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Kingmaker: Welcome to Free Roaming

Game Master Tassadan

Beginning at a rugged trading post on the southern border of Rostland, Kingmaker expands to become one of the most monumental undertakings possible: creating a country.

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Upon the charters that you have been given, a meeting place has been specified: Oleg's Trading Post, a small market on the southern edge of Rostland that skirts the borders of the Stolen Lands. Upon these sparsely populated roads, you've run into several other beings that seem to be heading to your destination as well...

Until we figure out the logistics of the campaign (when in real-world time we want to start, how often we can post, if someone's going to be on vacation, how I'm going to set up the world map, etc.) we'll roleplay here. Any conflicts or other obligations that could get in the way of the game, post with your roleplaying in out-of-character.

Treat these posts as a test of your imagination: how would your character approach others? How are they getting to Oleg's? Are they striding along the path? Did they hitch a ride? Are they on horseback (you'd have to have a horse for that one)? Or are they, perhaps, creeping in the woods? It's all up to you. I will post when it's time to move over to the Gameplay thread. Until then, feel free to PM me any questions or to post them here as out of character comments.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Gerran's horse carries him along the road at a walking pace, slow and steady. Gerran himself rocks easily in the saddle - he had, after all, trained her himself, and had spent countless hours in this same saddle during that process. In fact, he could almost trust her to get him there while he slept.

His excitement for the upcoming task made it hard not to push her to gallop all the way to their destination. As it was, however, he found himself closing his eyes often and enjoying the sounds of the forest around him. We've plenty of time, and as much we'd both enjoy Hoya stretching her legs, it's been a while since she's been on a journey; best to ease her into it.

He keeps mostly to the roads, but stops often to hunt or let Hoya graze, or to water himself or his horse.

@Tassadan, thanks for choosing me - I've been wanting to get into a Kingmaker for...well, since I discovered PbP a few months ago. As far as logistics go, I'm okay starting things ASAP, and am usually on the boards several times a day.

Grand Lodge

Female Half-elf Gunslinger 7
HP: 67/67 || AC: 22, touch: 17, flat-footed: 16 || CMD: 25 || Fort: +8, Ref: +10, Will: +6(+8); +2 vs. enchantment, immune sleep || Init: +6 || Perception: +8, low-light vision

It was good to be back in the wilds again. For all the conveniences of Restov, with its comfortable beds and easy access to food and grog and company, it was nice to be away from all the too-curious stares, and the constant noise, bustle, and stench of civilisation. Aerynne had grown far too used to her solitary life in the wilderness, almost embarrassingly so. Always a country bumpkin at heart, I suppose, she grins to herself.

Bramble, her ever-faithful companion (well, one of them), seemed pleased to be on the open road again, too. Being cooped up in a stable for too long made the mare antsy; she was always charged extra by the stable workers after kicking out some poor sod's front teeth or something of the sort. Cadeyrn was also glad for the change of scenery. She made the mistake once and only once of calling him to her side while around those she didn't know; he was chased out of the city borders by a couple of well-meaning farmers wielding pitchforks.

As she chuckled at the memory, the fey-wolf suddenly emerged from the undergrowth, a captured rabbit in his jaws. The half-elf's eyes lit up at the sight. That made three today. "Nice job," she says with a smile, bending down to receive that night's dinner from her friend. She busies herself for a few moments, stringing it up over Bramble with the other two coneys to be dealt with around dinnertime.

Cadeyrn leans back on his haunches, quietly watching Aerynne from behind, quicksilver eyes swirling like slow-moving storm clouds. "That, plus the yams I found earlier, should be enough for today, yes?" His voice was deep and rumbly, almost as if he spoke with a perpetual growl.

"More than enough. Thanks, Cadeyrn. As always."

Cadeyrn abruptly rises to his feet, ears flattened against his skull in alert. "Someone's coming." He stares pointedly at the road, still visible past the undergrowth. They weren't more than twenty feet into the forest, after all.

"Hmm?" Grabbing the reins of her horse, Aerynne sneaks forward and pushes aside a small tree to give herself a better view. Coming down the road at a brisk trot was another rider—a rare sight to begin with in these backwoods. Still, there was nothing too strange about a lone horse rider, and he didn't appear to be a bandit at first glance. Besides, they were supposed to be close to Oleg's Trading Post. It was probably another hunter or tracker looking to trade some goods or something. Despite feeling Cadeyrn's reservations (as usual), Aerynne pushes through the treeline and emerges onto the road with Bramble.

She raises her hand in greeting to Gerran. "Ho there, rider!" If he stops and allows her to speak with him, she'll introduce herself and ask if he would mind a companion on the road to Oleg's. "I figure that there isn't much else for someone to be doing around here but heading there," she says with a laugh.

Survival check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Cadeyrn's survival check to hunt and forage for himself is DC 10. However, he doesn't eat, as an outsider... so all his food would go to Aerynne.

