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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe replies
thank you, I suppose, I dont think about it much. I don't pay much attention to days or weeks but shifts in seasons seem more meaning full, winter so full of sorrow for example. Care to go for a walk?

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny sticks the note back into his pocket with a smirk. Those girls. One day he was going to have to get serious, and figure,...

'Careful Danny boy! Down that path lie madness! Or an XXX dream! Either way, NOT the time or place!' He firmly told himself, glancing down the bar. He nodded politely to those showing an interest in the small stage, and glanced at his watch wondering where the rest of the band was. As if his worrying was a cue, they promptly arrived. Danny hopped up and gave them a hand with the larger items, returning his gaze to the patrons as they finished setting up and quickly tuned.

Danny raised an eyebrow when he noticed the 'Crone'. He idly wondered what she was doing there, besides having a drink. She didn't seem the type to normally hang out in bars listening to cover bands.

He looked at the lady in white with interest. He had seen quite a few tattoos in his time, (including a few he wished he hadn't in New Orleans!) But he was pretty sure that those tattoos were unique. Before he could figure a way to introduce himself and ask her about them, the band was ready and arguing about which song to play first.

Danny just shook his head in amusement. He had only recently hooked up with this group. In fact it was only the third or fourth time they had played together. But they did mostly Beatles' covers and stuff from the 70's and 80's. (IN other words, stuff that he either knew, or that he could fake with the help of his 'talent'.) But they were always talking about how they were going to make it big. And arguing about why they hadn't already made it there. Danny had tried to explain that they were never going to 'make it' if they didn't do their OWN music, and they had looked at him like he had grown a second head. Since then Danny had kept his mouth shut, and smiled and nodded.

As they played, Danny put his fingers into automatic and glanced around the bar to see how the music was being received. He didn't like using his 'talent' if not necessary, but he certainly wasn't above using it to make sure the crowd had a good time if it looked like a tough room.

Evil GM


"Certainly, I would love to have nice little stroll." she stands up and offers the crook of her arm to the Greek man. As they go outside into the dark evening light, a gentle breeze blows off the nearby fields. "I heard there was a band in town covering Beatles tracks, I was wondering...." she lets the question hang in the air.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

Kenneth tries to hide his delight at Laura's comment, by signalling the waitress while his smirk rights itself, Intelligence and spirit... Cait, ye'd like this one....

Having gotten a nod, he turns back to her and says in a dramatic tone, "Nae, it implies that the role of the bonnie lass is tae allow bards like meself tae compose poetry 'bout their remarkable beauty. I dinnae think simpering enters intae it, though I dinnae hae the most modern of views in this, ye ken."

The waitress arrives and he says, "A pear cider for the bonnie lady, and please tell me there's a real Scottish Ale on tap in this place, sparing me having tae drink a Cornish, or worse, something Irish? Ideally a stout, though I'd rather a lighter Scot to a darker something else."

After a brief discussion, he sighs and settles for a bottle of Orkney's Skullsplitter, "At least it's a wee heavy. Aye, and menus, if ye would?", he adds with a flirtatious wink and a smile.

As the waitress walks away, he turns back to Laura and continues, as if there'd been no interruptions, "A'course, my old fashioned views are those of the Old Celtic Ways, where women owned the land and the wills of the goddesses were stronger than those of men. Or, tae use your metaphor, I read rather different books than you did...", he smiles at her, his eyes twinkling with both an earnestness and a touch of mischief.

He says, "We dinnae lock our women in towers like the daft English dobbers who seem tae think women were gentle flowers that would wilt... never realizing that it was the act of denying them the sun that took their strength from them... They dinnae ken that a blossom that cannae feel the light of the sun is diminished by bringing it outside, and there are no roses so lovely as one that grow in the wild."

He pauses and nods at the waitress as she places his drink down, then continues, his voice filled with mischief as he does, "Tae be honest, they'd like as not smack us if we tried....and not in the enjoyable way."

He flashes his flirtatious smile at Laura as he finishes, and raises his newly-arrived bottle in a toast, "Slàinte mhath a beannachd Brigh dhuit!"

