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Kingmaker: The Path to Glory (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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Ephemeral GameMaster

Incidentally each of you can have 2 RCs for your self-RP so far. I enjoyed the whiff fest.

I also feel like handing out a free feat. Your PC must qualify for it per your character sheet, but otherwise no limitation. In the future depending on the situation, I may allow a bonus to a skill or on rare occasions offer a free feat, but it may be very specific and narrow to apply to the situation.

I had planned to give the feat as a reward for surviving the intro battle since it was outside the AP. And since Ciri had to "sacrifice" her 1st level feat to be a Tiefling...she can have it back! Yay!

Edit: Followers won't qualify for this...not sure if they will be able to get this stuff. Haven't decided yet.

That's coooool with me!

Ephemeral GameMaster

I am assuming you know...I want to know the feats you add of course. I still haven't had a chance to click Treppa's link, and therefore Ragnar's...

...I know, I know, bad GM!!

I haven't added Ragnar to myth weaver yet, will probably do so later today/tonight. Also haven't chosen my new feat yet.

I've added Combat Casting. There are so many good ones to take in early levels: Toughness, Iron Will, etc.

Thank you, mighty and generous GM!

Our GM is an awesome GM!

He just takes his time is all :)

Aawwwyeahhhhhhh posts!

Ephemeral GameMaster

I have been trying to figure out how to get you the layout of the fort. There's actually a handy map...but I don't have anything that will let me save a single page of the pdf file as an image...very irritating. I guess for now I will have to write up a description. That may take a little bit, but I will try to work on it for sure.

.... Hmmm can you duplicate the pages? Then "unstaple" it? Those are the commands I use in my program to do so.... Buuuut I dunno. Take a picture of it on your phone and send it to me haha

Ephemeral GameMaster

Someone was kind enough to email me the image separately, so I am going to upload the link to my photbucket of it.

How kind!

Regarding relative height: I take it the guest house, with its two stories, has a roof at approximately 20' of elevation, then the palisade walkway is at what - 10'? Are the stable and main house about the same 10' elevation?

It says the palisade of the entire fort is 10'

Also there's not a roof over the whole thing obviously, jus that main building correct?

Are we going to be using combat map because holy god that's going to take forrrreeevvvvverrr if we only get one GM post per day.... A round a day I guess isn't TOO bad.


So the platform inside the palisade is at what, 5' elevation? Hmmm. Not great for hiding, but still elevated for shooting.

I don't have any idea.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Pffft! Work has picked up, so I haven't been asble to post lately, but I admit I have been trying to get this stupid map up, lol. Now that it's there, should be nice and easy to get this going and posting rolls is always easier than straight roleplay. I will still try to make the posts interesting of course. And boy is this going to be fun!

Ephemeral GameMaster

The interior walkway would be just high enough for defenders to see over and probably shoot as well. Five feet of wooden wall is great cover! Not sure how many such walls you have seen lately...

I would imagine the barracks (boarding house) to be between 14-16 feet tall (between 7'-8' a story), and the main building to be around 13 to 14 as its palisades are probably only 4' or so.

I think treppa was thinking more of a wooden rail, not so much an entire wall.

Sweet sweet cover

Five feet is too much. Too high to shoot over without arrow slits or crenelation.

What she said^

Y'know, I should finish a thought before clicking 'Submit'. So if the palisade is 10', the walkway is probably set at 6-7' off the ground.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Lol, nice. So, we'll go with that estimate. I will get some more RP posts up tomorrow. Grub, and the Levetons have some more things to say. I really need to check out that site Treppa recommended...

It's Exalted game night tonight. We're going to have some fluctuation on that a little. So it won't be the same each time. I really do apologize that work has picked up, heh.

I was gonna suggest piking some skulls as well. But NOT YET I GOTTA THINK ABOUT IT OK S**%

Piking the heads is a no-brainer for Ciri!

You are dangerous this I know. I only hope it never is directed towards Ragnar haha.

Let's do some ooc strategizing real quick. If ya want we can take it to another table discussion but I kinda want to just get through it already. Will Ciri be using her blade or bow more likely? I figure blade but what do I know haha. If blade then what do you think of blocking off the door after the bandits have come inside... Or should that be Norri's job? I figure Grub and Subotai can be hidden above the door, along the palisade and after the bandits enter, you(or Norri) bolt the door then we have them looking in two different directions, arrows flying into any trying to get out as well as the person who bolted door. It'll be a slaughter! I figure... Not to mention anything we want to scoop out of that store room...

I figured start Ciri with bow then have her hop down and finish up with blade and spell. No point wasting the elevation attack bonus. We should start with as many elevated archers as possible. Palisade walkways would be great for Grub if he can shoot.

Subotai could be atop one of the buildngs if he's going to be a dedicated archer. That gives him a wide field of fire within one move. A2 is an excellent vantage point but he has little hope of descending quickly because of its height. A6 is pretty darned good and has the little cover wall on top. I'd put him there. He can drop down to the eastern or northern palisade and then to the ground without chance of injury if need be.

Closing them in sounds good. We need to keep them contained and outdoors. Oleg or Svetlana might be able to close the gates then beat feet to the palisade walkway. There's that wagon, too. I wonder how hard it would be to move across the doors once they are closed? We can test it.

Ooh! The wagon might be best placed before the stable door with its wheels chocked to keep them from taking cover inside. In fact, it can be placed to cover the doors to A3 and A4. A3 and A6 could be bolted and barred from inside by Svetlana and Oleg if we want them hidden out of the fray.

Can the ladders to the walkway be pulled up?

Damn, well thought out. I didn't know there was an elevation attack bonus. Rad. Oleg better be in the fight! Svetlana can bar up stuff early. We need one of them to be in the yard at least to get the bandits to come right inside. And I want Oleg to man up and get his honor and pride back. But I won't force it.

