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Kicking It In Kaer Maga (Inactive)

Game Master GM Idyll

A city of outcasts. A city of strangers. Welcome to Kaer Maga.

No one knows who carved the cyclopean faces that perch on the cliffs below the city of Kaer Maga, gazing sternly upon the lands of Varisia below. Some say these visages depict the legendary Runelords of Thassilon, while others claim they represent deities far more ancient than the upstart gods of modern Avistan. Their depths are still unplumbed, their mystery still unsolved, for when you venture inside the mouth of a god, who knows what you might find?

Hello, all. I'm back again with my third, and final, recruitment thread for a PBP adventure. This last will be set in and around Kaer Maga, The City of Strangers. We'll be starting with the Godsmouth Heresy Module, then moving into an primarily Urban-focused, homebrewed/hybrid adventure that will take us wherever we want to go.

To apply, create a character using the criteria below and write a short backstory/character profile answering the questions below.

Character Creation Guidelines:

1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Core races only.

3) Choose two traits. You can't have more than one of each type of trait (regional, combat, faith, etc.) 

4) I'd prefer no evil alignments, but if it makes sense for your backstory AND you can play relatively well with others, I'll allow it.

5) Max HP at first level

6) Max starting gold for your class

No 3pp material will be allowed. I apologize if that causes any character development issues.


1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there? 

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

Some Miscellaneous Information:

I'm looking for 4 or 5 players. Because of this small number, it's important to have all four roles filled - martial, arcane, divine and skills. If you want a better shot of getting picked, don't apply with a character that already has a lot of applicants in that role.

I'm looking for at least one post per day, more if possible. If you can't post, just let us know. During combat, if you go 24 hours without a post, your actions will be botted.

If you lower an ability score to 8, there will be roleplaying consequences and should affect how you play your character. No score may be lower than 8.

This last one is just personal, but I am biased against summoners and paladins. While submitting one won't keep you from getting selected, it's important for you to know that. Also, no Anti-paladins are allowed.

Recruitment will be open until I feel like I have enough characters/players to choose from - I'm not certain when that will be, so get the apps in sooner, rather than later. If you just dot for interest or submit an incomplete concept, I'll give everyone 24 hours notice before final submissions are due so you'll have time to wrap things up.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

I'd like to make a cleric character to run... I will post stats and such within the next couple of days - can't do it today - i have tabletop games today and tomorrow.

I'll start working on a Shoanti barbarian this afternoon.

Dotting for later reference, I will create a character for this in the next few hours. Race undecided but it will be an Urban ranger. I will try to make him as sort of the physical support within the city as opposed to the magical ones. Sort of the informant and forward think trying to have the best tools for what's ahead. In combat he will likely be a back up damage dealer and mixing ranged/melee support.

Liberty's Edge

Orcish fire themed sorcer, dragon bloodline. Can we use the racial options for core races in APG?

Sovereign Court

Gm Idyll- any objection to some mundane crafting with starting wealth? I'd like to pitch a Gnome with the Master Tinker alternative racial trait and so weapon/armour crafting will be fairly integral to the character- he'll be reluctant to use any weapons and armour not made by himself.

Are APG, UM, UC and other Paizo books all ok?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Thinking of playing some sort of skill monkey, focused more on infiltration and deception, but able to cover other roles. Probably Halfling, but unsure at the moment.

Will you accept a rather newish player? (I've been getting hang of the rules in a maptool game but still, well, new).

I'll probably make my character based on what others aren't already making and whatever suits the setting.

This is the application for Davachido, I have made Kevril to be a martial frontline fighter with eventual tactical options to switch up what he does (taking the archer line once he reaches that level). Despite not having any modifier to intelligence I've tried to select the skills best suited to being in the city (+favoured class to skills). So he will hopefully act as a martial damage dealer and come with some useful skills.

Edit: let me actually post with him this time.

I'm good with most Paizo material, but everything in Core, APG, UC and UM is definitely approved. For everything else (Racial sourcebooks, AA, regional sources, etc.), please ask permission and provide a link to the description and benefit at D20PFSRD.

AK: I'm good with item creation with starting wealth.

Det: New players are more than welcome to join. I encourage you to go ahead and apply with a concept that you're comfortable with, rather than waiting to see what's left. It would stink to get stuck applying with an arcane character if you're not used to playing one (for example).

Here is Kenji. A Tian Outcast. Human Arcane Blooded Sorcerer.
The only NON- Core Paizo stuff he has is the Regional Feat
Wayang Spellhunter from the Dragon Empire's Primer
Wayang Spellhunter

and once he hit's level 4 would use the Trait to effect the Burning Arc spell from Humans of Golarion.

Other than that he's all Core.

Background: see Avatar.

Mechanically: Primarily he's a Blaster. Spell Specialisation grants him +2CL on 1 spell (likely Burning Hands) and he can switch it when he levels. He'll switch to Burning Arc when he learns it at 4 (Great blast that won't hit allies)
His Arcane bloodline grants him increased power for using Metamagic so he'll learn Intensify and Empower to turn up the heat.
Being Human he'll use the favored bonus to learn extra spells (these will be wizardy/utility and control spells)
He gets 5 skills per level so can cover all the needed knowledges.
The traits he's chosen do similar things. Wayang Spellhunter is a Regonal trait and Magical Lineage is a Magic trait. Fluff wise it makes sense given he hails from and long line of Wizards from Tian Xia and magic infuses his blood. He IS Magic. It's all he has and the aquisition of it is what drives the man. Only when he has reached the highest levels of power can he return home and regain his honor as a 'Wizard of Goka'. As it stands, his sorcerous blood is the reason for his great shame.
Mechanically what these traits do is let him use Metamagic feats on either Burning Arc or Fireball at -1 cost. But the spell CANNOT be cast in a slot lower than it's normal one.
For Instance he could empower either and only use a slot 1 level higher instead of 2.
This is so he can chuck out either Intensified, Empowerd Arcs or Fireballs as appropriate.
He'll also learn elemental spell for those pesky fire resistant foes.

