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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Evil GM

The young man, he could be no more than 19 looks horrified and backs away from the serpentine tail as it twitches like a feline toy. "Hey, who are you what do you want." he moves back into the large bedroom eyes wide.

The group can obviously ascertain that the dark pseudopod points towards the wardrobe; the young man stops at the bed growing a back-bone. "Who are you guys? You're too old to be studying here. Leave my room before I call the porter!" he spots Jack. "Weren't you at the ball? I don't want no trouble!"

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny stops, looks the young man in the eye, and then grins.

"Oh dear. I think it's a tad bit late for THAT now, isn't it?" He asks, still grinning. He gestures towards the tiny dorm room closet. (Oh that's right, it's a 'wardrobe' over here. Stoopid language folderol,...)

"Go ahead. 'Open Sesame', or whatever. Let's have it out and get this over with!" He says, still smiling.

"Or would you rather that we opened it?"

Evil GM

Whoops, wardrobe=closet, silly language.

Looking confused the young man moves slowly to the dorm closet, smoothly opening it whilst biting his lip. "Hey what do you want?" Revealed is a sparcely filled space with a couple of dozen crinkled clothes hung up, at the top in the 'hat/linen' space is a block of wood that the tail twitches at.

Matt sees what it's pointing to, revulsion on his face at the thing... " that?" His words husky in fear; "Don't kill me, you can have it." He throws the lump of wood on the bed.

Looking at it closely it appears to be a chess or go board made out of finely crafted walnut and ivory/bone. The workmanship is quite exquisite and expensive.... the tail tries to jerk out of the carriers hand towards the anchor.

Might 4d3 - 8 + 3 ⇒ (2, 2, 2, 3) - 8 + 3 = 4 - someone (who's holding it roll an opposed roll or it will escape across the floor.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

[/ooc] Wearing his trench coat over his armor; carrying his helmet; Axe follows the others in the dormitory thinking; hehe, with all the Greek fraternities and such; he can pass off as training for Grecian Week festivities, though he never went to college; many can pick up some spare change working their catered parties, picking up on Danny's cue; Axe plays the thug to Danny's Boss play [/ooc]

Who you callin Old, piss-fur-brains, you best do what da man says for we break som tin, might be unhealthy like fur youse


4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 2) - 8 + 2 = 1

Dont you eye my boy! I zzlap the taste outa yer mouth I will

Evil GM

Matt bites his lip and bangs against the closet door; "Yes....sir."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny hides a smirk at Axe's scare tactics. It's all just another game to Danny. Then the tail makes a lunge,...

"Axe! Grab it!"

I don't know whose actually carrying it. But if it's Danny, he has NO hope of beating that Might roll! ;P

Can I use Athletics or Fists to stop it?

Danny lunges for the violently wriggling tail, trying to wrap it around his wrist so it can't get away,...

Fists/Athletics: 4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 2) - 8 + 2 = 3

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe makes a "if you can take this pebble from my hand" quick snack to get the tail with his faster than human reflexes

4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 3, 1, 1) - 8 + 4 = 4

Evil GM

Danny dives forward and forces the tail to move; diverting it straight into Aximeus' path. He grabs it with a grunt.

Matthew looks at them aghast, a frightened visage at the tail. "Hey you take the game board, I didn't want it anyway."

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Axe gives the tail back to Danny

"keep hold of it this time"

to the punk kid

what is so special about da game board eh; what's its story

Evil GM

"I don't know, Sir." he stutters... "Me and me mates, went down to the pawn shop in Compton Street and picked it up. The bloke behind the counter said this bloke who was 'off his head' sold it, 'he came in off-his head drunk or drugged and virually gave it away' the owner said. "He didn't want to see it again""

Matt pauses thinking back; "It was only like a couple of quid and Jason..." the youth blanches "Jason said he wanted to play us at chess, so we played. A night of booze, games and pot." his words wistful. "One last hoorah before uni, didn't realise how true that was."

"Jason's dead, accident with a bus. Keith vanished after the opening ceremony, Gonzo overdosed. And Micky got stabbed outside a night-club." He has a haunted look in his eyes. "Get it away from us."

