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Starfinder Society

Kingmaker: The Underdogs

Game Master Paizo Fan

Major NPCs
Lebeda, Lander - Scion of House Lebeda, responsible for sending the party to the Stolen Lands


Oleg's Stock
1x leather armor
1x heavy wooden shield
2x hand axes
5x javelins
1x longbow
24x arrows
1x scythe
2x spears
2x cure light wounds potions
1x +2 shield of faith potion
2x antitoxin
6x torches
2 weeks of trail rations
animal furs worth 120 gp
2x barrels of drinking water
1/2 barrel of lantern oil
3x common lamps
12x candles
1 weeks firewood
1x hooded lantern
70' of hemp rope
1x tent
2 weeks worth of food

Oleg's Capital: 1,080 cp, 577 sp, 140 gp

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