Roleplay: Kenji, despite being an evocation specialist, does not wish to 'burn it all' like some mad evoker. He is very quiet and carefully considers the placement of his spells and cares not to hit allies. His familiar, Chatterbeak, is another matter. The bird is loud, rash and forever extolling his masters magical prowess. Often if Kenji is asked a question, it is Chatterbeak who answers. Kenji honestly does not mind and corrects the bird when required. What matters to him is unlocking secrets. What was it about Thassilon and it's 'Sin Magic' that made it's wizards so powerful. More importantly, can he learn to use these secrets?

As for me, I can and do post everyday on the boards. I really hope you like Kenji, I've been trying to get him into a game for quite a bit. He can cover the Wizardy type stuff.
I'll have Chatterbeak check in Daily to let you know he's still about

Chatterbeak looks at the DM with head tilted to the side, typical for a bird.
Is Master going on an adventure? Chatterbeak likes adventures. Finds lots of shiny coins, he does.

He swoops across.DM Idyll's shoulder and snatches a spider that had been crawling up it.
There. Chatterbeak saved DM Idyll from nasty bite. Yes I did. Can we go on adventure now? Chatterbeak will protect everybody from bugs. Yes he will. Master can hurt bigger things with Magic. Chatterbeak handles bugs.

Chatterbeak, be silent

Kenji looks across to the DM while patting the bird.
Apologies. I will wait here for your call

He sits down cross legged and closes his eyes to meditate. You note the many Tattoos covering his bare arms and chest above his Haramaki bellyplate and leather armored kilt. A well worn spear rests across his back.
The sorcerer waits...

Here is my submission of an Unbreakable Shoanti Fighter. I haven't bought the equipment for him yet. I just wanted to get the build itself made for now.

Will Not Be Stopped
Gredichi of the Shundar-Quah (Spire Clan)


male human Shoanti unbreakable fighter 1
NG medium humanoid
Init +1; perception +3

AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+1 Dex, +1 c.e., +5 armor)
hp 12
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2
Defensive Abilities combat expertise

Spd 30 ft.
Melee lt flail +4 (1d8+3/x2)
Ranged javalin +2 (1d6+3/x2; range 30ft)
Special Attacks imp. disarm +8 CMB

Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 14 Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +4(+6 disarm); CMD 16(18 disarm)
Feats Endurance, Die Hard, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm
TraitsThreatening Defender, World Traveler
Skills K. dungeon 1/+5, K. engineer 1/+5, Perception 1/+3, Sense Motive 1/+6, Swim 1/+7
Languages Common, Shoanti, Varisian
Gear 300gp lt flail, scalemail

Grediche was born to the Shundar-Quah, a Shoanti tribe that lives on the Storval plateau north of Kaer Maga. His family is among those chosen to act as diplomats to the, and as such, he has had the fortune of being allowed on diplomatic missions around Varisia as well as the Inner Sea nations. He has traveled to Taldor, Andoran, Cheliax, and all of the other coastal nations. In Cheliax, he spent a year studying to fight with Hellknights and in Andoran he learned the compassion of freedom fighters. He was not impressed with the Taldorans that he had met but was very happy visiting the city of Absolom.

Even with all of his travels, Gredichi never strayed from his Shoanti heritage. He sought many methods to perfect his fighting forms. Also, as part of his father’s training, he learned to become an unstoppable opponent. His father once said that you could be the strongest, most fierce warrior, but if you can’t last the fight it doesn’t matter how hard you swing.

When Gredich came of age, he underwent the rite of passages that all Shoanti go through, received his sacred tattoos, and his full name “Will Not Be Stopped.” This name fit, because he was many times observed by his family, friends, and cousins to be able to outlast his opponents in fights as well as the always reaching the goals during Quah contests between tribes despite his lack of traditional wilderness training.

Afterward, Will Not Be Stopped decided to use the skills that he had acquired to find work in the city. His latest travels found him in the city of Kaer Maga, working as a mercenary guard in the merchant quarters of the city. Although he was brought up among tribal diplomats, he never had the flare nor interest in maintain the pretenses that would be expected of him. Instead, he learned to listen closely and watch carefully for signs of subterfuge; skills that come in handy for a guard.

Answers to questions:
1) Not from Kaer Maga, but currently works there
2)Threatening Defender he learned from Hellknights while he was training in Cheliax. World Traveler was because he went with his parents as they travelled the Inner Sea as diplomats for the Shoanti tribes.
3) Frontling fighter who focuses more on protection and staying alive instead of maximum damage. He has a decent Sense Motive so can assist the face with interactions and brings his knowledge of dungeoneering and engineering to the table.

Grand Lodge

I humbly submit Dunn, Son of Absolom an orphaned boy turned Gunslinger. Being a fledgling Pathfinder he has cause to be anywhere. Mechanically he will be ranged damage. Capable of melee obviously just not as much damage.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Will get started on an Inquisitor of Pharasma, in a day or so.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Definitely interested. I have a few concepts in mind (including some that re-purpose old characters, though I'm very likely to go the with either a rogue, inquisitor, or oracle...kinda leaning toward the oracle.

