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KMT Carrion Crown (Inactive)

Game Master chavamana

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The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

As the group gets back to the townhouse, Parker heads to the pantry, prior to going anywhere else, and liberates a bottle of cool white desert wine.

Katherine Andrea Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev wets rough lips with his tongue, a smile not quite succeeding in finding its way to the surface, but his eyes sparkle as they do nearly every time they alight on Parker. "Feeling thirsty?" Something in-between a question and a statement (quesment? stestion?) ...maybe just an excuse for conversation.

"Feeling the need to wash a bad taste out of my brain. You two care to join me?" She pours both Joe and Dev a glass of the sweet wine. Keeps the bottle, which she takes a healthy swig out of. Hops up to sit on the kitchen counter, facing both men, bottle held with her left hand.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Dev responds a little dryly. He takes the glass offered, fingers lingering momentarily on hers before his hand withdraws. He takes a seat, head slightly askew and looks her over from the corner of his eyes. "Bad taste out of your brain. Were you picking your way through someone's thoughts, trying to scrub out some recent visuals...or something else?" The wine in his glass swirls in soft, circular motion, his nostrils flare briefly as he continues to look over his glass at the young, adventuress, finally locking on her eyes.

Thoughts cross his mind. They are not actually said, but they're read easily enough on his face. <For most creatures in nature, the male of the species is often the one that needs the color and plumage to attract a mate. It seems that in our species the roles have definitely been reversed & gods, is she not beautiful? Thank you Shelyn. Thank you, very, very much.>

Her hands are cold. She offers Dev a small, pained, smile, closes her eyes. "Visuals. I don't make a habit out of invading other's thoughts." she takes another long pull out of the bottle, deftly avoiding going into details. "What are you drinking to?" she asks, her eyes opening, meeting his and then dropping from his gaze to study the bottle in her hand.

"Of course, duly noted...& that is why you will never be like your mother." he tips his glass towards her and takes a taste before continuing. "To good friends on the road. To new experiences. To love and the pursuit of happiness. To righting the wrongs we come across. To adventures not yet found. To riches we will gain, both material and not. To defending those who cannot defend themselves. To protecting those we care about...and especially, to the most beauteous of maidens, both inside and out, that I have ever had the opportunity to lay eyes on." he peers suspiciously at the glass in his hand. "Methinks this is not nearly enough for all that." He toasts his companions, then turns the bottom of his glass towards the ceiling, opening his throat to its contents and emptying it in short order. His eyes shift to hers again, eying her a little quizzically. "...and you? Would you drink to anything besides forgetfulness?" he asks as he rises, closing some of the distance between them and leans against the counter, placing his glass on the surface between them.

"Not so much forgetfulness as scrubbing my brain clean." but she smiles at his flowery words. "Are you moonlighting as a bard?" she teases softly. Refills his glass from her bottle. Takes another drink. Refills Joe's if it needs refilling. Still sober enough not to spill any. "Perhaps I should send a case of this back to the carnival. Before we end up fleeing the inevitable mob."

Dev glowers at her before smiling to take the edge off. "A case would be nice. Though at the rate we're going through that bottle, not sure it would last long." This time he does not inhale, but merely takes a drink from his glass, actually taking another taste. He glances at Joe, a little curious at the usually very well spoken and thus far strangely silent former butcher.

Dev shrugs and he comments a little offhandedly. "There's more than one way to deal with a mob."

In response to his glower, a sweetly innocent, slightly slurred,, "What? Alcohol cleans... it's an.... antisep... antibactic... cleaner." apparently drinking is starting to go to her head. One more sip, and the bottle is empty. She sighs. Turns it upside down. Nothing comes out. She looks expectantly at Dev, who is closer to the pantry. Offers him the empty bottle.

Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev sighs, downs the rest of his drink. "Sure. That. As you wish Milady. Should I fetch one or two?" he separates himself from the counter, takes the bottle and with an exaggerated courtly bow turns to the pantry with a slightly smirking smile in her direction, cloak swirling after him.

While there he grabs another bottle and a small cask of ale and looks around for anything fairly premade to munch on. Perhaps some sandwich type fixings.

He returns with his booty and lays them on the table, before (again exaggeratedly & in jest) presenting the bottle to Ms. Parker for inspection. He can't quite hide the smile playing around his lips or the twinkle in his eyes as he does so.

