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Kingmaker: The Path to Glory (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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Female Human Level 1 Time Thief

In other news, if we continue gaming, we should probably kill the discussion page and just focus all our energy on the story. All topics related to questions about the game should be OOC in the game thread. That's my 2 cents. We argue too much here and waste valuable energy. Just play the damn game people :)

Ephemeral GameMaster

Here it is...

I find myself craving to run this again. It feels like unfinished business and a story untold. But let me be clear about the future of this.

No bi-atching.

  • Politely questioning my original descriptions? Acceptable
  • Pointing out something I forgot/missed/failed to consider? Acceptable
  • Private messages telling me how you feel about the story, a rule, a character, plot line, etc., etc.? Acceptable
  • Posting to the game or discussion thread in a bitter hateful manner full of demoralizing vitriol? Unacceptable!

Let's remember something, too. I am the GM. I work pretty f!%$ing hard to make this interesting. I give you maps. I spend money on map boards, cut-out paper miniatures and thousands of dollars on Paizo products from which you are benefiting. I decide that a tree has branches you can't run through but aren't an impediment to sight. Realize I live in a forest. I know what I am talking about. It ain't a Korean jungle or a cement wall.

I will NOT ever attempt to railroad you. Kingmaker is the best possible pre-written module for non-railroading. My own little intro story completely evolved beyond what I had originally had planned just because of the RP and the dice. I swear before God. And if you guys know me at all, you know I wouldn't say that lightly. I had no intention of making it a no-win scenario, or a saved by Arielle scenario...none of that s%*%. I wanted to make it interesting and thought provoking. I think it still can be, if everyone calms down and doesn't get so uptight things. I am reasonable, but talk to me like I am, not like I am bending you over with no lube, kapeesh?

Incidentally, +3 RC for your witty on-pause posts, Ragnar. Thoroughly amusing and did indeed have the intended effect of making me feel guilty for making you guys wait so long. Drink your potion and post to the discussion thread to show me you guys are all paying attention. When I see three posts, we'll start again.

My work has cracked down a little on internet usage, so I may only be able to post when I get home until things calm down there. That should work in Stavo's favor considering he's on the other side of the world.

On a completely different topic, I think I would also like to run a Dark Heresy PbP. I have the hankering, and the rules are enough like WFRP 2E that it should be very easy to start up. Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you some material for character creation and stuff.

I guess I should apologize for the way I've been acting on here. I'm sorry to you guys for letting my angst cloud my judgement. I get disrespected at work all day for being the lowest rank so I hope you all might be able to sympathize just a little when I seek respect from least of all my friends. That being said I've got a little less than two months left over seas so I'll see you guys when I get there. I'm dropping out of the game. I've got better things I want to do with my time to progress myself physically, mentally and in my career. I think this is better for all of us since I am the one who started it and I wish you guys the best in your game(s). Also, there is no need to respond to this I will not be back.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Well, a surprising development. Are you other two still interested? If so, I would offer to the chance to each run a second PC to help balance out the loss. Let me know if you are still wishing to continue, want to run 2nd PC, also do Dark Heresy, or none.

Hot damn. Stavo you know what's best for you so I understand, bummer to hear about the disrespect from work. I'm stoked to have you back in my waiting embrace---I mean whaaaaaa.

If we have to play two characters, maybe I'll take over Xulgag for Stav if he'd allow it? Or let Drach do so. I want Xul and Rag to be bros and it might be odd to play that myself. Or Xul can head over that next horizon into his own adventure.

Ephemeral GameMaster

@ODV: I was going to post that I wasn't going to force you to since it would be a tad harder without at least one more PC, but since it appears we have lost Corinne as well, I will have to request you do another PC also. As far as whether Stavo is okay with you taking over his PC, he said he isn't coming back here, so you're never going to know the answer unless you contact him outside the boards. I am okay with it, and I can forward the character sheet I created for him. I am not 100% sure it's up to date, but I would trust your citical eye and we can work on it if you want.

You didn't answer my Dark Heresy question incidentally.

Dark Heresy I'm not interested in I don't think. Mostly because the setting of 40k is too absolutely GrimDark. Though I suppose DH could be done somewhat differently... (and a gunslinger would work well in it.)

Ephemeral GameMaster

Lol, well sure if you're just a peon. But unlike WFRP one doesn't play completely normal citizens in WH40k. PCs are always someone who has displayed exceptional characteristics to draw the attention of the Inquisition, Space Marines, or have a lineage which has drawn them up to ply the expanse as a Rogue Trader, heh heh. If you're not interested though, that's fine. I just love the mechanics and the awesomeness which is the FFG treatment of the setting. The rules used in those books are what WFRP 3rd should have been.