Hello, all! Thank you very much for selecting me, Tassadan. I'm really excited to play in this adventure! I'm available to start immediately. I can post a few times a day at the moment easily – my university classes don't start back until late February, so I've got a lot of free time. Even after then I should be able to keep up a brisk activity pace. :)

As for maps, you could create a campaign on Roll20 and use that. The current maps, tokens, handouts, etc., are all saved on the server as you do things, so even though we aren't using it for a live game, it would still be useful.

Male Human Wizard 2

"Beware, Sifkesh! Your evil will not be tolerated any longer! I will unleash upon you the very powers of HELL in righteous fury and supreme justice! Your demonic machinations are at an END!" comes a voice on the wind, shouting a clear challenge to a hated foe.

Knowledge: Planes or Religion DC 15:
Sifkesh is a Demon Lord of Heresy and Suicide

Swirling magical energies surround a man of haughty bearing and refined features. His arms are spread wide and his hands form intricate patterns with his fingers, waves of force rippling from them with each motion. His eyes are afire with anger and righteous indignation. "You have had your last chance to surrender!" the man growls.

Ten feet away from the man, standing in supreme indifference, is a mule. She is currently chewing on something made of black and red silk. The man's face grows red with indignation. "You are a plague! You mangy, foul, stupid beast!" he says, walking up to the animal and grasping the tattered end of the cloth he tries to pull it free. The mule proves to be as intractable a foe in the physical contest as in the mental, and refuses to release the item.

Hello all! Very excited to be playing with this group. A very interesting and diverse bunch of characters. Looking forward to some fun times!

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

"Ho, traveler!" Gerran calls as he pulls gently on Hoya's reigns. Odd that such a slight figure would be travelling alone, and even more so that she'd greet unknown travelers so openly. Gerran looks around in the woods nearby, fearing a trap.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Seeing none, he approaches. When she introduces herself and asks to join him on the way to Oleg's, he responds, "Well met, Aerynne. My name is Gerran. As to your joining me, I would be honored...besides, it would be silly to act as if we had not met at this point." Gerran's mouth splits into a wide grin.

(Halfling Barb 1/Fighter 1): AC: 18 (15) // HP: 19/22 +2 // Perc: +2 //Rage 6/6

Wallop spends a day and a half in Restov recovering from his long journey North from Cheliax ...

As he enters a shady looking taproom he glances up at the sign. "The Rusty Nail" he says to himself, "not exactly the type of place I'd like to drink. I can imagine the swill they sell in this place wouldn't be fit for an Ogre. But it fits my pocketbook at the moment so it will have to do." He settles himself in at a table and orders the house wine as he pulls out his charter. "Oleg's Trading Post" he mutters to himself as the serving girl brings his wine. As he pays her he takes a sip and does his best not to wince. "Suspicions confirmed. This is dreadful." Wallop pulls out his map and spreads it lovingly out on the table; gently caressing its creases and corners as he sets it flat. "Maps mean adventure. Maps mean freedom. Two things my father used to say all the time. Two luxuries slaves don't generally enjoy."

"I'll need to head out right quick if I'm going to make it on time." With that, Wallop packs up his map and charter and finds a friendly old man sitting at the bar and asks him "Ho stranger, my names Wallop Fey and I hate to dine alone. Can I buy you a meal for the mere cost of the pleasure of your company?" and he spends the rest of the evening chatting with the fellow and getting caught up on the latest news. At first light, he packs up his belongings onto his not-so-trusty pony "Chomp" and hits the road out of town that leads to Oleg's.

After a few hours of brisk travel he sees a peculiar sight; a half elf woman with a rather large and intimidating wolf cantering at her side and a Mancat riding a horse. "Well there's something you don't see every day" he mutters to himself. "They look well equiped, perchance they are charter holders headed to Oleg's as well."

Wallop lets out a hollar and a wave and then nudges his pony to move a little faster.

There are a few items I probably should have purchased that I did not so with your blessing I'd like to add them retroactively. One is a shaggy pony to ride (and some tackle and such), and the other is a small portable kit for brewing ales and wines. I gotta keep the family tradition alive ya know!

*Edit: I've been ninja'd TWICE.


Well done so far. Once all members are assembled (still waiting on Ajani and Scraps) we will move to the Gameplay Thread.

Aerynne: THANK YOU! Roll20 is perfect for our purposes and I've set up an account. I will send you all the link once we've moved to Gameplay. They even have goblin tokens for you, Scraps, but unfortunately not with firearms. Catfolk are also harder to find, and halflings too. Wallop may just want to take a human token and then make it half size (even though Small creatures still take up a 5-foot square). Other than that, though, it's fantastic. Once there, if you're like Aerynne and have a companion, don't forget to include them as being in spaces as well. There's a Dire Wolf token on there that would probably be good for Cadeyrn.

Wallop: Go for it. Since the campaign hasn't started, you can buy as you wish as long as you don't go over your max gold. You will be able to buy supplies at Oleg's as well, but his stock may be more limited due to its rural location.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Gerran and Aerynne are trading stories and observations, when Gerran hears a high-pitched voice (I'm assuming; I mean, the vocal chords are shorter, they vibrate faster, create higher pitches...:-P) from behind. He slows his horse and turns in his saddle to see the halfling approach.