Parker blushes at his bow. Surely that must be what she's blushing at. She remains perched on the counter. The height of the seat putting her close to eye level with both Dev and Johannes. She watches Dev as he rummages, her gaze going to Johannes often.

She takes the bottle from Dev, her fingers brushing his.

Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev opens the bottle, refills Johannes glass and leaves the bottle next to Parker, fingers trailing along her leg as he withdraws. He turns to the table and begins throwing [ooc]take that fairly literally[ooc] together a sandwich or three. "Would Mademoiselle Parker or Monsignor Cabal have any special requests?" He pauses just momentarily to give each of them a fractions response time with enquiringly raised brows before he continues slapping the sandwiches together. Regardless of whether or not they do have any requests, the sandwiches (assuming they at least responded that they wanted anything) come out amazingly similar to each other. Bread, butter, salami, sliced tomato, some green leaf (hopefully lettuce-like) and some other thinly sliced vegetable...possibly cucumber. "Voila! Magnifique!" He kisses his hands and spreads them to no one in particular over his creations, then turns and hands one to anyone who had requested any type of food whatsoever. He hands over each one (except his own) with another exaggerated presentation. "Le dinnair is served." He then taps the cask, pours himself a mug, offers it to Joe, and plunks himself down to begin munching on his sandwich.

Parker takes an audible breath, almost a gasp, as Devs fingers trail along her leg. Her pants, made of smooth soft leather, hug her legs, revealing every curve, from her hips to her shapely calves.

As Dev begins to create dinner, Parker laughs softly, at his terrible accent and his anticts. Some of her stress seems to dissapear as Dev assembles the sandwiches. Her words are softly slurred as she does not possess Devs heartier constitution. "veggies? Who would do that to poor innocent salami?" She waves a pickle she aquired from a jar on the counter, threateningly at Dev, while she grins at both him and Johannes. Slowly, she eats the pickle, firstly licking off its juices with her tongue, then popping half of it into her mouth, and sucking on the vinegary lenght, all the while watching Dev and Johannes in turn, her eyes meeting each of theirs. Her gaze possibly not innocent after all. With a crunch, she bites it in half. Eventually she sucks the juice off each of her fingers.

When Dev hands her a sandwich, she painsteakingly removes all traces of anything not meat, butter, or bread. She tries to feed the veggies to Ash, which probably doesn't succeed...

Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

It is entirely possible that Dev's heart-rate increases slightly as he watches Parker and her pickle. Also, entirely possible that he almost not noticeably flinches as she suddenly and audibly crunches through it.

As she unsuccessfully attempts to feed the veggies to Ash, he reaches out and grabs hold of her wrist, lightly but firmly. He wags his finger at her clucking his tongue and shaking his head slightly smiling. He takes them out of her hand, lifts them to his face as his tongue curls out and around and gathers them in slowly taking a bite, licking his lips before turning away to reach for his sandwich again, fingers trailing down her hand, across her palm, along her fingers. He leans back against the counter, next to her, closer, his eyes following the line of her face. He takes another bite and chews slowly, still watching her.

Her fingers are getting warmer, the palm of the hand Dev touches is soft, lacking callouses. She turns towards him with a small smirk. "Im way better at that than you." she teases as Dev eats. She picks up the wine bottle that he put down near her, taking a drink, her gaze on Johannes, then on Dev who has been moving steadily closer to her. Her skin slowly flushing, turning a lovely light shade of pink with the alcohol.

Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev nods, "You are." He states matter of factly. "You most definitely, without a doubt, absolutely are." He finishes his sandwich. Downs the contents from his mug. Breathes out slowly. His eyes pass over Johannes, find their way again to Parker. His hand reaches out, tucks some errant strands of hair back behind her ear, brushes down over her ear, her neck, shoulder, down her arm. His fingers come to rest atop hers, atop the counter. His eyes never leave hers. He is suddenly acutely aware of her skin tone...and his own breathing.

As Dev takes a drink, so does Parker. The bottle of wine is placed next to the uneaten sandwich. As he touches her hair, as his fingers run down her neck, she leans ever so slightly into him, catches her breath. His fingers intertwined with hers, she exhales, eyes wide, vulnerable, filled with intense emotion... somewhere between flight or fight, her gaze drops, finds Johannes eyes, then finds Devs again.