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

and it looks like your luck is all run out; what is the name of this pawn shop on Compton Street?

Evil GM

"Hawker's Pawn Shop, London... it's got a light blue frontage." he says with his slight estuary accent, the tone shell-shocked as he remembers his dead friends.

"You can find their phone number in the book." he adds.

Whoops, sorry, it's in London a 7 hour drive away. Matthew & his dead friends are from the Capital.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny looks at Kenneth.

"I'm guessing that letting the thing touch the board is a BAD idea? Just a guess?" He says with a slight smirk.

Danny holds up his hands in a 'no thank you' gesture to Axe.

"Um. If it's all the same to you, I'll let YOU hold onto it. I think it likes you better. And if it gives you any trouble, just give it a squeeze,..." He flashes a quick grin.

He turns and picks up the box from the bed. He flips it over and looks at it. "It's, just a game box?" He says quizzically. He holds it out to Kenneth and the wizard. Presuming one of them takes it from him

Danny turns back to the obviously scared teen. He's not that much younger than Danny, but at the moment he looks like a lost child compared to the singer. Danny clears his throat a little self-consciously.

"Alright. Here's what we're gonna do. We're going to take this accursed thing off of your hands for you." He says kindly while sitting the student on the bed.

"You are going to go and have a last round in memory of your friends. And then you are going to come back here, sleep it off, get up and go to class. And you are going to work your arse off. You are going to be top in your class. And your going to do it for your friends. Because life is too darned short to waste. Period. Be whatever you want to be. But be the best d@#%ed one that ever walked the halls of this campus. Got it?"

Presence: 4d3 - 8 + 3 ⇒ (2, 2, 2, 3) - 8 + 3 = 4

"And, your going to forget all about the box, and us. Let's face it, no one would believe you anyway." He adds, not unkindly.

Danny waves the others out, and follows, humming softly,...

Performance 4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 3) - 8 + 4 = 7

Wow. OK not gonna waste that roll! :)

As the others file out the door at Danny's urging, Axe gripping the tail with one heavy fist, and the Celtic bard carrying the box as if it might bite him, Danny starts singing softly. It sounds like a lullaby, but the words are foreign, no, almost alien. The student finds his eyes heavy, no matter how much he tries to keep them open. And his view of Danny and the others fades, turning to mist, his vision filling with white before fading to the black of closed eyes and sleep.

Danny slowly closes the door quietly behind them, still singing softly. He listens at the door for a moment, then turns to the others with a quick grin.

"Well? Don't just stand there! Let's go!" he whispers.

"It was just an illusion. But he was very upset, and susceptible to suggestion. I can't MAKE him sleep, or forget, but he was already mentally exhausted, and he wanted to forget. I just,... gave him a picture of how nice it would be to go ahead and do it." He smirks.

"So, let's get out of here before some other late-nighter asks us what we're doing in the hallway!" He waves them towards the exit,...

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

Kenneth nods, "Aye, let's get this somewhere where the goddess' flames can consume it.. and where we dinnae need tae worry about the fire brigade rushing in."


Jack pipes in after one of his prolonged silences...

"Yes, let's get that thing out of here...allons-y"

Jack likes to speak French around the true Brits, makes his Norman blood warm. Plus I love David Tennant's Dr. Who heh.

Evil GM

The young man falls asleep under Danny's illusions, the faint lines flow from his face as his worries are eased. His visage appears young and innocent in unconciousness.

The group walk outside without any other of the dorm students noticing; soon everyone is outside in the dark as Grillian watches. In front of you is the dark lake; to the south there is a deserted weir. To the rear is a dark field, quiet apart from a few cows grazing.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

what the three double L do I do with this

holds up the tail.

so; we London bound fer that pawn shop? or we could go back to the place we ...found this; probably cleared out by now

Evil GM

London is a day trip, 5-7 hours each way (200 miles, which in the UK is forever). A phone call in the morning might be better - although the choice is yours of course :)

OT: Tennant was a great doctor, one of the best since the 70's. Haven't really watched too much of M. Smith.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10
Aximeus wrote:

what the three double L do I do with this

holds up the tail.

so; we London bound fer that pawn shop? or we could go back to the place we ...found this; probably cleared out by now

"Well It seems like Ken and Jericho are the experts here. But I vote we find a nice spot for a bonfire, and solve both these problems with one marshmallow roast!"