I'll have a concept up sometime tomorrow. Thanks for offering to run a game.

I am still interested, just trying to figure out what I will play. I am leaning towards creating a Paladin (possibly an Archetype).

I'm terrible at making backstories so it'll probably make it a lot easier to justify having any goals and just focusing on the in-the-now RP instead.

EDIT: I just remembered the bias against Paladins, so nevermind on that idea.

1. Jericho is "visiting" Kaer Maga. Actually, he just boarded the first ship going outside of Shackles (Ollo) just to run away alive (full history in his profile).

2. Traits are Bully and History of Heresy. First one is easy - growing up in such "interesting" environment (as explained in his back story), Jericho easily adopted "beat or be beaten" attitude, and he disliked being beaten upon. As for History of Heresy, it is very clear that, in his view, his mother suffered greatly because of her devotion to Calistria, and he feels that goddess has abandoned her mother unfairly.

3. Jericho will be bringing raw power (in the truest sense of that word) and good communication skills ;-) (hey, from the descriptions of Kaer Maga I found, I honestly believe that Intimidation is the best "communication" skill one can have). So, if you need someone to "roughen up" other people, talk to them from the position of power, or simply spit in the face of (some) gods, then Jericho is your man!

A dot and a thought process in motion. I love Kaer Maga - so will see if I can percolate up something.

Dotting for interest. I'll be running a ninja who might go assassin depending on how the game goes

AK here, presenting Bastarger Frinthelrokil, a Gnome fighter of 61 years (40 years to maturity, 21 years training to be a Fighter and making his gear, randomly rolled 40 + 6d6).


1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?

Bastarger is a local to Kaer Maga. His family have a history of being on the run that has never been fully explained to him, but they settled in Kaer Maga as it seemed to be a safe haven. Part of Bastarger's motivation to become an adventurer was to persuade his family that he is competent enough to be let in on the family secret and eagerly fight whatever force drove them from their original home.

Bastarger's father is a blacksmith who keeps the Bleaching at bay through obsessing over his craft and as the eldest son of the family, Bastarger inherited his fathers passion; growing unusually strong as he gradually took over more and more of the heavy work. All of Bastarger's weapons and armour were made by him and his father over the course of his twenty one years of steady training and although there were many hurdles, Bastarger now had a set of customised weapons and armour that feel just right to him. Its considered bad luck by Gnomes to go into battle with gear that is not personalised in some manner; and although many Gnomes simply make aesthetic changes, to Bastarger it is a point of pride to design and forge his own weapons and he has created his own versions of some racial favourites- an Elven Curved Blade sized for him and a Halfling Sling Staff.

Bastarger's mother runs a fruit stall in Kaer Maga and his five younger sisters assist her- they are all at least twenty years younger than him and can't really survive on their own in the world yet; their big brother is fiercely protective of them.

What the Frinthelrokils were running from has been left open for either GM or myself (or both) to work in later if it suits GM.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

Although Bastarger is not yet old enough to suffer from the Bleaching, he has keenly observed how his father and grandfather keep it at bay and made a concious decision at an early age to find passions early in life that would keep the deadly curse at bay. Thus, he has the Collector trait, and having his painstakingly home-made collection of tiny pieces of armour has proven surprisingly useful to have nearby as a reference when working at the forge.

His other trait is Excitable- like many Gnomes he is zealously curious and his mouth seems to move faster than his mind, making him a little irritating until you are used to him. This combined with a fierce desire to prove himself to both his family and a world where the small are often mocked as poor warriors makes him recklessly eager to leap into any fray and fight the good fight.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

Bastargers about as strong as a Gnome can be (16 strength), capable of holding his own even amongst strong humans and their ilk. Hes an Armor Master archetype Fighter. Master Tinker allows for a unique blend of exotic weapons- Bastarger is proficient with any weapon he himself has personally crafted. Combined with quick draw, this lets him 'fight smart', using the right weapon for the right circumstance. When it comes to pure damage dealing, Bastarger can match a higher strength character by using his home-made Ripsaw Glaive- for an additional +2 damage while the blade is spinning. Essentially, his lower strength and undersized weapons are a trade-off for the ability to use different kinds of weaponry without taking exotic weapon proficiency feats- and over time the weapon size and strength penalty will become less of an issue. Hes also very strong defensively, with AC20 rising to 24 if he sports his tower shield.

Skills-wise, there will eventually be some diversity. For now, Bastarger's a simple smith and warrior, through and through. There is a possibility he might take Barbarian levels later on, depending on how the story goes- especially if he meets with continual failure in his desires.

Some occasional downtime would be ideal for Bastarger so he can continue to craft new weapons and armour, both for himself and for the group. Also, there is a rule allowing you to craft magic items "on the road" as part of your daily camping, resting etc. (up to 250GP). If Bastarger buys an anvil, could a similar rule be implemented for him? Mundane crafting is an uphill struggle at the best of times anyway, I never understand why magic is cut such a break.

I hope the backstory included with the questions answered above is enough as I want to leave some wiggle room to include more if selected and develop his personality a little more organically through play. Let me know if you do need more. Thanks for your consideration.

Sovereign Court

Oh and forgot to mention, his skills, feats, etc. are all done, as is his gold (spent down to the last silver :P). Bastargers essentially ready for play if selected.

P.S- There is a distinct lack of Gnome males in the avatar selection.

I present Rhen Stoneheart, dwarf rogue for your consideration. Thanks!