Yeah, in general its pretty grimdark. But I suppose being a 'Rogue Trader' lets you run around and not be all FOR THE EMPRAH! But still. I WANNA PLAY THIS ONE.

I'll have to putz around a bit and think of what secondary PC I would want to play so lemme do so but I'll keep posting daily to let you know where I'm at.

Female Human Level 1 Time Thief

I stopped checking here after what felt like ages of inactivity. I'm up for a 40K PBP. That would be a lot of fun. Us three then? I say we shelve the Pathfinder game and start fresh with something new. I'm all about Dark Heresy. Let's do this!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Female Human Level 1 Time Thief

I also really don't see the point of bickering and fighting. Let's just play some games and have fun, ok? :)

Female Human Level 1 Time Thief


Looks like ODV and I are at odds on what to do here in PBP land, heh.


I guess.

I was thinking of having either a cleric or bard for PC number two.

But if Drach and pinvendor both want Dark Heresy over pathfinder I must of course submit, because this is a g&!*&+n democracy! So I mean. I'm down.

Because honestly...

They have Space Wolves.

The Great Enchanter

I'm just not really feeling Pathfinder at the moment, though that's really no ones fault. I don't really like the rules very much. I find them restrictive. I'm also not a really big fan of the maps. I've never used maps when I GM, except in a very simple way to give people a general idea of how things stand. But I prefer to let the imagination run wild when it comes to that kind of thing. That's why I never played Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It's too restrictive to the level of creativity that the Warhammer universe offers.

I'm also not a big fan of alignment. I think that's an outdated concept meant for 12 year olds who need such restrictions.

None of this is a knock against you Pin, so don't take it personal.

Whatever the case, our former gaming glory has been deeply hampered by some unexpected bickering and fighting. I guess times have changed. It's a shame really, because some of the best games of my life were spent playing with the people we had here.

Either way, I'll give Dark Heresy a shot. Let me know :)

Don't fool yourself Drach! There's always been bickering, usually it was just face to face and happened mildly during our 4+ hour gaming sessions. And usually it would happen around the same mark in the games (1-2 months in.) PbP is just slower so we don't get as far in game before our inner Khornette's (thats Slaaneshian bred Daemons of Khorne.) come out.

Plus, I bet 2 players in DH won't be hard to run.

Oh also... I don't have any of the DH books... Wait....waiitttt. I do! Jon left it with me along with all his 2ndWFRPG books. So I guess I'll go read that.

Ephemeral GameMaster

I feel I absolutely have to point this out:

OneDrunkViking wrote:
Mostly because the setting of 40k is too absolutely GrimDark.


OneDrunkViking wrote:
Yeah, in general its pretty grimdark.

Which led me to research the expression of Grim Dark, and here's the result:

Urban Dictionary wrote:


1. An adjective taken from the root words of grim and darkness, both of which are featured in the tagline for Warhammer 40,000: "In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war." It is usually used to describe a setting that would equal poor living conditions and life expectancies for those actually living in it.

Therefore ODV's use of the expression GrimDark to describe the setting which spawned the term is just awesome. Lol!

Yeah man you didn't know that?

Ephemeral GameMaster

My point though is you said it's "absolutely too GrimDark". Can't be "too GrimDark" when by definition it is the baseline for the description. :P

No man. No.

Ephemeral GameMaster

@ODV: I never said I preferred Dark Heresy incidentally. Just that I wanted to do a game of it also. I can still run this one for you ODV. I told you I would, silly boy. If Drachenfels wants to drop out that's cool. Not surprised this rule set isn't to his liking. I did recommend we use WFRP rules if anyone recalls, lol.

@Drachenfels: As ODV implied, the Inquisition is very gung-ho Emperor and plays like a game consisting of spying, social manipulation, and witch hunting. Lots of action, too. If the slight railroad of your PC's motivation is acceptable, I would love to do a story and set up a game. One fun thing about the Inquisition is the Radical sect that intentionally seek to use the weapons of the enemy to fight the enemy. And we all know how well that works against Chaos! Mwahaha! You can definitely have a secret motivation, but on the surface it would all be about rooting out hidden opposition to the Imperium. Let me know.

