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Kingmaker AP - Into the Stolen Lands! (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Running the Kingmaker Adventure Path
(Shared Resources Link)

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Just chiming in to let you know I'm still around!

Dotting for late entry!

to the DM:

first thats for asking the questions the last 5 times I applied with this chaarcter I never got any clarifying questions just a no your not in the game.

now to the answers:

My questions are related to your backstory. First, is the existence of a barbarian tribe near Restov in canon anywhere, or is it something you came up with for the character?

I really would not consider them "barbarians" rather a settlment of people that live off the land and trade with passing merchants. dealing in furs and other natural comodities. based much on native american tribes of the Nez Peirce. it was something I created for the charcter. I tried to find some way to incorporate already existing stuff for the concept but there just was nothing.

Second, why would the Mayor make a treaty with a small group of barbarians, and then send one to the Stolen Lands with a charter that would potentially lead to him becoming a leader of a free city?

see the first answer as they would not be considered "Barbarians" despite being primitve and very shamanistic, they do have a purpose in the region. in the past the tribe would provide traded goods with the local farmers and outer hamlets. second the warriors of the tribe would help locals with bandits and brigands also providing guides and trackers for hire. unfortunately a series of events as pplaced a strain on the relationship. The Mayor is hoping that by settling in the Stolen lands the problem will move from his "doorstep" to there. and also possibly bring the tribal traditions of White Eagle's people to a more civilized status. and create a valuable trading partner in the future.

I see white eagles role in a new city as somthing regarding agriculture and trade. (perhaps a minister of trade) after enough time with a party of more civilized people he will most likely begin to adopt more of their ways and not be so "barbarian" as it was put.

I like the backstory, I'm just struggling to reconcile it with this particular Adventure Path.

DM Haldhin:

Thanks! I like the story, too and hope that it works as a ninja character as opposed to a monk as originally concepted.

As for how he would have a charter, I'm not sure I have a good answer. I'm not very familiar with the AP. Could I have traveled to Port Ice only to be rebuffed when I began to make inquiries into the old woman's fate and grown frustrated? Perhaps he would have sought employment as a distraction or as a way of earning the favor of those from whom he wanted information.

I'm open to suggestions, though - I'd love to be a part of the game!

DM Haldhin wrote:
My main question is how would Dross have managed to secure a charter to explore the Stolen Lands?

DM Haldhin:

I reworked Dross' background slightly. Short version: Enge Garess was his friend at the Acadamae. She died. He took the news to her family and ended up working for them.

That provides rationale for his campaign trait, noble born with association to Garess and gives him an in for procuring a charter.

Looking over traits, how much of the fluff do you want incorporated. Loreseeker looks amazingly good, but Dross isn't so big on ancient ruins. Likewise the initiative edge that Exile gives is good, but Dross isn't hunted by anything except shame over dropping out and a conviction that he can only justify himself to his family if he makes good somehow.

Also, I'm kind of a story guy and not huge on optimization. I pretty much play out of the Core Rulebook. Dross is a mish-mash of "sub-optimal" choices based largely on his history. (Seriously, who opposes conjuration?) He'll be trying to make smart choices in the future, but my time and references are limited. I guess what I'm trying to say is if the party is going to need an uber-mage to survive, I'm not the guy to play it. On the other hand, I won't be out-shining anyone, even if I can bend reality to my will.

I think it comes down to companionship. Asok, despite all his concern for self-sufficiency, always gets involved in his plots and plans with other people. So far they've been bad influences for the most part, excepting his Priestess perhaps. Asok is not a child anymore, and after his experiences getting caught in bad deals or being betrayed, is looking for something he can build on that won't let him down. But who knows, he may tire of this making order stuff and wander off again. ;)

sounds good DM!

Background tweaked per message.

Good luck all.

DM Haldhin:

In answer to your query...:

I was seriously considering going with Brigand rather than Sword Scion. As it was I was trying to keep her in a 'civilized' way, but I never felt that Sword Scion fit very well. I am ok with changing to to Brigand (it would easily fit with 'fending for herself') and with that, her 'allies' would provide her access to the charter. Otherwise, if we were to stick with her association to a Swordlord or two that would give her a patron. If we stay with Sword Scion then I will adjust to explain that she spent the last decade in the employ (as a servant) of one of the Sword Schools she had attended and recently the Master at Arms has asked her to help his associates (good guys? bad guys? Who is a sinmple servant to ask when her patron has asked her to do him a favor.) If this is the case I think it would open a tie-in that would not necessarily have been as obvious.

