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KMT Carrion Crown (Inactive)

Game Master chavamana

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Her face appears over his, and the thoughts and tension that came with them all disappear. His lips part slightly, he is suddenly very conscious of his breathing. His hand moving over her body, reaches her face caressing her cheek before tucking the errant strands of hair behind her ear and settling behind her neck. "Yes. Really grey. But I like yours so much better." He blinks again, then draws himself up for at least a taste of her lips.

She leans down, meets his lips half way. Her body settles on top of his, she's warm, her lips still sweet, soft, inviting. She kisses him slowly and for a very long moment. "I really don't want to get out of bed. But I know we have to." she says.

Her words arrest his movements as his arms had just started to wrap his arms around her and press her body against his, he suppresses a groan
bluff: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
fairly successfully and relaxes into the mattress beneath him, his hands lightly brushing along her torso and settling on her waist for at least a moment. His look is almost pained, "Kitten, I am sorry, we had better get off of this bed right away, because it is taking everything I have to not... just one more kiss." He leans forward (upward) one more time, holding himself there, before allowing his body to collapse back on the mattress again.

She meets his kiss willingly, her body following his so the kiss does not break.

She follows him down and he stops resisting. His arms surround her, his embrace so tight as to be almost crushing. His lips move against hers hungrily, parting slightly, tongue looking to explore further. His lower body arcs, thrusting upwards, grinding against her. There is no mistaking how his body has reacted to her presence and actions, or what would now be occurring were there not layers of material between them. His left hand moves down to her glutes, squeezing tightly and pressing her into him, his right moves underneath her cami, wrapping around her back.

She can't help herself. Her lips part to his probing tongue. As he grinds against her, she moans, softly, not even realizing that she does so. Her body responding to his, to something she has never felt before. She is soft and tender and sweet, innocent, tempting and dangerous, and all of the things other women aspire to be, and she's not even trying.

When he squeezes her glutes and his hand moves under her thin lacy shirt, her breath catches, eyes that closed for the kiss opening in surprise. She does not pull away, but he certainly has her attention now. Her heart is pounding loudly, her body tingling all over.

He knows how sweet her lips are, now he explores what is beyond, his tongue probing further. His right hand moves against her skin, down her back until he makes direct contact with the soft flesh of her right butt cheek. He presses her against himself, relishing the sensations, still knowing he wants so much more. & yet, somehow, he is still most conscious of her beautiful face hovering above and against his.

She finds herself unable to pull away from him, from the sensations Dev is gifting her, her eyes watching him with astonishment even as they continue to kiss. Surprised at his roaming hands. As his hands run down her back he might feel the slight impression of a perfect little dimple, and thus the promise of a matching one on the other cheek. The hand she is not using to support part of her slight weight runs through Devs hair, over the side of his face, down along his jaw and neck and collarbone to his chest, to rest there, tracing designs and patterns with her fingertips.

Dev is mesmerized watching Parker's face hovering so close to his. As one of her hands moves to his chest, one of his moves along her skin, up her torso under her cami to surround, caress and fondle her breast. She fits perfectly cupped in his hand. His hips, meanwhile, continue to gyrate, grinding lightly against her as he tastes her tongue, explores the inside of her mouth, and thrills to the touch of her fingers on his chest.

She gasps when his hand moves to explore under the front of her cami. This serves to break the kiss, as she continues to look at him, eyes wide, breathing heavy. "Dev. she breathes his name.

His eyes focus directly into hers, his breathing noticeably deeper, both communicating the desire, the want for her he is feeling at this moment in every fiber of his being. The fingers of his left hand sweep over the front of her breast, nipple and areola squeezed lightly between index and ring finger. His right snakes in under the light lace to join the first, though this time with a little more pressure. His senses completely locked into her; to what causes her pleasure, to what causes her pain, and what might be a little too much. [smaller]"Kitten. You are so beautiful. I" His fingers flare outward to catch the lace, pinching between fingertips and begin to push upward drawing it over her head.

bluff: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Sense Motive dc12:

Dev's last statement, while undeniably true, was edited at the last moment. He left something out.

