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Kingmaker AP - Into the Stolen Lands! (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Running the Kingmaker Adventure Path
(Shared Resources Link)

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HP: 40/40 AC: 17:13:14 Saves:6:5:5 Init: 2, Dip+11 Per: +11 SenMot +9

after hearing herself say neighbor, she remembers an other local, one she had fought a few times.

"Since I'm a somewhat local, I should mention a possible troublemaker around here in the stolen lands.
She is known as "Forest Demon" and I like her, share the nickname "Amazon."
Though I doubt she's nearby, as I see no knocked down trees, or hear falling trees."

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus' brows narrow for a moment and he glances at Bridgette. He seems torn between curiosity and his usual habit of trying not to directly speak with her. Finally, curiosity wins out.

"What is 'Amazon?'"

The kobolds lead the group southeast. The pace is quick, but not punishing, and you make good time passing through the fields. Bedding down for the night proves an easier task than you might have expected. The kobolds curl up next to the fire and fall asleep quickly, content with the food you have provided and tired from their long day.

The kobolds prove to be mildly entertaining, or annoying, depending on your view of the creatures. They are endlessly curious, but only about things most of you view as trivial. The group finds out that the kobolds are named Timmek and Ozzick. The only way to tell them apart appears to be a scar on Timmek's head from - according to him - a massively large river monster that he managed to defeat with only his teeth and claws.

It is mid-afternoon before the kobolds begin to get excited, pointing out that the Sycamore Tree is just over the next hill. The party crests the rise to see a long shallow valley with a massive tree in the center. Small streams flow into the valley from the south, creating small pools here and there. A light fog rests on the ground near the tree, not enough to obscure vision, but dense enough to notice on a relatively sunny day.

A dozen kobolds standing near the tree notice the group and begin jogging your way. They stop around fifty feet from you with their claws raised up, a peace sign, according to your guides.

In broken common, one of the kobolds steps forward and speaks, "You now on Sootscale land. Must speak to Chief. If agree, keep weapons safe. If weapons come out, you enemy. Understand?"

Noticing your prisoners, he quickly starts speaking to them in Draconic. Your prisoners respond, gesturing toward you, then toward the tree. The first kobold nods and speaks again, "You come now. Remember, weapons stay in sheaths."


The patrol asked the prisoners if you were to be trusted, and Timmek and Ozzic both said you had kept your word, had not hurt them, and kept them fed, and that you were going to release them soon since they did their job.

Basically, the patrol leader is telling everyone to keep their weapons sheathed at all times while you're going to meet their chief.

I'm assuming everyone agrees to keep weapons sheathed.

The kobold patrol leads you toward the huge tree which you see is easily twenty feet in diameter. A cave entrance lies in the tree's shadow, and you head down into the ground.

Lighting is dim inside the cave, but torches are posted every so often that provide enough light to travel safely. You take several twists and turns, occasionally encountering other kobolds moving through the caves.

After several minutes of wandering, you emerge in a large subterranean cave. On the far side, a large dragon rests on the cool stone, flanked by twenty kobolds, all holding wicked-looking barbed spears. The dragon regards you impassively as you approach. The patrol leader stops you twenty feet from the dragon and bows deeply.

The dragon continues to look at you as you return the gesture. The creature is easily ten feet long, if not more. You notice the scales on its back are shiny and black, while its underbelly is much lighter, almost white in some places. Its horns curve down and forward, similar to some of the larger rams or mountain goats. And though it appears to be reclining, you can make out extremely large wings that have seem to have a dark red membrane.

Finally, it opens its mouth and speaks common with a slight accent, "What brings you before the seat of Hhuristalax, Chief of the Sootscale Tribe?'

Knowledge (arcana) DC 20:
This is indeed a "black" dragon, but it is not a "black dragon". This creature is a rare specimen known as a smoke dragon. Generally more patient than it's chromatic kin, smoke dragons are known to be extremely family-oriented, and very protective of their mates, siblings, and children. Though not a "good" dragon, smoke dragons are not usually considered by intelligent races to be "evil" either.