Evil GM


Laura, smiles slowly shaking her head at his candour. A soft smell of lavender drifts from her; "Your accent is lovely, I could listen to it all night.... and with the amount you talk probably will." delicately she laughs as she teases the Celtic man.

She meets him in the toast, trying to repeat his words and doing remarkably well not to mangle them. "So you are a believer in the old ways?"

Evil GM


The bands starts playing, the usual rough tones seem a bit more polished. Maybe they have actually be practising? The set continues smoothly, the ale flows down the patrons throats. The bar tenders seem very pleased with the potential profits; maybe Danny and band might actually be invited back.

After a while, just before the break between sets a muscularly handsome young man enters the bar. Not unusual, but Danny watches as her makes a bee-line straight towards the woman in white. Sitting beside her, his body language radiates a quiet bestial fury. The people near him seem to unconsciously shift in their seats and drift away.

Danny hears snatches of their conversation, or at least his angry statements; "Why." "I should break.." "Don't look...". She raises a tattooed arm towards him, the red lines seem to roil along her skin. He snarls gently...

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny smiles as they change into the next song. It was too much to hope that this group of lazy freeloaders would ever actually amount to anything, but it DID sound as if they were actually trying for a change. Perhaps had even been,... <gasp!> practicing?

Nah. Too much to hope for. But they DID sound good tonight. Maybe the Force was with them? (More likely the Powers-that-be had finally taken pity on Danny and cut him some slack. Just this once.)

He takes a quick swig of water and steps back up to the mic. As he fingers the chords to shift into the next tune, the man's angry comments reach him.

'Ah come on. Give me a BREAK willya?!? I am NOT going to let one cranky man's drunken temper tantrum ruin the first potential money making gig I have had in weeks!'

It's a little early for 'meddling', as he calls it. But he's seen guys like this before. And it usually goes south sooner rather than later.

He wonders if he should ask the guys to switch songs, but decides against any possible hiccup in their so-far-smooth set. With a quick glance at the bar, then at the muttering man, he starts the next song. Sorry, I'm notoriously bad at knowing names of songs 'At least it is a slow song' Danny thinks as he takes a calming breath between verses.

As he starts the second verse he starts to weave in his own touch,...

Performance: 4d2 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (1, 2, 1, 2) - 8 + 4 = 2

Danny's pretty sure he could have done better. If he had been by himself. But he was still learning what he COULD do, and this band was new to him. Still, he didn't think he was doing too badly for improvising his own touches into an already established tune. Without the audience noticing his 'meddling'. He hoped,...

As the slower Beatles tune played on, Danny continued to add his own vocal riffs into the words and chorus. Taking the already mellow tune and making it,... happy,...

Trying to make it hard to be angry? A social block maybe? To prevent him form having a temper fit?

Evil GM

Danny & Aximeus

Piecing the Block 4d3 - 8 + 3 ⇒ (1, 2, 3, 1) - 8 + 3 = 2

His anger seems to turn into a cold fury, as the calming song tries to take effect. With a snarl, his lips quirk revealing pointed teeth as he breaks the songs charm. Though despite this the man is offering no direct violence, his words borne of passion demand answers. "Why would you do that to him?"

She raises a delicate hand and places a finger upon his lips, he grasps her wrist and holding it firm for a second. A ripple of ... magic (?) pulses through the air and then he lets go and takes a long pull from his pint.

Aximeus then enters the pub, three-legged mare with Henri's secretary from the art gallery. Aximeus' just manages to catch the end of the song and his sharp eyes catch the mans actions.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe shoulders his duffle bag on his other shoulder
Is it a at a pub or what? sounds fun, walking distance...hehe everything is walking distance if you have the time <smiles at her> [b]

DSXMachina wrote:


"Certainly, I would love to have nice little stroll." she stands up and offers the crook of her arm to the Greek man. As they go outside into the dark evening light, a gentle breeze blows off the nearby fields. "I heard there was a band in town covering Beatles tracks, I was wondering...." she lets the question hang in the air.

