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Kingmaker PbP

Game Master Egoish

Five brave souls attempt to tame the wilderness and forge a kingdom.

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Great, looking forward to hearing who gets picked :)

Also had a busy weekend with the kids :)

Anyway, looking forward to the decision.

Rand casts detect thoughts to peek into the discussion room.

will save DC 16 to negate

Not to rush your decision, but I must admit, the suspense is killing me :)

Once again sorry for the delay, the applications were excellent and i had to spend some more time reading them over.

I've decided to go with Arielle as the current players and myself liked her character and due to her previous posting history, pop over to discussion when you get a chance and we can arrange an introduction.

Thanks for the interest to everyone who didn't make it and good luck with future applications.

Cool, thanks for the opportunity!

Ah well, at least we gave you a tough time deciding. Thanks anyway.

Grats Arielle!!!

Congrats Arielle!

Welcome to the group Arielle, looking forward to gaming with you.

Good choice. Thanks for the chance.
Enjoy the game

We have recently lost a player to RL and another to causes undetermined so we are having another small recruitment drive. The characters we lost were a sorcerer and a paladin so i'll be favouring casters and strikers to try to maintain the party balance.

Everything from the first post apllies however the characters will start at 3rd level with 2000 gold to spend, i do prefer the standard races but a person with a good reason could tempt me into allowing some things from the advanced race guide.

Applications will close at 8am gmt next tuesday due to the bank holiday and my general schedule at the moment, i think the party will see the current encounter through until the end with the departing pc's as bots so it may take a little while after selection for introductions to take place just so the applicants are prepared.

I'd like to submit Ghorum Kraak, dwarf ranger (skirmisher). I will start the stat workup finite, following the guidelines above.

A barbarian invulnerable rager.


Multiple candles and a roaring fire illuminated the room as the old woman put down her goose quill looking at the illustrated paper before her. “What are you working on this late mother?“ a young dark haired man leaning against the doorframe asked. “I am securing the story of your father for future generations.” She smiled a tired smile as she answered her son. “But why now father died years ago?” came the reply. “House Garess is spreading filthy lies now that your grandmother Lady Ionnia finally died.” She answered not trying to hide her contempt.

Stiff from the long hours spent in front of the writing desk she moved to a more comfortable chair by the fireplace. “Let me tell you the real story about your father at least as much as I know,” she began and pointed to another chair. “Your father was born on the slopes of the Golushkin Mountains into the House Garess, that much you know.” She paused and then continued: “He was the result of an affair between your grandmother and a Numerian tribesman.”“Was father a bastard?” The young man burst out. “Yes,” his mother answered. ”Yet the blood of House Garess flowed strong in his veins and yours for that matter. The story goes that your great-grandfather acknowledged this before he scolded his daughter,” she continued.

She reached for a goblet and poured herself a glass of wine before returning to her story. “Your father never talked much about his youth. I think, it saddened him, that he chose to leave, but he did, what he thought would protect your grandmother. That is why he came to these lands.”

Letting her words sink in, she took a sip of her wine. ”In fact your father only told me one story about his childhood, must have been a 7-8 years old. A dwarf set out to hunt in the mountains and your father followed him. The old geezer let him tag along but made him work hard for it. Your father used to get this smile when he told the story, I think it is one of his happiest childhood memories.”


Age: 18 (Adult)
Size: Medium, 6’1”, 221 lbs.
Type: Humanoid (Human)

The young Vors’ mixed heritage couldn’t be kept a secret in his late teen’s. The boy was taller than most of the other Talden men and marked brawnier. The classic bronze skin tone and brown hair helped maintain the illusion in his childhood but his steel grey eyes had that Kellish hue.

Grand Lodge

Welcome to whoever can join

Welcome indeed, glad to see interest. While we'd like a good character, even more important are consistant and solid posting, we've slowed a bit, we hope to pick the pace up again.

Nicely done story there Big OM, we've subbed to so many of the same recruitments that I feel we're related. ;)

Got the players you needed? Otherwise I got an inquisitor of Kurgess (striker) at the ready :)

The character (though he's level 1 in this draft):
Derakor Geralvi is a male human inquisitor of Kurgess.
6f2 / 1.86m, long dark blonde hair slicked backwards and sharp green eyes, muscular build.

Derakor is a young man who lives for the thrill of the hunt. He's a sportsman through and through, for his love for the game is bigger than his love to win. Don't get him wrong on that one though, for winning certainly is his goal and he's a sore but fair loser. Hunting is a sport normally reserved for the nobility and Derakor happens to be the offspring of a relative of a very minor noble scion of the Geralvi family. The Geralvi family hail from the Gronzi Forest and their possessions are minor, at best.

Derakor is 19 years old and learned how to hunt from one of the best masters of the hunt in all of Brevoy, Ericqal of Lestos. Eric, for short, serves House Medvyed and Derakor was assigned to him because his talents were spotted at an early age. He's a great huntsman for his age. If he were to become the master of the hunt for House Medvyed one day, he'd gather a lot of fame and reputation for his own family. But Derakor is always one to find challenges in life and the call for adventurers to venture south into the Stolen Lands sounds like the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself and do his family and mentors proud. Now is Derakor's time and all of Brevoy will soon know who this mighty huntsman of Kurgess is.

He was raised by his parents and has one younger brother and three younger sisters. All of them are still alive and reside somewhere within the Gronzi Forest. His father is a local strongman for the baron and ensures that the village surrounding his meager estate pay their taxes and send men when war is near. Derakor killed a deer at the age of thirteen and soon after got taken in by Ericqal for training. Tension has been high in Brevoy though and Derakor also had to don armor and spear for his House, but has yet to take a human life.
He's a cheerful fellow blessed with good looks and is the kind of man who gets along with everyone. Ever quick to flash a smile, he almost seems too gentle to live the life he leads.

Important stats:
Inquisitor 1
STR16 DEX12 CON14 INT14 WIS14 CHA 13
Gear: Spear and javelins, heavy armor and ye standard adventuring gear.
Feats: Heavy Armor Proficiency + Intimidating Prowess.
Skills: Survival, Swim, Climb, Acrobatics, Intimidate, Stealth and knowledge skills.
Trait: 1 Nobleborn of Medvyed - Endurance Overcomes All, +2 diplomacy with fey and a +1 on will saves to overcome their spells and supernatural abilities. 2 armor expert - lessen the ARP from armor by 1.
Tactics: Debuff through intimidate, deal damage in melee and use spells for healing and skills for utility.

Additional note: I was first thinking of a cleric, but depending on the group I can always change his class to that if the group needs it. If the group requires a more tanky character, he'll simply start using a 1h spear with a shield. If the group needs a dedicated ranged character, he'll simply use a long bow. It's a first draft and I always like to adjust my characters a little to the group - as a gesture of good will to them and to accomodate the basic tenet of RPGs, teamwork :)

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