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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Evil GM

The robed figure intones in a deep voice; "So, you have brought me here vampire..." there's obvious disdain in his deep voice, along with a hint of a French accent mixed with something deeper.

It moves over to the table standing behind his chair and looks down over the seated figures - virtually staring at Laurence.

The ghouls move into the room, a trio of them taking up guard positions. Whilst Lord Laurence blusters and bristles profusely; "My dear fellow, it's excellent that you agreed to join us." He says misreading the mood of the third party there for the talks.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Only years of practicing in front of audiences allows Danny to hide the shudder he feels as the newcomer enters the room.

The singer isn't foolish enough to take the tall man (?!?) up on his obvious challenge of a soul gaze. Danny himself didn't have the required access to 'magic' to cause it, but his past experiences with his own Third Eye made him fairly certain that he didn't want a Soul Gaze with THIS creep to be his first.

But reacting like almost everyone else in the room gave Danny a chance to scope out the newcomer. And process what he was going to do about Andrew and Bunny's current state.

Perception: 4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (3, 1, 2, 2) - 8 + 2 = 2

'Alright, so Andrew and Bunny have had dealings with Fae before. And have had the Fairy Whammy put on them. Not surprising, considering Bunny's proclivity for 'sharing the love'. <Ahem> So somehow Lord Hoidy-Toidy's Vamp-gaze can counter it? Maybe? But he's released them? So the FIRST whammy is now back in effect. Which might be a good thing, IF Her Highness is feeling cooperative. That pretty much means Andrew and Bunny are under OUR control. Wait,... WHY would Little Lord Vampleroy release his control of the Wolves, knowing that Morticia here is a Fae? He wouldn't give us an advantage unless,...'

Danny takes a swift, surreptitious second glance at the newcomer.

'Either he wants us to have Andrew and Bunny on our side for some reason,... against Him?!? OR,... he knows that This guy can take control?!??? Who IS this guy anyway?!?'

'Sigh. I'm glad it's not TOO easy. I wouldn't want to be bored or anything.'

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth keeps his formal stance as the man approaches, looking slightly away as a sign of deference, rather than from a refusal to accept the soulgaze. Wouldnae be polite.. and I dinnae ken what he'd see ay me, which, given Molly being there an all, wouldnae be the brightest thing I could dae... Heck, it'd almost be as hair-brained as one ay Danny's plans...

That thought causes the slightest pull on the right side of his mouth before he pushes down the chuckle, and keeps his stoic face as he turns his attention back to Danny, raising an eyebrow in question, silently asking, Any bright ideas? Do ye ken what we've gotten our fool selves intae?

He starts to scan the room again, I'd like tae think that betwixt the tae ay us we can figure things out a'fore they turn lethal...though considering our past history, I'd say the odds ay nae having this go at least a wee bit sideways are remote...

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