Evil GM

She returns his smile; "Aye, the 'Three-legged Mare'. That's an old gallows, by the way. Outside is lovely in summer, there's a beer garden and it's right near the minster." They walk together the 10 minutes walk into the centre of town.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Do I see Danny up on the set.

seem like THEY are a bit frolicsome tonight, perhaps you guys should intervene, let me know if you need some backup, I suggest quiet words and a steady stare

Leadership stunt.

Axe looks for a table or place at the bar for two....

Evil GM

A young couple get up, moving outside for a smoke. Thus a table opens up for Aximeus and the Lady. She orders a small sherry and whatever Aximeus is having. "The music is very good, reminds me of a night...." and she goes on to tell an amazing story of mundane adventures during a music festival.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe puts his bag under the table; listens with a smile as he likes shared good times; but keeps an eye on the bouncers and the two troublemakers; taps his foot to the sound and signals for a wait person.

are you hungry, thirsty? are you a beer, wine or other person? for me it is about pairing with the food, but most these pubs have good but uninspired food and pretentious wine prices for low quality vintage. I didnt realize you were such a music affectionato, your light up with a nice smile when your telling such a moment; must have been a great festival, been to many quality ones?

Evil GM

The 'bouncers' such as they are, in this pub is a single man in a WWII flying jacket that walks down the street outside; 'patrolling' between 3 or 4 restaurants or pubs. Though tall and built he is obviously not a 'fighter'.

She replies to Aximeus; "Here they usually do the simple things well, thanks to all the television chef's food quality has improved over the past decade. A beef sandwich to go with the sherry." she says warmly.

"Well, father was in show-business, so it's in the blood. But I prefer small bands or festivals, like this, I still occasionally go to Glastonbury. This group are quite good, still need to practise more and do something original. Although that doesn't pay the bills." her warm appraisal of the music is heart-felt. "So you are a chef?"

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny almost stumbles over the next verse, so surprised is he at the sudden shattering of his peace veil, and the sight of the man's distinctly pointed teeth.

He's back within two beats, the drummer throwing him a weird glance, but no other signs to the audience that anything is wrong.

'Not that they'd notice through the beer goggles,...' Danny grumbles wryly to himself. He's wondering whether he should try again, and put some effort into it, when he notices Aximeus walk in with the receptionist from Henry's gallery. This surprise lasts long enough for the end of the song.

At the drummers' inquiring glance, Danny pats his throat, and nods that he's ok to go on. They DO have a good mood going for most of the crowd, and he'd hate to lose the momentum. He grabs a quick sip of water and grins when Axe's glance meets his on the tiny stage. Axe gives a subtle but distinct nod to the growling guy deep in conversation with the tattooed woman. Danny shrugs to indicate he doesn't know what's up with him. But as he wipes his mouth from one last sip of water, he lightly taps his own canine tooth as he glances to the guy and back.

With that, Danny swings his guitar back up into place and steps back up to the mic. "Alright everyone! Thank you for joining us tonight here at the 'Three Legged Mare'! The sun's almost down, that means the fun's just getting going! So let's get this party started with a song that EVERYbody knows! Sing along! The more the merrier!" Danny says with a gleeful smile as he launches into a swinging version of Yellow Submarine.

Performance: 4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 1) - 8 + 4 = 2

Evil GM

Three-legged Mare

♪ We all live in a yellow submarine ♪
♫ Yellow submarine, yellow submarine ♫
♪ We all live in a yellow submarine ♪
♫ Yellow submarine, yellow submarine ♫"

The drunken crowd belts out the song, there enthusiasm making up for the poor singing.

The man smiles widen showing a full-mouth of sharp teeth not just the canines. "I cannot hear myself think he says...outside." He grabs the pale waif womans' wrist and pulls her outside into the walled off beer garden at the back. She has an enigmatic smile upon her face, as he drags her outside.

The receptionist turns to Aximeus; pointing out the man. "I wonder what Andrews' doing here?"

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny watches the pair leave as he leads the next verse.
'Well, at least he's not trying to start a riot.' he thinks wryly.

The next few minutes are a blur that seem to drag on for hours to the frazzled singer, even though it's only a couple of songs. After holding the last chord until it fades into obscurity, he steps up to the mic once more.

