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Kingdom Building for Beginners (Inactive)

Game Master robertness

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Grand Lodge

I would like to submit Nicoli for your review. Nicoli is a disgraced son of a dead Aldori Swordlord that has found redemption through Sarenrae. Armed with his father's Aldori dueling sword, purified by fire, and filled with divine glory he seeks to fulfill the promise his father had always hoped to see.

The "crunch" is mostly done but I still need to make some edits and additions

The pounding on the door transformed the room into a virtual bell tower, at least to Nicoli who recovering from the previous night’s debauchery. It took several minutes for him to stumble across the room pausing only once to vomit. The room was spinning as Nicoli opened the door. He blinked at the angry messenger. The messenger handed him a sealed letter and departed mumbling something. Nicoli noticed his father’s seal on the letter before sinking to the floor passed out in a pool of his own vomit.

Several hours later, Nicoli woke with splitting headache and a thirst for a cool glass of wine. The letter all but forgotten until he realized it was still clutched in his hand. He resigned himself to open it despite knowing it likely contained a rebuke.
Dear Nicoli,
Tales of your constant carousing have reached me even here on my expedition. I am greatly disappointed with your complete lack of ambition and chide myself for spoiling you, my only son. Perhaps, if my fortunes were not so readily available you would find disciplined state as opposed to the drunken one in which you so often reside. I am loath to cast you out and leave you destitute, however, I am unwilling to continue to support your lifestyle. Therefore, I have given instructions that you shall be Swordmaster Vadric’s ward until I return. I hope that you shall rise to the occasion.
Your Father
Josep Aldori

Nicoli sat is stunned silence as the implications of his father’s letter washed over him. He had spent his youth in fencing instruction with Swordmaster Vadric and knew him to be a tireless taskmaster. To think that the man would now reign over his very existence was sobering to say the least.

The next several months were a blur of training and pain. The repetition of the swordplay had invaded Nicoli’s dreams when he was not too exhausted to dream. His hand had developed calluses from the constant grip on the hilt of a sword. Swordmaster Vadric was unrelenting in his instruction and for that Nicoli hated him.

It was Swordmaster Vadric that informed him of his father’s death. The Swordmaster had simply handed Nicoli his father’s Aldori dueling sword and waited expectantly for Nicoli to resume his daily training. Nicoli hated Swordmaster Vadric , his father, and most of all himself.

Nicoli continued to train with his father’s Aldori dueling sword for several months before falling back into living in a drunken stupor. At first the training had been a numbing escape from his shame and self loathing, then, it gradually became a painful reminder of Nicoli’s life long series of failures. At least the alcohol made him forget everything.

It is strange how often salvation can be found when one is weakest. Nicoli lay drunk and half dead in an alley under the light of a street lamp. The flame of the street lamp engulfed his attention. He was consumed and captivated by that single flame. That night he was saved by Sarenrae. Nicoli found salvation with the new dawn and he found a purpose.

I know this is a full night sooner than I announced earlier, but I was pondering the applications on the way home from work tonight. I have seen six character concepts that I’d really enjoy playing this AP with, so I’m going to invite them to make the party. I know we don’t have complete applications for some of these characters, but we’ll work out the details in the discussion thread before we start playing.

Thanks to everyone who submitted characters. There were lots of great applications and any of them could have been chosen, but I’m going with the ones listed below.

Evil_Lynn_666 -> Najara the Ironsighted -> Human Inquisitor
Ishmell -> Shix Firley -> Gnome Sorcerer
Escharid Blackrose -> Vivian Deberth -> Human Rogue
King Meander -> Gordom -> Human Ranger
Brass Pigeon -> Juwwem Stonefriend -> Gnome Oracle
Estrosiath -> Andar -> Human Druid

It was a tough call getting this down to six. I look forward to playing with all of you and will have the discussion thread up soon.

Edit: Discussion thread is open here.

Congrats to those chosen :)

Congratulations to all chosen!


Glad to be a part of the team!

Good luck to everyone yet not chosen (it was my third try at joining a game!)

Thanks for the opportunity to play! Looking forward to role playing with everyone.

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