1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?
Rhen is not a native of Kaer Maga, as he was born and raised in the dwarven sky citadel of Janderhoff. He was by profession a miner in the Mindspin Mountains but also served as a scout in the tunnels for the guard against goblins/orcs and any other enemies. There he learned his roguish skills, which he applies to combat and war. He came to Kaer Maga as a young adult due to wanderlust about a year ago, hiring himself out as a "cleaner" of sorts, specializing in underground areas, be it eliminating vermin, humanoids, or undead.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

Armor expert - Rhen picked up in the guard, passing years in his scout armor on patrols. He is a fan of light armor.
Highlander (mountains) - Regional feat that makes sense with the fact that Janderhoff is located in the mountains and he's spent most of his natural life there.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
Trapfinding, Perception, stealth, 60' darkvision, lead scout, appraisal of treasure, ranged combat (crossbow), melee combat (most likely flanking with party tank), Decent HPs (11) and AC (17) at 1st level. RP-wise, his +5 Sense motive will help him discern if the npcs are being sincere/open with the party.

I finally decided that a Cleric is probably the best choice. Presenting Sarm Santee, a Human (+Wis) Cleric.

Answers to questions:
1. Sarm is a visitor to Kaer Maga, finding the destination to be an ideal place to bring Sarenae's shining light to the dark keeps of the city. The mark on his chest serves as a reminder that Sarenae is with him wherever he goes. He is also interested in combating evil wherever he may find it.
2. Desert Child and Birthmark. These very much are his backstory and tie into his chosen diety.
3. I intend to use the healing abilities to support front liner characters. Fire magic is there to give something to do besides healing and give extra offensive capability, and Good domain to help combat evil.

Sarm Santee is a travelling Cleric from the town of Ziloth in the Osirion continent. His birth was rather remarkable, but as he grew into a child his birthmark on his chest started to more closely resemble the mark of Sarenae as his skin grew. Wondering what it means, he eventually learns that it may be a mark given to him by Sarenae's fire while he was still in the womb, grafting him before he was even born.

He began learning about Sarenae and her philosopies and attitudes. He has grown up to become a Cleric in devotion with the ability to summon Sarenae's power either to bestow good or cleanse with fire. Now an adult, he feels that he has no purpose in his home world, realizing that the shining sun already basks over the land. He now travels Golarion to find purpose where he may be useful and needed.

Sarm Santee appears to be a man in his late twenties, his skin noticably tanned and his features clean. With the exception of his armor, his clothing is typically pale in color and indicative of his culture, but with little fancy decorations. When wearing armor, it appears to be recent from more local areas of Golarion. He enjoys placing extra padding inside the chest piece of the armor, to help avoid damaging the mark on his chest out of respect for his diety. His sword, remains the same as when he first left, sticking with his most natural style of sword fighting.

Haven't done the whole crunch yet.

Str 14
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 10

Domains: Fire, Good

This is JAFO (2nd poster on thread)

1. Finn is recently established resident in Kaer Maga... She loves to travel but for now Kaer Maga is her home (see backstory). (hence Cosmopolitan feat)

2. traits: Elemental Pupil - during her travels, she studied fire magic and acquired this trait.
Naturally gifted - she is a gnome very much attuned to her racial gifts.

3. healing and as a theologian she specializes in fire spells, and will be able to kick in some damage with domain abilities. She's also an excellent cook.

There are already some great applications everyone. Less than 24 hours in, I already have an incredibly difficult decision on my hands.

EDIT: If you haven't already, please answer the three questions in the original thread under the Backstory/Profile spoiler.

Here's the breakdown so far - let me know if I've missed anyone.

Kevril Silverkin - Urban Ranger (also brings skills)
Will Not Be Stopped - Unbreakable Fighter
Dunn - Gunslinger
Jericho Fiendaxe - Unarmed Fighter
Bastarger Frinthelrokil - Armor Master Fighter

Kenji Jehu - Sorcerer

Sarm Santee - Cleric of Sarenrae
Fionnbharanel - Cleric of Sarenrae

Rhen Stoneheart - Rogue

@Kenji - Your trait and spell choice is approved.

@AK - I'm sure we can find you an anvil lying around somewhere.

Slowly the sorcerer opens his eyes to the man who would be the story teller.
Your trait and spell choice is approved!

The sorcerer silently thanks the story teller for accepting who he was. If only the ruling bodies in Goka had been so tolerant of what he was things may habe been different.

The familiar too feels his masters joy,Thankyou. Master doesn't say so but master is happy. That is good. Last time master was NOT happy was just before that orc died. Poor Orc.Should not have tried to hurt master. Now Orc is crispy. Won't swing mean axe anymore. Thankyou talky man. Chatter beak likes you. Yes he does.

Concept is forming up as an Inquisitor of Shelyn with the Heresy Inquisition from UM.

An ex-barker for The Sorry Excuse in Hospice, a chance encounter with a would-be patron was where he found his calling. Ending up in the bohemian morass of The Lyceum in Oriat he studied a while before realising he was meant for a more active role.

Will be a social skills character with some Knowledge as a back-up. Should have details in concordence with the OP request on the morrow.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Looking at some of the concepts being posted, I'm thinking I will be submitting an Oracle of Bones from Ankar-Te. Should have the concept fleshed out later today.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

OK Denin Truedeath. Inquisitor of Pharasma (Vampire Hunter).

When the cycle of life and death is violated, and the crime against the natural order that is undeath arises, it is those sillent warriors devoted to Pharasma who wage a never ending battle to return the corruptions of life to the Grave.