As he pulls the cami, she sits up, her legs straddling him, raising her arms to allow him to remove the lacy strappy cream colored shirt. The shade is just a few shades darker than her own creamy skin. Pulling off her shirt results in her hair coming loose from its braid, and the raven tresses fall to either side of her chest, hiding the dusky rose of her nipples from his sight before he sees more than a flash of them. The eyes with which she views the world in black and white look upon him, trusting, filled with so much more than just desire. Her hands pull him up, after her, so that she is sitting in his lap, facing him, and so that she can remove his shirt, which she will do if he let's her.

Parker wrote:
so that she can remove his shirt, which she will do if he let's her.

was there really any doubt? though actually sitting and putting her arms up I don't think his arms would be long enough to get the material over her up-stretched fingers. I was imagining over head then off arms towards him (I think), but what the heck, this is fantasy right? ;)

As his shirt falls away, his arms again wrap themselves around her, luxuriating in the feel of her pressed tightly against him. His mouth hungrily finding her neck, perhaps a last vestige of his heritage urging him towards her pulsing lifesblood. Although his teeth do not make contact with her flesh, his lips and tongue most definitely do.

Her neck bares to him, to his kisses. Her eyes close as she gives herself over to his lips. Her face an expression of ecstasy.

The sound of the door opening is clear. Feet walking across the carpeted floor. And a few seconds later, "Good morning, Mr. Devraj, Ms. Parker." Dot's voice clear, polite.

"I am sorry to intrude, but Ms. Parker needs my assistance to prepare herself for court."

If either of the pair looks to the foot, Dorothy is standing politely at the foot of the bed, looking at the gloomy day visible in the high windows of the room.

Dev's fingers and nails leave light lines across Parker's back, his face moves up, his lips just about to take a nibble on Parker's left ear. He sees Dot, blinks opens his mouth, closes it, curses softly under his breath, his ardor quickly evaporating, he hugs her fiercely one more time. "D@#n. Kitty, love, I'm sorry. Dot's here. I... we have to get ready for court." He sounds clearly frustrated.

Parker opens her eyes slowly, dreamily. "it is rather difficult to put on dresses without assistance." she whispers after a long moment. Completely at ease in front of Dot, she doesn't seem at all self conscious about being interrupted by the other woman. Perhaps she should be. She ponders this. Perhaps it was a character flaw. "You should probably take your shirt." her voice is soft and meant only for Dev. She moves off his lap, leaning on her side as she watches him. Her eyes running up and down his body. Her hair no longer quite hiding her figure.

Dev swings his legs over the side of the bed. His eyes still show the depth of emotion he feels for her. His knees bend and he retrieves his shirt all the while maintaining his focus on Parker. His gaze running the length of her body. He pauses, bends over her, one hand moves to caress her cheek and softly tilt her head up just enough to meet his lips for a brief good-bye kiss. "I will look forward to continuing this, Kitty, whenever and wherever you would like."
He straightens up, shirt in hand, and strides towards the door. "Mornin', Dot." he says as he moves to exit the room.

Parker meets his kiss. When he leaves, her eyes follow him all the way out.

Once the door is closed, and Parker is alone with Dot, she sighs dramatically, yet meaning it quite fully. She flings herself across the bed, staring up at the ceiling, limbs spread out quite indecently, but as she is still half dressed it's only a moderately scandalous action. "Should I wear the riding corset today, or the training corset? And what do you think for the hair... a simple twist or something more elaborate?" she asks still not sitting up yet.

"You still have one more day of court, so I would reserve the more elaborate for tomorrow." She considers, "If you need to go about the area, the riding corset, otherwise the training."

She smiles, "How is the case going?" As she asks she moves over to the closet, carefully pulling out a number of garments for Parker's perusal.

"Well, that depends, the truth doesn't seem to matter much to the townspeople, but I think we have a chance with the judges." Parker turns over, watches what Dot is doing. "Everyone is busy chanting burn the beast and no one seems to much care that he didn't do any of the things he's accused of. Just because he'd different and scary looking doesn't mean he's evil." She leaves out that some of the most beautiful things are really terrible inside.