In any event, I can rewrite the background to make it more friendly to what you are looking for. The most important (immutable) things about her are: 1) she is lost, and looking for direction 1a) helping friends is to her building family that she desperately needs; 2) she is generous and a bit naive; 3) she feels the stars call to her every night.

...and tweaked :)

Grand Lodge

DM Haldhin wrote:
How does Calinthas feel about his mother and brothers? Does he think of them as family, despite his lineage? What about his father - does he still maintain contact with him, or does he even know him? What would Cal's reaction be if his family was decimated in a massive attack against their holdings from a former ally who betrayed them?

My apologies, I should have been more clear in my backgroung... Cal's father is actually deceased. Cal was born after his father died, when his mother was a lonely widow who fell for an Elven Ministrel.

As to his brothers, Cal gets along well with them. He does most certainly consider his mother and brothers family, regardless of his lineage. Since he has made it clear that he doesn't intend to claim any inheritance, his brothers likely don't see him as a threat, and actually get along with him reasonably well. He grew up in a loving household, so he holds his brothers and mother in fairly high esteem.

Now if the family was attacked and betrayed by a former ally, that would boil Cal's blood. Being more than a little hot headed, he would likely seek some revenge, especially if one or both of his brothers were killed. If he was a ruler, he might even go so far as to declare war.

Hello all,
Here are some quick answers to questions asked in the thread:

Caelius asked if the cleric or the Aasimar [are] focusing on diplomacy/talking or do you need someone for that? Both of them have fairly high social skill bonuses, so I don't consider it a "need" for any new characters.

Seranov asked about oni-spawn tieflings. I'm fine with tieflings of any flavor as long as they appear in a Paizo document.

Some people have indicated interest but have not completed their submissions yet. That's not a problem for me, but I probably won't be able to provide any feedback unless I get the information this evening. Even if I don't get a chance to ask questions, I'll still take every character into consideration as long as they're complete before the deadline.

One thing I'm noticing is some characters are missing a Kingmaker Campaign trait. These traits can have a major effect on how certain events play out and resolve themselves, so please double-check to make sure your submission has one.

I'll respond to previous feedback/questions this evening.

Here are some more comments and questions:

Thanks for the submission, just waiting on background details.

Varnius Vol:
Very interesting background, and I like the way you presented his personality details. As for feedback... How sure is Varnius of his true background? He found out the "truth" in the "dark underbelly" after all. Is it possible that he found an answer to his question(s) and that he wants it to be true so bad, he has ignored the possibility of it not being the truth?

Sir Gavin:
Thanks for the submission. Background looks fine, and provides some nice potential plot lines for the character. I also like the tie in to the Aldori Swordlords in Restov. No real questions, I think I have a good idea of the character and his motivations.

Javeed Sambandan:
I enjoyed the way in which his background was almost an IC introduction. My biggest questions when I read through it were about his family... did he leave on good terms, how large was his extended family, were there any rivals he had or was he liked by pretty much everyone, etc. I don't need specifics, but it would be helpful if you could provide a sentence or two about how he got along with his family.

Thanks for the submission. The Adventure Path assumes Grimblade is chosen to head into the Stolen Lands... so who would choose him and why? Judging from the background, it seems like one of his tutors might pull some strings and call in some favors for him... does that make sense to you? Feel free to interject your own idea too, I'm just trying to figure out how he gets from where he is in the background to being a representative of Restov in the Stolen Lands.

Good backstory, like the inclusion of Ragathiel. Is the identity of the tiefling paladin known, or is it something the DM can use as a plot hook? Also, I may ask that you include a couple of details about the bandits that killed his parents to create some interesting links into the campaign. Finally, he would need a sponsor in order to receive a charter for entering the Stolen Lands, do you have somebody in mind?

Randragoran Eliamantara:
Nice backstory... so what is causing his aging, do you have it figured out, or is it something that a crafty DM could use as a plot hook for Rand? :) I also see he has Noble Born: Garess as a trait, but his relationship to his extended family is not mentioned in his background. Is he simply uninterested in the House and its politics, or was he never really involved and therefore uninitiated in the details of his lineage, or something else?

