosen:
H'vok Brinesone
Samuel Windwalker

Disscusion thread

For everybody who didn't make it, I am very sorry.Wish I could have 2 campagin but im new to PBP and will have my hands full handling one I will keep you all in mind for the future or if in need of any replacements.

Nasir ibn Al'Said wrote:

Yes, good luck to everyone. And to Calain, scimtars at dawn?

Just an FYI. If it's a deathmatch then there should be no survivors other than Calain.

I said any who survive 3rounds. Didnt say they'd survive the match. DM casts resurrection on those who died bravely.

Forgive the threadjacking, but if anyone of those who didn't make the cut are interested I'm going to be running a LoF campaign for a friend of mine who also submitted his character here and am currently in the recruiting process.

please feel free to check out the recruitment thread: Here

Hey Guys,

This is a thread Necro Because this game has lost players.

We are currently just setting up in a church about to scout out the town.

The party consists of
1 Witch
1 Sorcerer

I previously played an Invulnerable Rager but had to leave for personal reasons. I am coming back. Working on a char now. Probably a Paladin for Melee/Healing.

This is a min 1/post a day game.
As you can see Arcane Magic is already covered.
My char is not finalised but I tend to play casty warriors (hence paladin)

With me coming back we have 3 so probably want another 1 or 2 to join.

GM does post the AP maps for reference in combat.
She tends to be more a ýes'GM rather than no.
Optimisation is fine but nothing cheesy please.

I would love to join this! I've been interested in joining a Legacy of Fire campaign for ages.

Would you be willing to take a NE cleric? Also, what level are you?
Before anyone asks, yes, yes I did see the fact he wanted to play a Paladin. I'll be thoroughly detailed on the matter if you wish, but there's plenty of things I can play.

I just primarily prefer NE as my alignment, as most of my characters that happen to be NE aren't party disruptive.

(In one of the campaigns we have right now, The LG's both hate each other, and they hate the LN, but for some reason I'm the face of the party, and I'm NE. Though, there we're only level 4, and I'm not a cleric.)

Would you perhaps like to take an Ifrit Ranger? Made him for a previous Legacy of Fire campaign that fizzled out before it got off. Will certainly adjust him to meet the level requirements and the backstory as well.

It would be a Party Call on what we take.
I am only thinking Paladin Beacause the remaining two have no real healing capacity (the witch can cast Cure spells but has few known per day)

I am Not firm on pally yet. Love the class abilities but the lack of skills and combat options irks me.
Come up with what you like, the others will chime in.

Well I have 2 options, from what I can tell. At least, from me, of course.

On the list is 2 Types of clerics, both of whom have the same levels in certain things.

The difference, however, is one is a very religious melee fighter that worships through Hedonism.

The other is a cleric that worships one of the gods of death, focusing primarily on being a caster as well as well as being extremely intimidating.

The difference is their personalities. The Champion of Zura (Hedonism) obeys Zura via the habits of Masochism, Sadism, and a ritual he does where he savages himself. He does most of this in private, however, especially the dance.

The Cleric of death, however, is simply intimidating. A piercing glare, and a silent demeanor, as well as having an intimidating prescence. The character stays silent for the most part, save for in moments where he consider things important enough to speak about.

Neither of these, however, are disruptive among the party. They respect their allies wishes, and typically keep to themselves. The Hedonistic cleric, however, is a merry maker, as he believes causing others in a room to "Get crazy" is a way of worshipping his god.

Cleric B is content with listening to a conversation whilst reading the teachings of his deity. He isn't shy about it, either. He's not stupid enough to do it in front of paladins, however. He's also considerate enough to drink potions that hide his alignment.

Fighter A is also private in his worship, but incorporates it heavily into his hobbies and habits.

What's the level/point buy/starting gold for this?

Good question. I assume it's 20 point buy?

level 2. 20 point buy.

So that's 1170 gold, free to spend, 20 point buy, etc, etc.

Hmm. I'll go with the...

Is there an E of any sort in the party?
Or has he left?
Or did he ever even get in?

Regardless, I'm working on the Clerics.

Health rolls:
For the Hedonist: 1d8 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 6
For the Death Guy: 1d8 + 0 ⇒ (1) + 0 = 1

Death guy's frail.

Speaking of which, do we do anything special with health rolls?

Interested I've been pondering a Dwarven Inquisitor or a life Oracle. Will try to get something assembled before the weekend.

No evil in the party, no has there been.

Basically we have progressed as far as an old church. My char (Calain) managed to convert to local savage pugwampi's by intimidation into worshipping him as a 'god of the arena', here to destroy the Gnolls that inhabit the town.

We were to secure to church, but Calain didn't want to kill the simple creatures so he cowed them instead and promised to let them share the glory/live in piece with the coming humans.

