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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

I'm fine. As long as the pain pills are kicked in. ;P The hard part is going to be in a few days when I satart feeling better, I have to remember NOT to do ANYthing at work. For 6 weeks. :(

Danny snorts a laugh at Tangris' outburst.

"Sorry. Wrong pipe." He says, not even trying to hide his smile.

"I appreciate all the concern. Truly. But I don't think it will come to having to actually fight. No one wants to mess with me." He says with a cocky attitude and smirk.

"I mean seriously. Who wants to mess with a guy who can literally TALK you to death?" He grins.

"Now, for the really hard part. Figuring out WHY this rep is REALLY here. I mean we know the obvious. And I think we're onto the less obvious reasons. But think of the fae, and vamps, as chess players. If your only thinking three moves ahead, your about 5 moves behind a professional. Which puts us about 8 moves behind THESE guys. I figure they're up to something else. Maybe small, maybe big, but something." He muses.

Then he grins again. "Fortunately, I'm good at thinking quick on my feet."

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

"Overconfidence gets people killed," Sal says heavily into the silence, "But this is your game." She squirms uncomfortably in her chair.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny clears his throat, a trifle nervously. But still smiles at Sal.

"That, is true. But when dealing with the Fae, any lack of confidence can get you killed even quicker." He points out soberly. Then he grins broadly again.

"Besides, it's only OVERconfidence if it's not true!" He smirks, his usual attitude returned in full.

"Oh, yeah, I SHOULD probably warn you guys. 'They' HATE being called 'Fae'. Like, intensely. Really, REALLY intensely. The few, nicest ones will take it a personal insult. The rest, which is most of them, will take it as a personal invitation to do their worst." He says seriously.

"Um, 'Faerie' is acceptable, as a last resort. Seelie and Unseelie, or Summer and Winter, respectively, is the correct generic reference. And for heaven's sake, DON'T confuse the two! They all prefer 'Sidhe' I've found. Those that don't usually prefer preferred being called by their title, or something like 'Ohg0dpleasedon'tkillme', or they don't take time to talk at all." Danny explains as if giving a book report.

"Just,... thought you should probably know."

Evil GM

"How about if there's any trouble, if you could get through to me - then I could just have the blues & two's sirens on. That'd spook them? Especially if there's a break-in nearby, or a bomb threat." Laura suggests.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth says, "It would spook them, indeed... though we'd best be sure it cannae be tracked back tae us tae easily, ye ken?"

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny's brow furrows in thought.

It looks painful.

He drums his fingers on the table. "We need to get a look at the meeting place. A good inspection. Early. BEFORE the meeting. If possible." He says suddenly.

"You remember when we were spotting the place earlier? They were setting up a lot of stuff. I 'm no expert on outside events, but I know theater. They were setting up a LOT of stuff. I can't help but wonder, if some of it wasn't for the benefit of the attendees?" He offers, looking around for support.

"I don't know why, it's just a hunch really. But what if one of the attendees were setting up a nasty surprise for the others? What better way than to include it in the event equipment setup? Instead of bringing it into the event themselves?"

"I know i'm just being suspicious," He continues rambling, "But something about it just rubbed me wrong. The question is, why would someone risk breaking the rules of guest/host? I don't think even a vamp would risk ticking off the Fae by breaking,..." Danny's eyes go wider, then narrow,...

"Unless,... wait, let me wrap my head around this thought,..."

Danny thinks furiously for a moment, ignoring any comments about how much that must hurt.

"What if, If,... Queen GreenScream set up something? She would be the last suspect, as she is the guest of honor for the meeting. SO she sets up, something, and not only gets away with it, but manages to blame another party at the meeting for it?"

"Oh, OH! It's too perfect! It's Sidhe-perfect! The whole thing is a set up! It has to be! Green Queen isn't coming for the meeting, it's just a convenient cover, She has something else planned!"

Danny is in full conspiracy-mode now, and is gaining speed.

"You don't risk your one, healthy person for a possible cure. You bring the cure to where the problem is. The only reason to go to your enemies is, to bring THEM something!"

"To find a cure, you have to understand the disease. You manipulate it to create a cure. What if they found a way to manipulate it,... and affect the OTHER vamps?"

"Queenie isn't here to pick up a cure,... She's here to remove the competition!"


Gearhead. Stress: P: ◘ ◘ ◘ M: ■ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ ; Consequences: None ; FP: 2/3

Morien frowns speculatively into the tabletop, even the mug of coffee forgotten in her hand. "If you're right, our job just got a lot easier. We wouldn't have to engineer anything except the truth turning up at an inconvenient time." She doesn't bother looking up - the map of possibilities spreading out in her mind is far more important. "Let's check it out right after lunch."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"Heck, Instead of being trouble makers, We get to be the 'heroes'." Danny grins.