He turns towards the two he named. "Would that pretty much do it?"

Male Draconic Scion Ph: 000()()()() M: 0000 S:0000 Fate Points: 3

Grillan has just finished the cigar as the others come out, and he can't help but blink in surprise. "That was rather quick." He nods at Danny's suggestion. "Fire is a purifying force, so yes, burning the anchor would probably be sufficient to destroy it. I've a place we can use if you need it."

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Anyone got something to put this little wiggly in? it's now like were dating and I dont wanna get attached says with a wry grin

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

Kenneth nods, "Aye, that'll do. If you give me a wee bit of time tae prepare, I should be able ensure any dark evils surprises willnae throttle us or the nice people that live 'round here."

He adds in a serious tone, "Though, sadly, Axe, you'll lose your little girlfriend when the anchor goes. It willnae be able to keep to this side o' the veil."

Kenneth puts a hand on his cross, then points it forward, seeking for a safe place to put up a circle and perform the ritual.


I'm not sure how tough the anchor is, so step one is to make a big containment circle. I'm thinking we're looking at a containment circle with 7 shifts of power -- and in case of any lingering effects, let's keep this one at full duration so that the sun will wash away any residuals...

A 7 shift circle is beyond my 4 lore, so I need to roll -- however, I'm going to tag the tail as MATERIAL LINK to reduce the complexity (since this circle is specific to the kobold's evil), meaning I'm looking for 5 shifts of complexity when I use the tag.

Lore (Complexity): 4 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 4 + (3, 2, 1, 3) - 8 = 5

Got it. Now I need to bring in the power, and while Thaumaturgy usually lets you build up slowly, I'm thinking I want to get it done quickly so we're not interrupted... So I'll activate the sword's flames and tap them again for +2, and try to get the rest in a single shot (worst case, it takes longer).

Discipline: 4 + 4d3 - 8 ⇒ 4 + (3, 3, 1, 3) - 8 = 6 That's 8 shifts, enough to make the circle.

Kenneth stops cracking wise and begins grabbing stones, placing four in careful positions to reflect the north, south, east and west. He draws his knife and begins to cut patterns into the grass, weaving lines of power together from the stones, creating first an outer circle, then an inner one, and finally a cross, such that each stone is now connected to all of the others. He stops to examine his work, and then puts his knife away and draws a flattened stone and a small sprig of oak from his pouch. He carefully places the oak in the center of the circle, where the lines of power meet, and then gingerly places the flattened stone upon it.

"The iron ore in the stone aught weaken the thing and make it easier to burn," he explains as he places the box in place, covering the stone, and begins to whisper in Scotsgaelic. He draws his sword and commands it to flame, and begins retracing the patterns he's drawn, leaving behind a glowing trail like that of an ember moved quickly in the darkness. As he completes the trace of the outer symbols, the sword flares as its flames are drawn down into the circle, where the warm glow begins to build, shifting from a dull red to a brighter orange, with heat shimmers forming a curtain around the circle.

He takes a deep breath as he completes the work, smiling as the cross takes on the same red-orange glow as the outer circle, and watching the stone below the set begin to heat.

He stares at the box and says, "And now, let's watch it burn", and draws forward a slow, steady draw of the Flames of Kildare to destroy the object.

Evil GM

The purifying flames flicker around the box, slowly sliding off the varnished surface before finally taking hold. The intense heat radiates as the box burns with sharp pops and the faint wail of an animal in pain. A flare of energy explodes, a blue light and chill heat, and the box seems to collapse in on itself leaving a pile of ash.

Aximeus, whilst this is going on feels a frantic struggle of the tail then as the flames take hold it stops moving. Then from the tip and rolling down the tail becomes a solid ash which crumples into dust under the soft rain and the greco-romans' grip.

The Kobold is gone from this world and the next...