Skathi Northwind:
Solid backstory, and some good ideas for future plots. I'm interested to know if Skathi's motivation is only to prove herself? If she found herself with lots of money and power, would she not be tempted to return to her home with some amount of bitterness toward those that forced her to leave? I'm asking because of her neutral alignment - seems that she could act on either side of the good/evil scale pretty easily depending on her character growth.

Rameth the Delver:
I like the backstory, definitely getting an "man of action" vibe from reading it. So how would he have received a charter to explore the Stolen Lands? I'm thinking the Pathfinders might have pulled some strings, but if that's the case, then what is Rameth actually trying to accomplish in the Stolen Lands? I'm trying to get a good idea about his motivations...

DM Haldhin:
I had figured you could use the tiefling paladin as a plot hook, so he's pretty much entirely up to you.

The bandits that killed his parents and ravaged his home are likely long dead (it happened ~42 years ago) but it's entirely possible that their sons and their sons are still alive and kicking in the Stolen Lands! Having a good reason to go a-knocking on the doors of bandits doesn't hurt, right?

And as far as getting the charter, I'd imagine he'd have received it directly from the higher ups in the church of Ragathiel, and be tasked with settling the Stolen Lands and building a new church there. It would absolutely be a great goal to establish an official church of Ragathiel in a new country, especially since they are a fringe religion at best in all current countries.

I am afraid that I have to bow out of the selection process. Thank you for taking the time Haldin and I hope that I can sit in your table another time.

All best to all!

Well one day to the deadline, looks like alot to consider. ::crosses fingers:: xP

Answer to Background Inquiry:
So his aging is an extremely rare genetic disorder (both his parent's had to be carriers). There is no documentation for it, and Rand has no idea why its happened or what the cure is (in modern times there isn't one, but magic may be able to do something with it). I gave him this because I wanted to play the typical "absent minded old wizard with the big grey beard" without having to deal with aging penalties. So feel free to plot hook it away. (If you want to see what I based it off, google Werner Syndrome)

I was mistaken with that campaign trait, I thought I could gain it by being friends with the dwarves. The problem I have is that none of the campaign traits really fit my wizard. Ah, I got it. So Rand doesn't know much about his mothers side, hid father would never talk about her. He finds out on one of his latest expeditions with the dwarves, that his Mother was actually of noble birth. I'll go ahead and update the back story to fit this in.

Thanks for the input

Back story updated


Her main motivation is proving herself but that means much more than simply gathering money and power, her family has both already. She feels she needs something more than that to prove herself, not only to her family but especially to herself. She doesn't so much want her position or home back as she wants her honor and that of her siblings and their children. Beyond that she's very curious about the world so as long as she feels there are things to discover she won't need much motivation at all.

As for the being able to go both good and evil, that's absolutely true, but I see her as being both and neither. She basically seeks to emulate Gozreh or the wind in this; one moment she's the cold, harsh wind that chills you to the bone and shrivels crops, the next she's a cool breeze bringing refreshment on a warm day or the wind that brings the rain that waters the crops.

Yes my instructors securing me the post makes the most since. While I got the impression from the player's guide that Restov was backing an expedition, that this was a very outside the box idea and that the problem would be finding volunteers rather then having the volunteers secure a position.


Javeed left on very good terms. His family paid his way, actually. This was cheaper then keeping him around. His family was pretty large, he had 5 older brothers, 3 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. He has good relations with his close family, but there might be a few who harbor resentment that he was given this chance to "follow his dream".

Having had more time to ponder this, I think where he is going is that he got himself into trouble with the Pathfinders, by messing up on a job. He got himself expelled from the Society, and as a result is seeking to prove himself to them again. After reconnecting with an old friend from Varisia now a caravan guard, he learned a bit about the stolen lands, which he had only known of as a mostly unsettled area, when he joined the Pathfinders.

Now he sees it as an opportunity. He can barely begin to imagine the treasures that could be hidden there. Perhaps he can make a discovery that will allow him to get back into the society, or even better lead him to become the first Venture Captain in the Stolen Lands.

That is actually different from what I had put in my original post, but I like the idea. I know that I will need to alter Rameth's stats just a bit, and change a trait, but, what do you think?

to the DM:

I'm in two minds about this, but I would be happy with either hook panning out.