"Thank you! Thank you very much! I hope your having a good time, because there's more coming up after we take a quick break! Don't go away! Why go somewhere else to drink when your already here?!?" He waves with a smirk.

He chats with the band guys for a moment, then excuses himself, grabs a drink from the bar, (Iced tea. He enjoys alcohol alright, but he doesn't LIKE it enough to try to drink it and sing!) then swings through the bar towards Axe's table.

"Heya Axe, Ma'am. How do you like the show?" He asks with a big grin. He's playing the part of the kudos-seeking musician to the hilt. But he doesn't sit down, or look like he's going to invite himself to join them.

He notices the bulk of Axe's bag barely tucked under the tiny bar table, and raises an eyebrow.
"I hope your here for a night of fun and not business. Last I heard we weren't popular enough to warrant a bodyguard. Yet." He jests. His eyes beg AXimeus to tell him that he's NOT expecting trouble.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

Who is Andrew?

Axe eats his fish and chips and chats until Danny comes over.
Hey Danno, we are just having a date here, not business at all; been a real pleasure to spend time with a well versed and classy lady <smiles at her>; can't say I liked the music to much but the crowd seemed into it; except for some pointed tooth guy who dragged some girl out; she wasnt struggling so; hmm. What are you doing for you next set?

Evil GM

"He's an artist, well photographer. Quite skilled, his landscapes are astonishing" she sighs "Of course his body-scapes go for more money."

"He's one of the university gang. A select group of promising artists; Henri liked to make sure they developed." she takes a sip of her drink and looks to Danny. "Very nice performance."

Male Ferromancer

Jericho nods at the vampire with a grin. "As a courtesy. Of course. So this King of Ghouls is working with a tattooed Chinese man." Jericho works it out for a second, then stands. "Well, you've been quite helpful, Lord Lawrence, though less so than I'm sure you could be." Jericho takes a longer pull of his scotch and sets the glass down. "Of course, an overgrown mosquito tends to make a less than useful source of information than I'd like, I suppose one must scrape the bottom of the barrel on occasion." As Silas begins to snap forward and Letitia begins to draw her blade, Jericho and Lawrence move to stop them near instantly. "I've partaken of his fare, freely given. He'll not break the bond of host and guest." Jericho hisses into Letitia's ear, his arm keeping her blade in the sheath firmly. Lawrence simply barks "Silas." And he stops. Jericho steps very close to Lawrence, standing almost nose to nose. "It has been nice to be your guest Lord Lawrence. I will see you again the next time I have to slaughter one of your childer for getting out of line."

Evil GM


The Lord fumes but Jericho's words hold him in check; face to face you can feel the Red Counts fury and the lines of his 'mask' nearly show. Silas moves a step forward, to hiss him a warning.

Lord Lawrences' steel bar arm shoots out taking his lackey in the throat and throwing him across the room. Hitting the other wall with a heavy crash.

"Protector, you are bold. What do you wish to know?" Lawrence smiles gruesomely, "I would not deny you or your strumpet."

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Danny, do we have another group meeting soon? I got this feeling I am forgetting something or somesuch

what are you playing next?

to my date

[b] Danny will probably take a request if you pick something he can work into his next set [b]

Evil GM

Aximeus & Danny

She smiles; "I would say He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother, or Knights in White Satin, but some 'Stones' seem like your accompaniment would know better."

Outside in the pale light you can just make out two figures at a table.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

yeah; classic stones like Paint it Black and Hey you, get off a my cloud

smiles at his date

Moody Blues had some good ones, Tangerine Dream did too until they got all into making sounds for movies, like their early stuff and even some of the early movie stuff, but I miss the old Bing Crosby stuff

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

how many outside seats are there? Axe looks at the couple outside

Evil GM

I hadn't told you her name before. It's Dora. (she doesn't do any exploring)

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Dora, this that your full name, it is Greek you know, from dA'ron, it means "Gift". What wonderous symetry life has eh, my name is Greek also. It has many variations, such as Theodora or such. I am Aximeus, though I am told my mother didnt call me that, just my Aunt, most people just call me Axe though, in the current post rock/oncomming goth era they think it more cool; hehe,maybe I should learn guitar. In my day, and it is still my day, it is a bit rude, certainly improper to use such familiarity without close bonds and associations. Modern Heathons <smirk>

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe is watching Dora to see if she is having a good time, or is distracted and her general mood and character. He is a bit attracted to her so looks at her general form; clothing choices, eye color; wether she is wearing make up and jewelry choices; hair style and cut and attentiveness. Are people dancing?

