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Left in Sandpoint (Inactive)

Game Master ulgulanoth

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Dark Archive

I’m starting a new pbp, inspired by Jade Regent, this pbp will be based in Sandpoint taking place during the events of Jade Regent once the caravan has left Sandpoint. Thus this will be set after the events of Brinewall Legacy. So looking for 5 or so players, lv1, 20pt build, 2 traits, standard starting wealth, maximum hit points for level 1, 1 free feat. Character background should include a reason for being in Sandpoint.

*Raises hand to show interest.*

A question or two?

What classes are allowed?

What races and such?

*Reminds self where Sandpoint is in relation to everything else in Golarion*


Dark Archive

core races, tiefling, the elemental races (ifrit and what not), changeling (the hag children) and gillmen

classes: all core, all from APG, magus and gunslinger, all archetypes from APG, UM and UC are allowed

"Little Horn" Yuma Ahote, for your consideration.

Reason for being in Sandpoint: As an outcast misfit from a wartorn Shoanti clan in the Cinderlands, after leaving home, Yuma is at a loss of where to turn. He spends time alone in the wilds, but that is dangerous for a lone soul, and he'll never regain his honor as a recluse. Large populations make the shy young warrior ill at ease, so he instead turns his attentions to a nearby, sleepy coastal town (Sandpoint), having heard that it contains a small population of "civilized" Shoanti, to try to figure out where he should start on his personal journey and also try to decide what he truly desires out of life.

His profile contains a fuller background.

Sounds interesting. I'll see if I can come up with something.

Work will take me out of the picture for the next two or so days.

I hope too post something soon. *Bows*

I gotta go to work right now, but I might be interested. I'll throw something together when I get off work.

I'd be interessed, if you'll have me. I'd like to play a gunslinger, probably human. I'd be able to submit something by tomorrow at this time (or maybe a little sooner).

Here is Maldrin, wildborn sylvan sorcerer. The concept could work equally well with eagle shaman druid or falconer ranger.

Alright, I've got everything except equipment done. Concept is a guy, honestly barely more than a kid, that has always been the champion for the bullied. Unarmed fighter archetype. The problem is that I don't know Golarion very well, so I don't know anything about Sandpoint. Anyone wanna give me a bit of info, or point me to where I can find it, so I can figure out why he's there?

Dark Archive


Nicolae "Nicu" Heron, Varsian orphan being presented by one ChrisRevocateur for your approval ulgulanoth.

Dark Archive

nice character, had a quick glance nothing screaming at me, so approved Nicu

Added traits. Couldn't find any specific ones that add Handle Animal as as a class skill other than one for gnomes; if you know of any other, let me know. I really like the flavor of the idea, as it fits with the concept nicely.

Background: Taken under Shalelu's wing for reasons that he still hasn't entirely figured out, Maldrin learned how to use the skills she taught him to tap into and control the powers within himself. When she left on the caravan with Ameiko, he feels a certain amount of responsibility to step in and help keep an eye on Sandpoint's well being.

Lantern Lodge

Lumi is Nualia's innocent younger cousin. i can adapt her accordingly. aasimaar oracle of life. haunted curse.

Working on character stats and background atm.

Thinking of multi-classing Oracle (Ancestral Spirit) with Gun-slinger ( ? ).

Not sure what 'type' or specializing sort of Gun-slinger atm, still perusing the very new rules etc.

As for how or why 'Sunset' got to Sandpoint? The short gist at the moment is of course, she followed her 'Ancestors guidance'.

Hope these few bits help.

First posted as ' , ' *Bows*

This sounds very interesting and I would like to submit a character for consideration. If accepted, I'll flesh out the remaining build stats(AC, attack strings, etc) and create a character profile for Hektor.

Hektor Belzarus, Human Gunslinger

In the short time he's been in Sandpoint, Hektor has become a regular, and often ridiculed, addition to the population of the Rusty Dragon inn. He can be found there most days, looking for work and generally trying to find his pride at the bottom of a cup.