"Course, then there's the whole moral dilemma thing. Do we really WANT to save these monsters? Etc. OF course then you have the 'better the devil you know' option,..." Danny sips his coffee.

"Sometimes, being a good guy is SUCH a pain,..." He mutters.

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

"I say we dust off and nuke it from orbit," Sal grumps.

Physical OXOOOO Mental OO Social OOOO; 3 fate points

"It's the only way to be sure..."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"Captain! I recommend that we separate the saucer section and film the rest of the episode from the battle bridge!" Danny declares in his best Klingon accent, not to be outdone.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth shakes his head, "If ye expect me tae tell ye it cannae take much more, I'll burn ye all bald."

He then looks at Danny and says with a wicked smile, "While I cannae say whether or nae ye have the right ay it, lad.... but it certainly sounds like something that could be true... and we could, like as nae, lead folks tae discovering our truth, and react accordingly."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny grins at Kenneth.

"Well, true or not, it SOUNDS scary enough to be true. And as a good little bodyguard it is my duty to make sure my charge is completely protected from any,... 'incidents', accidental or otherwise."

"I think if I go through channels, explain that a simple walkthrough of the venue by myself and a couple of 'security experts' will put our minds at ease,... we should be ok. After all, it's not like the vamps get all insulted like a fae would by hinting that their security might be inadequate. Heck, the undead get a kick out of it." Danny grins.

"And to be honest, I don't expect to find anything." He continues.

"The trick will be figuring out what they added AFTER the inspection, and finding it before the grand finale. THAT'S the real trick." He smiles.

Sorry, been busy, healing, bomb scare on campus yesterday and opening night tonight. I'll try to keep up. :)

Evil GM

"Call up the council and explain we'd need to inspect the venue? Or bluff the contractors - posing as councilmen.... I suppose that's probable." Laura says making certain she gets the plan, whilst using her phone to find the relevant numbers.

So I'll need a Deception, or Contacts or Rapport roll. Maybe Resources, to try and book an appointment with the contractors - for today (the day of the deadline).

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth nods, then says, "Ay course, worst case, Danny's an emissary. I imagine he could, acting on a tip, request a search that would be overseen by his people... Though it might entail some loss ay face... until something be found, ye ken."

He quickly adds, "...Though I still think that should be a last resort.."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"Last resort. Aye please." Danny chirps with a slight brogue. He shudders lightly, presumably at the thought of CAUSING an incident in the Courts.

"But getting in to do a quick inspection? With a contractor? No problem! I once swiped a fry guy statue from a McDonalds drive through. While it was open. With the managers blessing." Danny winks.

"It's all in the attitude." He says breezily.

One Deception coming up! :)

4d3 - 8 + 5 ⇒ (3, 2, 1, 3) - 8 + 5 = 6

Evil GM

After phoning the workmans' office, he gets put through on a direct line to the foreman/principal contractor on site. "Eyup Broth'. Office said thee wants to come around ont' site and have a butchers. You an inspector or summat?" He says in a very broad Yorkshire accent, his tone is quite amenable but concerned that this might cost him some money in retention.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny's eyes glaze over, (for the singer, it is almost a sign of panic!)

Then he blinks, smiles, and speaks into the cell in an easy cockney-esqe accent. Absolutely English, absolutely working class, and absolutely indistinguishable from Dick Van Dike in Chitty Chitty Bang bang.

"Aye. Jus' need teh take a quick look-see, see? Nuthin' teh wurry about." Danny says reassuringly and full of sympathy.

"Jes' twixt me an' yerse'f, the client couldn't tell deh diff twixt a crescent wrench an' a corn-cob pipe. Ah'm deh lucky bloke whut gets teh convince 'em dat not EVERwun is out teh rob 'em blind, hear?" Danny explains with a smile in his voice and the overtones of long suffering.

"Ah hate teh bother yeh, but ah promise teh make it as painless as possible. Quick in, quick look, an' ah'm outteh yer hair in two shakes an' Bob's yer uncle. Ah'll bring yeh a beer fer yer trouble and my eternal gratitude an make no mistake." Danny decrees.

I had to spell DIck Van Dike's name wrong. The auto-censor censored it otherwise! ;P

Evil GM

"Aye, so tha's a QS, rather than an architect. Should really clear it with Mr. Ubuntu. But he's never around during work hours, got to speak to 'is assistant mostly." the rough man pauses; "Yeah, come over whenever - I'll give thee a breakdown, maybe over a pint." The man adds hopefully.