Evil GM


Although at her job initially she seemed to be quite conservative and comfortable. But now that Henri has 'left' she was wearing more business-like clothing, though with a touch of elegance and style.

Her auburn hair is gently curled, framing her face and flowing down to kiss her shoulders. "So, you were raised by your Aunt? Your adventures certainly seem extensive." She brushes a stray lock of hair from her face, the faint lines of age expertly covered up with make-up and her blue knowledgeable eyes enhanced with pale blue eye-shadow.

Adorning her ears and wrists are faint hints of golden jewellery. She sips at her sherry and stands the pub has a small space to dance; there are a couple dancing. To Danny she says; "So long as it's not Sympathy for the Devil, woo-woo."

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

That is an interesting song to be sure, one wonders at the motive behind it, I have often wondered about such things, the duality of good and evil or if it is just representational of an interpretation of Zoroastrianism. My Aunt was certainly more polytheistic, with good reason. I was raised by my Aunt, a power in her own right, raised me in the old ways of my people, but like most in America of my ethnicity; grew up among a great many Catholics, and having been to catechism repeatedly, I grew an interest in comparative theology as a hobby, but only as it applies to how people live their lives. I am respectful of men of the cloth, but I have noticed that most polytheistic peoples are not in power thus probably less troublesome than any of the big four religious whose wars and extermination of life is quite extensive. I wouldn't call myself adventuresome, but protective of the little guy who tends to be downtrodden if not squashed by those in power moving others about as pawns. There seem to be a great many players pushing and shoving for space and once in a while a madman with a grand plan. My life has been more response driven I suppose, I have always felt guided by something beyond my ken. How about you, any driving force, are you content in your life and its stability and just living it. Calm sureity of days of sequence; seems a dream to me as my life is one series of conflict.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Were you raised in whatever is accounted typical English Style? With your family being entertainers or tied to show business it seems a interesting life to be sure as one growing up.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"THanks miss, I appreciate that!" Danny responds with a smile that just can't be faked. The grin of true happiness of being applauded.

"Yeah," Danny hedges a little bit, not sure how much Axe may have told this lady. "I think the 'Scooby Club' is having another meeting tomorrow. To catch up on everything,..." He hints.
He starts to open his mouth to say something a few times, but the constant, cheerful chatter of Axe and his date constantly keep going before he can get a word in edgewise.

Finally he grins, holding up his hands. "Whoa! One at a time!" He laughs.

"I got it. 'Knights', 'He aint Heavy' or some Stones. Just not 'Sympathy for the devil', gotcha!" He grins.

"AXe here is a lot more in depth than anyone else who works out that I've ever met." HE jests, indicating the bulging bicep shown off as Axe takes a sip of his drink.

"Me? I'm a lot simpler. I just like certain music. Can't even always explain why. But I'll be happy to see if the guys can accommodate the request."

Danny bows slightly to the lady, smiling. "Nice to meet you, properly. HAve a nice evening!" He waves to both of them as he heads back to the tiny stage, feeling better about what's going on.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

I can read you know, Readers Digest fills lot of empty moments

Evil GM

"I am sure it does dear Mr. Aximeus" she says slightly hesitantly placing her hand upon his arm.

She looks at Aximeus softly; "Pretty normal upbringing, a monotheistic Christianity, the Church of England, like the cathedral out there. Oh I know the Arch-bishop I can introduce you if you wish?"

Outside it seems that the sharp teethed Andrew and the white woman are sat in the pale moon-light, seemingly talking.

Then the pretty Bunny bounces into the pub, she's wearing little more than lingerie, though it's all covered with a long pale coat. She goes over to the barman, who although very busy serves her straight away; "Is Andy about? Trev said came her to get even for Wal, he is a silly?"

Sorry got a bit of a cold. Will get some more up in the morning.