It was a few months back that Hektor arived, boasting to any who would listen that he had come to Sandpoint to hunt and kill the legendary Sandpoint Devil. Many took his boasts as a fool's ramblings but the musket he displayed for those who would listen was enough to convince some to journey with him on his mission, that he did indeed have a chance where others had failed. It was only a few days later that Hektor returned with his new "companions" and word spread of his resounding failure and embarassing mishaps throughout the brief trip. They never even came across the Devil.

Truthfully Hektor was at best an apprentice gunsmith, knowing more about the care of his beloved treasure than the actual use of it. But when his master closed shop for greener pastures, Hektor decided that he would make his own name in the world. It was his greatest folly that he chose to make the Sandpoint Devil the big start to his adventuring career. Now he looks for work with whoever will take him, looking to reboot his failed attempt at an adventurer's life.


Hektor N Male Human Gunslinger 1

STR 12
DEX 16 (+2 Human bump)
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 14
CHA 11

Feats: Gunsmith(B), Rapid Reload, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Skills: Acrobatics(1 rank), Climb(1 rank), Knowledge(engineering)(1 rank), Knowledge(local)(1 rank), Perception(1 rank), Swim(1 rank)

Grit (2)

Armor Expert

Musket, Studded Leather(20lbs), Longsword(4lbs), Gunsmith's Kit(2lbs), Powder Horn(1lb), Black Powder(x7 doses)(-), Bullets(x15)(-), 32gp for other shopping

Reviewing the new Gunslinger rules I'm now thinking of Oracle (Ancestral Spirit)/Gunslinger(Mysterious Stranger)

So, a figure who listens/is directed by their ancestors and turns up in places 'mysteriously'. =)

Also, how does the Dm feel about 'Revolvers' as side arms?

I'm happy to work with a reduced cylinder load if the DM feels the mechanics of revolvers is too much.

(Historically the first revolvers only fired five shots, not six.)

Will work up an actual character page soon.

Lantern Lodge

"Sunset" wrote:

Working on character stats and background atm.

Thinking of multi-classing Oracle (Ancestral Spirit) with Gun-slinger ( ? ).

Not sure what 'type' or specializing sort of Gun-slinger atm, still perusing the very new rules etc.

As for how or why 'Sunset' got to Sandpoint? The short gist at the moment is of course, she followed her 'Ancestors guidance'.

Hope these few bits help.

First posted as ' , ' *Bows*

Heirloom gun that just happens to house an ancestor's spirit?

Dark Archive

just remember that your starting at lv1, Sunset, so you'll have to pick either oracle or gunslinger as your character's first level....

*Nods* Indeed. And I'm thinking of starting as Oracle, yes with the trait "Heirloom Weapon" =)

Though probably not with any ancestral spirits attached. Though maybe taking the 'Haunted' flaw for the Oracle and actually having the gun possessed is a very interesting idea! Thank you indeed Me'mori. (^_^)

Is there still room for another player? I have been looking to get into a PbP game but haven't had experience with any of the official APs. I like that your setting is in Golarion but not directly from an AP.

Also is knowledge of Jade Regent a requirement? If so I can read the Players Guide. If you still have room I could generate a character quickly for approval.


Canyon R

Dark Archive

yea there is still room, no knowledge of Jade Regent is required though the players guide will help make your character tie in better with sandpoint

and a note about guns, Golarion doesn't have any of the advance guns, so no revolvers people

Sovereign Court

Very interested, I will create an alias if accepted. Here is the character concept though:

Human fighter 1(note: He will be taking Rogue levels from now on as he will be using a more trickey style. The fighter level represents his time in the Linnorm King's military).

Kjell is of Ulfen descent and hails from the Linnorm Kingdom. Unlike the taciturn nature of most Ulfen, Kjell is rather sociable. His witty banter did not fit well in the Kingdom of the Linnorm Kings though and he was constantly in trouble. He has since wandered some and gravitated towards the sea. This has landed him in th port of Sandpoint and he hopes to find passage South to better pastures. Unfortunately his funds are almost non-existant and he does not want to sell off his gear, so hopefully he can find some means of improving his condition.