"Hello, and well-met. Am I correct in assuming that you, too, are on your way to Oleg's Trad..." He stops speaking, and his ears perk up. He looks ahead down the road, but there is a bend in the path, and the trees on either side block any further view.

Perception (Hearing): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

"Introductions will have to wait - someone is in trouble!" He kicks his horse into a gallop, readies his bow, and nocks an arrow while he tries to get a better view of the situation.

Of course, once he sees the situation the wizard is in, he pulls his horse up short and lets out a loud burst of laughter. He dismounts and approaches the stubborn beast, then coaxes it into releasing the fabric.

Handle Animal: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

"You really should treat your beasts with more respect, else this sort of thing will likely happen all too often. That said, hello and well-met, friend. My name is Gerran, and we," he indicates himself and Aerynne, "are on our way to Oleg's Trading Post. Might we assume you are, as well?", the last directed at both Wallop and Marius.

Male Human Wizard 2

The tattered remains of a flag fall into the man's hands. He looks at the damage and groans. Looking up, he sees the Catfolk for the first time. His eyes widen slightly.

Knowledge: Geography, History or Nobility DC 15:
The flag is that of Cheliax.

He composes himself, giving the mule a nasty look in the mean-time. Drawing himself upright and to a modicum of noble bearing, he smiles at Gerran. He looks the others over as well. "My name is Marius Cambari." he says with grace, despite his simple clothing, which on closer examination appear to be brand new and not broken in yet despite the mud on his boots. He is in his early twenties you reckon, and he is handsome with well-kept black hair. His features are sharp and you'd figure him for a Chelaxian by the looks of him. His eyes are dark brown, almost black, with a hint of violet. "I am indeed on my way to Oleg's Trading Post." Marius considers for a moment, but he lets the thought pass unspoken.

Male Human Wizard 2

"Oh, and this is Sifkesh." he adds with a sneer, indicating the mule. She's a roly-poly young specimen who seems so even-tempered she's almost comatose. "I'll treat her with respect when she learns to obey me. I think the farmer who sold her to me was playing a joke on me." he says, smirking. The mule is loaded with a bale of feed, a small chest, a tent, and bundle of firewood and Marius' pack.

(Halfling Barb 1/Fighter 1): AC: 18 (15) // HP: 19/22 +2 // Perc: +2 //Rage 6/6

Wallop approaches the catman with an open look of interest and just as he is about to say "I've never met a Catfolk before" the man bolts off into the bushes and announces that there is trouble. Wallop puts the spurs to his shaggy little shetland and follows in hot pursuit. When he sees the source of the sound he bursts into gales of laughter ...

"BAHAHAHAHAHA! The horse is eating your scarf .... BAHAHAHAHA"

Ride Check: 1d20 ⇒ 5

The halfling is wracked with shuddering as he continues to laugh uncontrollably. Unfortunately his behavior spooks his pony who starts at the noise and the halfling falls unceremoniously to the ground. Even after he hits the ground he can still be heard laughing and clutching his belly as he points at the mule.

As he looks up at the newcomer he sees the Chelaxian flag and the laughter ceases immediately. He stands up soberly and watches Marius warily. A man who carries the Chelaxian flag in his hand might also carry Chelaxian politics in his heart. I should be careful. I still bear the mark of a slave and have no writ of the freeman."

Wallop Fey, and yes I too am headed to Oleg's with a charter. And this charming little filly is my pony Chomp. Just keep your fingers away from her teeth and you should be fine.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Knowledge (Geography): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Gerran notes the flag, and is aware of the country's location, but having no knowledge or interest in politics, thinks nothing of it.

"If you've an interest, Master Cambari, and if we're to be traveling together a ways, I might be able to teach your mule a trick or two (with GM approval, that is). Perhaps once you know better how to control it, it will not be quite so...unruly."

Then, to the rest of the group, "Well, then - as we are all travelling to the same location, I suggest we stick together. There is always a chance, however remote, that we might happen upon brigands, and there is safety in numbers." And with that, he walks to his horse, mounts, and waits for the others.

Liberty's Edge

Aerynne is at once fascinated by the catfolk, having never before seen such a being in her life. Every time Gerram's ears twitch or she catches sight of his tail, she has to hold back the urge to want to touch it, and has to wrench her stares away from him. By the stars, I suddenly understand what other people feel like when they meet me... She flushes a little, shaking her head in an attempt to clear the exceedingly rude (and not to mention hypocritical) reactions she was having. Nonetheless, after some easy conversation astride their horses, she becomes much more relaxed around Gerram (and much less distracted by his uniqueness).

Along the way, they come across a strange little halfling and an even stranger man, shouting and blustering at his mule in the middle of the road. Laughing at the sight, by the time she gets around to introductions there's an obvious amusement in her voice. "I'm Aerynne," she says with a wide grin, "and you're very, VERY obviously not from around here, Marius. I'm shocked you made it this far, considering." She catches sight of the tattered flag and, recognising its origins, arches her brow a little, but says nothing of it. He certainly IS far from home...

