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Kingmaker: The Path to Glory (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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I'm at work and have little life outside that. :P


The Mississippi.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Got roped into going into a pool BBQ...may not get a chance to post anything today...

Damn those promises of alcohol and women in bikinis!


Un. Cool.

Hey treppa wanna mutiny?

Mebbe after I wake up. I finally found the secret to getting some sleep in this heat. Icepack! Managed a few hours but brain am not brain work bad bad brain bad zzzz

I have heard of the Mississippi. Only the brave boat on it. You're not near LaCrosse, are you? My sister lives a stone's throw from there.

I'm actually just south of prairie du chien. Little place called Bagley. There are NO grocery stores or anything, there is however a single bar, and that's it hahaha.

Originally from Platteville. Have lived in the suburbs of La Crosse though (Onalaska, went to Holmen High, why am I saying all of this)

Cool! My mom lives in Galena and my sister in St. Charles MN. My brother-in-law is chef at the Old Village Hall Restaurant in Lanesboro MN. You're right in the thick of things, dude!

I've been to some little towns along the Great River Road. Some of them are creee-eeepy!

I was in Platteville once to watch the Bears practice. I remember nothing about it, to be honest.

Creeeeepy in the best way. When I was little I was certain werewolves existed up in these hills.

Think our illustrious GM is going to pay us a visit?i be not. Probably have to wait till he goes to "work" on Monday

We've been abandoned. We should play knivesies!

Ephemeral GameMaster

You two are ruthless! 75% of my weekend is always taken up by friends, family, and dog. I want to post but no one let's me near my computer!!! Plus it's actually getting hot and no central air means the office is like an oven during the day.

And here I was hoping it was one hell of a party. :D

Indeeed almighty PINVENDOR indeed, but are we not friends? .... So knivesies, what are the rules?!

Lessee.. one knife in the middle of the table. Initiative wins a grab at the knife, then the fight is on.

1d20 ⇒ 2

What's my to hit?

1d20 ⇒ 7
I don't think it matters. Chances are, I have the knife. Yup.

So you can punch me, but I cuts you. My real AC? Probably 11.

Yeahhhh I mean my current AC is probably10..... Plus my magical gym shorts of quickness +0.

You definitely have the knife.

I'll attempt to grapple for the knife.

Attack to grapple!

1d20 ⇒ 14

Ah ha! I get my arms on ya, now grapple check!

1d20 ⇒ 4

Shoulda seen the grapple coming, eh?

Attempt to disarm provokes unless you've got Improved Disarm. Didn't think so. Attack of Opportunity:

Shiv attack: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14 for Damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Your attempt to get the knife is at -4 since you're unarmed, to give you a 10. My CMD is 11, so you fail. I have the knife!

4 to grapple? Nowhere close. :P

Stab at thee!: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6 for Damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

CMD! This pathfinder nonsense! So streamlined and easy!

Well now hold on....


That's alot of blood...

I think I should go to the hospital or....


Yeah I was never too experienced in fistfights.


Ephemeral GameMaster

As far as a map I have a plan for that. I would recommend printing the map page of the PG for now. I am going to see if I can do some editing magic on my computer, but don't expect me to be amazing at that...

I realize Ragnar is asking for in game reasons, but for now, you won't yet be needing the map. Just wanted to let you know. I will try to get you a map of the Wilderness Trade soon, but I have to figure out ho to separate it from the rest of the maps included for this AP...

Ah ok! Sounds good.

You're referring to the hex map right? Not the overall map of the area?

Ephemeral GameMaster

Uh...I guess I will have to check the PG when I get home from the pool. I was thinking the blank one, but maybe there's a different map you can use...?

The hex map is the blank one, we're cool!

TREPPA! Keep your replies up! I have some ideas, we won't need PINVENDOR for it!

Type faster!

And we always need pinvendor.


Dude, don't piss off the GM!


I posted just 20 seconds ahead of you if you want to edit your last post accordingly or not?

Nah, we're good. Keep going! ;)


Running to grab dindin. Back in an hour or so?


Back and never going outside again. We're going to stay in the basement and shake. Holy crap! What horrible skies!

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEND THE STORMS MY WAY. been in the 100s all week and no rain for over month! SUCK IT WI!

We've been the same, but now the clouds are going the wrong way and dropping writhy tentacles of orange and black. I will happily send them your way.

Nahhhh nevermind, you keep your elder god clouds.


Man, this role playing is delicious.

I hope we haven't scared our GM away. Come back, pinvendor! We love you! We need you!

Yooouuu aare our last hope!

It's the weekend, he's busy. Now we play the waiting game.

Back to Half-Life, then! Eeeeeeeeeee.

Ephemeral GameMaster

You babies!




OneDrunkViking rolls out of bed. Hits the pisser, washes up. He heads to the kitchen and pours himself a bowl of generic off brand cocoa puffs. He settles into the chair in the living room, one of those pseudo rocking chairs, it rolls back and forth.

"THE GAME! It's been 12 hours! Maybe a post is up!" he thinks.


Treppa thinks OneDrunkViking should run a pbp! So... much... writing!

Hahaha. I don't think I'd work as well as Id hope, only able to do so much because I don't have anything going on during the summer (work for a school district) and I don't have to keep everything in order. Point is, I recognize why PINVENDOR can only post so much, I just like to tease and prod.

I've tried running a prewritten adventure before IRL (The Dragon Age starter) and had a bit of hiccup with it. Just poor planning and the writing of how a certain event was supposed to go down was very iffy...

Anyways, nay! For the time being I'll participate in this, not run it.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Sorry for the delay, actually. I promised myself that I would try to work solidly for the first couple of hours today since I have a tendency to slack a little once I pull up the forums...

I appreciate you guys missing me. This weekend was a roller coaster of activity, so I got to the forums even less than usual...

Another kickstarter completed, and I think I am going to incrementally buy all of the hex crawls from FGG which very well find there way into this far as ideas, heh heh. But man, my checking account hates me right

But of course sir, we don't want you losing your job! Then how could you afford all the rpg Knicks knacks!

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