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Last Rites (Inactive)

Game Master drawesome1111

Strange happenings in Sandpoint lead to even stranger adventures in Golarion. With most sinister consequences.

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Is everyone awake at this point?

male human

Gryfford does his morning routine exercises, and then he goes to the dining room, to take his breakfast.

As he does so, he hears Arasmes and Taltosh talking in Arasmes' bedroom.

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

Adriel hasn't chimed in yet.

@ Gryfford - BTW: They're in Taltōsh's room.

"I don't think so. Master McDarrow believes it is because of his new oracular status and our connection to the book he showed us the first day," replied the hooded sage.

Male Dhampir Cleric (Undead Lord) 2

"I like Master McDarrow, but he doesn't strike me as a scholar. Is there a way to check he's not... being optimisitic?"

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

"Hmm... maybe. Let me think on it."

"In the meantime, why don't we go to break our fast?" Taltōsh suggested.

DM Awesome:

Kn-Arcana (could the visions be two-way?) 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

Adriel decides he mind as well wake up. Come here, Chatterbeak. Let's prepare our spells.

He arrives late to breakfast but the others are still talking and eating.

When you come downstairs you see the full breakfast laid out before you. Alia is there, but Angus is strangely absent. You partake in your meal, and near the end, Angus approaches. You can see that he has one hand to his temple as if his head is in pain. A cleric helps him sit down and Alia presents him with food. He eats slowly, not saying much to you as he does so, all the while cradling his head.

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

Are you unwell master Mcdarrow?

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

At breakfast, Taltōsh sat next to Arasmes so that they could continue their conversation.

"While anything is possible, it is unlikely that it is a two-way connection. It is more like scrying or divination, not telepathy."

When Master McDarrow entered, the sage looked up, and he awaited the dwarf's reply to Adriel's question.

Angus looks up and you can see dark circles under his eyes. "I'll be fine...I am just a bit drained. When I took my oath to Erastil I never realized how tired I would be." He gives a pained smile and then continues, "So where should we search next...?"

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

Taltōsh addressed the ailing paladin-turned-oracle, "We acquired a map of a ruined structure outside of town. I believe that we are all in agreement that we should investigate that as soon as possible."

"If you do not feel up to it, the rest of us could go without you."

male human

"Perhaps it would be better if you stay here anyway. Our enemy has shown that he could strike in this city - you could defend it while we are away investigating" Gryfford chimes in.

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

That may be prudent. We are reasonably well equipped for a short foray. Whether we are ready for what we encounter remains to be seen but in our battle last night we seemed to work well together.

Angus looks thoughtful for a moment and then looks in the direction of Alia. "My dear, can you get my equipment?" she nods hesitantly and heads off down the hall.

The dwarf turns back to you. "I understand you concern, but it is my duty to see this through. I will not allow Nikolai to go unchecked." His face is stern.

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

As you wish, you bought us together for this, so we have no right to interfere, but please be mindful of your health if you continue to risk yourself. You do not look at your best.

Angus looks to Adriel, "Thank you my friend. Now once we have everything together we ought to be underway, there is no time to lose." He stands up unsteadily and takes the bag Alia has just brought for him. As this happens you hear a loud knock at the door to the temple.

Enter the newest members of our merry band.

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

The temple doors open and an elf stands in the doorway, a finely polished recurve bow in his left hand. ”I have come. Let The Dawn Flower’s fire burn."
The elf throws back the hood to his molted brown and green cloak to reveal long white hair and ice blue eyes. "I am Elorin Moonshade, holy warrior of Sarenrae, I seek one called Angus."

Angus squints trying to see who it is, "Aye, I'm Angus, what can I do for you." You see his hand reach for where his hammer ought to be.

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

Elorin looks down at his bow for a moment before slinging it on his back as he moves forward. He walks towards the dwarf and extends his right hand wrapped in a thick leather glove from mid-fingers to the middle of his forearm, thick cold iron studs cover the knuckles and back of the hand. "Master McDarrow, I have heard that you speak stories of vampires. I come to lend you my bow and burn them with The Dawn Flower's cleansing fire.

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

Taltōsh appraised the elf, awaiting the paladin's response.

This one has the look of the wild about him, the hooded man thought.

McDarrow takes his hand with a firm grip, "Ahh, A warrior of Sarenrae...we were just about to be leaving. If you would like to accompany us you are welcome to join. And perhaps you could tell us more about yourself." He looks to the rest of the group. "Are we ready to go then?"

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

Elorin nodds his head at the others before answering the dwarf. "Yes, I would gladly tell my story, if you tell me of these vampires." The elf moves to the side to allow the dwarf to lead the way and fall in besides the others. "Where exactly are we going?"

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

Christ see what happens when I go do laundry, I miss the chance to introduce myself.

Alexia spends several moments quietly observing the other members of the group before finally speaking up, "Well I suppose that answers my question then, that aside I am Alexia, a huntress to the god Ketephys, my quarry is undead abominations which I heard I can find if I sought out Mister Angus here."