They possess a breath weapon of dense smoke that can burn anything it touches, and their large wings enable them to be excellent fliers. They are also quite adept in studying and using arcane magic.

HP: 40/40 AC: 17:13:14 Saves:6:5:5 Init: 2, Dip+11 Per: +11 SenMot +9
Raxus Half-blood wrote:

Raxus' brows narrow for a moment and he glances at Bridgette. He seems torn between curiosity and his usual habit of trying not to directly speak with her. Finally, curiosity wins out.

"What is 'Amazon?'"

"A quick and simple definition of Amazon, Raxus is;

A tall, strong woman who survives off the land."

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Knowledge (Arcana)
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (20) + 11 = 31

Arumil can quickly tell that the kobolds were both right and wrong. It was a black dragon in color but not type. Which was a releif considering black dragons were normally vile creatures indeed. He bows to the smoke dragon. Speaking in draconic to show respect.


"Greetings Hhuristalax, Great Chief of the Sootscale Tribe. It is an honor to meet you."

He nods before switching back to common.

"I am Arumil Amaim, a mage of meager skill."

He motioned for the others to introduce themselves and make their case, he did not want them getting emotional over his actions again. He would wait for the moment.

Edit-Well I guess I know as much as I can about smoke dragons. xP

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Temerith nods deeply to the dragon, and goes to untie Timmek and Ozzick. "Just like we promised," he says, just loud enough for them to hear. After freeing the two kobolds, and giving them each an awkward pat on the head, the tiefling coils the rope back up while moving to stand with the rest of the party.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}
Finally, it opens its mouth and speaks common with a slight accent, "What brings you before the seat of Hhuristalax, Chief of the Sootscale Tribe?'

Bydar bows, "We encountered your people at a radish patch. We may not have put our best foot forward, so to speak and we wished to ensure peaceful greetings to a neighbor. We understand your people may have some resentment against he who we call the Staglord. If so, I think we have a common foe. I am Bydar of Shelyn. "

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Hhuristalax watches you closely, obviously intent on not only what you are saying, but how you are saying it.

"Indeed, your best foot was not put forward. The ones who escaped your attack fled here. Upon hearing that members of my family were assaulted without provocation, I admit to becoming ... irritated. That is lessened somewhat by the treatment you have shown young Temmek and Ozzick."

The dragon grips the stone upon which it rests with its claws, drawing high-pitched squeals from the ground as its claws dig in. "Still, such an affront cannot be allowed to pass."

"This tree was once the home to a tribe of mites. They caused no end of grief for my sons and daughters, including thievery and murder. I could not abide such crimes against my house, so I decided to destroy them. Sadly, some of them escaped my wrath, taking most of their treasure with them."

"As to your debt... One of my scouts followed the mites to the northwest, but he has not yet returned. I would like you to find him and return the treasure to me."

The creature smiles and a small wisp of dark smoke rises from its mouth. "I am not unreasonable, so therefore I propose to allow you to keep half of whatever treasure you recover. And no, I do not believe the mites will simply hand it over."

"As for the Staglord... I have nothing in common with you while your insult against my Tribe stands. Atone for your actions, and we will discuss what we may, or may not, have in common."


Feel free to ask questions, but unless they deal with what he has just told you, Hhuris basically repeats what he said about the Staglord.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

Bydar nods. He had feared that the dragon might be justifiably annoyed, "We thank you for this chance to make amends. I realize it will in no way absolve us of the debt by itself, but please pass on our apologies to your tribe, particularly those involved."

A pause, "And, if I may? What is the name of the lost scout? It may help us explain to him that we have been sent at your behest."

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Temerith nods as well. He nervously fiddles with the rope while the dragon and his companions converse, his tail shifting about behind him.

Better than I expected, but that's still a dragon...

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Arumil was not going to argue the point that the kobolds were being antagonistic. He expected something like this, dragons always wanted something. He had no problem with the task, mites were a dangerous pest anyways.

