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Kingmaker: The Path to Glory (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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Ephemeral GameMaster

And we're back from 2nd hiatus...unintentional, sorry. Got pretty caught up in the mystery game I was telling you about.

Treppa is a player from that game who actually perused this game thread! She has accepted my offer to join our misfit band of sandbox exploring adventurers in an effort to become rulers of their own land.

So welcome Treppa!

Hola! I'll be working up a character very soon, most likely a magus. I ran an alpha edition magus, but nothing since it was released. Should be fun and I'm looking forward to joining!

They're pretty OP I hear?. I look forward to the game FINALLY picking up. What about the Bard?! Ragnar needs his tales turned to song!

Oh and hello.

Ephemeral GameMaster

She changed her mind. She thought our arcane spelliness was lacking, lol.

Bards cast arcane spells do they not!?

Well, so they do. I was confused because bards are so divine, dahling.

They have no boomy spells, though.

Magus was a real nova in its alpha incarnation. I'm interested in seeing how they have matured. Looking at her L1 stats, she's in no way OP. I have an 8 I'm trying to hide. Still working on her.

Any traits in this game?

Tiefling (Chelaxian) Bladebound Magus 3; Perception +5; darkvision 60'; Initiative +3; hp 24/24

I'm here. Now the party can start.

Tier fling?!? We just letting all kinds of hell spawn in the game now are we!?

So, are the "followers" still going to be necessary or can we make due? Thoughts? Oh mighty GM?

Traits are allowed, using the kingmaker ones I believe.

Also! Clicked on the homepage link in your profile, says I have to log in? Is that your characters backstory or just another character sheet? If its backstory I certainly will do so.

Tiefling (Chelaxian) Bladebound Magus 3; Perception +5; darkvision 60'; Initiative +3; hp 24/24

Ah, just char sheet. Let me go make it public so you don't need to register. I still need to run the backstory by our trusty GM.

You got something against hellspawn, Northman?

Oh yeah: hello!

I heartily like that Northman applies equally to my character and me! Huzzah! I expect some good character interaction in this game. Faaaantastic. GM ANSWERTHESE QUESTIONSGAWWWD

Edit: let it be known I do alot of posting from my iPad and it does cause me alot of grief with typos. Oh well.

Tiefling (Chelaxian) Bladebound Magus 3; Perception +5; darkvision 60'; Initiative +3; hp 24/24

Ah, let the poor guy enjoy his fireworks.

You like 'Northman'? It was intended as an insult. I will have to sharpen my tongue.

PS - DrunkViking is redundant. ;)

Yer redundant!
Northman?! How could a fact be insulting?! Should I be in character for this exchange?

Nah, get its like all Vikings are drunk, but THAT is One Drunk Viking. Dig?

Oh and god bless America and all that.

This will be fun!

I reserve judgment til we begin... And this forum you linked your character sheet in, does it have a program there that can. Be used because that's a pretty slick way to show it if I do say so myself.

If you sign up for the Myth-Weaver site, it allows you to build and customize character sheets for many systems. [I just looked and it has sheets for a LOT of systems!] Character entry is still manual, but it gives a bit of help with math, particularly on CMB/CMD and class skills.

Once you finish (and save) your character, you can one-click generate the mini-stat block that I pasted in my profile. A little bbcode editing and it's ready to roll, complete with the link.

I save the link and use it to track spell use each day, too. Damned handy.
EDIT: It's free.

EDIT: You can see customization in this sheet which is for our Pathfinderized Star Wars game. I added the Force skills and associated attributes and it automatically put the right bonuses in there. Magic!

Why is the characters last name Ventriss.... You monster.

I can't help my parentage!

...oh god..... Mary sueville! The spawn of Asajj Ventress?! Commmme on hahhaha

It's worse... heh heh heh.

Oh Jesus.....

The spawn of Asajj's rape of Anakin Skywalker? PLEASE TELL ME THAT'S WHAT IT IS.

No no no... though that would be fun. Asajj didn't want to use the father's name. It was her kid, after all. Have you watched the latest Clone Wars cartoons? Yeah.

Anyway, this is 250 years later. She has no real connection beyond the name.

EDIT: If we were still playing, I'd be tempted to use your version of the story.

