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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Kingmaker PbP

Game Master Egoish

Five brave souls attempt to tame the wilderness and forge a kingdom.


Verik Vancaskerkin
Andrej 'Catfoot'

AC17/Touch14/Flatfoot13/CMD 17||HP12/[12]| Fort:+4 ;Ref:+4 ;Wil+1|Percept +1/Sense Motive +1|Init+6 Male Skald Human Fighter (Aldori Archetype)/1 *Favoured Class
(429 posts)

Grand Lodge Andrej Koske

Male Human (Brevic) 14 Fame 5 Prestige Fighter/4
(11 posts)


Faelyn Sindrel

Male Elven Diviner 2 Init:6, Perception:9, AC: 13/13/10, Saves: 1/3/3 (+2 enchantments & immune to sleep), HP:15/15
(1,598 posts)
Ole Dead Eye "Erastil"

(4 posts)
Silva Pasrati

Paladin of Erastil-3/ Init:+1, Perception:-1, AC:18/11/17, CMD:19, HP:28, Fort:6 (11 vs cold), Ref:4, Will:4
(354 posts)
"Sweet" Talulah Sweetwater


Arielle Windsong

Female Gnome Sorceress / 3 - - (Per:+2, Init+3, HP 15/15, AC: 13/13/ 11 F:+2 R:+3 W:+5)
(199 posts)


Egan 'Little Fire' Thermogauge

M Gnome - Alternalte Racial Traie Pryomaniac Oracle of Fire / 3 (Per: +1 Init:+1 HP 21/21 AC: 20/12/18 F: +1 R: +1 W: +2)
(608 posts)


Stone Giant

(55 posts)
Maksim Zavid Radoslavov

Cleric / 3 (Per:+4, Init+3, HP 18, AC: 14/13/11 F:+3 R:+4 W:+5)
(265 posts)

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