Not truly a native of the city but neither a visitor, he goes where he is needed, and recent investigations have led him here.

Martial/Divine blend specializing in dealing with undead, gritty and dark. Brings divine firepower to the table as well as considerable social and investigative skills.

Will post a sheet tonight

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Scratch the Oracle of Bones. I was having too difficult of a time coming up with a concept that would play well with others/others would actually want to be around. Back to square one.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Traits are Corpse Hunter (Religion) and Superstitious ward (regional), aiding in his ability to wage war on the undead.

I'd like to enter Celedor Dragonblood for consideration.

1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?
A visitor. In Celedor's pursuit of knowledge, his travels have brought him to Kear Maga.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices.
Forlorn:After leaving his village, Celedor has had to adjust to life outside of elven society.
Focused minded: Celedor has allways been very focused on his Arcane studies, though it increased after the death of his wife.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
Celedor brings arcane magic to the table. His focus on enchantment magic will help stop enemies in their tracks, or help gain information. His other magic can help with controlling the battlefield and buffing his teammates. He also is skilled in diplomacy, making him a fairly good face. 

Stirgen Harg a Half-Orc Inquisitor of Shelyn

Half-Orc Inquisitor of Shelyn, Alignment: CG
Str: 15, Dex: 13, Con: 14, Int: 10, Wis: 16, Cha: 10
Traits: Amazingly Ugly (Orcs of Golarion - +1 to Intimidate), Intense Artist (Faiths of Purity - +1 to two Perform skills (Poetry and Painting) and one is a class skill (Painting))
Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Local), Perception, Perform (Poetry)
Feat: Cosmopolitan (Knowledge Local and TBC; Languages TBC)
Heresy Inquisition: allows use of Wis mod instead of Cha mod for Bluff and Intimidate.
Gear: TBC

OP Questions Spoilered for Length:
1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?
Stirgen has been in town long enough to be considered a local. He arrived from Belkzen as a slave on an orcish caravan that had brought in a mammoth to sell at the Beast market. After an unfortunate accident when the mammoth was startled and trampled his owner he was left without a master. He spent some short time in the Bottoms, but without work or anyone to look over him his existence was not pleasant.

He was able to eventually find a job at The Sorry Excuse as a barker and a bouncer, drumming up business for the tourist trap as it fleeced the pockets of the visiting hordes of people. Though he was good at his work, he still found it unfulfilling. It was a chance encounter with a travelling elfin bard that opened his eyes to the opportunities. The dashing troubadour had been to Kaer Maga before and had no interest in the squalid brothel – but the way in which the elf refused and the turn of phrase he used entranced Stirgen.

Following the bard, he came upon The Lyceum in Oriat and his conversion was complete. The bohemian nature of the academy spoke to an untouched part of Stirgen’s essence and inspired his heart. He spent a few short yet happy years there engaging in artistic revelry and an indulgent lifestyle.

But there was just one problem… he wasn’t very good at the artistic endeavours. Sure the artistes endured him for a while and his fawning praise did not fall on deaf ears, but the presence of such a lesser soul was seen to bring the whole down. Petitions were made to the masters and eventually reached a crescendo that needed to be acted upon.

Stirgen was called before the Dean, and it was made to seem as though a great honor was to be bestowed upon him. Rather than remain here, he was to be sent out into Kaer Maga so as to inspire others to embrace the love within that they either kept hidden or suppressed. His place was not here, it was out in the real world as an emissary of the faith and agent of inspiration to others.

Taking the offer at face value, Stirgen rejoiced and readily accepted – taking his leave and moving into the world with a song in his heart and smile on his face. The artistes rejoiced as they watched his back melt away into the distance.

I’d view him as recently released by the Lyceum and seeking a way to engage with the general populace. He’d hear of or see the job with the Pharasmin temple as a way to make meaningful contact with others so that he might engage with them.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices.
Amazingly Ugly – is a physical feature, and reflected in his bestial face. Snub-nosed with nascent tusks and scraggly hair on his scalp leaves him less than attractive. This tends to make him come across negatively regardless of whether he’s being kind or not.
Intense Artist – after his epiphany, Stirgen spent some time at the Lyceum among the bohemians and was smitten with their way of life. The trait represents his newfound life as a devotee of Shelyn. However he is not very good – but this will come to him over time after he has left the Lyceum (the bohemians were too kind to quash his passion).
I also like the tragic interplay between the two. As a half-orc with an intimidatory appearance he yearns to be a serious and emotional poet… at least initially.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
Mechanically he will be a social skills character first and a back-up combatant. Over time he’ll develop reasonably equally down both lines – with his skill set broadening out primarily his social set. Spell choices will cover some back-up healing as well as combat support spells. Reasonable strength and a two handed weapon is where he’ll make his impact in combat.

That should be the essence of what I'm proposing at least. Probably some minor smoothing of edges and what-not, but there should be enough for a gist in there methinks. If selected I'll work up a specific profile.

I'm gonna throw this guy in.

He was used for a previous pbp I was in, so, there are going to be some odd issues in there. I've adjusted some things but there are still a few mechanics that are a 2nd level build(skills mostly). He's a NG cleric of Sarenrae. Will fix him up properly if selected. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?

Visitor. Just stopping over for a while as part of a caravan.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory?

Courageous - Due to his upbringing, fear was something he dealt with daily. Eventually he grew accustomed to it, to where it didn't affect him nearly as easy.