Right now we all share the church.
The Witch and Sorcerer have been keeping the play up but I (calain) had to drop out for personal reasons, Calain is an NPC at the moment.

I have decided to come back as a plain oldWild Stalker (flavored as a Scout/Warrior. Wildstalkers is ranger with RAGE instead of FE. Less char sheet/rescource management)
Might Mix in Witchguard as well so I can defend the party Witch.

you guys fill what role you want.
THIS IS MY avatar.
the pally will not be showing.
you guys can handle divine/face.

I still need to update the char sheet.
He will play like a Woodsy Warrior who flips out and kills people!

Will unholy do?

I also have a Face Fighter that worships Zura.

Which would you prefer?

I personally don't have a problem. Xavier might. His personality is a copy of Chris Hemsworth's HUNTSMAN.

If he sees you do evil stuff he'll probably kill you....

Well, for the hedonist face, he can't exactly see him get pleasure out of his wounds, and just as well, tell that he's enjoying rending his enemies.

The only evil thing he could see him do is his ultimate form of worship, slicing himself in a scythe ritual.

Other than that he's pretty charismatic and eager to please.
He does however have a weakness for women, and prefers to not touch them at all in any way that isn't "Friendly" but he will if he absolutely has to. (Or they want him too)

A quick roll for a fighter level

1d10 ⇒ 5

Meh. Average.

Nevermind Xavier.

I found my old Calain Char Build

Level Progression:

1Fast Movement, Rage, Power Attack, Raging Vitality
2DR1/-, Lesser Beast Totem
3Extreme Endurance, Improved Sunder
4DR2/-, Power: Strength Surge
5Extra Rage Power: Superstition
6DR3/-, Cold Resist1, Beast Totem
7Extra Rage Power: Reckless Abandon
8DR4/-, Witchunter
9Cold Resist2, Combat Reflexes
10DR5/-,Gtr Beast Totem
11Greater Rage Dazing Assault
12Cold Resist3, DR6/-, Come and Get Me
13Extra Rage Power: Spell Sunder
14DR7/-, Eater of Magic
15Cold Resist4, Raging Brutality
16DR8/-, Ghost Rager
17Tireless Rage, Extra Rage Power: Smasher
18DR9/-, Cold Resist5, Surprise Accuracy
19Extra Rage Power: Sunder Enchantment
20Mighty Rage, DR10/-, Good for What Ails You

I'll update Calain's Page but HE"S BACK!

Well, this'll be the last thing I post for the day, but here's the Hedonist.

Aergo Mavis's Stat Block:

Aergo Mavis
Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter 2
NE Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception -1
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17 (+6 armor, +1 shield)
hp 23 (2d10+8)
Fort +6 (+4 vs. hot or cold environments and to resist damage from suffocation), Ref +0, Will -1 (+1 vs. fear)
Defensive Abilities bravery +1
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Masterwork Scythe +6 (2d4+3/x4) and
Unarmed strike +4 (1d3+2/x2)
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 14
Feats Combat Expertise +/-1, Diehard, Endurance, Weapon Focus (Scythe)
Traits Extremely Fashionable (Diplomacy), Fast-Talker
Skills Acrobatics -3 (-7 jump), Bluff +8, Climb -1, Diplomacy +7, Escape Artist -3, Fly -3, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (engineering) +6, Ride -3, Stealth -3, Survival +4, Swim -1 (+3 to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion)
Languages Abyssal, Common, Elven
Combat Gear Potion of cure moderate wounds, Oil (5); Other Gear Masterwork Breastplate, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Scythe, Bedroll, Belt pouch (empty), Torch (5), Waterskin, 51 GP
Special Abilities
Bravery +1 (Ex) +1 to Will save vs. Fear
Combat Expertise +/-1 Bonus to AC in exchange for an equal penalty to attack.
Diehard You are stable and can choose how to act when at negative Hp.
Endurance +4 to a variety of skill checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.

Also, if there *is* anything special about the health rolls. Now would be a good time. Regardless, I still rolled the average for this. :D

first dice was maxed. roll for second.

first dice was maxed. roll for second.

Your fighter looks done.
Just need a DIVINE applicant since we have 0 healing.

Would an Inquisitor work for this? I gotta admit I'm kind of a fan of your work STR Ranger so I'd totally dig getting into this game. I also just worked out a buffing Cleic of Desna for another game application which is also second level. Should I not get selected there I could bring him into this game.

Also if you want to be a casty Melle char have you considered the combination of Witchguard and Nirmathi Irregular Archetypes for your ranger? Gives you a rather sexy spell selection and Full BAB TWF with Shillaegh has got to be awesome...