Male Dhampir Cleric (Undead Lord) 2

Arasmes looks askance at Alexia at the word abominations.
Knowledge Religion: Sarenrae 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Knowledge Religion: Ketephys 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

"After you, Angus. It's not a short walk so sooner started, sooner finished. I'd rather not fight Nikolai at night if we don't have to!"

Nodding at the newcomers, and holding out a hand to shake theirs he introduces himself
"I am Arasmes, son of Izora, daughter of Kemnebi. I came here hunting a criminal, and my quarry and Angus' quarry show similarities."

Remembering certain confusions that have arisen "I have a lot of experience with the twice-born, especially Haemovores. I can fight, track, talk and command, but my most useful ability is the ability to Channel the Dark. With it I can kill, heal or warp reality."


Not sure how much the knowledge rolls mean, but guessing I've at least heard the very basics.
You want them to roll to have heard of Kemnebi? Knowledge:Geography, I guess.

To Alexia he adds "I admit I know little of Ketephys - that's an elven god, yes? But I'd be very interested to hear more."

To Elorin he adds "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but if you are throwing around fire, please don't throw it at me - or my belongings."

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

Extra bows would be welcome. Thank you for joining us.

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

Knowledge: Religion Ketephus1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Knowledge: Religion Saranrae 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Ketephus is an elven god and Sarenrae is a Major dirty so hope the DC's are lowish

Adriel nods to the two newcomers, happy to have more able combatants, particularly ones who specialized in archery. He appreciated the art but was a poor example of an elvish bowman.
Chatterbeak flaps down to his master's shoulder.
The day is young and we should get moving. If there is nothing else, shall we?

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

Elorin gives Arasmes a half smile as he shakes his hand. "I can not throw fire, it is just a saying among my brothers and sisters about how Sarenrae uses us as fire to burn away the wicked. I do not know the term, twiceborn. This is to be vampires yes? If so, I would greatly enjoy talking to you about them. When we have the time of course."

The elf nods his head at Adriel, Thankyou friend. I am happy to assist in any way I can."

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

"I am Taltōsh," said the man concealed beneath a heavy cloak. "I am a sage and have some facility with the arcane arts."

Turning to the paladin, he asked, "What of Yolk? I have not seen him this morning."

Segue to allow DM Awesome to explain Yolk's absence. :P

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

As Taltōsh spaeaks, the elf paladin looks at the ranger Alexia and quickly turns away. Sarenrae be with me. Why have you put one so simlular to my beloved in my path? Is this a test for me to atone for my inability to save her, or something else? Please give me your strength to not let this ones fate be the same as Yasmine's!

Thank you T, I'll take it from here.

Alia speaks up, "Uh, Master Yolk has hunkered down in the library claiming that he needs to look into something. He did not wish to be disturbed." She looks anxious.

Angus turns to the group and nods, "Very well, let us depart." You exit the temple and see that there are clerics with several horses in tow. Angus sends them off to get horses for the new comers and mounts a white stallion with reddish spots. The clerics return quickly with enough for all of you and you set off.

The journey is acouple of hours, if you want you can RP the discussion updating the new players, or whatnot. I'll check in in a bit, off to get inked up.

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

"I would be happy to answer any questions about Ketephys on the way, I was raised in one of his temples after all."

She glances at the horses, they were more then most towns have done for her hunts typically. It was different to not be alone for this but it was nice to be around so many elves again.

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

Elorin mounts the offered horse and thanks the cleric that brought it out. The paladin follows behind Angus, atempting not to look at Alexia as he rides. "What is it we seek? Are we hunting the vampire?"

male human

As the group is getting on the horses, a man comes running out of the temple.

He gets on a horse himself, and rapidly rejoins the riding company.

The new rider is a tall man in his late twenties, with a sinewy muscular slender frame which indicates speed and strength of arms.

He has an angular face with very clear blue eyes and blond hair cut short, except for a braid on his left temple which trails on his shoulder, and is dressed in reddish brown leather with a mail shirt and leather pants tucked in knee-length boots smeared by the dry dust of the road.
A sheath with a falchion is fixed across his back like it has always belonged there. A shortbow is thrust across his shoulder.

"Greetings ! I am Gryfford, son of Marsus the gladiator" he says to Elorin and Alexia.

"I am pleased to ride in your company" he declares with a genuine smile.

He looks at Alexia with a kind of candid curiosity.

"You have the most unusual eyes. Are you from the same place as our Arasmes, here ?"

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

Alexia frowns at the suggestion, "By Ketephys I most certainly am not! They are simply an inherited trait from one of my ancestors. I was descended somewhere from celestial beings but as I was never allowed to know my real parents I could not explain better."

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

Elorin grins at Alexia's fire for a second before his face quickly recovers its stern appearence.

Male Dhampir Cleric (Undead Lord) 2

Arames mounts the horse, draping a stuffed dog over the withers.

"Business first, then? Nikolai appears to be an old, powerful Haeomvore - a blood-eater. He seeks an amulet. We're not exactly sure what the amulet does, but probably something awful. Angus here has been gettign visions about Nikolai and the Amulet, and somehow the rest of us have ended up getting them as well ever since we signed on."