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus stood, impassive and tense at first, but as the moments passed and it became more and more apparent that they were in no immediate danger, his wide mouth slowly split into an even wider grin, displaying two rows of rather jagged teeth and definitely drawing attention to his monstrous heritage. It seemed the big man was quite excited.

A Dragon! A real Dragon!

Hhuristalax responds to Bydar's comments, "You are welcome. In this situation, your actions will prove your intentions far better than your words."

"The scout is named Mikmek."

Anything else before heading to find the scout and the mites' new hideout?

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Just waiting on my knowledge roll info. Good to go for the mites.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

"Mikmek," Bydar tries to commit the name to memory. "Unless you wish to educate us on the nature and combat capabilities of mites, or if my friends have any other questions, then I suppose we should withdraw and return to you with your scout. As you say, it is time we add actions to our words to show our intentions."

He looks to his companions to say if they have anymore to add before they all head off.


Here is some more information on smoke dragons. Let me know if you have specific questions that aren't covered below and I'll try to answer.

Smoke dragons are most active during periods of heavy fog. As a result, most encounters in the wild occur in the morning.

They live in all climates, but are most frequently found in temperate regions.

They mainly eat a diet of fruits, plants, and berries. They will also consume small animals, vermin, and fish. Smoke dragons find the consumption of other intelligent life to be disgusting and offensive, and will not do it under any circumstances.

Smoke dragons are very intelligent. They like riddles and enjoy the study of arcane matters.

Smoke dragons mate for life. Mates typically have 1-4 eggs every 300 years. (Low birth rates compared to other dragons) Mates may only have one or two egg layings in their life. As such, smoke dragons are some of the rarest dragons on Golarion.

They generally keep to themselves and avoid involving themselves in issues outside their own family. Chromatic dragons despise smoke dragons, and they are attacked on sight by reds. Metallic dragons are generally neutral toward smoke dragons, though coppers sometimes go out of their way (over several hundred years) to befriend them.

Smoke dragons are rumored to originate from matings between black and red dragons, but eventually became an entirely separate line of dragons. This is supported in some researcher's minds by the hatred shown to smoke dragons by red dragons.

Smoke dragons eventually gain the ability to do the following once/day: smoke form, invisibility, water breathing. Additionally, when they become adults, their scales become more mottled. This provides the dragon with constant invisibility when in fog, smoke, or submerged in water.

Smoke dragons have Darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, and some spell and damage resistance. These resistances increase as the dragon ages.

The smoke dragon has a breath weapon of extremely hot and dense smoke. It burns anything it touches, and if it hits creatures that breathe, they can choke to death from the toxic fumes.

These dragons are relatively peaceful and rarely attack other creatures except to feed themselves. That said, they are known to be ferocious in combat, especially when their home or family is threatened. In these cases, smoke dragons are extremely dangerous, and even other dragons avoid attacking their lairs.

When defending their home or family, smoke dragons can choose to enter a battle state similar to the barbarian's rage. This ability increases in power over time, and there are very few dragons that could survive a fight against an Elder Smoke Dragon fighting to defend its lair.

HP: 40/40 AC: 17:13:14 Saves:6:5:5 Init: 2, Dip+11 Per: +11 SenMot +9

Nice twist, DM Haldhin, I was not expecting this

In a diplomatic voice and tone
"We'll do as you ask, and hope to strength our
friendship and understanding of one another."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Thanks, I'm having fun too. :)

Hhuristalax pauses for a moment after Bydar speaks, then responds, "Mites used to be fey, but they were twisted by their overwhelming anger. Now they are little more than tiny pests who spend their days plotting the best way to avenge imagined slights and insults. They are relatively weak by themselves, but they tend to attack in groups, increasing the danger they pose."

The dragon nods at Bridgette, "I will await your return."

[ooc]I'll give everyone through early Monday to ask the dragon more questions. I'll move everything along after that."[/b]

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus nods, "We will return soon." he started to turn to leave, but stopped and faced the dragon again.

"I am... glad to have met you." he added with slightly awkward sincerity.

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Arumil recalls his knowledge of mites.