Rathmar Oakenheart
Male; dwarf; Druid 1
Height: 5'4" Weight:223lbs
Brown eyes, hair (braided beard)

Deity: Thalander

Str 14 +2
Dex 13 +1
Con 12 +1
Int 14 +2
Wis 16 +3
Cha 10 +0

Con Fortitude 3/ 5 vs poison, spells, effects
Dex Reflex 1
Will 5


AC 13/14 with shield readied
Touch AC 11
Flat-footed 12/ 13 with shield readied

HP: 9 (1d8+1


Appraise /+2 greed
Str Climb 2
Int. Craft 2
Dex Fly 1
Cha Handle Animal 4*
Wis. Heal 9*
Int Knowledge (geography) 2
Int Knowledge (nature) 8*
Wis. Perception 7*/ +2 stonecunning
Wis Profession 3
Dex Ride 1
Int Spellcraft 6*
Wis Survival 11*
Str. Swim 2

* skill point used


Self Sufficient +2 to Heal and Survival checks.

Dwarven Traits:

Standard Traits
Ability Scores- +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Size- medium creature, no bonuses
Base Speed- 20 feet
Languages- Start with Common and Dwarven plus Int bonus languages

Defence Racial Traits
Defence Training-
Hardy-+2 bonus vs poison, spells and spell-like abilities
Stability-+4 dodge bonus to CMD vs Bull Rush and Trip while standing on the ground.

[Feat and Skill Traits[/b]
Greed- +2 on Appraise skill checks (no magical items containing precious metals and gemstones.
Stonecunning- +2 on Perception checks to notice unusual stonework, such as secret doors and traps in stone walls and floors while looking or not.

[Senses Traits[/b]
Darkvision- 60-foot

[Offensive Racial Traits[/b]
Hatred- +1 on attack rolls vs orcs and goblinoid subtypes.
Weapon Familiarity-proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, warhammers and any weapon with the word "dwarven" in it.

-Nature Bond-Animal companion (Tiger or Bear)
-Nature Sense-Gain +2 to Knowledge (nature) and Survival Checks.
-Orisons-Can cast 0-lvl spells
-Wild Empathy- Improve attitude of an animal


Leather +2 AC (no armor check penalty)
Shield light wooden +1 (-1 armor check penalty when equipped)

Backpack MW
Clay Jug
Clay Tankard
Flint and Steel.
Hempen Rope 50'
Pouch, belt
Signal whistle
Small Tent

Gp=82 Sp=19 Cp=5

Melee 1d20+2; Damage 1d6+2

Melee 1d20+2; Damage 1d6+2

Melee 1d20+2; Damage 1d4+2
Ranged 1d20+1; Damage 1d4


Spells/day 0-lvl 3; 1st-lvl 2

Create Water
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Know Direction
Purify Food and Water
Read Magic

Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Animals or Plant
Detect Snares and Pits
Endure Elements
Faerie Fire
Hide From Animals
Magic Fang
Magic Stone
Obscuring Mist
Pass Without Trace
Produce Flame
Speak With Animals
Summon Natures Ally

Alex Mack wrote:

Would an Inquisitor work for this? I gotta admit I'm kind of a fan of your work STR Ranger so I'd totally dig getting into this game. I also just worked out a buffing Cleic of Desna for another game application which is also second level. Should I not get selected there I could bring him into this game.

Also if you want to be a casty Melle char have you considered the combination of Witchguard and Nirmathi Irregular Archetypes for your ranger? Gives you a rather sexy spell selection and Full BAB TWF with Shillaegh has got to be awesome...!

*Head Explodes*

Seriously though, Inquisitors are awesome it's pretty hard to build a bad one. (Though they are only secondary healers at best)
Go ahead and submit one.

Only reason I didn't is I am already palying a super tough Dwarven Inquisitor in another game. Didn't want to double up.
I will stick with Calain- he is already rooted in this game.


I'll rephrase fan of your character guides... don't take it too personal.

Okay I'll get a Dwarven Inquisitor up. Still debating between feather and tactics Domain. Feather means Erastil which is kinda boring RP wise but could fit a Dwarf and would be awesome with Lookout.
Gorum should work for a Dwarf and greatsword is pretty awesome, but I might also just stick with Shield and battle axe.

Too bad Torture Domain is kind of a non option. It seems crazy good...

Check out Dwarven Hardy trait+steel soul feat+ glory of old trait.
Equals +5 to all saves vs poison and magic.
The Witchunter Archetype boosts it even higher. Coupled with high fort and will.
I have a build in another game at 8th level and he has missed a save only once.

For inquisitor’s
Destruction (Rage) sub domain is awesome (though inquisitor’s have no trouble hitting anyway). The emphreyal lord RAGATHIEL grants Bastard Sword proficiency.