Ah ok. No I unfortunately have only seen up through the end of season 2 of the current Clone Wars. Need to see three and four yet.

I was rather surprised to see - well after I built that character and her ancestry - how much of Ventress was in the last season of Clone Wars, and how the ending fit perfectly with my silly character! o_O Watch them, you must!

Ephemeral GameMaster

What the hell is going on in my discussion thread! You two are waaaaaay to chummy already. I will have to invent reasons for you two to hate and mistrust each other's characters, heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh he *coughcoughcoughcough!!!* Damn too many "heh hehs"....I will have to work on that.

Answer our damn questions!!!

Ephemeral GameMaster

@ODV: Hey, if you want to have them, that's cool. I won't expect you to RP them, but if you want to have them be around, I am fine with it.

Incidentally, Treppa even indicated she would be willing to "take one over" if desired, but I won't force her to have that burden unless you both agree to do it.

The way the story is about to play out, we can still use the followers in game. They can hang out at the trading post, and you can "hire" them as needed, or you can make them party staples. Having some healing wouldn't be too terrible, but I have a way for Arielle to be a band-aid in case that's not a party role covered.

@Treppa: Admission...backstory not yet read, saw it, it's teasing me, but haven't looked at it. As far as traits, if none of the campaign ones fit, don't worry about it. I completely trust that your character has every desire to be wherever she is, or at least has a reason to be there even if she hates having to do it. :P

Also, I think you rolled a 9 initially and then re-rolled for the 8. Unless you're dead set on the 8, I wil allow the 9 to be kept.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Treppa has also suggested I ask another player from our mutual mystery game if they would be interested in joining us...still debating that, as I was kind of wanting to see how this flows. So we may add him in the future once this feels like it is going smoothly.

Ciri is updated to WIS 9, thanks pinvendor.

There's a pool of followers in Council of Thieves that works very well.

I'm thinking having them stick around the trade post or whatever and hire out for use (maybe adventure to adventure) would be dope. WE GONNA START THIS THING OR WHAT

Ephemeral GameMaster

Just working out the last bits on how Ciri will be joining your merry band, heh heh.

Then! We shall be off like a rocket! Hopefully, you will both be able to keep up with my lightning fast posts!

Ephemeral GameMaster

And technically, ODV, if you're crew of followers is may post Ragnar anytime.

Svetlana just left you some food, and the girl you believe the other lady called "Arielle" is sitting with her teddy immediately between you and the wall. Svetlana referred to the girl as your daughter, also...

I posted. Now hurry it up! I'm trapped in Wisconsin with nothing much to do. Much like our savior Gary Gygax, may his soul be protected by all the LG gods, himself when the game of D&D was invented.

All characters now have full sheets made up on that myth weaver site and huuuuuh what not. Sooooo hurry up and make this game go pinvendor s*@~.

Somebody has been a busy Viking.

There isn't much to do in the woods out here... And I'm not getting drunk enough. So yeah, mildly productive.

Ephemeral GameMaster

I was at a game meetup. Sorry for the delay! Iove the fact you both live on the internet, heh heh. We'll get it going good tomorrow for sure.

Did we ever decide if you are downstairs, Ciri? Or are you just arriving?


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ephemeral GameMaster

Dude, I am having a beer. I am typing this on my phone, lol.

Ephemeral GameMaster

There is potential for an Exalted game. Had to look into it.

You MONSTER!!! I always knew Exalted was more important than me! Hahha

Tiefling (Chelaxian) Bladebound Magus 3; Perception +5; darkvision 60'; Initiative +3; hp 24/24

Let's say just arriving.

And 'live on the Internet'? If you'll notice, it was seven and one-half hours since the last post here. Hrmph. :P

Ephemeral GameMaster

Heh heh, so occasionally you sleep...maybe. I'm still not convinced.

I am pretty sure you're really an AI living in the interweb.


We're posting! You're slow. :P

More ways than I'd like to admit

Awwww, just kidding. *hugs*

It helps, thank you

ARE YOU SERIOUS PINVENDOR! Come on man! Ive been out on the river all day, come home, NO posts! Sheeesh

I know, right? Waiting on thee, oh purveyor of pointy things.

What river?

Ephemeral GameMaster

A man has life obligations when he's at home! I can't be on the computer 24/7 like you and Treppa!

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