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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Evil GM

So the boat sides through the choppy dark waters towards a destination unknown. The sky overhead a smattering of pin-pricks of light occasionally blotted out by the fast moving clouds, however the moon hangs there big and pale as it ascends upon it's daily trip over the heavens. Not quite full yet, the moon has a slice slid off it but the shadow off the earth.

From the ship up ahead there's the faint sounds of upraised voices, then the lights guiding you goes out.

So Alertness checks or another skill like Investigation or something justifiable to try and follow them. You are now a ways at sea, 10-20 miles or so.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Oops. Anyone have awesome perception?

Or Maybe Morien can swim out there? Just a thought! :)

EDIT- Maybe not. SHe might not be able to find us again! :P

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2

Kenneth does his best to keep an eye on the boat ahead and anticipate its direction and make sure that his group doesn't accidentally lose them... It's far tae easy tae follow that light, isnae it? I'm just waiting for them tae trade off with another light... or, worse, have us focus on the light and nae see that we're putting ourselves headfirst intae a noose..

Investigation: 2 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 2 + (1, 2, 3, 3) - 8 = 3

Physical OXOOOO Mental OO Social OOOO; 3 fate points

Alertness: 4d3 - 8 + 3 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 1) - 8 + 3 = 3

Tangris, the scent of the sea and the wind rousing him, keeps a close eye on the ship they're following.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"Heh. This reminds me of a joke." Danny whispers to the others as they peer intently into the darkness, searching for the other boat.

"So this Navy captain was sailing his ship into port after a long tour of duty at sea. They were making their final approach to port in the middle of a moonless night. WHen the captain sees the light of another ship dead ahead, he orders his signalmen to send the message, 'Attention vessel, You are on a collision course with us. Adjust your course 4 degrees East'."

"The reply quickly comes back, 'Adjust your course 4 degrees West'. This infuriates the captain. who signals the reply, 'This is Captain John Smith of the NAvy. Adjust your course sir!' The reply comes back, 'This is midshipman Jones of the Navy. Adjust your course 4 degrees West'."

"Enraged, the Captain signals, 'This is a Battleship. We will not change our course!' The final reply comes back,..."

" 'This is a lighthouse. Your call.' "

Evil GM

With a 3 you can keep a pace with them, but won't be able to make out the individual figures. That'd require a 4! However I'll wait for Jssra/Morien, since she's super-busy today.

From the edge for your senses, you can see the boat change tack - specifically to throw off any pursuers, whilst also confusing the sailors. However it does mean the navigator of the smell vessel knows where they're headed.

From the distance there's a soft green glow, small as if from a single light source ... or maybe a trio of lanterns.

Evil GM

The eerie green glow materialises into the fluorescent lights of another ship, this one is a yacht of some luxury. Pale and ethereal, the green hue gives it an unworldly appearance.

It bathes the chugging fishing vessel in it's glow, seemingly making it recoil and cower from the presence of the superior vessel.

Physical OXOOOO Mental OO Social OOOO; 3 fate points

"Ooo, fancy boat. Do you think Gilligan or the Skipper is on board?" Tangris murmurs.

Gearhead. Stress: P: ◘ ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ ; Consequences: None ; FP: 3/3

Sorry for holding us up.
Investigation: 4d3 - 4 ⇒ (3, 3, 3, 1) - 4 = 6

Morien quirks an eyebrow at the sight awaiting them over the Mote's bow. "Both, I'd wager." She angles the sail slightly worse against the wind, slowing their approach. Wouldn't want to run into the vessels now drifting near one another.

Evil GM

However Morien manages to position the vessel in such a way as to get close enough to see aboard the other pair, to hide amongst the shadows whilst managing the choose the best illumination of their targets.

Thus from the grey and fluorescence, light slides across the slick leather of a long slowing duster whilst a figure emerges from the deck of the yacht. With a trio of purposeful strides out from the cabin door, the figure starts a graceful leap from he deck. An inhuman arc of at least 60 yards of intervening sea between the vessels, her long hair whipping with the billowing duster framing her lithe physique.

Shaking the fishing vessel, the woman lands with poise and inhuman grace - there seems to be an aura to her. Moments later, one figure lets out a loud yell and dives overboard. Upon the Whitby vessel there's a general commotion and the other illuminated luxury yacht comes about and starts moving away - having delivered its cargo.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [X] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny nods at the smaller vessel and purses his lips.

"Um,... That's not good. Is it?"

Hey All, sincere apologies for sudden vanishment. LAst Minute change of plans to attend Stage Combat workshop and re-up two of my certifications. AFTER spending 2 days getting serious workouts in a variety of classes and learning 2 fights to perform for said re-certifications. Then Driving back and spending Easter traveling to New Orleans and back to spend Easter at zoo with family,... yeah, my legs hurt. ;) Happy Easter all, will start catching up tomorrow!

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