Ambassador - This trait fits him perfect, due to his friendly nature.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

Positive energy healer. Healing for the good guys, pain for the Undead guys. Won't be much use in combat. He'll fight when necessary, obviously, but keeping the others alive is a higher priority.

Sun and Restoration are gonna be his domains.

Also, questions 1 and 2 are explained better within his background.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Lilley Thornhollow had been a bride six weeks when she died.

Four years earlier, the beautiful young half-elf had celebrated the return of her childhood sweetheart Kyren Thornhollow from his rite of passage, the Quest for the Everflame, in the town of Kassen by joyfully accepting his proposal of marriage in the midst of the festival. It would have to be a long engagement, however; Kyren, fresh out of his apprenticeship, was determined that he be able to provide a comfortable home for his bride-to-be and any children that might bless their union so while he worked and saved, Lilley traveled the Fangwood with the militia in which her human father had died some years earlier. She had never known her elven mother, and her father's comrades-in-arms appreciated both the sweet songs she sang and her soft-spoken way of defusing tensions with other groups of Nirmathi militia patroling the forest against incursions by Molthune.

At long last, Kyren had saved enough money to build and furnish a tidy new house in Kassen with a garden and sent for his bride. The whole town turned out for the wedding, when he put a golden ring on her finger depicting the holy symbol of Shelyn in chips of colored semi-precious stones, a symbol of his eternal love and devotion.

Six weeks later, she lay dying. Disease had spread through the village, ironically probably carried by a wedding guest. Relatively few had died of the pestilence, but Lilley was one of the the unlucky. Kyren sat by their bed in anguish, holding her slim and clammy hand and whispering professions of love -- and promises. "They say there's a druid in the Fangwood," he told her. "Whatever it costs, I'll get you back." They were the last words her ears would hear on this plane.

What followed next was cloudy and confusing in her memories. She was in a great cloud of whispering beings, none of which were clear to her, knowing she was waiting to be judged. When she sensed the call across the planes, her soul shot back like an arrow, joyful, knowing that her lover had kept his promise.

She opened her eyes in a dim grove, the grass soft and blessedly material against her back. There was a rustle and Kyren stepped from between the trees. His face was clear to her: pale and drawn but marked with a wild hope. Although she could see him clearly, he didn't seem to have seen her yet; he turned the beam of a lantern he carried, searching. The light struck her eyes, and she saw his face change in an instant, from eager to appalled. "Kyren, what's wrong?" she asked as he drew back and was immediately frightened and surprised by the sound of her own voice. Her voice was no longer high and sweet as it had been but low and rough, and the words were slurred and distorted by traveling around two great tusks that emerged from her mouth. She had come back and was still half-human -- but her new body's other half was orc.

They traveled back to Kassen in stunned silence, her trailing after him in shame, her eyes on the ground. When they arrived, blessedly still in the dark and concealed from curious eyes, she turned toward the house she had died in, but Kyren had sold it to pay for her reincarnation. Even the house and all the furniture had not brought enough, and to raise enough gold within a week, he had indentured himself to a lumber merchant, agreeing to work for seven long years to repay the debt. He took her to a small, one-room house he had rented. He went in, looked at the bed, looked at the floor. "You take the bed; I'll sleep on the floor," he told her, without looking in her direction at all.

He slept all that night with his back to the bed. She knew because her blood-red eyes could see in the dark and because this new body had only been alive for a few hours and wasn't tired. In truth, she was as attractive by the standards of half-orcs as she had been by human standards in the body that died; there wasn't an orc in Belkzen that wouldn't have been happy to claim her, a well-muscled, broad-shouldered, slim-waisted female with smooth green skin and near-human features apart from the exposed tusks. But Lilley was as repulsed by her new form as her husband was. She lay alone and awake in the bed, her skin crawling at its own existence. The awkward silence remained unbroken the next morning, as Kyren rose and dressed and Lilley huddled miserably wishing to be invisible. He stopped just before he walked out the door and spoke without turning around. "We work ten days and will be back the eleventh." As he shouldered his axe, he finally glanced at her strong, green arm clutching the sheets and gave a humorless chuckle as he walked out the door; she was clearly now stronger than he and would have made a better lumberjack.

The daylight stung her orcish eyes, and she desperately wanted not to be seen anyway. She closed the shutters before exploring the room her world had shrunk to. There was little enough; Kyren had sold everything of value -- with one exception. She found all of her own possessions carefully put away in a rickety wooden chest: her clothes, her shoes, her wedding ring. None of them would fit her new, larger body. Alone, at last she wept, a bestial howl that only deepened her despair.

The second night, she slept. She dreamed. Dreams of her old life in the forest, yes, but also dreams she had never had before: dreams of blood and death and destruction. She would have called them nightmares, except that she didn't wake in terror -- and that frightened her more than the dreams.

She couldn't hide forever. She was seen slipping out at dusk or before sun-up. She could feel the wave of horrified whispers wash across the town. No one spoke to her; no one knew what to say. Half-orcs were not unknown in the Fangwood, but half-orcs that used to be half-elf maidens were. They averted their eyes. She averted her own. On the eleventh day, Kyren returned. He walked in the door, his axe on his shoulder. He looked at her, his face a blank mask. He slept on the floor.

It was his fourth or fifth ten-day shift, when she slipped out of the house to walk in the forest before dawn, before the sun came up to burn her eyes, before anyone would see her. She had grown to hate that little room, full of the pieces of her past life which mocked what she had become, and she stayed out a little too long. Returning to town, she saw two women already out to draw their morning water from the well between her and the safety of her door. They were standing and looking at the little house. "Poor Kyren," she overheard one of them say. "He gave up everything he had worked so hard for, and for what?" "Yes," the other replied sagely, "he would have been so much happier if she'd just stayed dead."

