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Keegan's Shattered Star: Shards Of Sin

Game Master James Keegan

Current Characters

Dark Archive Bryan

male human
(969 posts)

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10
(1,427 posts)
Shag Solomon
James Keegan

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5
(4,233 posts)
Dark Archive 'Hellion' Svetlana Irriseni

F Tief (Pit) Ftr 5/HK4 - HP99/99 AC-27/T-14/F-25 CMD28 F:+11 R:+6: W+5/ Percept+6 - Dkvis 60' |Init+4(+combat reflex), Move 30'.

played by Nik B. (756 posts)
Auron Rurikski

Male Human (Cheliax) Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier (Hound Master) 2

played by randall793 (145 posts)
Crone Queen
DM randall793

played by randall793 (494 posts)
Ury Sevenskulls

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

played by Jam412 (240 posts)
Dwarf Fighter
Oren Tor

Male Dwarf Cleric of Angradd / 2

played by Wander Weir (70 posts)


played by Nik B. (13,388 posts)
Vorrea Talminari
Sister Mara

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

played by Max Hellspont (326 posts)
The Black Monk
Warden of Doors

played by James Keegan (1,264 posts)
Yangzhun Chen

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Wizard (Transmuter) 2

played by Bryan (187 posts)

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