I will be a heavy armor, 2-handed weapon, strength based Rogue (hows that for different :) ). Will post actual stats and feats and such this afternoon.

*Nods* So...pepper boxes then? ;)

Or how about these?

==> Link

==> Link


Here I present Phagin Harwood. I had previously posted as CanyonR. Please let me know if there are any changes you would like made.


Stat block:

Phagin Harwood

Male CG Elven Rogue 1st lvl

Init +5; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +7


AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12
(Leather Armor)
hp 8 (1d8+0);
Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +1; +2 Saves vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities
Resist Immune to magic sleep


Spd 30 ft.
Long Sword +3 (1d6+1)
Dagger(6) +3 (1d4+1)
Sap +3 (1d4+1)
Shortbow +3 (1d8)
Dagger +3 (1d4)
Special Sneak Attack +1d6


Str 12, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14
Base Atk +0;
Feats Weapon Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting
Skills Acrobatics +7, Appraise +6, Bluff +6 (+7 opposite sex), Climb +5, Diplomacy +6 (+7 opposite sex), Disable Device +8, Disguise +6, Perception +7, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +7
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orc


Weapon Familiarity: long/shortbows, longswords, rapiers, treat elven weapons as martial;
Silent Hunter (APG 13 Racial Trait): Reduce penalty on Stealth while moving by 5, can make Stealth checks while running at a –20 penalty;
Trapfinding +1; Keen Senses: +2 Perception;


Reactionary (APG 328) You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Charming (APG 330) You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you.

A tall, slender figure with clean, hansom features. His easy smile and warm, green eyes are welcoming and kind. His mop of dark red hair is pulled tightly back and tied with a leather throng. His outfit is clean, if a bit travel worn, and well made.


Dagger (4), Long Sword, Sap, Leather Armor, Explorer’s outfit

Belt Pouches (2)
Caltrops, Flint & Steel, Small Steel Mirror, Signal Whistle, Whetstone, Theves Tools, String (50')

Bedroll, Trail Rations (4), Silk Rope (50'), Grappling Hook, Sacks (4), Waterskins (2), Peasant’s outfit, Scholar’s outfit, Scroll case, Caltrops, Daggers (2)

Worn: 33 lbs
Pouches: 6 lbs
Backpack: 42.5 lbs
Total: 81.5 lbs (39 lbs w/o Pack)


Phagin's Father was Kyonin Soldier turned Mercenary who fell in love with an Andoran Elf. They settled in Carpenden, in the Andoran countryside to raise their child. It was a good childhood but Phagin always felt out of place, living in a human community. His father vigilantly taught him swordcraft and combat techniques, but Phagin's inquisitive mind thirsted for more. In his adolescence, he fell in with a group of local youths that would not only play among the city's rooftops and narrow streets but often in the bedrooms and storerooms of it's residences. Entering soon gave way to taking 'trophies', but always as sport not for profit or out of malice.

When he finally old enough, Phagin struck out on his own, headed to Almas and greater challenges. He soon found that living in the 'big city' was more difficult than he originally dreamed. Soon his childhood games of gathering trophies became his only means of income. He learned the dark and seedy side of city life until one too many run-ins with the local authorities had him hiding out on a ship bound for Absalom.

Once there he fell in love with the city and was determined not to follow his past life of crime. If he left it would be of his own choosing, not from necessity. He instead found that his skills were useful as a courier. He could deliver, discretely, packages and messages for all kinds of client. From Nobles and Clergy, to Merchants and Pathfinder Venture-captains, they all needed his services. He became well known, in certain circles, for accepting 'difficult' cargo and always seeing it safely arrived.

His latest charge has led him to his furthest port yet, Sandpoint in distant Varisia. After arriving in town a few days before to deliver a parcel to a local tavern owner, Phagin has decided to hang around. He is looking for any work available to pay his expenses back to Absalom.