She left that night, having forced her larger, broader hands to fumble a note to the landlady telling her to let the house to someone else so Kyren would no longer have to pay for it. She took her clothes and her ring and followed the trail into the forest, looking for the lumberjacks' camp. She had been forced to wear some of Kyren's clothes, all she could find to fit her, and pushed her wider, flatter feet into his old boots. In the dark, with her gruff voice, she could pass for one of the half-breed men who worked there. She found a watchman half asleep, asked which tent was Kyren Thornhollow's.

She intended to set him free, release him from his obligation to her, return her old belongings and the ring he had given her to sell to shorten his term of service. But when she quietly entered the tent and saw, in the dark, him making love to a camp prostitute in his cot, her orcish blood boiled. At once she knew what her tusks were for; she growled in outrage, tore at the woman's throat with her teeth and felt the hot spray of blood in her face. It wasn't until she saw through the darkness the gape of horror and fear on her husband's face that she realized what she had done and what she had become. She released the limp body from her jaws, dropped the bag, and ran, before lights could be struck or alarms sounded. She ran until even the strength of her half-orc body could carrry her no further. As she lay on her face, gasping and sobbing into the undergrowth, she opened her clenched hand to find her wedding ring still in it, the holy symbol of Shelyn impressed into her green flesh.

She made for the edge of the Fangwood, a pass through the Mindspin Mountains, for Kaer Maga. She had heard tales of a city so depraved that the strangest and most monstrous creatures could walk its streets without drawing undue attention and had never had any desire to see it until now. If there was anywhere a half-elf in a half-orc's body could hope to find anonymity and anything approaching a normal life, it was there. She kept the ring and her husband's name to remind her of who she used to be; she has the dreams of violence to remind her of what she is. The death of her husband's lover at the points of her tusks wasn't the end of the stirring of the orcish blood in her veins but only its awakening....

Rough Statblock:
Female Half-Orc Sorcerer 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Orc, Orc)
Init +2; Senses Darkvision (90 feet); Perception +0
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10. . (+2 Dex)
hp 6 (1d6)
Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +2
Weakness Light Sensitivity
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Bite (Tusked) +2 (1d4+3/20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +2 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 1, +2 melee touch, +2 ranged touch):
1 (4/day) Shocking Grasp, Mage Armor (DC 14)
0 (at will) Ray of Frost, Disrupt Undead, Acid Splash, Read Magic
Str 15, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats Eschew Materials, Improved Unarmed Strike
Traits Fangwood Diplomat (Nirmathas), Tusked
Skills Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +9, Survival +4
Languages Common, Orc
SQ Orc, Orc Ferocity (1/day), Touch of Rage +1 (6/day) (Sp)

Darkvision (90 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Fangwood Diplomat (Nirmathas) +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy is always a class skill for you.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as they remain in bright light.
Orc Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell that deals damage, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled.
Orc Ferocity (1/day) 1/day, when brought below 0 HP but not killed, you can fight on for 1 more round as if disabled. The next round, unless brought to at least 0 HP, you immediately fall unconscious and begin dying.
Touch of Rage +1 (6/day) (Sp) Morale Bonus on attack rolls, damage rools, and Will saving throws equal to +1

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3 Questions:

1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?

Should be obvious from the backstory, but she is originally from Nirmathas and has only recently arrived in Kaer Maga, seeking personal asylum.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

Fangwood Diplomat reflects her half-elf past as a peacemaker; Tusked is the most visible and gory representation of her half-orc present. Obviously, having a bite attack features prominently in her husband's lover's death, and killing someone with one's teeth is a lot more bestial and disturbing than doing so with a weapon. It's a very intense reminder of what she is capable of and how far she has fallen from what she used to be, just as the ring with the holy symbol of Shelyn represents what she aspires to as she fights against the urgings of her blood.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

Lilley is a sorcerer who focuses on damage-dealing spells, equally adept at both melee and ranged touch attacks, plus a few buffs like mage armor to improve her prowess as a combatant. Her Touch of Rage ability can help buff her allies. (At the moment, I've given her Improved Unarmed Strike to go along with her killing-people-up-close-and-personal tusks, but I'm not entirely wedded to the idea.)

Specifics and Commentary:
The PC uses the Orc Bloodline from Orcs of Golarion, assuming that meets with your approval. Tusked is an orc/half-orc race trait, also from Orcs of Golarion, and I now find it is, for some reason, not on PFSRD. Hmmm. It does the same thing as the feat Razortusk from the APG and the alternate half-orc racial trait Toothy, which replaces Orc Ferocity, so I can get at it another way by juggling the build a little if it not being entered on d20PFSRD is a deal-breaker. (I note that Mark's Amazingly Ugly trait isn't on there yet, either.) Fangwood Diplomat is a regional trait from the Inner Sea Primer. I am active in many PbP campaigns, some quite long-running, and can virtually always post at least once a day and usually more.