Katherine Andrea Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

His other hand rises up, runs down her forearm. He picks up her hand and turns it over. Smaller fingers from each hand interlocking between hers, spreading them out. Thumbs find their way to her palm and slowly, firmly begin to knead outwards, center to edge, center to edge, starting near the wrist, working down towards the fingers. His eyes do not leave hers.

If it is at all possible, her eyes grow larger. She does not resist him, as he picks up her hand and kneads her palm. As he rubs her hand, the days tension is slowly released... to he replaced with a different sort of tension all together. Her eyes focus from Johannes to Dev's grey stare. Then her gaze goes to watch him rub her palm.

Katherine Andrea Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev's rolls:

massage:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22
perception:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

He repeats the cycle three times, then his left hand moves to encircle her wrist, right thumb & forefinger press firmly and pull towards the extremities. Slowly, one at a time, one after another, from thumb to pinkie, again in a cycle of three. His eyes remain locked on hers, ears listening to her breathing, nostrils flare briefly, senses trying to find anything that might give him clues as to just what is Parker.

Her breathing picks up as Dev massages up along her wrist. She leans back, resting against the cabinet behind her and closing her eyes.

Parker is a bit more than just buzzed. Not falling down drunk, but certainly not nearly sober.

Her dark hair, long loose curls escaping from the long day's adventures, brushes against her face. Her closed eyes reveal her black lashes. Her lips are a pale red, naturally, which sets nicely against her slightly flushed skin. She's enjoying the touch, relaxing under Devs ministrations. Her shoulders roll back and she stretches her neck unconsciously, her eyes remaining closed. A soft sound escapes her lips, somewhere close to a sigh of longing and relief.

Katherine Andrea Parker wrote:
The night they actually get to sleep more than 2 hours

Dev's hands begin to move up her arm, hands and fingers kneading and tired and tense muscles. Pressing firmly, almost painfully traveling inexorably up from forearm to bicep and tricep, across the left shoulder and to the back of the neck. There is a sudden rough scraping sound as Dev hooks a chair with his foot and brings it over in front of and facing Parker. His hands trail lightly across her collar bones as he smoothly transitions to her other side, getting slightly behind her, exhaling a single long soft breath across her right ear, repeating the process across her other shoulder and down her right arm. At this moment he is entirely focused on Parker and not the voyeur across the room.

She is puddy in his hands. Her eyes still closed, she sits on the counter, leaning ever so slightly into Devs touch.

Continuing down to her right hand, spreading her fingers, noting any sound she makes as he presses his thumbs into her palm and then outwards away from each other, his eyes focus on what she is wearing...and more specifically, how it may be expeditiously removed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Parker is wearing buttery soft, black leather pants, that cling to every curve, And lace up along the left side. She has on a white fitted button down long sleeve shirt, with a v neck collar (buttons in the front), and over that a black underbust corsett (laces in the back) over which she wears a short black jacket which starts at her waist (front closure, buttons). On her feet are heeled Victorian style boots with butterfly buttons (buttons are on the outside of each leg and the boots come to just under each knee.)

Dev clucks disapprovingly, "Now, that will not do. I'm sure you can't feel a thing under all of that." He pushes the chair slightly farther away with his foot and stands before her running his hands up along her thighs, her hips, her waist, her torso, Lift your arms."[/b] his hands continue up along the outside of her arms, drawing the jacket up and off as they go. He brings her arms down softly back to her lap then twirls the jacket around to rest on the back of the chair, before quickly and smoothly returning to his previous position. "Now, let's do this correctly." He returns to working on fingers, arms, shoulders and neck. Up one side and down the other until he has completed everything he had previously done over again, this time with only the light cloth of Parker's long-sleeve shirt in between.

Now standing on her left he whispers to her, close enough for his breath to tickle her other ear. "Stand." His hands grasp her waist, firmly but lightly guiding her off of the counter and to a standing position, making sure her legs, slightly apart support her in front of him before releasing. "Hands on the chair." His left hand gently guides one of her arms towards the chairs raised back.