Male Ferromancer

"It's very simple Lord Lawrence. I would like everything you know. Who is this ghoul king, and what exactly does he want? Why are the ghouls working with the imperial dragons? And what the hell does all this have to do with whatever is killing your people?" Jericho faces the smile without fear, awaiting his answer.

Evil GM


Lawrence smiles; "I like your temerity." he looks to Silas broken form, although the vampire will rise again.

"I researched into the Ghouls, as Henri was trying to start a war between us." he raises an eyebrow. "I thank you for that a most repentant slave he is now..."

"Anyway the Ghouls are a religious group; born in their ancient Sumerian traditions. Locals speak a Lagashian dialect. They try to live upon Holy burial grounds, both from a deference to god and as a source for meat..."

"I had Tybalt looking for their hideout in the mines, before his demise. Although, the I believe the 'Hearth-guard' ghouls that went with the Dragon left their homes."

"The Ghouls can be found at Caphouse Colliery, if you dare go there..." Lawrence smiles brutally, you can almost hear him wish your demise.


But his visage sobers at the though of the vampires killed.
"It was some magic... the blood nest had no threshold." Letitia snarls and Jericho can feel a thrum of tension in her.
"Don't look at me like that. The humans were only bloody foreigners, they signed over their blood and kin to me in hopes of a better life." Lawrence smiles knowingly.

"What killed my people was Magic, it was done remotely."
His fingers check off the factions:

  • Not the Fey, no since Maeve's get left town.
  • The Dogs (werewolves) are too weak and stupid.
  • The ROAB, they hate the all the supernatural. They wouldn't use magic.
  • The pagan witches, could be... they've been said to like blood sacrifices.
  • Order of ST. John, hypocrit's of God. They would do such a evil thing.
  • Some other faction like the ghouls?

    "One of them must be working with the Dragon."

  • Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    <guessing Danny is back up playing another set and seeing Bunny come in, figuer keeping an eye on Danny who can see the place better will alert him if need be>

    what kind of things do you enjoy between work and work besides music and clubbing? any hobbies [b]

    Axe will chat and show his interest in Dora, gently pat her hand on his arm; listen to music and chat. Keep an eye on the time

    to Dora
    [b] I go to work in a few hours, would you like to stay here till about then or would you like an escort back, modernity confuses me, so I thought I would ask your preference if you would like to include me in your plans. Work is usually pretty slow for the first couple hours until after midnight when the factory workers shift changes and very early morning when the teamsters and doc workers come buy to break their fast. Its quite, we could chat; you could show me your ankles, [Axe smiles at his small joke as modern people like Bunny let it all show so easily with isnt Axe style or probably Doras

    Evil GM


    "Well, I enjoy a good wine, a good book, sat be a roaring hearth. Generally, you might think me boring, but I do like to learn of the finer things in life and partake when I can." she smiles back bashfully at the slightly younger-looking man.

    "I wish I could paint but..." she ruefully shakes her head remembering that time down by the river and the outrageous result.

    "You are very kind, very enjoyable company indeed. I think I would enjoy watching you work for a couple of hours, then I have some transport home." she laughs lightly at his joke quirking her eyebrow at Bunny's 'attire' as the young lady flounces out to the back. Then with a wink, flicks out her leg so the Aximeus can see her ankles.

    Male Ferromancer

    "That's strange, I don't like you at all." Jericho answers matter-of-factly, then listens to the information intently. "Good, we will continue our... inquiries there. Thank you for the information... and the brandy." Jericho places the glass down quite slowly and confidently. "We will be going now."


    Jericho stays keyed and ready for a fight as they leave the pawnshop, his shoulders tingling in anticipation of a knife or bullet, but as he steps into the car he immediately slumps over. "Hell's Bells..." He says without relish, letting out the breath he'd held since the door.

    Evil GM


    Letitia leans over to him in the car; "I know..." She looks into the distance; "I hate them.. the vampires, you know. They just take, our young, our blood." her voice is hollow.

    She shakes her head and a lock of hair flicks over her face; "Sorry. Drink? We meet with the others in the morning?"