Everyone is stood in a damp field at 3am, the rain softly falling. Letitia turns to you, "Well done, what now?"

Letitia leans into you and whispers; "That should clear you with the council... I have heard of your father! He was... epic." her words hold a certain awe as subconciously she brushes against your hand.

Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

Kenneth watches with a sense of grim satisfaction, That's one more beastie that willnae be harming anyone else... Still, I'd rather get them afore they start leaving bodies behind.

He turns to Jericho and smiles, "I knew I was right tae lead the Wardens astray back then, lad... Though I trust ye dinnae mind me taking the honours, here."

He then looks up a Letitia and says, "Aye, a bonny question. If only all our problems were so easily solved. I imagine we'd best be looking intae this key business... Though, Warden, mayhap some greycloaks 'round Londontown might feel an urge tae dae a mite bit of shopping?"

Evil GM

Letitia's countenance breaks into a wide smile; "Maybe something better, I have an associate with me... An annoying idealistic youth, he might have to go on an errand and get out of my hair." hervoice holds warm notes of laughter.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny's head pops up from where he was contemplating the ashes in the circle.

"Hey, I resemble that remark!" He snarks with a smirk.

"Oh, wait, nevermind. I gave up 'idealistic' the day I got drafted." he adds. Mostly jokingly.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm wet, and cold. And the last thing I need is to catch a cold! I'M going back home and get dry before I catch my death!" He declares firmly, tugging up the collar of his heavy leather jacket against the annoying drizzle.

"And then I have to check on the girls,... Oh ye little gods and goddesses, their dad is gonna kill me,..." He murmurs, sticking his hands deep into his pockets and looking decidedly forlorn.

Male Draconic Scion Ph: 000()()()() M: 0000 S:0000 Fate Points: 3

Grillan observes the circle and destruction with a mild curiosity. Once all is said and done, he shrugs faintly. "The key is only of mild importance... a far more pressing concern is the question of what it opens." He considers Danny's comments, and then nods a faint agreement. "I'd suggest that is a wise idea... perhaps tomorrow afternoon we can all get together and discuss what we're facing? I'd be pleased to host most of you for tea."

Evil GM

Everyone manages to get home or wherever they wish to stay for the night, with the promise to meet-up the next afternoon. The night passes uneventfully.

The mornings headlines include;

  • Great Ball of Fire! The Valentine's Day ball at York Uni went with a bang, as a gas cannister exploded setting fire to the central hall building. A few people were injured, including some in ICU. Vice-Chancellor Sophie Lauren said "It was a tragic accident, but we will ensure nothing like this happens again." Councillor Fairweather, in charge of the Prime Ministers trip up here, attended with an unknown blonde.
  • Train-spotter goes Loco! Curator at the British Railway Museum found having broken in and tried to hang himself, currently he is being held for psychiatric evaluation. He vandalised the entrance and a locomotive; it is thought the train-spotter snapped.

    If you wish to do anything before you meet-up please say.

    When you talk to Min & Lin, they are excited about the events of last night. "You will take us out one time that does turn into a riot? Unless it's a riot of fun." they tease. However the girls seem a bit surprised that their father picked them up personally and that he was not in the slightest angry with Danny!

    In fact he was actually slightly pleased (in his gruff manner) that Danny protected them.

  • Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    Axe works the night at the diner and sleeps until a couple hours before the meeting; get showered and ready; packs his armor and such in a duffle with the left overs of other supplies from before and takes it with this as thing get rough around this crowd. He goes early enough to scout the place and look for any watchers that might be out of place; orders a few drinks and gets a table as a eatery is a likely meeing spot; some pub I would think.

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    Danny hangs up with the girls after promising them another night out. Without the party crashers. He lets out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

    Danny scratches his chin thoughtfully. It wasn't that the girls dad was really all that bad. Not Really. At least, not that Danny had ever SEEN personally. But for him not to at least verbally deride Danny for endangering the girls, since the girls were (once again) attending an event with him that turned into a supernatural slugfest was,... unusual to say the least.