Sovereign Court

Here is the final for Kjell



F +3,R +1,W +0


MW Pickaxe +6, 1d8+6(+9 w/PA) 20/x4


Threatening Defender
Rich Parents (this actually represents his previous equipment gained in service to the Linnorm Kings)


Combat Expertise
Improved Feint
Power Attack
Furious Focus


Bluff +2
Diplomacy +1
Intimidate +5
Perception +0
Sense Motive +0
Stealth -4
Survival +4


Masterwork Pickaxe
Masterwork Banded Mail
2 x daggers
Spring loaded wrist sheath (w/ dagger in it)
flint & steel
grappling hook
belt pouch
50' silk rope
2 x sacks
4 x sunrods
50' twine
weapon cord
signal whistle
light horse (combat trained)
military saddle
bit & bridle


5gp, 4sp, 7cp

Made some minor adjustments to the character. Couldn't edit previous post, see profile for current stat block.

Swapped Long Sword for Rapier
Added Wealth
Cleaned up Weight

All of the basics have been added to the profile. I can flesh out anything that requires it.

Dark Archive

Maldrin, could you add +BAB, CMB, CMD, saves and skill mods~?

All fleshed out and ready to go.

If there is any slots left open I would like to submit Durgen Grimhelm, Inquisitor of Torag

Dark Archive

yea sure, join in!

Dark Archive


if you finished your character post, if you haven't finishe them before posting

Dark Archive

ooc thread

Dark Archive

and this requirement thread is open again... so who wishes to join?

Hi, dotting for interest.
I'm waiting the result of other two recruitment post that should close in few days. If I'm rejected I'll be free.

Meanwhile which would be the best choices to fit in the party? and what's the flavour of the campaign?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
ulgulanoth wrote:
and this requirement thread is open again... so who wishes to join?

What's the current party makeup?

*Tips hat*


Am currently playing a Half-elf Oracle/Gunslinger. So, basically going for the 'Cow-boy' look, but using the 'Haunted'/'Ancestral Spirit' Oracle as a justification of why the character drifts around and tends to have 'things' (Such as adventures) happen to them.

Wrong Cowboy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Yippee ki-yay, mother-frakker!" ;)

Looking forwards to playing with you all.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber
Simon Hayes wrote:

Hi, dotting for interest.

I'm waiting the result of other two recruitment post that should close in few days. If I'm rejected I'll be free.

Meanwhile which would be the best choices to fit in the party? and what's the flavour of the campaign?

Same situation for me.

I'm submitting this character.

His bio is in the profile. He is a LG Human Magus, devout follower of Iomedae. He was in a JR campaign that got as far as the warden's shack (first encounter), so he is primed for a left in Sandpoint game.

Check me out.

I wouldn't mind joining in, if possible - character in profile.

Dark Archive

I'll be reviewing characters over the weekend, hopefully by getting you guys to get pbping as soon as possible

Sorry for the delay, this is my character. The concept was for a Jade Regent campaign but it wasn't selected, so what better option that to switch to "left in Sandpoint"? :)

Background2 in the profile is the old one, I thought it was too dark so I edited it in the Background1, keep that as reference.
Feats are still missing. I would like to make him fight bare handed but I haven't understood how the Natural combat for shape-shifters work yet.
Equipment is coming shortly

Dark Archive

all the characters look good; Thaddeus I think you have 1 too many traits, Kowal you could take improved unarmed fighting, now as far as i know it doesn't stack with natural weapons but it is a good choice at the start and you'd have a few levels to go before getting shapeshifting

Yes, it's because I don't like to change a profile I have until I get accepted. Considering this is a "Didn't go with the people that left" from Jade Regent, is a JR trait necessary?

Dark Archive

a JR trait isn't necessary, and i should warn that most JR traits will be kind of pointless

Then I would drop the JR trait I have to put me down to 2. I noticed in the first post under Char gen, it says 1 extra feat. Would we get an additional feat above what we start with? In case that's the intent, I will be looking at what I would take.

Dark Archive

that is the intent,

Need any more chars?

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