Firstly, you are right in that he absolutely needs it to be true in his heart. This isn't just to act as a salve for what he see's as a lifelong betrayal of his right to know the truth from his adoptive parents. Since first being told of his heritage he has found the grim reality of his transformation easier to bear as an heir to a kingdom, as someone of importance; rather than seeing himself as a freak. Of course, he's too proud to ever admit this externally without some extreme trust issues being overcome. It might not be true; but it is defining his life.

Secondly, in line with the player's guide I think its fairly indisputable that Choral or his kin was Varnius' progenitor somewhere in his ancestry, just because of the setting and locale. However, that doesn't necessarily mean he is the last in line. There could be all manner of savage, draconic halfbreeds lurking in the far reaches of the stolen lands and a good hook might be having Varnius confront what he could have/might turn out like: a mutated horror of scales and evil. He could even have a sibling secreted away in some abandoned mountain keep. Hell, there could be a collosal Red Elder Wyrm counting his treasure under one of them. There is only one way to find out ;)

Hope that was in line with what you were looking for. Do let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

Sorry I wasn't able to post last night, things just got hectic around the house.

Deadline is tonight for new submissions, so please have everything finished by then if you want to be considered! I can already tell I'm going to have a difficult time selecting a few of you.

Got it, thanks for the clarification. I can understand the Mayor wanting to get people into another land they can call home, and appreciate the distinction you're making about my use of "barbarian" to describe them.

Gua Zhen:
No worries, it's a relatively minor detail as long as you're being flexible (which you are). If selected, we'll work on it together to come up with something.

The level to which you incorporate the trait is really up to you, it matters more for my purposes as a way to place the character in the game world. For example, a character with the pioneer trait is going to be treated much differently than a character with the noble trait. And don't worry about not being a power gamer. This is one AP where having an extremely tweaked combat monster character doesn't necessarily translate into success.

Got it, thanks for the clarification. Surprised at the answer - in a good way - but it fits with the character so it works for me.

Thanks for the details about the most important aspects of the character. That helps me quite a bit in understanding how she might fit in the campaign.

Thanks for the response, I think I've got a good idea about the character and motivations now.

You and I are on the same page regarding the bandits that killed his parents. Totally OOC, there are some relatively old bandits encountered during the campaign, so a potential tie to them is exactly what I was considering. Got it on the charter, makes sense to me.[/ooc]

[spoiler=Randragoran]I like the mundane nature of the affliction, and that he doesn't really know what it is or how to treat it. Nice touch. I'm fine with the update regarding his mother. Gives the DM some meaty plot hooks to work with in a campaign. :)

Okay, I understand where she's coming from a bit more now. Thanks for the clarifications.

Okay, I'm fine with that explanation. Thank you.

I like that aspect of it, so that makes sense to me. And a large family always has plenty of potential plot impact, so that's nice too.

That explanation makes sense to me, and provides plenty of opportunity for potential plot devices. Good solution, I like the "Pathfinder exile" aspect of the character. If selected, I may need to work with you about some of the details surrounding his transgressions. :)

I'm good with everything you provided. The internal struggle, the potential for other "siblings" out there, it's all great stuff. And of course, we can't forget that Choral and his kin left Brevoy suddenly and mysteriously. Why did they leave, where did they go, etc, etc.

I was counting on it lol. I have a few ideas, but was going to wait till selection. That way I can tailor it to the vibe of the campaign. Whether it be darker or a bit more comic. Thanks for consideration again!.

I somehow missed this recruitment until now. I present Zim for consideration as the party wizard / treasurer. Details in profile.

Got you, Zim, thanks for submitting a character.

Only a couple more hours to go until I'm closing submissions. I'll be on again around 5pm to answer any last minute questions.

Late....but before the time limit. Please let me know if anything needs changing or clarification. Thank you! :)


Aleta Brumeveil CR 1/2
Female Sylph Ranger 1
LN Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +4; Senses Perception +1, Darkvision 60ft
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 leather armor, +4 Dex)
hp 11 (1d10+1)
Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2
Spd 30 ft.
RangedLongbow +5 (1d8+0/20/x3) 100ft.
Net +5 (-4 non-proficiency) 10ft
Melee Scimitar +1 (1d6+0/18-20/x2)
Brass knuckles +1 (1d3/20/x2)
Special Attacks
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD +15
Feats: Point Blank Shot
Traits: Storm in the Blood, Bastard
Skills: Climb +1, Perception +1, Stealth +5, Survival +1, Swim +1,

