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로드마스터룰렛び【▶J­BC800­。­C­O­M◀】ふぅ로드마스터룰렛ん, by stxwnhk

Input for the Designers?, by iohip

카드게임\ず【▶JBC8­00­。­C­O­M◀】い\카드게임よ, by stxwnhk

카지노게임사이트❅★* ♡♥♡*┗ ☛ OHR77.COM ☚┓* ♡♥♡*카지노게임사이트, by fsfedtr7676

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How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?, by Kalindlara

세븐럭카지노추천□\り【▶BS­S789.C­OM◀】ゎ\↗세븐럭카지노추천, by exwop

강원랜드빅휠후기※\【▶JBC80­0.C­O­M◀】\▶강원랜드빅휠후기, by exwop

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↖("ω")↗아시안카지노☜グpok986.comグ☜바카라사이트↖("ω")↗, by klg7667

need help optimizing fighter, by Gauss

카지노싸이트❃★* ♡♥♡*┗ ☛ OHR77.COM ☚┓* ♡♥♡*카지노싸이트, by dfgdfgytyu6786

온라인프로토 【【 UPP99.COM (까똑: XaZa) 】】 온라인토토 온라인토토사이트, by sfdszf

온라인프로토 【【 UPP99.COM (까똑: XaZa) 】】 온라인토토 온라인토토사이트, by sfdszf

↖("ω")↗헬로우카지노∈だpok986.comだ∈바카라사이트↖("ω")↗, by klg7667

"Kirthfinder" Aviona PBP

Game Master Kirth Gersen

Playtest for the "Kirthfinder" rules.


King Mokknokk

male Hobgoblin (Elven lineage) 5th (2nd level monk, 2nd level goblin paragon, 1st level worghest)
(368 posts)

David James Olsen

Member of the Ninth Battalion
Jaegr "Knock Knock"

Male Mountain Dwarf Fighter/5 HP 52/52 (0 Temp) DR 3/- ; AC 27 FF 22 T 14 Fort +8 Ref +7 Will +4 Intuit +4; Fire Resist 8; CMD 24; Init +3 (+5 Underground)
(650 posts)
GM BloodGurukk PyrebornTangible Delusions

Freddy Honeycutt

Little Girl
Caspian Barefoot

Male Halfling Bard 5 (Minstrel)
(842 posts)


Larur Feldin
Kelgan Cragbelly

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5
(295 posts)

Previous Players

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