"But Gerram's right. We should be going. I'm not too worried about bandits myself—but better to be safe than sorry. We shouldn't be far off from the Trading Post I imagine, and I've got plenty of food if we need to set up camp this evening." Aerynne smiles, then gently nudges Bramble into an easy pace down the road to Oleg's once more.

Knowledge (Geography): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Tassaden, you could make your own tokens using something like TokenTool and some judicious searching of DeviantArt and the like if you prefer, or just use whatever ones come up on Roll20. :) If you need any help with using Roll20 though, just ask; I use it to run a few campaigns and know the ins and outs of it all.

Oh, yeah, and if it wasn't clear, Cadeyrn is staying out of sight at the moment, following up beside everyone but remaining in the woods.

Goblin 1 Gunslinger (musket master/bushwacker) HP 20/20, AC 18/16/14, Saves 5/7/2, Musket +8, 1d10, Init +6, Percept +10


Scraps awakens late, having been unable to sleep the night before. Her ma is in the "kitchen", straining river water through an old cloth to collect greens for a salad. Her pa had been sorting through debris, washed up under the bridge long ago, but has stopped, staring intently at something in his hand.

Scratching her head, the young goblin girl calls out, "Pa, whatcha be findin?"

Startled, the elder goblin jumps to his feet, his eyes darting to both the left and right, searching for danger. Realizing that it's only his daughter, he looks down guiltily before saying, "Nothing my precious, just an old trinket I'd stored away."

Bewildered, Scraps watches as her father scampers out the door of their hovel and darts out from under the bridge before being lost in the traffic of the busy street. Shaking her head, Scraps gets up to help her mother with the breakfast salad. Today is the day!

Barely an hour later, the entire scene had drastically changed. Traffic had ground to a standstill, the road clogged by a gaggle of goblins, kobolds, blues and gremlins. Over a dozen halflings mingled with the throng, as well as at least three gnomes and a very dirty dwarf. A few humans were represented, a fact which increased the volume level significantly as everyone has to yell up to them.

The crowd grows restless by the time her father returns, carrying a long bundle in his arms. Stepping atop an old orange crate, he squints in the sunlight before seeming to realize how many people are packed in the road.

"Ah...ahem! Right! I'm Scratch and this here be me daughter Scraps. As ye can see, we're goblins right enough, just like some of you'n."

With something finally beginning, the crowd seems to settle down, except for cousin Rags in the back. A most unusual goblin, he'd actually thought far enough ahead to bring rotten fruit to throw. As a typical goblin however, he'd suddenly realized that it wasn't THAT rotten, and was now chewing noisily.

"So! Me daughter be settin off today fer Oleg's, but I'm guessin y'all be knowin all about that. As her pa, I know how hard it is in the big world out there, what with us all bein little folk an all."

Beconing Scraps to the makeshift podium, he unwraps a beautiful musket sized for a human child. With tears in his eyes, he hands it to her, saying, "Never did I think to be proud of a pup the way I be proud of you'n. I gotcha this here gun so that you'll be safe on the road, without yer kin to protect ye."

With a whoop from the back, the throng rushed forward, each with a different gift for the young girl. Entirely bowled over, Scraps hurriedly accepts both well-wishes and gifts with equal gratitude, quickly tossing everything in a large sack her ma had found. Never before had she seen such riches, for the sack was filled near to bursting and only half the crowd yet come to see her.

On the road

Scraps stepped through the city gates almost three hours later, her father's parting words running through her mind.

"I hope you're not minding such a nice gift but I'm really proud of you'n. I'd found this old ring when I was a pup and just remembered this mornin that a halfling and some dwarves were in town shoppin for one. I was gonna give it to ye me precious, but thought a good gun might be less trouble. Sorry I was late."

Later that afternoon, Scraps rounds the final bend before coming to Oleg's Trading Post. Thinking that all others would be at their supper, she is surprised to see a group of tall folk in the middle of the road with a halfling rolling in the dirt laughing.

Screwing up her courage, she steps forward, the mule's bridle dropping from her hand, forgotten.

"Greetin's! I be Scraps, a gob...Ahem...a goblin. I be bound for a place near here by name of Oleg's and I jes wanna let you know, I'm not looking for trouble if'n yer not."

Her peice said, Scraps seems to deflate a little. With one foot firmly facing the road forward, her other is turned to the side, ready to bolt for the nearest bush if need be.

Pa, please watch over me an keep me safe for it truly is a big world out here and mighty scary to boot.

Goblin 1 Gunslinger (musket master/bushwacker) HP 20/20, AC 18/16/14, Saves 5/7/2, Musket +8, 1d10, Init +6, Percept +10

I have a few last minute questions regards my character. They are not really a big deal, just some tidying up.

I'd like to take a level of bushwacker for my level of gunslinger. Normally limited to kobolds, I think the two races share enough features that the archtype would apply equally to both races. A Bushwacker is basically a sneaky git with a rifle.