I did like subtitles on one show where they mentioned Diagnosis Murder as "Dike knows it's murder".

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"Aye. Or Two, time permittin'." Danny agrees enthusiastically.

"Ah, yes, Mr. Ubuntu. Man's harder teh find than an honest politician." Danny's sympathy is palpable.

"Ah'll make it sooner rather then later. Then ah'm out yer hair. Promise! Thanks agin mate!" Danny finishes pleasantly, and pushes the end call button.

Danny looks at the others with a raised eyebrow.

"So, Our old friend Mr Ubuntu seems to be the head client for the contractor. Seems he's still not good at making friends, and his 'assistant' takes most of the calls. But we have an opportunity to make a quick inspection. Just need to pick up a pack of good beer (Now THERE'S an oxymoron for you!) on the way there." Danny smiles.

Heh, I've never seen any of those shows with subtitles, but we used to call 'Murder she Wrote' 'Murder she CAUSED'. ;P

Gearhead. Stress: P: ◘ ◘ ◘ M: ■ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ ; Consequences: None ; FP: 2/3

Morien raises an eyebrow at Danny. "You'll choke down beer to keep the foreman out of the way while the rest of us search the building? Or is he going to be underfoot?"

Evil GM

Shocking, never seem Diagonsis Murder, starring Dick Van Dike & Scott Baio?!

"Sounds like a good idea" agrees Laura; "I'd best wait in the car, it wouldn't be done for me to be spotted there." She gets up and goes over to the counter and pays for the drinks and cakes.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny makes a face of longsuffering, combined with a nasty face as if he tasted something terrible.

"Well, If I must. I am willing to take one for the team." HE says with a weary resignation.

Evil GM

Danny arrives at the site, within the hour. The foreman is a heavy man with thick brow and ruddy complexion used to man years of hard drinking and heavy work. He grasps for Danny's hand with a crushing paw, "Well you the QS? Best go over all of this then, we should be finished in an hour or two... you know these rush jobs." he coughs subtly.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth says, "I'll come with ye, Danny, though I dinnae think I'm quite dressed for it... If ye'd care tae help with that, I can watch your back."

Evil GM

"OK." Laura replies with a smile to Kenneth as he leaves the car to join Danny; "So Tangris, Sal & Morien - do you want to have a nose around inside?"

Alertness or Investigation for those looking around the nearly finished building site/ meeting area.

At the building Site

The contractor gives a rough nod to Kenneth as he moves over to the Danny. We can hand-wave away a simple glamour to alter Kenneth's appearance. "Reet as you can see, the workmanships top quality & so are the materials."

Gearhead. Stress: P: ◘ ◘ ◘ M: ■ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ ; Consequences: None ; FP: 2/3

Morien adopts a bored expression and ambles towards the construction site. Once inside, she casts a practiced eye over the structure for anything that might be of interest. Especially to an engineer's nasty, suspicious mind.

Investigation: 4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 3, 1, 2) - 8 + 4 = 5

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10
DSXMachina wrote:
Danny arrives at the site, within the hour. The foreman is a heavy man with thick brow and ruddy complexion used to man years of hard drinking and heavy work. He grasps for Danny's hand with a crushing paw, "Well you the QS? Best go over all of this then, we should be finished in an hour or two... you know these rush jobs." he coughs subtly.

Danny returns the man's grip firmly, but in no wise tries to match the burly man's strength. Just firm enough to encourage respect, but ceding any potential arm-wrestling contest to the foreman.

"Ai dew indeed sor. Bane o' my existence and make no mistake." Danny agrees wholeheartedly.

"Oi, yeh alright? Here, best tend to that cough afore it gits worse." Danny says with a grin, holding out his offering, the first of two six packs purchased on the way over. He pulls out one of the bottles for himself, and clinks it against the foreman's bottle in salute.

"Much obliged fer yer time, believe me. Now whut hev we gots heah?" He asks, turning towards the party structure.

Danny allows the foreman to indicate everything that he feels should be pointed out, and makes a mental note of any obvious areas that he might 'forget' to mention.

Danny seems to be leading the man through the conversation, but in truth all Danny does is give the man a nudge now and then. A general question here, a nod of understanding there, and an actual detailed query about something that Danny actually knows a little about, like the lighting.