    Male Ferromancer

    "Yeah well... mosquitoes aren't such a small deal when they're that big. Worst part..." Jericho shakes his head. "That didn't tell me a thing about the most important part of all this. What is so important about that little girl? And what killed several vampires just to keep her safe?" He starts the car and looks annoyed at the radio, which worked before he had a full wizard in the car. "You owe me a new one of these." He says, pointing it out before beginning to drive away. "No drink for me. I'm off to the library. I have names, and that's all I need to research."

    Jericho will spend the rest of his day and possibly night researching anything he can find on 'Imperial Dragons' 'The Hearth-Guard' 'Magical Keys as People' 'Dragon Kings' and predators that may attack a vampire. Feel free to tell me what rolls I need.

    Evil GM

    Lore, Scholarship and/or Resources Rolls. I'll get a full post up tomorrow.

    Male Ferromancer

    Lore:4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 1, 2, 1) - 8 + 4 = 3
    Lore:4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 3, 3, 1) - 8 + 4 = 6
    Lore:4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 1, 3, 1) - 8 + 4 = 4
    Lore:4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 2) - 8 + 4 = 6
    Lore:4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (2, 1, 1, 3) - 8 + 4 = 3

    Evil GM


    Laura looks across the table at him; "I know your type." She raises her eyebrows as her lips bow into a sensual quirk. "I know what you want...."

    She bends over at the able and produces a manilla folder; "This, you were asking me questions. Well here are some answers, but I expect recompense."

    She leans over the table, their soft lips meeting and gently parting as she kisses him deeply. The delicate smell of her perfume pervades his senses, whilst the softness of her form leans heavily against the muscular celt. She finally breaks away from Kenneth; "That's a deposit." her chest rises rapidly and alluringly as she continues. "I'll take the remainder later."

    Her hand covers his as she rises and leads him out of the pub....

    Alisha and her parents were allowed into the country by Councillor Fairweather of York. He has received donations from both the ROAB & a lap-dancing club, which have helped him get re-elected. She comes from central Africa with her entire family. Lord Lawrence (Red Court) and the councillor have enabled a number of families to land over here.

    There is also another folder about the Chinese gangs, recently there has been a significant increase in activity amongst them as well as a possible terrorist activity of an individual bringing over a 'nuclear device' to let off in London...

    There are a few numbers and leads about gang members. That the ones that were captured gave. Including Min & Lin's father.

    Evil GM


    Letitia stays with you, slightly abashed by your strength of character and studious manner. As you stack your books high she supplies you with coffee, Danishes and extra paper as required. She tries to take some notes along side your own.

    Occasionally as Jericho glances, across the mahogany table he sees Letitia looking at him a faraway look in her eyes, she immediately looks away.

    After the third time she blushes and stammers out; "I knew you father..."

    "He was an inspiration, you remind me of him..." her words are soft as she recollects the man.

    Evil GM

    Imperial Dragons: 3

    There Chinese Emperors are said to contain the blood of dragons, though the Great Dragon vanished. Some believe that it was the aspect that St. George slew, but the supernatural community knows it is not dead.... maybe locked up. But not dead.

    Magical Keys as People: 6

    There are a few places around the world that are Nexus' of power. These usually have a 'valve' or building. Senschels or guardians live there protecting it from those that would try to despoil the place. These Nexus' usually require a specific energy for anyone to enter or exit.

    Thus they can be perfect place to lock or hide away a being.

    There is a vague ancient prophecy about a 'being' apart from the world, that can unlock the doors. Someone so powerful that the world would tremble at her touch.

    Hearth-Guard of Ghouls: 4

    The ghouls are of the Ancient Sumerian culture, around York they tend to be more detached from the vampires. With their own distinct Kingdom and religious culture, the Hearth-guard are extremely religious. Working as advisers to the King, they have massive influence.

    For them to be allowed to work for another party shows how powerful he is. They tattoo their bodies heavily and cover them with robes especially when out in the sunlight.

    Dragon Kings: 6

    Sorry I'll get more on this later.