    Danny had always attributed it to his being protective. But once again Danny wondered,... Not what daddy's business was (he knew enough to know that the less he knew about THAT, the better!) But whether daddy was as 'clueless' about about the spooky-side stuff as he appeared to be.

    Danny shuddered. He decided that some questions just didn't need to be answered that urgently. He scrubbed his face and grabbed his jacket. After a moments pause, he grabbed one of the two guitar cases leaning near the door. Not the one with his favorite acoustical guitar, but the one carrying what he dubbed his 'Battle Axe'. He figured that the way things were going, things were more likely than not to get rough hanging around this crowd.

    (If he had known how closely his thoughts echoed those of his friend Aximeus, he might have really worried,...)

    Danny steps out the door to figure out the shortest path public transportation availed to get him to the dragon's lair. He quickly turned that thought into a limerick, then an almost proper poem. He spent most of the trip trying to figure out a melody to put the words too,...

    Axe, I think that the 'Dragon' is hosting us as his house. :)

    Evil GM

    The afternoon rushes around all too soon as they are wont to do. Danny and Axe soon find themselves at the address Grillan gave them; a beautiful large building. I'll let Grillan put any more description he wants.

    Soon after Letitia joins them, this time not wearing an elegant dress but a jeans and a Cthulhu t-shirt. Looking a lot more comfortable and rested she exchanges pleasantries with the others. However soon her wizardly tendancies take over, sipping on a cup of tea. "So what do we know and what leads shall we investigate:

  • Who are the gangsters?
  • Ghouls?!?
  • How did the Dragonman get past security?
  • Why did the Dragonman attack?
  • Who & what is Alicia the key for?" she methodically ticks off on her fingers.

  • Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

    Kenneth returns to his flat and winces as he takes off the ruins of his tuxedo, The kilt can be mended, but the jacket's a poxy ruin. I dinnae ken if I'm glad it wasnae a rental...

    He is happy to take a shower and let the hot water remove the knots from his shoulders and the gore from his hair and face.

    Standing in the door to his bathroom, he debates with himself, I should head tae the shrine and make up some potions.... Aye, I may be a mite knackered, but that's why Brigid gives her champions the gift of constitution. Still, I dinnae ken what it is I might need or what might be more helpful than a night's sleep -- especially if I need tae press on tomorrow.

    He collapses onto his bed ...or mayhap I'm just telling meself what I want tae hear..., and falls asleep relatively quickly, only waking once in the night when he reaches out to the empty other side of the bed.

    He wakes mid-morning when he can no longer ignore the sun on his face, his groggy mind trying to think of a way to block it magically without burning down the house before he sighs and gets out of bed. He looks to the nightstand where he'd emptied his sporran the night before, and picks up Laura's business card. I should call... afore we get wrapped up in all this....

    He picks up the phone and starts to dial, then stops and hangs up. He starts dialing a second time and then hangs up again. Finally, he looks at the phone and then laughs at himself, Aye, Cait, this bit should be familiar. How many times did I call and hang up on ye? He shakes his head one more time until he notices the number for the service on the card, Well, now..., and dials it, instead.

    "Good morrow, Laura, it's Kenneth. I didnae want tae wake you since I ken you were up late last night, but at the same time, I was under pretty direct orders tae call, and I amnae one of those guys with some sort of poxy three day game. I'd love tae grab a cup or a pint with you, though we're still working on figuring out this hackit mess from last night. Still, though, give me a call -- nae matter what, a man's got tae eat, and what better way than in the company of a bonny woman like yourself."

    He hangs up and sighs, There, love. Satisfied?

    He dresses quickly, dark jeans, Sex Pistols shirt and black leather jacket, tucking the claighbeag into a duffel before heading to meet the others at the Dragon's Lair. He laughs at that thought for a moment, I wonder if I'll see little flashes telling me the safe path?

    Evil GM


    You receive a message on your phone;

    "Hi... it's Laura. I got your message, it would be great to meet up, or something." She sounds quite nervous not quite as confident as the previous evening. "So,... errrm pub? Pub! Tonight at 8, House of Trembling Madness. See you then, bye."