War (tactics) sub domain lets you make your wizard always go first and the swift action 8th level feat is crazy good. That's cleave or weapon fo us or furious focus or improved trip etc.

Darkness is wicked (free Blindfight) and a touch attack to inflict partial blindess means MOONLIGHT STALKER is a very viable path.

Glory (Heroism) is nice if you want to be able to swift action buff the party.

Check out this alias for some ideas.( this is str ranger again)
Check out this Alias to see what I mean.

Thanks for your input I've been reading all the guides and relevant discussions so I already came across your alias.

Steel Soul and Glory of old are already marked down as first level picks. Witchhunter on top of that seems kind of overkill but I'll have to figure out what it looses first. Also I'm definitely pumping my favored class bonuses into the Dwarven alternate racial ability.

As to Domain I really want something that grants me abilities early. I've only made it to level 8 in one PBP game so far and that's been going on for 4 years ;). Currently I'm leaning heavily towards feather as it pays of big time starting level 5 with boon companion. Tactics is also great early and I guess rage is also nice early on but I want this to be primarily a support character so I don't think I need more to hit and damage.

I'd kind of like to keep my Intimidate up to make use of the nice intimidate focused second level spells as well. I'll have to do some math to see how that works out without investing any further feats though.

The Death Cleric could go Primary healer, but he'd throw in a few fear and death related effects.

He'd also be stale conversation.


Actually I'm strictly going to go with the hedonist. The character I have in mind with the death guy would need to be offensive, and not a heal tank.

I'm the sorcerer in the game, thanks to all that are applying.

@STR of course you have fans. He plays that inquisitor in my COT game and he plays it well.

I don't have the final say but we really need healing and a skill monkey.

I'd love t make a gnome skill monkey type of character. Let me whip something up. Bard and rogue are early ideas but let us see what happens.

I could potentially make the Zuran an Inquisitor. He'd be NE, of course, but I have some ideas for a skill monkey. Fortunately I don't want the role, and trying to insert a character for every available role would be rude of me.

I'll stick to my Hedonist Zura Fighter in hopes that he gets in as a 4th, or 5th.

Presenting Gyn, furry of Cayden Cailean!

Gyn is an Inquisitor of Cayden, devoted to he god who saved him. Gyn travels Katapesh, seeking to protect the values that his god holds dear. When not killing gnolls or trying to free slaves, Gyn likes to sample the food and drink of any tavern he can find.

more details in his profile

Well how many we take is Megan's call. I have played with her for awhile and her max ever taken in a game I was in is 6.

That means we could take 3 at most.

Also guys, Megan tends to post 1/day and does need stuff to work with both story and combat wise.
One line posters don't give much to work with so my vote will go with who has a better story telling capability.

What we still need:
Divine Healing

The applicants:Mechanically
I like Gyn, Cause he fills face/skill monkey and has some divine casting and I know inquisitors can rock combat. (Incidently what domain did you pick? and Divine Favor is strictly better than Wrath until level 11. Works on everybody not just single target)

The dwarf druid appeals just cause it reminds me of Pikel Bouldershoulder (Oi! Oi! Doodad) and Druids are a strong class. I am interested to know how you intend to play him. Megan posts Maps for reference but only describes where you are (no tokens) so flooding the battlefield with SNA and companions can get confusing. A shapechager on the other hand is pretty awesome.

Gyn and Rathmar could share healing duties but cleric is one class I feel CANNOT be replaced (my opinion only)

still looking for Alex Macks build.

as for Duboris the fighter looks sound. But your cleric doesn't have to be a Heal Bot. All death offensive is cool and a Raise Dead spell is only a day and a prayer away.
Not sure how the evil bit would go.
Would you consider a cleric of Groetus, 'the end is nigh' type?
Maddess and Darkness are the bomb.

I am looking through your PBP posts to see who are the best storytellers.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm rather new, but my best example would have to be:

(PS: We don't much care for Viluki.)

The behavior of the character in that pbp is extremely similar to how the hedonist would act.

With that being said... I may add in the priest, but I would prefer the fighter.

However if you're okay with a Fighter cleric, I'm cool with that.

I a m new to inquisitor spell list, so I can easily take some.advice on spells lol. I went with travel domain, as it fit the concept I wanted and the movement speed and dimensional hoping seemed a fun ability.

Not much so far for php, except for a new Way of the Wicked, but I DM In a real life game. I can post 1-2 times a day,

I love Pikel, the bouldershoulder brothers are the best kitchen fighters ever, especially against undead.

Well, seeing as how you'd be level 2.

Cure light wounds, Cause Fear.

Divine Favor, etc, etc.

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