    Predators that attack Vampires: 3

    There are a few, checking it out locally both with the library an your contacts you 'probably' narrow it to three. Either;

  • Ghoul Kings' Sorcerers - they use necromantic powers
  • Sariya Knight - Rogue, assassin sorceress.
  • Sara the Pagan Witch - Works at the Evil Eye lounge.

  • Male Ferromancer

    Jericho looks up from a treatise from the fifteenth century on the powers of the 'darkling sorserers of death's lord', which he eventually had come to realize were Ghouls serving the King. "Yeah... more coffee sounds..." He stops, his brain having finally caught up with what the pretty lady had said. Bad brain. Don't get distracted. Research good. Woman... also good, but not needed right now. He cudgeled his brain into thinking after a second and then stalled. "Sorry, not paying attention." He stops, bringing his thoughts together.

    The truth was he hadn't considered it much but there were likely plenty of wizards who knew his father. The problem was... did he really want to know? So far his father had been... more a dream than a reality. A man of perfection and love. A man who would never allow another to come to harm, a man who would fight to his last breath to protect the son he'd never been able to know. But was that who he really was? Jericho had tried so hard to live up to his father for so long he wasn't sure if he wanted to change his image of that dream.

    But... Jericho had always been a seeker of truth. And what greater truth than that of his dream?

    "So he was a wizard of the Council? What was he like?" Jericho asked, his eyes intense but hardly seeming to see Letitia as she spoke.

    Evil GM


    Sitting on the edge of the desk, she bites her lip lightly trying to figure out where to start. Slowly she twirls her hair around her finger, "Well he was an inspiration to a young girl. I only saw him a few times in the flesh." Letitia's voice is distant and warm recollecting her youth.

    "A Wizard, one of the strongest, Warwick kept away from the politics of the council. He helped the people and thus was shunned by the more influential wizards." Letitia's voice slightly cracks, as she turn's her head. " family, they are a corner-stone of the council. Elsewise how would someone as young as I be a warden commander, even in this turmoil."

    "But Warwick did not care, he and his contacts and crew travelled the world. They helped and rescued people, stopped villains and atrocities - for the last century their escapades were legend." Letitia's eyes light up as she recounts how he helped people across the world going into war-zones and crisis areas.

    "Then he disappeared, his associates vanished too. They were betrayed, at least that's what the rumours say. Though there was a story he died... I believe only the Smith lived." there are tears in her eyes as the warden pushes them away from the corners.

    Dragon Kings 6

    Centuries ago the Emperor Dragon's Spirit was bound into a seal, whomever held the seal would be the Emperor of Xian & could summon the great Dragon capable of laying waste to cities.

    The dragon kings are a cult that reveres the Ancient Emperor, who bound his knowledge, animé and essence into a suit of armour. Every generation an honoured young man is given the mantle of Emperor. He puts on the Armour and his being is destroyed, the Emperor possesses him. Thus the original Dragon King lives....

    Located in the mountains in Northern China, the exact monastery HQ site is unknown.

    During the upheaval of the Boxer rebellion, the Dragon King found the lost Seal - to summon the great Dragon and make him the ruler of the world. However Michael Warwick and his crew managed to steal it and locked it away, in their Nexus upon the Holy Island.

    Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;
    DSXMachina wrote:


    Laura looks across the table at him; "I know your type." She raises her eyebrows as her lips bow into a sensual quirk. "I know what you want...."

    Kenneth smiles and says, "You mean gallant, charming, handsome, romantic, playful Heralds of Brigid? I dinnae realize I was part of a type.... and, tae be fair, the information is but a wee part of what I want..."

    He stops talking as she leans in to kiss him, the warmth and sudden passion of the kiss halting all thought. When she finally pulls away, Kenneth sighs a contented, "Aye...". Well, as they say, better later than nev--, but the thought is cut off as she takes his hand.

    As she leads him out of the pub, he leans in and whispers, "Well now, just so you know, I wouldnae agree tae this on a first date, so 'tis a good thing we met at the ball."

    Evil GM


    Laura laughs lightly; "Well I didn't say it was a common type, to many a woman's misfortune." her warm hand holds a soft tension as she leans against him softly as they walk down the road to her apartment.
    The soft distracting smell of flowers drifts from her; "I am glad too." she responds.

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