Arasmes looks thoughtful for a moment
"Assuming the visions are accurate, Nikolai seems to have a lupine shape-changer under his control, and possibly some sort of stone-creature."

Arasmes looks around to Taltosh
"Taltosh, any idea what that was?"

Soemone else can continue the briefing if they like

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

The hooded sage replied, "There are magics that allow stone objects a semblance of life. They are often referred to as 'Fictus Animus', which translates as 'False Souls'."

"The vampire, Nikolai, has such a servitor. In our vision it was called 'Sheldon'."

The man, uncomfortable with the scrutiny of the others, adjusted his cloak to better conceal his disfigured face.

"The werewolf was named 'Markus', as I recall. At least that was the name Nikolai called him by in another vision."

"Incidentally, we were attacked by three such creatures just last night, one of which escaped."

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

"So this Nikolai is a master vampire." The paladin closes his eyes for a moment before continueing."I did not think it would be one so powerful as you describe. I have had dealings with only one other master vampire but I seemed to be beneath its notice for the most part. This does not seem the case here. You mentioned visions, is this Nikolai the cuase?"

Male Varisian Human Sage Wildblooded Sorcerer 2; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 12; HP 14/14; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; Perception +6

"No, Master McDarrow has an ancestral tie--through a mystical tome--that connects him to a relative that was involved with the amulet."

"He shared a vision with us using the book. However, he recently was chosen as an oracle as well. Somehow, the visions are passed to us when he has them."

"You may have noticed that his vision is impaired--the price of his oracular gift."

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

"I see...." Alexia says quietly, mulling over the details in her brain. Her quarry has normally only been vampires, werewolves were another thing entirely. Frowning slightly, I wonder if any of my ammunition would be most effective for them?

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

"What do you think this Nikoli's motives are? Has he been creating other vampires?"

Male Dhampir Cleric (Undead Lord) 2

"Not too our knowledge, no. He certainly has a reputation among the oppressed religions though - people have fled at his name."

Arasmes considers

"If I had to guess, I'd say he intends to get the amulet - which we've heard might be connected to the shadow plane - and use it to create an army of animates, spawn and lesser undead. If we're lucky I'd guess he'll then declare war upon the Children of Light and seek to overthrow enough nations he can create a kingdom of the twiceborn under his own despotic and tyrannical immortal leadership."

Arasmes looks Elorin in the eyes

"Worst case is he's a religious nut who seeks to end all life on the planet."

Arasmes smiles

"Or maybe he just really thinks it'll set off his eyes."

He shrugs

"Doesn't really matter. Him getting the amulet is bad. Very bad. We stop him getting the amulet, and stop him if we can."

male human

Gryffords blinks several times after having heard Alexia's reply.

Celestial ? By Elistria's plentiful bosom, this world is filled with wonders !

He can't help ogling the petite blond woman while they continue riding, though he tries to do it unobtrusively.

As Arasmes relates what they know of Nikolai, he listens attentively.

"Very nicely resumed, Arasmes."

Angus has been listening to your recap of events and nods. "Yes, and now we are traveling to an abandoned temple in the hopes of finding more information on this amulet."

The journey is quite uneventful, and before you know it you can see just ahead of you a very run-down structure off to one side of the road. As you get closer you can see that it is a small church of sorts with a belltower above a rickety wooden door. There appears to be only one door on the structure and the windows along the sides are broken out.

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

Alexia is going to dismount from her horse as soon as they arrive. "If he is still seeking it we have to at least act as if he has access to the same information as us, if not more... I suggest allowing me to inspect the exterior for signs of use before going in."

Would that me a survival as far as tracking or perception? Or do you want me to do both? I have both ^_^

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

The Road
The paladin looks intently at Arasmes for a moment before speakng. "Then we must not fail in preventing his recovery of this amulet.

Elorin dismounts also, pulling a silver tipped arrow from his quiver and putting it to the string of his bow. "I agree. I will not be taken by ambush again if it can be prevented."

I will assist Alexia.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Survival: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

male human

Gryfford dismounts and stretches himself. Then he ties his horse to a copse of trees.

He absent-mindedly pats the scabbard on his back, letting the others survey the exterior of the ruins.

Female Aasimar Ranger 2 : AC17 : HP 16/16

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27
Survival: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Alexia sighs softly, Of course. returning to the group after her careful search, "Seems my instincts were right, someone or something has been in that building within the week."

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4

Adriel watches as the two more 'typical' examples of his rather dexterous race search about.
So quiet. Look how they move. I could have been that way. Had I listened to mothers words.
Always in a book, always smoking. Lazy...

He shakes away the uncomfortable memories and focuses on the job at hand.
If you don't mind Gryff, I would appreciate you sticking near me. At least until we know where our enemies are. Our new members likely would prefer distance and quiet, anyway.

init:+5, AC:17, HP:18, F:+5 R:+5 W:+5, Perception:+2

"Yes, someone or thing, has been in and out of the main door within the past week. The dust on one half of the door is not the same as the other and I have also noticed that lock is cleaner than the frame around it. Someone turning a key perhaps?

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