Knowledge (Nature)- Mites
1d20 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22


Do smoke dragons have the same level of power as chromatic and metallic dragons or are they weaker?

What age/CR is Hhuristalax?

Every type of dragon has preferred gifts/treasure, what are smoke dragons?

Thats all for now. ;)

I'm not sure what comparison you want me to make regarding the "power level" of smoke dragons.

Hhuristalax appears to be a young adult dragon, roughly 50-100 years old.

Smoke dragons appreciate great works of literature, spell books, scrolls, etc.

Knowledge (nature) DC 20:
In addition to what Hhuristalax told you about mites, you also know they possess a limited ability to curse their foes, and they have a supernatural link to vermin, often living and working with rats and insects.

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)


When I say power level I mean do they follow the same table as true dragons. If so which one sense reds are more powerful while whites are less powerful for example. A white wyrmling is CR 2 while a red wyrmling is CR 6, also using that same example white dragons get spellcasting abilities at adult age while reds get the same spellcasting abilities starting at young age.

Basically I want to know if their in the same league, drakes are true dragons but are not in the same league as chromatics and metallics. If they are in the same league I would like to know if their are at the high end of the spectrum (ex. red and golds) or the low end of the spectrum (ex. whites).

Hope that clears things up.

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Knowledge (Nature) check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

The mention of Mites catches Temerith's attention, but he can't seem to recall anything beyond what Hhuristalax tells the group.

Ah, okay, I understand now. I'll have to look that up to confirm, but they are true dragons. I'll get you equivalent color/metal tomorrow early am.

Thanks for clarifying! :)

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

Bydar has no further questions for the dragon and when his party is ready to go, he goes with them.

Roughly the equivalent of a green dragon, so middle of the pack.

The group travels northwest, back along the track they took on the way to meet Chief Sootscale.

After several hours of travel, you begin to find landmarks mentioned to you by kobold scouts who were the last to see Mikmek.

Another hour of searching passes and you finally find what appears to be a likely hiding place for fleeing mites. You discover a rough opening about five feet wide in the northern side of a hillock. You take up positions to watch the cave about a hundred feet away, hidden beneath a copse of small shrub trees.

Perception DC 20:
The opening is not as rough as it first appeared. The grasses around the cave are so overgrown that they conceal some of its features. You can actually see stout timbers supporting the opening, and with just the right lighting, you see another set further in the cave. It is obvious they are old, but they still appear to be strong enough to support the weight of the tunnel. Whatever this opening is, it is not natural - it was crafted long ago by the hands of intelligent creatures.

I have posted hex exploration rules in the shared folder. Please ask any questions you might have in the discussion thread.

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Perception check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

Temerith observes the opening, his keen eyes noticing the well-hidden wooden supports for the entrance. "Man-made entrance," he whispers to his companions, "Old." He goes back to scouting the entrance, his hand wrapping around the handle of his bastard sword.

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Arumil looks the cave entrance over. Taking his time while searching his mind for any related knowledge, sense Temerith pointed out its contruction.

Knowledge (Engineering)
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

"Interesting," Bydar says with no small amount of curiosity, "nice to mix exploration and discovery with our diplomatic task."

Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

"Thank you for letting us know, Temerith." Bydar looks at the others, "It seems possible the mites are within. Does anyone have any skill at checking tracks? Perhaps there's sign of a captive kobold."

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

"Can try, but I promise nothing," the tiefling man says to Bydar.

I just have the +3 from Wisdom, and I'm a little worried about getting us caught if I mess up. Should I go ahead and try, anyway?

Based on the size and spacing of the supports, you would guess it was originally intended to be a mine. No idea what the builders were mining, but they would not have gone through the trouble of reinforcing the walls unless they found something important.

HP: 40/40 AC: 17:13:14 Saves:6:5:5 Init: 2, Dip+11 Per: +11 SenMot +9

"Let's just hope the what is in there does not get us by surprise, as we explore"

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

"Whoever built this was mining something. The supports are strong and made to last, I would guess this mine had something of value. Could be anything from precious metals to gems."