I also took "Brigand" as my trait, simply because the benefit was getting along well with ruffians. I figure they are the most likely to accept a goblin adventurer. I hope this is acceptable.

That's it really. I'll have my finished character sheet posted shortly and will add my stats to my name once the bushwacker question is answered. Thanks so much for choosing me, I'm really looking forward to getting started!

Goblin 1 Gunslinger (musket master/bushwacker) HP 20/20, AC 18/16/14, Saves 5/7/2, Musket +8, 1d10, Init +6, Percept +10

PPS - I'm an artist with over 20 years in advertising. I'll be happy to make any tokens or markers required for the game during the next month or so.

Unfortunately, I'm also currently a medical student, which means any services of that nature will stop abruptly the day classes begin in February. I kind of hesitate to offer because while I'm happy to give my time now, I really don't like having to say no later.

Scraps wrote:

I have a few last minute questions regards my character. They are not really a big deal, just some tidying up.

I'd like to take a level of bushwacker for my level of gunslinger. Normally limited to kobolds, I think the two races share enough features that the archtype would apply equally to both races. A Bushwacker is basically a sneaky git with a rifle.

I also took "Brigand" as my trait, simply because the benefit was getting along well with ruffians. I figure they are the most likely to accept a goblin adventurer. I hope this is acceptable.

PPS - I'm an artist with over 20 years in advertising. I'll be happy to make any tokens or markers required for the game during the next month or so.

Brigand is fine, and after some consideration I think that Bushwhacker is fine too. There really is no reason that the archetype should be explicitly for Kobolds: there's no justification for it. I'd honestly be willing to give it to any character as long as their alignment doesn't clash with it (a Lawful Good character regaining grit from killing a helpless or unaware opponent doesn't sit well with me, for example).

As for artistry? Whatever you want to do is fine by me. We can easily get by with nonspecific tokens, but if you should want to design your own or ones for Gerran and Wallop (our other two very not-human party members), be my guest. I'm certainly not going to hold you to anything. Your only obligations as players in this game is a certain level of respect for each other and for the game. Have fun, play your character, post when you can.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Hearing a small gutteral voice from behind him, Gerran turns and sees the goblin. His grin falls from his face, and his hand reaches over his shoulder to grasp at his greatsword. I wasn't aware we'd have to deal with these vermin in these lands, too...

"You say you're on the way to Oleg's? That's fine, go on. I'll not stop you, but I'll not let you help yourself to our equipment, nor our animals." With the last statement, he calls his guard dog to his side.

So there was a small mixup with equipment - I have a guard dog now.

EDIT: Just had a quick thought - if you guys find that I'm posting too often, or trying too hard to move things along, let me know. I don't want to monopolize things or move them along too quickly when you to spend some time doing some serious RP.

Also, hope I'm not going too over the top with Gerran's reaction to the goblin...

Gerran Ashkenazi wrote:
Also, hope I'm not going too over the top with Gerran's reaction to the goblin...

Goblins are pretty hated in this universe. The fact that you don't kill her on sight is more allowance than most in Golarion would give. Goblins are amongst the more evil races in Avistan. Rise of the Runelords spares no expense to show the violence and savagery of goblin culture.

Scraps, keep in mind that Goblins have an inborn fear and loathing of dogs. Whether Scraps has moved past that is up to you.

Grand Lodge

Female Half-elf Gunslinger 7
HP: 67/67 || AC: 22, touch: 17, flat-footed: 16 || CMD: 25 || Fort: +8, Ref: +10, Will: +6(+8); +2 vs. enchantment, immune sleep || Init: +6 || Perception: +8, low-light vision

A goblin?! Aerynne initially shares Gerran's reaction towards Scraps, but it only takes a few words out of the goblin's mouth before the half-elf's attitude softens. Now, goblins were usually an annoyance and a half, but this one seemed to be at least somewhat civilised. Well, at least she wasn't trying to kill the horses and dogs like most goblins she'd come in contact with in the past had. Wisdom could be found in all experiences, even the most strange of ones; and one can always find diamonds in the rough. If this goblin was not one of the 'kill-and/or-eat-everything' types, it was unfortunate that she would be branded with the same brush as her more terrorising kin.

With that in mind, Aerynne takes a deep breath and forces herself to smile at Scraps. "C'mon, Gerran, leave the poor little thing alone, can't you see she's scared half to death? Hello there, Scraps. I'm Aerynne. We're all headed to Oleg's as well, and despite mister grumpy-cat's reaction, you're welcome to join us." She shoots the rest of the group a long look. "If anyone has a problem, I'll be happy to ride close to her and keep an eye on her myself."

Poor Scraps :(

(Halfling Barb 1/Fighter 1): AC: 18 (15) // HP: 19/22 +2 // Perc: +2 //Rage 6/6

Well sweet grapes that's a strange turn Wallop thinks to himself. Now we have a goblin in our clan? Who'da thunk? I spent the better part of my life as a slave so I sure ain't one to look down on people ... but a goblin?