Her breath catches as Devs hands run up her legs. She does what he says, lifting her arms. When he puts his hands around her waist and places her on the floor, she opens her eyes. Her hands on the back of the chair.

When she opens her eyes Johannes, although not directly in front of her, is in her field of vision. Dev's hands once more travel up her arm, this time using a rolling motion between his hands. Upon reaching her neck, his left hand moved to her forehead in support, his right hand begins to work up her neck, then to particular points atop her head.

A soft sound, Parker sighs, content, as Dev knows just the place to knead to relax her muscles. Her eyes upon Johannes, her pupils are dilated. She can't look away from Johannes.

Her waist lenght hair is pinned up, twisted and secured with numerous small pins. Some of her soft curls have come loose from the pins.

Dev mutters "Methinks these doth protect a bit too much." As the pins are removed and laid behind them on the counter, next to the wall Parker's hair begins to fall around her face. His right hand transitions to behind her head, bracing at the top of her neck while the fingers of his left continue forward atop her head then to the temples, cheeks, bridge of the nose and upper lip. He takes a few steps, fingers again trailing across her head, returning to her neck and shoulders, one hand falling on each side, looking for a particular spot between shoulders and neck. He breathes in, lets it out slowly as his fingers begin to press on that spot, pressure slowly growing as he does....and holds it there.

A soft moan as Dev presses that spot. Her eyes still upon Johannes, the other man can see the relief as the hair is taken down, the pressure of hair tightly pinned in place is relieved. She doesn't say anything. But her body is speaking volumes.

The pressure between her collarbones slowly releases. His right hand begins to press into the muscles of her back, moving across center to side and back again, slowly moving down a row at a time.
Meanwhile his left begins to loosen the laces of her corset.

Her hands grip the back of the chair tightly as the laces are undone. She exhales, then takes a breath, barely able to stand for a moment, as the corset loosens and she can properly breathe again, almost closing her eyes to the pleasure, although she continues to watch Johannes through her lashes.

Dev reaches around her waist to undo the clasps on the front of Parker's corset the hand that does not carry away the material stays in contact with her the whole time even as folds the garment one handed and places it next to the pins. His hands return to their ministrations, kneading, pressing, releasing tension, down the right side, up the left, repeating again until a full three cycles are complete. Then his left hand moves to her shoulder, making sure she is secure as his right sweeps down her arm then gently pulls it back and behind her gently stretching her arm and torso, pushing and pulling at the same time. A set of three, then her hand is returned to the top of the chair, his move down her right side pressing in sweeping motions center to right in overlapping arcs, down to her waist, then lower. As they contact the leather, the motions change, beginning to knead again so the pressure can be felt through the material across her right buttock, at the thigh he leans left, left arm turning inside, lifting her leg off the ground as he undoes the buttons on the side then pulls the boot off removes her stocking and drops them on the side as he drops to his heels, hands surrounding her, pressing in from both sides, down her thigh, her calf, her ankle, kneading the top of her foot with his thumb, the other fingers pressing in from the bottom, then again pulling out to the extremities, all the way out until each toe has its turn and then fingers again spread between them. At last it is back up, up left hand approaching oh, so close, before traveling the same course, back down the left, releasing her toes from the prison of her left left boot, down to her toes, then back up again, but this time, as his hands reach the top of her leathers, the waist band is...considerably looser, his hands venture between leather and skin, pressing caressing before continuing up to complete the cycle across the left of her back and her left arm.

Eyes grow wide with surprise as Dev massages over her pants, clearly not expecting him to do so, but enjoying how it feels. She keeps her balance with relative ease, even inebriated as she is, and closes her eyes as her foot is rubbed. Her stockings were a creme colored silk. When he begins to loosen the ties on her pants, her fingers stop him, hand covering his. Face flushed. Breathing heavy.

He stops, looks up, eyebrows raised questioningly. One of his hands plays over hers, lovingly caressing her fine, delicate fingers.

"I... I can't." she protests, meekly. The wonderful feelings his touch is evoking, mix with the facts of the situation, to confuse her, make her doubt herself even as she craves more.