Yes, there's a +1 to attack for elevation. There's also a bonus to AC for lying prone, but only crossbows can be used (ranged) from a prone position. Ciri doesn't have a crossbow.

Looky what I found!

So terrain can be strategically important and very annoying to those not detail-oriented.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Yes, and here we come to the reason why my less than map-oriented and terrain oriented former PbPers hated the combat...

WFRP is very vague on specific distance, so not a lot of time is spent on planning that out to exacting detail. We all have very creative imaginations, so we were able to come up with some great stuff and play our tactics by ear. PFRPG is not like that at all, where many feats, combat maneuvers and spells have very exacting calculations of distance and relative position.

I admit I think its fun to work out the numbers in PbP since you have the time to look it all up and do the math, but at the table...PFRPG combat really drags for me...probably because I am so unused to it. I wish I could find a PF group that roleplays as well as roll-plays, but so far no luck.

@Treppa: +1 RC for showing us non-PFRPGers how strategy is done! I love your well-thought out plan especially thinking ahead to prevent the bandits from getting into the stables and limiting their options

@ODV: Incidentally, I am not sure why you want Oleg to "man up". He is a merchant, you know. Offical NPC class is Expert. If Stavo showed up with some Army pals and said "Hey, we're doing some infiltration ops against some suspected terrorists," and handed you a gun, do you think you would feel comfortable doing it despite a complete lack of training for combat? I am not saying Oleg's heart wouldn't be in it, but consider that Ragnar is basically asking a civilian to have the courage to stand up to an armed street gang with obvious sociopaths as members.

Street thugs who will kill and rape him and his wife should this battle go against us. Ragnar is only asking that the man do his damnedest in any way to protect his own. You described it as looking like Olegs pride was hurt. Well, if his pride is hurt he should want to show that he can handle problems himself, I don't see why this is a ridiculous idea.

Your example is totally different from the situation here.

And what is so wrong about asking a man to have courage? In Ragnar's eyes the man SHOULD be courageous enough to defend his.

If Oleg wishes to be a coward so be it, Ragnar will treat him as such. But I thought it'd be nice to see the downtrodden man but up and have the stones to help overthrow his oppressors.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Lol, it's more like gangbangers harassing a neighborhood store owner, dude. Yeah, they may be killers, but only if they think they've been slighted. They are mostly bullies and have a lot of up front bravado. If they wanted to rape and kill the Levetons, they would have months ago...

And pride doesn't translate into becoming Conan either. There are plenty of people that would consider the situation hard to swallow, but would know they were up against something they have little hope of overcoming. Recognizing that is what wounds the pride. Knowing they are incapable at something is a tough thing to face. But knowing your limitations is important even if it would be a humbling experience.

I am not saying Oleg wouldn't be willing to make a stand or help the group. I was just pointing out the perspective you have on him having to help with actual killing is a little exaggerated. Most people go their whole lives without having to do so.

And strangely, I feel like we've had a similar conversation already...

Ephemeral GameMaster

You won't be doing yourself any favors by making the man feel worse because he isn't strong enough to save his wife and his store. Just keep that in mind.

Oleg doesn't HAVE to. Ragnar would like to see it and any extra arms are helpful to the balance. You're the GM if Oleg is gonna hole up inside with his wife fine it doesn't REALLY matter. It's just something Ragnar would respect is all.

It's on his own head that he doesn't have the ability to do so, not Ragnar's.

Treppa, it looks like in that table you linked only melee gets a bonus on higher ground. Interesting.

Ephemeral GameMaster
OneDrunkViking wrote:
It's on his own head that he doesn't have the ability to do so, not Ragnar's.

Very astute, ODV. You get a cookie.

OneDrunkViking wrote:
Treppa, it looks like in that table you linked only melee gets a bonus on higher ground. Interesting.

By golly, you're right! I'm going to stop giving that bonus to archers.

Never noticed that. Derp

I'd assume it's because the inherent benefit of being high for archers is the ability to make clear attacks against more opponents. Less cover etc.

I don't need your stinkin cookie. I'm just getting it across to you that Ragnar doesn't NEED him to fight, I don't NEED him to fight. Ragnar would welcome any assistance and that's it. I constantly added what Oleg would be doing because Ragnar is attempting to cajole him into it. The way if you want someone to go along with something you keep including them in a specific thing to make them feel like you are counting on them to do so. Ragnar is a young hooligan much like the bandits the only difference is he had some guiding hand in his upbringing. He respects courage and if it were up to him everyone would act so. That's why he behaves as such.


Also, some folks use a labelled grid system to do combat. Might make it go faster?

So like

Enemies: A6, B6, E5
Ragnar: starts A1 runs to B5, ENGAGES!

No use for checking map multiple times aside from at the start.... Maybe?

Updated Ragnar with a sheet on Myth-Weavers.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Ugh!!! It's like the world is determined to keep me away from the game!!! We had planned for weeks to go see the 60th anniversary theater screening of Singin' In The Rain last night (which was super awesome by the way), so I wasn't able to post. Tonight wife informs me we are obligated to go hang out tonight with the new couple we are dating who has like a mad crush on us despite my insistence we take this slow (we don't want to get our hearts broken like before). Argh!!! I am taking some time this weekend!!! I am telling family, friends, everyone not to bother me for a couple hours so I can get things done. :(


Oh pinvendor, you make me laugh.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

S'okay. I'm not feeling good enough today to make a coherent flapjack platypus.

Treppa wrote:
...coherent flapjack platypus


Nothin today either huh? Okay.jpg

Just spending the evenin in the airport anyways.

People with lives. Sheesh.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

We've been dumped, ODV. ;)

Still nothin?

Shouldn't he have been at work today?!


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