Well least I ain't the only shorty in the group ... thats the half full part of the cup Wallop whispers to Gerran as he titters to himself.

This is bound to be the strangest group I ever been a part of he thinks to himself as he smiles at at Scraps and says Come along shorty, daylights a burnin! You can tell us your story as we walk.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Seeing the others' reaction to the goblin, Gerran is taken aback. I would understand if they've never seen a goblin, but surely they've heard tales of their viciousness? Still, with supreme effort, he removes his hand from the pommel of his sword, then nods. "Very well, Aerynne. I will restrain myself for your sake."

Still, you notice that Gerran is now riding well behind the goblin, with an arrow nocked, and is keeping a close eye on Scraps as they continue their journey.

Male Human Wizard 2

Marius finally gets his mule underway, but the appearance of a Goblin makes him start and he readies himself, hands poised to make the signs for a magic spell. "Where there's one, there's bound to be more! Defend yourselves!" he calls out. When the others back down from confrontation, Marius is incredulous. "You are going to Oleg's?" he asks, not really looking for an answer as the circumstances are being processed in his head. He looks again at the Goblin, and seeing she indeed appears to be alone, he relaxes as well. "Hmm. Well... Scraps. Mind you keep your hands out of my things, these are the River Kingdoms, and the River Freedoms are in effect, so you're welcome to conduct your own affairs. But we will not tolerate any lawlessness. As I'm sure you're aware, Goblins have a very poor reputation among the civilized races."

Marius allows himself to fall back with Gerran, his eyes similarly on the Goblin. "The creature can't certainly have a charter." he says. "But their kind may be useful if they can be civilized."


Change of plans, everyone. Ajani hasn't responded to my PMs, so instead we will have Morgrym Hammergun, a Dwarven Stonelord Paladin, joining us. He should be posting soon. I will soon after move us to the gameplay thread where we can get started on the campaign.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

Morgrym had been on the road for most of the day, walking steadily along beside his sturdy horse, when he came upon a commotion. It appeared a large and bizarre assortment of folk where having some sort of difficulty in the road, although he could not yet tell what it might be. Continuing to approach he calls out to the misfit band in a voice that's deep rumbling tones evokes images of tunnels and stone.

"Ho, travelers. I am Morgrym Hammergun, son of Thonin Hammergun of Highhelm and emissary of High King Borogrim. I am-"

Morgrym's face turns even more stony as he notices the Goblin. It is with the fluid ease of decades of experience that his shield and axe come to bear.

"Why do you not draw arms? Do you not see the creature among you? Are you in league with the Goblin Tribes?"

Morgrym advances slowly with his axe and shield at the ready and gets only as close as it takes to use detect evil on the closest member of the group.

Hello all, I'm sorry that you already seem to have lost a player but am overjoyed at the opportunity to join you.

Grand Lodge

Female Half-elf Gunslinger 7
HP: 67/67 || AC: 22, touch: 17, flat-footed: 16 || CMD: 25 || Fort: +8, Ref: +10, Will: +6(+8); +2 vs. enchantment, immune sleep || Init: +6 || Perception: +8, low-light vision

Another traveller upon the roads, and another to immediately react with hate upon the goblin in their wake. Aerynne couldn't say she… trusted the goblin, mind you, but she was starting to get a little frustrated with the menfolk thinking with weapons first and compassion last. Perhaps she trusted in others too easily—Cadeyrn always complained that she did. But was there really a problem with giving others the benefit of the doubt?

She sighs audibly, rubbing her left temple with two fingers. "Calm down, dwarf. Please. The goblin seems like she isn't any harm. There's no law against her going about her business, and I see no problem in gaining a travelling companion along the road."

"... Look, how about this." Aerynne glances over her shoulder to the surrounding wilderness, searching for where she knew her fey-wolf companion waited. Come out here, she says silently, through their constant mental link.

Though she could feel his hesitation, soon enough Cadeyrn pushes through the undergrowth and emerges into the road. He is a wolf-like creature with midnight black fur and two horns sprouting like branches out from his head. The feywolf strides confidently towards Aerynne and Scraps, standing guard next to the goblin.

"This is my... ah, companion, I suppose you could say, named Cadeyrn. He can keep watch over her, and immediately react if she does anything problematic. Is that okay?"

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

"You would call this creature companion? I am not one for rash actions, but in the Mountains we kill these creatures on sight for if we do not, we know they will do so to us. For those of us who dwell in the tunnels, the goblins are but a nuisance a minor threat unless in overwhelming numbers or directed by the Orcs."
The word Orc is followed by Morgrym spitting on the ground.
"For my people who don't have the protection of Father Torag's tunnels, a goblin raid can mean stolen harvest, slaughtered herds, torched homes, and worse. A stout-folk settlement that is not properly prepared can be slaughtered. We have been trying to guard our homes from these monsters since before man even walked the earth, and you would tell me that this one isn't any harm?"

Morgrym doesn't seem ready to budge on this issue, but he also hasn't taken any more steps towards the group. As the conversation continues, he takes the time to use his detect evil ability on each member of the group in turn.