He took out his journal making a note. Putting it away when he was done.

"I doubt the mites had time to set up any surprises, at least nothing more then simple ones. What I would worry about is their ability to train and use vermin. This is a good place for them and easy to find vermin as well."

Plenty of vermin liked caves, giant versions would find it more then suitable. Seeing as it was getting dark.

"I suggest we camp. Mites can see in the dark and not being able to escape to the daylight should things go wrong is not something I wish to do."

Edited for DM post in discussion thread.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

"It's not a bad idea, except for one concern. What if Mikmek is in there and in need of help? I don't know how violent mites are, but if Mikmek is somehow at their mercy, we may not have as much time as we were hoping."

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

How tall is the tunnel?

The tunnel entrance looks to be about six feet high.

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus' brows furrow as he looks down at the mineshaft. This was going to be uncomfortable.

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Well I haven't heard an argument against it, so here goes!

Temerith begins to check for footprints, kobold or otherwise. He carefully examines the are for anything that might be relevant.

Survival check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23


You quickly find a trail of small clawed footprints. Having been close to kobolds for the past few days, you quickly identify them as such. Apparently one kobold moved through the area between three and five days ago.

Moving around, you also encounter a set of tracks belonging to a group of around 10 creatures. They appear to be small humanoids with three-toed feet and narrow heels...

Another set of tracks also grabs your attention. Another creature, apparently traveling with the strange group, and very large. Judging from the depth of the tracks, it weighs several hundred pounds, and has six legs that end in sharp talons.

The tracks from the strange group and the large creature are both around five to seven days old.

Nice. :)

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Having discovered the various tracks, Temerith points them out to his comrades. "Kobold is likely in there... other things, too." The tiefling man gives the rest of the party what information he can from his search. See above spoiler.

I'm gonna try and make a Knowledge (Nature) check to see if I know anything about what would leave the other two types of tracks.

Knowledge (Nature) check to discern creatures: 1d20 + 4 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 4 + 3 = 23

Arumil & Teremith:
The tracks with three toes are likely from mites.

Best guess is a giant insect of some kind.

Male (Oni-Spawn) Tiefling Inquisitor 3

Kneeling in the dirt next to the tracks, Temerith carefully investigates the tracks. He points to the three-toed tracks, "Mites, most likely." The inquisitor then turns to look at the bigger tracks, trying to recall anything of use. "...Pro'ly a giant bug. Can't say what kind."

Pulling his hood down as the sun's light begins to wane, he turns to look at the others, and though he cannot meet their eyes, his face clearly reads What should we do now?

Male Elf Air Elementalist Spellbinder 3 (HP 14/ AC 13, T 12, FF 11/ F +1, R +3, W +3/ Init +2/ Perc +2)

Taking in the new information.

"As they have been here for nearly a week. Their is no need to rush, it would be unwise to enter with such disadvantages present. Best to make camp and prepare for tomorrow. I for one will be better suited come morning for the task."

Seemed they would be facing nearly a dozen enemies in close quarters. One which was likely a giant version of some kind of vermin, odds were the most dangerous ones.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

Bydar admires Temerith's tracking skills, "If he went in on his own instead of being dragged, that speaks better of his state."Then nods to Arumil "Ah, of course, you do need to replenish a spell."

Bydar scratches his chin, "Alright. Unless we find evidence that we must make haste, we can rest as proposed. We'll need to take watches though. Even if the mites stay in their hole, there might be other threats. Agreed?" He looks to Temerith, Raxus, and Bridgette.

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus nods and moves to find a decent camp site, his dogs trailing at his heels.

The group finds a reasonably sheltered campsite and rests for the night. You awake early the next morning without incident.

Male Human Cleric 3 (HP 14/21;AC18,T11,FF17; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}

Bydar prays for a bit, then readies himself, "Now that we are all prepared, I hope, let's make haste."

Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +6, Rage rounds 25/26, Power 11/11

Raxus quietly watches Bydar pray. When he is finished, the big man asks

"Why do you do that?"

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