The hint of a smile creeps onto his lips and into his eyes. He blinks once, slowly, then nods, extricates his hands from hers, places one finger upon her lips and leans over her back. Chest, torso, legs touching hers, his hands slide down her own, redirecting them back upon the chair top in front of her, he squeezes her fingers lightly as they find their place again atop her jacket. His fingers slide back up her arms and down the sides of her torso, fingertips brushing against the sides of her breasts as they pass. He whispers to her, breath again tickling her ear,

Parker, DC15 Perception:
"You broke my pattern. Does that mean you should be punished? his tone is not at all threatening however, perhaps more playful?

his hands continue to slide down her torso move to the front, but part to land on the insides of her thighs.

She blushes, squirms as he touches her so boldly, removes her hands from the back of the chair almost immediately, his hands move down to the inside of her thighs, and she dexterously spins around, a dancer's turn, facing him, her long hair briefly flares out with the momentum. Words both sure of herself, yet said with a certain shyness as she meets his gaze, looking up at him in order to do so. Her voice is soft, breathy, tinged with desire. "I am not ok with being undressed in my friend's kitchen. Although... your touch feels... wonderful... We are, all three of us, dirty from the days events... and anyone could come in here... it's not decent. Please desist... and... if breaking your pattern to preserve my modesty is an offense deserving of punishment, then you, sir, are not being a gentleman." Even now she's not really resisting him, after all she's practically pressed against Dev, but she is uncomfortable with the rate of progression in such a public space, not to mention she severely dislikes being dirty, and it adds to her discomfort. The thought of what he might do, as she contemplates his playful threat, making her blush harder.

Dev in no way attempts to impede her movements. As she spins around he moves with her so there is no hard contact between them. He briefly considers catching her wrists and putting them behind her back, but opts against it. He wants her, that is obvious, but he does not want to hurt her. As she begins to speak, a smile spreads across his face, "Okay." an almost insignificant pause, "Yes, we are dirty." almost a smirk, No, not at all decent." his smile grows broader still, "...& when, little Kitten, did I ever claim to be a gentleman? You're clearly thinking of your other lover." his eyes nearly sparkle with the emotion that is welling within him. He bends forward, pressing against her and gives her a light kiss upon the lips, then draws her in, his arms enveloping her, embracing her tightly "I love you so much." the last is said with his head low against hers, his temple against her cheek and follows with a somewhat longer, deeper kiss to the skin of her neck. by no means anything that will leave a lasting mark, but quite a delicious sensation, nonetheless


IF there was time to purchase an additional wagon, before the party summarily left town, Dev (& presumably Johannes) would have done so. Dev would have put up a maximum of 500gp whether or not Johannes was involved in the transaction.

Parker flushes, her color quickly deepening to a lovely shade of pink. Her lips taste like honey, like wine, like dreams. At the mention of her other lover, she turns a shade pinker. His kiss has rendered her speechless.

He breathes in through his nose, taking in her scent. Far from objecting, he actually appears to appreciate it as being her. The taste of her lips still upon his, he pulls back enough to look into her beautiful green & blue eyes. "& so, since you so object to the location..." his hands hook under her, lifting her against him as he rises & turns, placing her partially upon the counter, but still bearing her wait. "Shall we go get cleaned up then?"

Her palm softly touches Devs cheek, stays there as she smiles at him, then looks at Johannes, her eyes clearly revealing how much she cares for both men. "Only if... both of you care to join me.'

If it were possible for Dev to grow hotter, at this moment he would.

The whole time Joe sit, ram-rod straight, his eyes on Parker's face. Not so much ignoring Devraj as being so focused on seeing the pleasure and happiness in the face of the woman that he loves.

Her words to him seem to break the hypnotic spell she had woven over him, and he moves. He strides over to her, a confidence in his movements that is belied by the tremors in the hand he lays on her cheek. He pulls her towards him, his golden eyes darkening with intensity. His kiss is as loving as his touch is sure. "Kitty, love," his voice low, rough, "There is nothing that I would like to do more than go with you upstairs." His forehead resting against hers.

With a low groan he pulls away from her, just a little, to allow her features to clarify in his vision. "But being a proud, vain man," with such a self-deprecating smile, "I want so much more for our first time than I can give you now."

Parker blushes. She does not pull away from Joe. Her lips, soft, inviting, delicious. When she finds her voice, it is quiet, "All I recall agreeing to is a bath." Being this close to both men is making her head spin, or perhaps it's the alcohol.

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