Morgrym detects no evil, not even in the Scraps the Goblin.

Grand Lodge

Female Half-elf Gunslinger 7
HP: 67/67 || AC: 22, touch: 17, flat-footed: 16 || CMD: 25 || Fort: +8, Ref: +10, Will: +6(+8); +2 vs. enchantment, immune sleep || Init: +6 || Perception: +8, low-light vision

Aerynne sighs again. She had not met many dwarves in her life, but those she had were all too similar: stick-in-the-muds that were all far too obsessed with tradition for their own good... not to mention their holier-than-thou attitude when it came to the 'younger' races, much like full-blooded elves.

Perhaps getting along with these folks was going to be more of a challenge than she first thought.

"Back in my home town, a bandit raid that we weren't prepared for could easily have the same end. But they weren't goblins that attacked, usually... just humans for the most part. Just because some humans are bad doesn't mean they all are. Same with dwarves and elves and all the rest. You'd be mad to colour an entire race with the one brush. So why would you not extend that same courtesy to a goblin?"

Male Human Wizard 2

Now what is that?

Knowledge: Planes 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

An Eidolon... interesting.

Marius looks to Gerran, and then to the Dwarf. "Greetings Morgrym!" he calls out. "I will let the others introduce themselves, but I am Marius Cambari, and I bear a charter to tame these lands." he gestures at the Goblin. "I am inclined to agree with your assessment, Morgrym, but these others seem to wish to tolerate the Goblin's presence. If the young lady wishes to take responsibility for the... ah, 'Scraps''... safety, then I am sure her companion is up to the task. For now, we are outside the claim of civilization. The River Kingdoms are a lawless place. I hope to change that."

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

"You speak of human bandits as if this is somehow comparable to the evil of goblin kind. It is not. Bandits are outcasts among their kind, despised and hunted by their fellows and brought to justice if they ever are recognized among their civilized brethren. The goblin race have no civilized brethren. Theirs is a culture that revers slaughter and chaos. Their societies do not punish their wicked and their corrupt, they follow them to cause greater mayhem."

Morgrym pauses for a moment, then lowers his arms. However, the expression on his face isn't one of acceptance but confusion.

"For many years now, Father Torag has granted me the gift of looking into the soul of a man. Strangely, this creature seems not to carry the taint I usually see in her kind. Goblin, where do you come from? How is it that your aura is so pure where your brethren are vile? Speak, creature."

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Gerran is about to introduce himself, then stopped short at the appearance of the eidolon. What manner of creature is that, I wonder?. Then, as Marius greets the newcomer, Gerran's attention returns to the situation around him.

"I have had much the same experience as yourself when it comes to goblins, Master Hammergun; I harbor no love for their kind. However, I must admit that this one does seem more...well-spoken, perhaps, if not more civilized...than others of its kind." He cocks his head to one side, thinking on something the dwarf mentioned. "You spoke of outcasts, master dwarf. As it is on its own, and if you cannot detect the taint of evil in its heart, might we assume that it itself is an outcast for being more good-natured than its kin?" Gerran looks surprised that those words left his lips as soon as they are spoken. What am I saying? Am I actually defending that vermin?

Gerran takes a breath and continues. "Regardless, my name is Gerran, and we are apparently all on our way to Oleg's Trading Post. Might we assume that you are, as well?"

(Halfling Barb 1/Fighter 1): AC: 18 (15) // HP: 19/22 +2 // Perc: +2 //Rage 6/6

Wallop listens intently to the debate raging about the presence of the goblin Scraps. Its true he thinks to himself I have heard many horror stories about goblins and their evil tendencies. But this one seems quite alright ... at least for the time being.

Gentlemen, frankly I think the word evil is just a matter of perspective. Most of us would agree that a goblin eating babies is pretty much evil. But I ain't got no problem with eating lamb. Heck, lamb is delicious. A delicious baby sheep. I think if its mother could talk, she'd call me evil for eating her baby but none of you would I'm sure. Its just the way of things. I say we let this goblin join us as Aerynne has suggested and let that gigantic wolf keep an eye on the goblin ... without eating it. And we give the goblin a chance to prove us wrong. That'll give us a chance to judge it on its own merit and not on the reputation of its kind.

Proud of himself for sounding wise, Wallop puffs out his chest and gestures towards the road and says Shall we? At camp time tonight I'll brew y'all up one of my best meads to celebrate our new found racial tolerance!

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

"I have dedicated my life to the idea that evil is not a simple matter of perspective. But Father Torag has shown this creatures heart to me and it does not seem to be evil. I don't know about tolerance, but I suppose that as long as it does not seem that it seeks to betray us to it's kind, one goblin won't be much of a threat."

Morgrym speaks with an air as if his proclamation has decided the issue. He re-slings his shield and axe and begins to lead his horse in the direction of the rest of the group and their ultimate destination.


Excellent, everyone. Now we move to the gameplay thread.