The Great Enchanter

As a GM you've been nothing but awesome, Pin. I wanted to be open minded and give Pathfinder a shot. Yep, you're not shocked I didn't much care for it and neither am I. But I wanted to at least try :)

Let me know what we have in mind for 40k. I have the core rulebook here somewhere. I'll need to find it.

Male Imperial Scum

Ready. Peons.

Ephemeral GameMaster

@Drachenfels: Wow, dude. That's some high praise. Considering how things have gone so far, I am a little surprised, but thank you. I will pull out my own copy and summarize the Ordos you guys can choose from, so I can craft what kind of story it will be.

@ODV: lolz, you're already ready. :P

I will start up a new thread for the DH game in a bit, but just to make sure, are you wanting to keep up with Kingmaker, ODV? That had been my plan.

The Great Enchanter

Hey, the chaos plagued my game and yours. It's not us. People have just been acting weird. It boggles me. Whatever.


Male Imperial Scum

Aaaayyyep. Get on my level guys.

pinvendor wrote:
I will start up a new thread for the DH game in a bit, but just to make sure, are you wanting to keep up with Kingmaker, ODV? That had been my plan.

Nah. Its ok. Let's try and focus one game at a time. Maybe in the future we can pick it back up.

hurrryyyyy upppppp!

Male Imperial Scum

In another realm...

Thaddius Cogburn started his miserable excuse for a life on an Agri-world, designated Platte. Those planets within the Imperium that possessed 850 of 1000 parts covered in agriculture development. Thad wanted more. His hilly billy folks kept him on planet and he wanted to see the stars! The galaxy! Surely it wasn't so miserable a place as this boring life he lead.
That desire is what drove Thad to meet up with the "Volunteer Star Academy." A shuttle and representatives touched down a few parts over, offering up transport to a station orbiting one of Hive Worlds. An academy where the simple farmer folks could learn skills to be of service to the Great Emperor and help chart the skies. It was a miracle and all too many of the rural bumpkins were eager to take up the opportunity.

"Come see the stars! Join up with the VSA!" Pushing forward Thaddius reached the booth set up outside the small freighter.
"Me! Sign me up! What do I do?!"
"Well son, it'll cost you about..." the man pushes a paper forward, "to enlist, think you can afford that?" the man working the counter had a gleam in his left eye, the socket surrounded by scarring. A cybernetic! Thad hadn't seen much of those.
"That much!? But... How am I-"
"That's not our problem boy. The... VSA is run by donations such as yours to supply proper housing and uhh... What not. If you can get it together, we're scheduled for take off in one standard week. Now if you can't make that then move aside."
"I have a sister, I want her to go with. She's younger, bout twelve or so."
"That'll be double then, move aside."
Dejected, Thaddius moved backwards, chewed on his lip, thinking how he could possibly come up with such a sum. His sister, Kara was who he really cared for. He didn't want her to have to stay on this mud hole of a world. It was for her he truly wanted to go to space. A group of 4 or 5 other boys were murmuring together. Thad walked by and heard enough to know what it was about.
"I want in."

Thad found himself playing lookout as the group of thugs robbed the Farmer's Bank. He wasn't ready to hold a gun to a man's face, not yet. The robbery went without a hitch, the group of young men ran from it pistols blazing, hustled to the shuttle before it departed. Thad had Kara at the ramp, waiting with their luggage. They boarded the shuttle quickly and it made for the stratosphere.
They had been on the freighter for a day and a half and the conditions were less than expected. Much less. The crew explained it away as being not the usual ship they used, followed by chuckles. Some of the men came, they took Kara.
"We're giving her better circumstances, she can stay in one of the cabins." the men grabbed her by the wrists forcefully. Thad hollered and raged for hours. Kara never came back. The 'passengers' were all moved into cages.
The freight shuddered and quaked. An impact, something outside. The wall blew open and men rushed inside. Gunshots fired, explosions erupted.
"Get us out of here! Let me lose!" Thad yelled to the nearest man. They opened the cages.
"Go on, get in the ship." the mass of prisoners ran into the waiting ship.
"Wait! My sister! They have Kara!" Thad got the attention of the nearest rescuer.
Tossing him a gun the man motioned for Thad to follow. They made their way to the cabins. There they kicked into every room and Thad watched as the man blasted the occupants apart. Thad followed the man into a room, screams coming from inside as a man held a blade to Kara's throat. He didn't make any offer or plea.
"Wait wait no! That's my sister! Let her go!" The man pulled his arm across hard and let the blood gush from her throat. He moved to attack Thad. Shots rang out. The man's shoulder exploded from the impact of the slug, his arm tearing off into the corner. He screamed. Thad fired until the revolver was empty, the man was nothing more than a pile of meat. His eyes burned with tears.
The rescuers returned to their shuttle. A man, looked like the captain waited and rushed them inside. He held his hand out to Thad.
"You earned your bones kid. Come with us.