It's a bit of an unusual backstory, but if you can't go a little unusual in Kaer Maga, when can you? Obviously, I saw The Avengers this weekend, and there's a bit of Hulk going on with this character: the mind of a mild-mannered half-elf diplomat contending with the blood of an orcish warlord. She has both Diplomacy for her elf side and Intimidate for her her orc side and thus provides the perfect opportunity to say "Please don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." ;)

I made the character so that the stats would work with the concept of her already having been reincarnated, including a lowish Con (since she's 1st level and would have lost 2 points) and the +2 to Str that comes with being reincarnated as a half-orc. Although she technically receives both Common and Orc as starting languages, she really only ought to have Common as reincarnate doesn't grant retroactive racial languages. Hero Lab includes it, however, and I just left it in for now. I haven't done any equipping, as the shopping is my least favorite part of character creation. If selected, she'll spend her gold on something. :)

Grand Lodge

I respectfully retract my submission for concideration. Thanks hope all find a game and have fun!

All right everyone, I am going to close the recruitment in 24 hours. If you'd like to get your submission in, do so before tomorrow morning.

Also, please answer the three questions from the original post - until those are answered, your application isn't final.

Here's the list of current applicants. The "*" reflects those who have already answered the three questions. Be sure to let me know if I've missed you.

Kevril Silverkin - Urban Ranger (also brings skills)
*Will Not Be Stopped - Unbreakable Fighter
*Jericho Fiendaxe - Unarmed Fighter
*Bastarger Frinthelrokil - Armor Master Fighter
*Stirgen Harg - Inquisitor

Kenji Jehu - Sorcerer
*Celedor Dragonblood - Wizard
*Lilley Thornhollow - Sorcerer

*Sarm Santee - Cleric of Sarenrae
*Fionnbharanel - Cleric of Sarenrae
Denin Truedeath - Inquisitor
*Javell DeLeon - Paladin

*Rhen Stoneheart - Rogue

Ah I guess I didn't spell out my answers as such but they are in the backstory on his profile, but to explain them better here we go:

1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?
Kevril was born to unknown parents presumably in Kaer Maga but he was left in the Warrens at Mother Millie's Little Treasures and grew up there.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

Child of the streets : Kevril has always made the streets of Warren his home, not to mention he would always try to steal a little money from rich looking merchants to donate it to Little Treasures as thanks to Millie.
Reactionary : As he grew up he always reacted to aggresive behaviour against those he held dear, mostly said behaviour against Kromkall his adoptive brother and best friend. He would always try to think ahead of these people and set up traps/problems for them.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
I have made Kevril to be a martial frontline fighter with eventual tactical options to switch up what he does (taking the archer line once he reaches that level). Despite not having any modifier to intelligence I've tried to select the skills best suited to being in the city (+favoured class to skills). So he will hopefully act as a martial damage dealer and come with some useful skills for the environment. Added benefits later on being of course the feature of Urban rangers being favoured community which will be useful in a city.

GM Idyll - My pitch was intended to fulfill a 'Skilled' role, as he is replete with the Social graces and has some Knowledge on the side.

Do you not consider Inquisitor's skilled? - or does the character need the trapfinding / Disable Device to fit that role?

I never really know where to put Inquisitors. They're all over the place depending on how they're built. I'll update my list accordingly.

No problems GM and thanks for the confirmation. I agree that it can be difficult to slot in the 6 skill classes (like the Urban Ranger).

Let me know if there's anything you'd like clarified.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

GM, I think Javell DeLeon was actually submitting the character linked to in his post: a cleric called The Blue Rajah, rather than a paladin. Javell is his main avatar and not a PC.

Ah - good catch. That makes WAY more sense based on his description.

Apologies, GM. While I got my fluffy stuff up first (and the answers are there) I did not go with a Q&A format. Here they are now.

The sorcerer uncrosses his legs and rises, meething the storyteller's eyes with a level gaze.
"Ask and I will answer".

1. Are you from Kaer Maga or a visitor there?
A visitor. Since my arrival in Varisia I have been studying the well kept secrets of Ancient Thassilon. The gypsises, who have been kind enough to let me travel with them said I would find plenty of mysteries here.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choices. 

Wayang Spellhunter and Magical Lineage. I was born on a province island, under the rule of the port city of Goka. I am the 7 th generation of a.Wizard line that has served the cities rulers for centuries. My ancestral blood carries an arcane power beyond what most arcane practitioners can manage. I can 'push' many spells beyound thier normal limits (traits, spell specialisation) and plan to harness this talent to regain my honor.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
I am an arcane spellcaster. I will provide fire and ice and flight. Despite not possesing the variety a wizard does, my range of magic is very broad (human- extra spells, bloodline new arcana) and I can cast any spell I know as needed without needing to wait a day to study. Despite his constant chatter, my familiar is also a useful flying spotter. I am something of a scholar and can offer insight into many knowledge skills.

I hope my answers have been to your satisfaction, I will resume my meditations while you make your descision.

Grand Lodge

I present to you, Volke, human ninja. He has quite the collection of skills, and can also do ranged damage with his bow.

1. Visitor. Volke's mercenary guild sent him here to protect someone in the village, but he found that man dead when he arrived. He decided to stay for a while and try to figure out what happened.
2. Resilient, while he was enslaved, the orcs barely fed him, and it was a miserable excuse for food at that. Suspicious, due to the constant lies he was fed as a child by some older folks in his village, mainly his parents lies about his village.
3. Mechanically, he will provide many skills, can be party face, and provide some ranged damage in battle with his bow.

Hey everyone. The submission window is closed and I've made my final decision on the party.

There were some great concepts posted and I am sorry that I can't accommodate a party with all of you.

That said, the following six have been chosen: 

Bastarger Frinthelrokil
Kenji Jehu
Lilley Thornhollow
"The Blue Rajah"
Rhen Stoneheart
Stirgen Harg

Please report over to the discussion thread and finish up your character sheets.

Discussion Thread

Thanks again to everyone who applied.

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