Goblin 1 Gunslinger (musket master/bushwacker) HP 20/20, AC 18/16/14, Saves 5/7/2, Musket +8, 1d10, Init +6, Percept +10

I am extremely sorry. I was supposed to have internet on this leg of my trip in the States and it has not materialized. I will not have internet until the 14th. I will have a final character sheet at that time and be completely ready to go moving forward, guaranteed. I will read all of the posts then and catch up completely.

Again, my sincerest apologies.


Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

In light of Scraps' most recent post, how do we proceed? Tassadan?

Although, I was wondering why we hadn't heard from her in so long despite all of the "racism" directed towards her.


The fourteenth is not far away, so until then I'll use Scraps as an NPC until further notice. I did warn about using characters in this fashion in the recruitment thread. I will do my best to not have Scraps do anything of character-changing importance and instead act in a fashion according to her class levels and character.

I also have a small announcement: I have to attend a funeral in another city tomorrow, and therefore will have limited time to post. I will do my best to post Svetlana's support and give you guys a map of the area via If all goes as planned these will be done before midnight tonight. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Alright, so I've put the campaign on roll20 and a link to it on the last gameplay post. Bookmark the link so that I don't have to continually post it and you don't have to keep going back to my post to get it. Once there, click "launch campaign" and choose tokens for your characters. My plan is to use this site primarily for battle and showing exploration of the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt map is the next map over, and it is partially blacked out because you haven't explored yet! Once you explore more hexes, you'll see more of the map.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

So apparently the token stuff is something you have to do, GM, from a GM-only tab on the sidebar. If that's not the case, someone let me know how to do it. If you're the only one that can do it, I'd like to use the humanoid 'weretiger' token from Devin Token Pack 4 - Werecreatures. Unless, of course, someone can find something more catfolk-like? :-P

Liberty's Edge

Yeah it should be a GM-only thing to add tokens at least. I guess we can upload pictures and link them here for Tassadan to put up (try making tokens with TokenTool if you don't otherwise have a preference). I suggest people look on DeviantArt for something to represent their character :)

Gerran, perhaps something like this? I can easily change the colours to grey if you like it. Try searching on DA for "catfolk" "werecat" "weretiger" "anthro cat" kind of keywords.

p.s., Tassadin, I hope the funeral goes well. My condolences.


Alright, I gave everyone an token and I think they can use it. I even found a "weretiger" one for Gerran! If you find alternates you'd rather have, let me know. Also, any other things that you want me to do with the map, let me know. I don't know what you're able to move and when as I'm quite new to the site.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

Yeah - that one is better than any of the couple thousand others I looked at. If you're able to change the color to grey, that would be cool (assuming that it's an okay token - not sure how it would be oriented to work on an overhead map).

Thanks :-)

Liberty's Edge

I went and edited both the portrait and the top-down token :) If Tassadan wanted to use simple round/square tokens rather than top-down tokens he can use the portrait, otherwise, the top-down one is there.


Changed Gerran's to the gray top-down token. I prefer the top down ones. In my opinion they give a greater degree of realism to the otherwise static map.

Male Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 2 [ HP 22/22 | AC 19/13/16 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1 | Init +3 | Perception +8 (+2 vs. Humans) ]

@GM: Still seems like you need to grant permission for each of us to move our tokens?

@all: Lest you think I'm going to be forcing myself on you guys for the foreseeable future, I expect that after this battle, he will be a bit more deferential. The way I read the description of catfolk society, when there is a situation, he will defer to someone that he trusts if that person is best able to handle that situation.

Without knowing any of your characters very well (or at all, in some cases), he doesn't consider them yet to be part of his "extended pack" and (again, not knowing any better) considers himself best able to handle this particular situation. Thus, he is going to act as chieftain, and will have a very take-charge attitude.

Once he grows more accustomed to his companions, he will be more willing to defer to their judgement. And no offense intended with Aerynne and Marius, just that you don't look like warriors, and without proof to the contrary, he assumed you were 'civilians'.

Liberty's Edge

I didn't take offense personally, Gerran... Aerynne did a little, but she just took it in her stride and gave you a more diplomatic version of the middle finger in response. ;)

Gerran Ashkenazi wrote:

@GM: Still seems like you need to grant permission for each of us to move our tokens?

Darn it, I thought I did that. I'll fiddle with the site.

EDIT: Okay, try it now.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin Level 2 (AC: 20 Init+1 Prcptn+2 Crrnt HP 19)

I can only speak for myself but good roleplaying requires no apology and no explanation. If you do cross a line, I'll let you know. But, in my own opinion, I'd rather see you actually try and create a person than just create a page of numbers and there's not a person out there who doesnt act like a jerk sometimes.

(Halfling Barb 1/Fighter 1): AC: 18 (15) // HP: 19/22 +2 // Perc: +2 //Rage 6/6

I agree with the dwarf. Egads! There, I've done and said it. I actually agree with a DWARF!! 8)

Role playing is like acting, you're pretending to be someone else. I pretty sure Larry didn't get angry with Moe every time he poked him in the eye on set.

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