"The best talker is actually a good listener." Danny had told Ken as they prepared to meet the Foreman. "Even the least talkative person alive can carry a conversation by himself if given just a few simple nudges by the one he's talking to. I can keep him talking no problem. You guys check for anything you can think of that might ruin a Fae or vamps day."

Danny's Performance Check: 4d3 - 8 + 5 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 3) - 8 + 5 = 6

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

Sylvia trails behind Danny clutching a notebook and pen pulled from her pack and blinking uneasily behind her glasses. "Any notes sir," she asks softly and mechanically trying more to speak without accent than mimic another. Her eyes dart around the place as she tags along, hunched into herself, keeping a lookout for likely sniper posts or ambush points.

Investigation: 4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (1, 2, 1, 1) - 8 + 2 = -1

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth starts to look around, his Scottish lilt shifting to an even more lyrical Irish instead, "Well nigh, let's jist take a wee luk raun an' clap waaat al' de fuss is aboyt."

Investigation: 2 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 2 + (2, 1, 2, 3) - 8 = 2

Evil GM

To one side of the site, positioned that they are mostly out of the way of the details the contractor grasps the bottle with a meaty fist and takes a long gasp of the liquid. "Good choice." he says in a husky manner.

He then starts to describe the works that's being undertaken, basically the erection of a temporary structure - one which is solid with 1 main room, an atrium and a couple of side rooms. That's coming in well under the large budget, but that's required for the speed of the work. There are a few discrepancies, like the extensive air-con (using older models) combined with a decent heating system.
As he talks, in his warm Yorkshire drawl he glances to the pub across the river - before taking a seat on a bollard in the parking area. He seems very amenable to Danny, completely believing his swizz.

A lean man in his early 20's but with hard-boiled look across his countenance, moves over to Sal. After seemingly taking notice of her obvious peerings around the site; "Help you with anything Miss? Like what you're seeing? Upto spec?" He asks taking a relaxed stance, folding his toned ochre arms.

You notice a box of what seems to be a reel of film, the new nature of the box implies that it's not old or used.
The building is also laid out in such a way as to flow with the river, channelling the lay-line energy slightly.

The main room is also very much open and large to give a conference table feel, where one is aware of all the occupants. In there you notice a high level shelf or large duct that's still open to the room, which has a few internal brackets that's a bit odd to you.

Whilst all around the site there are a few wires and electrics still open or in recesses, which seems a tad strange for this stage of the proceedings. Even a dado rail level for a few plug sockets (waist high).

You notice this building is very defensible, but also difficult to escape from - very solid walls, narrow doors that wind around corridors. The main room is also very much open and large to give a conference table feel, where one isn't out flanked.

Physical OXOOOO Mental OO Social OOOO; 3 fate points

Sorry, I was out of touch with GenCon and a very busy catch up week. Please place Tangris somewhere he can cause trouble and/or offend the worst possible people.

Gearhead. Stress: P: ◘ ◘ ◘ M: ■ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ ; Consequences: None ; FP: 2/3

Morien gives the shelf a thoughtful frown and pulls a small but powerful flashlight out of her messenger bag to have a look. For something like this the host & guests would want to supply as much of their own technology (or magic made to look like tech) as possible, but she might get some idea of what kind of object belonged there.

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

Sal blinks behind her glasses, then looks the man up and down quite openly. "Si. I am no expert, but I like what I see so far," she replies in a soft Spanish accent.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth considers that for a moment, Could very well be they're planning tae tap that line tae power their whatsit. That isnae evidence by itself, but if that be the intent there's like as nae some foci set up tae help... Wouldn't want tae be distracted with the power ay a whole line flowing through ye, after all.

He turns to the film-box, another curiosity, and starts examining it more closely. I dinnae ken what that be, but we could always call 'bomb' tae get it gone...

Investigation: 2 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 2 + (3, 3, 3, 3) - 8 = 6 Edit: Yahtzee!

Also, in case it would help find any ritual foci that might be laying about...

Lore: 5 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 5 + (1, 3, 2, 2) - 8 = 5

Evil GM

The young builder smiles back at Sal, pushing his luck further. "Well I do know a nice tap-ass bar in town." he says with terrible pronunciation. "I went to the Costa del Sol last year, beautiful place." he adds in polite conversation.

Kenneth Lore:
The ritual foci are more likely to focus the energies to a single point in the room - as well as around the walls of the room insulating them from the excesses of magic. It could be used to dampen any excess magic or the aura's from the vampires/Fey with their overtly powerful charms.

From the box of film, your eye is drawn to a another on hidden behind some debris of the work - it seems to be an old camera - quite compact. It is in very good condition, seemingly reclaimed or maybe a new model but in a 50's style and mechanism.