"We're probably going to be stamping about the countryside again. So... riding it is... and boring hairstyle. Oh... we're probably going to end up leaving in a hurry as soon as the case is done. Do you need help for arranging things to be taken back to the Kin?"

As Dot gently arranges Parker's hair into one of the 'boring' styles (still far more than most women's everyday wear) she shakes her head. "No, Miss Parker. I'll make sure that everything gets to the wagons before it becomes necessary to flee the city."

"Great! Oh, will you aquire some linens and pillows for the new wagon?"[b/] She ponders... [b]"Something in deep blue, maybe?"

Dot inclines her head in a positive fashion, "I'd be happy to do so, Miss Parker." Her eyes flash in the mirror as she does some quick mental computations, "What kind of budget should I plan for?"

You know, i've never bought linens before. Do you think fifty or a hundred gold would do it?"

"Fifty will be more than enough to get bedding for yourself, Ms. Lorrimor, and for the gentlemen's wagon." She smiles, "If you only want me to pick up linens for yourself, ten gold should be more than sufficient."

"probably a good idea to buy enough for two wagons. I'm almost certain no one else has considered buying any." Apparently neither of the men has made their intent known to the two women they'd be displacing. Perhaps that meant they'd changed their minds. She supposes she'll find out later, once they're reunited with the caravan.

"When is Kendra's birthday? And your own?" she asks, her tone casual but curious, as she patiently sits while her hair is getting styled.

Ms. Lorrimor was born on the 20th of Phrast." She says with a smile. And as she puts the finishing touches on Parker's hair, "And i was born on the 3rd of Neth." And she holds up the riding corset, so that she can start to fit it to Parker's hourglass shape.

what's the in game date?

Parker stands and moves whichever way Dot needs her to, for getting dressed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This conversation is happening on gozran 30. The final day of the trial of the beast is desnus 1. Current game date when you are going through the castle is desnus 2.

The ladies maid expertly fits the corset and helps Parker with the dress. Helping with any finishing touches. "I wish you the best of luck." She smiles, "But it seems you all have the truth on your side and no doubt will be able to show others the clear path."

"Thanks Dott. I hope you're right. But I'm not convinced we won't have a mob on our hands. I would feel a lot better if you and Kendra left town ahead of the final outcome of the trial.'

Dot inclines her head, every inch the proper ladies maid. "The choice of going and timing will of course be Ms. Lorrimor's. However I will ensure that she is made aware of your concern and should she wish to leave, all will be in order for the travel."

"Sounds good." Parker says.

Meanwhile she thinks to herself, well that's certainly one way of reminding me who's in charge. At an appropriate stopping point, "I think my hair is about as tame as it's going to get. Thank you Dot, but perhaps Miss Lorrimor needs your assistance."

Schloss Caromarc (night of Sin's death)

After dark and people seem to have settled down for the night, Devraj silently emerges from the bathing facilities and enters Parkers (self-appointed) room. again, not trying to be overly stealthy, just his normal take 10 for a 22 self
He snuggles in next to her, putting a protective arm around her and whispers in her ear. "Evening gorgeous. Are you still up?"

Dev knows that Parker retires significantly later than most sane people, and has probably not been asleep long. Her hair, which is braided into two almost waist lengh pig-tails, is still moist from washing and smells of jasmine. She looks younger than her twenty odd years, innocent and vulnerable as she sleeps. Not being the most perceptive person in the group, she blinks sleepily as Dev wakes her. [/b]"Is the mob here?"[/b] she asks softly. Her words an echo of ones previously spoken. She is covered to her chin in blankets.

Dev smiles at the recurring question, though he wonders if perhaps it isn't completely unrelated to their current situation. He had slid under the covers when he snuggled next to Parker and now he breathes in through his nose before answering, "No love, no mob here. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you..just didn't want to stay away." He kisses her gently on the nape of her neck between her braids. " were talking about that group of half-wits from Lepistadt right? or were you referring to some other mob?" His arm continues to cover her protectively, his hand roving lightly over the exposed skin of her arm (granted under the cover of the blankets, but not to his touch.).