Knowledge (Nature) +3, Handle Animal +1, Profession (Bounty Hunting) +1
Other Gear Manacles, Rope, Hemp (50ft), backpack, scroll case,

flint/steel, wineskin, marbles (2 bags), hunk of hard cheese, pepper


Arrows, Wooden - 0/40 of 40
Arrows, Blunt - 0/20 of 20
Marbles - 0/2 of 2
Feather Fall (1/day) (Sp) - 0/1


Sylph Traits: Darkvision 60ft., Electricity Resistance 5, Sylph Magic:

Feather Fall 1/day


Aleta has a slight build, pale off-white skin and short

silver blond hair that seems to flutter slightly in an everpresent

breeze. She is clothed in simple clothing, all hazy fog grey in color.

She wears sturdy boots, breechers, a flowing chemise, a rough white fur

cloak and a silk veil. She could easily be mistaken for a ghostly

spirit or mist wraith.


Aleta was born Aleta Medvyed in a small, forgettable

villiage in north Brevoy, though no known family tree of the Medvyed

line bears her name. She is the decendant of Eudonius Medvyed who well

known for his extra marrital affairs. As soon as she was placed into

her mother's arms, her father, Thius Medvyed, loathed her very

existance. "His only child was a halfbreed monstrosity! What would the

rest of the family think?! The shame!" That same day, rumor spread via

hushed servants and staff through to the rest of the family that Aleta

died during childbirth. Her mother, more kind-hearted than Thius,

showed her love that her father could not.

Aleta was put to work with menial jobs as soon as she was of age

gathering firewood or bringing in fresh game for the day's supper. She

soon became a quick study of the flora and fauna of her family forests

and a capable hunter.

On her 15th year, her father in a fit of drunken fury beat her mother

senseless. In a flash, she seized her bow and began firing arrows at

her father causing him to flee into the surrounding woods. Giving

chase, she used her knowledge of the forest to guide her father right

into a hidden pit trap. The last thing she remembers of Thius was

hearing the wet crunch of bone-snapping and a whimpered moan of pain.

She left without checking if he was alive or dead. Aleta abandoned her

family estate and her name and took to the road that very night. Aleta bestowed the surname Brumeveil onto herself so that she would never forget where she came from.

Traveling afar, Aleta discovered that the skills she honed in the forests of her homeland could be put to use hunting and capturing humans just as easily as wolves and bears and paid quite enough to live off of comfortably. Especially if the humans were nobles...

@DM Haldhin
You did not answer my question from my last spoiler to you. You may have missed it. ;)

Apologies, I did indeed miss it, as well as Caelius' response.

That makes sense to me, I was not sure how deeply he held the belief about Kyonin being on the decline. I did not the item about the priestess, and I like the possibilities the plot hood provides. :)

Thank you, that makes sense and still provides a number of excellent opportunities for future plot hooks. I am fine with Fast Learner.


And with that, we are closed. I want to thank everyone again for their submissions, especially with all the chaos we have had on the boards this week.

I will post selections to this thread sometime tomorrow before 5pm. Until then, feel free to post any remaining questions or comments either in this thread or via PM.

Good luck all. Fingers crossed.

Who shall be on their way to be the new kings/queens of the Stolen Lands? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Fingers crossed, indeed.

Best of luck to everybody!

@DM Haldhin
Sent you a PM.

Well there are plenty of choices. We can only hope to make the cut. Good luck all. x3

Good luck everyone.

First, thanks again for the great submissions. This was, by far, the most difficult time I have had making final selections. Because the submissions were so good, I ended up deciding to take four characters.

The characters I've selected are:
Varnius Vol
Arumil Amaim
Gua Zhen

Would the four of you please post in the Discussion thread (located here) at your earliest convenience?

Best of luck to everyone in your next PbP experiences. If I can be of any assistance in the future, please feel free to drop me a PM.

Aw well, Rameth will hope that his shattered star dm returns, or that he gets selected for the otherone recruiting till wed

Have fun folks, and DM I am running a couple other games, if you dont mind I may ask some advice on occasion, as I am still relatively new at PbP GMing.

Thanks for the consideration, and for helping me evolve my character. I'll be more ready for the next time a wizard is needed.

looks good thanks for the consideration though.

Haldhin, thanks for the consideration.

Good luck to the winners!

Still the choices were the correct ones. Enjoy the game folks. You have a good team.

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