It'd been ten years since Captain Guillimen had rescued Bones from the slave ship. The slavers made a good racket, charging folks for their own imprisonment in xeno's slave pits. The memory of that event played in Bones's mind as he stared across the bar on whatever hellhole of a Hive Planet he found himself on. The gleam of a cybernetic eye caught his attention. The man had arrived. Bones followed him into the refresher, jut his knife into the man's side, pulled it out and thrust again and again. The man rolled onto his back, his hands up in a futile gesture for mercy.
"For Kara." Bones slipped the knife into the man's eye socket and prayed the metal orb out of his home. The mans cries slowed and died as blood filled the floor. Bones took it to the faucet, rinsed it off and tucked it into his pocket. His past finally settled. Bones walked to the bar, dropped a gold throne behind it and left to see whatever the hell else this god forsaken grim, dark, miserable excuse for a universe had to offer. He wished he stayed back on Platte.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Haven't read all of that yet Thaddeus, but I am sure it's great and I will finish reading it here in a bit.

I wanted to throw up this post real quick though. I didn't get a chance to do anything this weekend for the game as it was Mother's Day and all. And additionally, in case either of you are not already aware, the princess wife and I are getting ready to depart on our annual wine trip. We will be gone for approximately a week. While wi-fi will be available at the hotel, it is unlikely that I will be in the room for any appreciable (while coherent) amount of time.

Please forgive the delay in getting the game started. I realize this is heart wrenching news ODV, but I promise I will make it up to you. Should give Drachenfels plenty of time to read up though!

Of....of course.... I understand.

Have a good time duderino!

Edit: It's not all that good as it was the first draft, I just wanted to spit it out because I really wanna be in a damn game already haha!'re back right?

Ephemeral GameMaster

Yes finished the drive in yesterday. I will have something up shortly. I sm sad to be abandoning this game completely.

Only for the moment.

The Great Enchanter

Honestly, I probably won't be joining everyone for the Dark Heresy game. This isn't because I don't like gaming with you guys, but rather I don't want to spend the time learning more rules. I will however check in and banter with you two and read how your stories are going.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Not really that many more rules to learn. Perception is its own stat, and there are some well-thought out rules for guns. Otherwise it's all the same as WFRP mechanic-wise

Ephemeral GameMaster

Well then, ODV. Would you like to just continue this game or start something new?

Up to you almighty GM. If you think it'd be an easier game to manage I'd be down for DH. If we can run Kingmaker where we each don't have to play tons of characters that'd be cool. I mean if I had Ragnar and a few men at arms, nobody we need to flesh out entirely that'd be ok. But yeah I feel like DH would probably be a better 1 on 1 game.

The Great Enchanter

When you start link me to your adventures. I'd like to read along :)

I will gladly do so for ya Drach.

Pinvendor what say ye!

Ephemeral GameMaster

I say this.

These followers. Am I going to need to roll up full on character sheets for them or can I find the follower/hired held section and use that? Meaning, am I going to be controlling every single move they make, attack, skill check, etc?

Ephemeral GameMaster

That's up to you. There here to help shore up your weaknesses and the skills you don't have. If you want to go whole hog, be my guest. Just send me the sheets. If you want more NPC style that's fine, too. But that means they would be less useful all around, and we would have to talk about how they are to be controlled. I have enough NPCs and enemies to keep track of already, so I had figured you would be doing the followers yourself. But we can discuss it more if needed

Make them as fleshed out or as shallow as you want. One thing though, you don't know them. They are just some people who found you and Arielle and brought you to the trading post. They will automatically want to join you because of what's about to happen, and Ragnar's leadership magnetism.


Sounds good. How many are there?

I went back and reread. Looks like 2? Does that include Grub?

Ephemeral GameMaster

No, Grub will an NPC I control. So you can make two of any class you can find in the Core, APG, UC, or UM other than Gunslinger.

Sorry NPC generation has taken me so long. I have no idea why. Will do tonight!

Male Dwarf 1 Cleric

I am ready for the forging of a new land GM! May Torag guide our hammer!

Human 1 Rogue HP 6/9

And I, Subotai, thief and archer. My talents are ready for the pilfering of Stolen Lands!

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