"There's another mob?" she asks, confused and sleepy. She shivers as his cold hands touch her warm arm. It is not entirely an unpleasant sensation. Goosebumps raise on her skin. "You're cold." she protests, but does not pull away. She closes her eyes again.

Dev chuckles, "No, I guess not, just my imagination." He hesitates for an instant before answering her statement. "Yes, a rather permanent condition, I'm afraid. I'd warm my hands up for you, but...the only method I've found to have any success is..rather unpleasant."
His hand continues to play along her arm. "Would you like me to stop?"

"no." is her reply, the words muffled by the blankets she is huddling under. She doesn't actually open her eyes. " Want you close. And Johannes." she admits. A part of her is afraid Dev will pull away at her words, but she cannot lie to him. She also stifles a yawn, her expression cute and indignant at her body's exhaustion.

Dev does not pull away, in fact he pulls her in tighter against his body. He chuckles again, "well, I suppose I could ask him to make a sleeping potion, then make him drink it. I think he'd probably forgive me if he were to wake up next to you." he seems to find his musings amusing.

"Don't need a sleepen potion." she mumbles, clearly not quite getting it. She snuggles against Dev. Her thin shirt and bloomer's little protection against his touch or his lower body temperature. "Come back quickly?" she asks of him.

"one way or another." he says, though he does tarry a little, apparently reluctant to leave her presence. Once he does slide out of the bed, however, he moves purposefully towards the room where Johannes has turned in for the night.

He approaches Jo, "Monsignor Johannes, Miss Kitty requests your presence." Dev pauses to see if Jo stirs.

...and as he does not, Dev attempts to pick him up and transport him to Parker's room without waking him.
stealth: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18

Assuming he does not wake up, Dev lays him gently on Parker's bed.

Still fast asleep, eyes bruised with exhaustion, Joe turns on his side moving towards Parker. One hand skims her side and settles on the curve of her hip, bringing a happy smile to his face. Quiet, a prayer, "Kitty."

Dev's eyebrow raises slightly, the hint of a smile playing around his lips. He lets out a long, quiet, drawn out breath through his mouth before returning back to Parker's other side. At the very least, he figures it should help trap her own body heat between them. His fingers move a few errant strands of hair out of her face and he kisses her exposed skin lightly before settling back down. His thoughts can't help but travel to what there bodies positioning could hint at, but he knows Johannes, with his more scholarly upbringing needs his rest. He lets out another breath, though it starts out to be much shorter than the last, it ends up drawing out much longer as he watches a strand or two of Parker's hair tickling her ear. (if she stirs, he immediately cuts it off.)

Parker doesn't wake, but she does stir just a little, as she ends up in between both men. If anything, she moves so that she is touching both of them. She does not seem to notice her errant hair, but she smiles in her sleep when Devs lips touch her warm skin and when Joe's hand finds her hip.

the next morning... post mute construct, once everyone is dressed

Parker is braiding her long soft curls into a thick braid, just before they grab a bite to eat and head out to save the man in the tower.

"If I'm coming to the rescue of someone trapped in a tower, that totally makes me Prince Charming, right?" She grins at both men as she ties off her braid with a ribbon. Even braided her hair reaches her hips. Her eyes sparkle, even through the milkiness. Shes wearing her extra set of clothes that shes been keeping in her bag, a soft form fitting blue dress with little white flowers on it, and shes put her pants and shirt in her bag, to put on once they are clear of the water in that passageway.

Dev's eyes soften as he hears Parker's voice, "Sorry, Kitty, Princess, I have a hard time seeing you as the idealized male spouse." his eyes laugh as he speaks, and now that his thoughts have been taken away from what they are about to do and are back on her, they look like they are appreciating every curve, every motion that she makes. he begins to murmur to himself, "enchanting, alluring, bewitching, glamorous, graceful, enthralling, captivating, fascinating, hypnotic, ensorcelling, mesmerizing, charisma?" he shakes his head, "Sorry love, nothing quite seems to encapsulate everything that is you. Guess you're just better than that."

Parker laughs, her musical voice sounding pleased.

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