There is also the faint whiff of chemicals amongst a box of modern switches.

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

"Tap... ass?" Sal repeats slowly, then laughs suddenly, "Ah, tapas! Yes, it's very good, isn't it? Say... do you think you could show me those smaller rooms there? And are there any false ceilings, scaffoldings, backstage structures... those kinds of things? I'd be interested in seeing them." Sal maintains the soft accent she grew up with.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth nods to himself, Aye, that's wise. Especially tae ensure that the whole lot dinnae blast the place intae wee bits with stray energies... Still, something tae bleed energy and all this ley line power isnae a terribly safe mix.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny continues to chat with the supervisor as the others play Scooby and the Gang. The singer has now assumed the pose of one just glad to be away 'from the office' and enjoying time with another who shares his feelings.

NICE work guys and gals! ;)

Evil GM

Danny & Supervisor

The supervisor is pleased that it's all gone well, that Danny is relaxed and there's nothing to report back to the client. He does mention that the other day near 'knocking-off time' he spotted 'some bird with blue hair' that was hanging around suspiciously, but he left it at that.

Enjoying the rest from work and the cool beer, the foreman is relaxed in Danny's presence.


He smiles softly, "Certainly, there's a few suspended ceilings - on a normal grid. No staging and all the scaffolding was taken away a couple of days ago." The man shows her the nuances of the structure, not too bothered about the rest of the group and what they are doing.

Apologies for the lack of posting, I've no real excuses.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

I have. Several actually. But their still just excuses. ;P

Danny laughs at the mention of the 'Bird with blue hair'.

"Probably some small-time band groupie, hopin' twas a concert and tryin' teh scope out a good ambush spot fer the band." Danny waves it off. And makes a mental note to tell the rest of the group. Just in case.

"Ah 'preciates this, ah reely do. Seems ever' time ah try teh convince deh folks alls guud the firs' question is, 'Did yew VISIT deh site?!?' Jes' bein able teh say ah wuz here and checked ever'thing out will save me hours of earaches." Danny says with an air of great relief and gratitude.

When he sees that the others seem to be slowing down, or getting antsy, he looks at his cell phone with a sigh of regret.

"Oi. Ah've got tew get to annuder meetin' comin' up. Ah'll jes' leave dis wit' yew if dat's alright? Sorry to leave a mess, Ah hates that." Danny says, placing the second six-pack next to the remains of the first.

"Much obliged Mate. Ah owes yew one!" Danny says with a grin, shaking the man's hand one last time.

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

Sal nods pleasantly at her new friend as the party gets ready to leave, gracefully giving him Danny's phone number when asked for hers. She slips away to the vehicle to put her things away and wait for the others.

"I got nothing," she reports to the others, "You find anything? No real good sniping posts or anything. It'd be easy to defend and kind of hard to get out of in a pinch, but you all probably noticed that. Of course, I s'pose these fae use other weapons than what I would. I'm not sure what to look for there."

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth says, "This steid is set up tae diffuse magical energies and bleed thaim away intae the lay lines... 'Tis a clever idea 'n I think 'tis meant tae shave the edge off the auras ay the powerful fae... and the vamp from the boat. Still, 'tis a double-edged blade... If someone wanted tae violate the laws ay hospitality, thay could draw a muckle great bit ay power from the lines and fry the place... though, a dangerous move in the presence ay powerful emissaries. I dinnae think that was the intent, but 'tis something tae worry about."

He shrugs, and then says, "Beyond that, thare seems tae be auld film cameras around th' room... 'n' film cannisters... for reasons I didnae ferr figure out.... The camera looks tae be in good shape and new, bit built ay auld technology, like a classic piece... Exactly the sort ay thing you'd need tae use if ye wanted any hope ay it working amidst even the background magic that'll fill this place soon enow."

He pauses as a thought strikes him then says in a lower, more serious tone, "There's a chemical smell, too, that I cannae place. I dinnae think they're explosives, bit tis hard tae say for sure, especially if things are meant tae mix taegether. "

P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

"Chemicals?" Sal perks up some, then groans in frustration. "Wish I had noticed while I was in there. I could have probably identified explosive compounds. It's going to look really fishy if I go back in for no reason. Where was the smell the strongest?"

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth says, "The film cannisters.. Did ye nae see them?"

Evil GM

Both the contractor and the workman are smile as the party leaves, though for different reasons, both happy for the visit and it's results.

Back in the car Laura, opens it up for everyone to enter: "So did you guys find anything?" she asks with some enthusiasm after being left out of the undercover operation.

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