    Male Ferromancer

    Jericho sits in stunned silence much of the night, only breaking it to thank Letitia and ask her of a way to contact the Wardens with news of his innocence. He returns to the party and grabs his jeep before driving it back to the dorms. He finds his room comfortable after so much action in the night, though he misses his coffee table. I really need to get another one. He strips off his ruined tux as he goes into the room, his head pounding in pain where he struck the rock and his small wounds announcing their presence similarly. I have a father. I know who he is. I know what he did. He was a wizard. Does this mean I may be a wizard as well? Have I been closed minded, thinking I could only move metal?" The implications bother Jericho, though not enough to keep sleep from descending on him like a dark shroud.

    In the morning he is woken to an annoying buzz. The alarm was going off, though when he checked it was 8:36, meaning he must have slept through it for at least an hour. Not surprising considering how he felt. He slowly leveraged himself, still filthy with the sweat of fear and combat and nerves, out of the bed and into the shower, enjoying the hot water. I don't know if I want to be a wizard really... I hear they can't use almost any technology. The hot water was blissful, and being clean afterward even more so. I'll have to call Andrew and ask him to record the lecture Dr. Barrow is giving today. I always miss when someone exciting is speaking. It said much about Jericho Korben that his idea of 'someone exciting' was a man who intended to speak on the importance of remembering the metals you worked with when designing buildings, including their stresses, breaking points and tensile strength. At this rate, I'm going to end up failing my damn classes.

    After a short morning ritual that was all the worse for being devoid of coffee, Jericho dresses in dark slacks, a navy blue Oxford shirt and his favorite coat (still a bit dusty from the rubble of last night) and goes out to the ratty old jeep, arriving at Grillan's "Lair" I refuse to call it that in conversation, right about the appointed time.

    Jericho smiles in appreciation to Grillan as he leads him to a tea room, happy to find several of the others already arrived. Ugh... tea. Why is it always tea? He thinks, having a cup but wishing the entire time that someone in this country could brew a decent cup of coffee. "British Barbarians..." He mutters quietly with appropriate sarcasm. He sits near Letitia, smiling at her wardrobe as he does. "I'm sorry for my reticence last night it's just... my whole life just changed in a rather stunning way. I am glad for your help Letitia, I wouldn't be off the hook with the Warden's without you. If I may, I'd like to speak to you in private later." He then listens as she outlines the questions brought on by the evening.

    "I can think of at least one more," He adds, standing as well, surprised to find his teacup empty By the gods, I've gone native "What, exactly, was it that the kobold from last night was attempting to do at the party? What could have been there that advanced a dark god's plan for escaping?" Jericho considers for a few more moments, then comes around again. "Also, though it may be unrelated, something is attacking both vampires and humans in the city and leaving them ehxsaunginated. What or who is doing this, and were they after Alicia when they got her family?"

    Evil GM

    Letitia sips from her translucent cup, strangely looking at ease in an informal occassion as much as the formal. She nods slightly as Jericho's requests a meeting, her eyes meet his for a brief moment before she breaks away. "I put some feelers out regarding the dark one and what happened to him. The kobold seemed to be moving around the world for the past few years."

    She pauses; "Kenneth you said that you might be able to use police contacts to find out where Alicia came from?"

    "We could check out with the Werewolves, 'Witches' or Vampires?" she spits out the last word, but there is some needle too with the others, Letitia does not trust any of the factions.


    Something I just remembered:

    ""Geas - from the Gingerbread Cottage

    It contains an old letter of appointment and an address - Balda: The Retreat, Thirsk.

    "For some reason the questions he asked; were not the ones he should have. It wasn't too good for him, the revolution or 'the disappearance of Amelie LaCroix'. But he did say that he would create it for the information." her eyes glint in the mischievous way the faes can.

    She looks at Danny thoughtful, "Yes, he might welcome the information. Tell him - Maria (his lover) joining the Revolution will kill her. Amelie might be found but not returned whole. And that he should look to the Holy Island - for there lies the beings that will destroy the country."""

    I know it might be ages IRL, but Danny feels the pull of the letter that has not left his pocket. Tomorrow you should probably deliver it.

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    ACK! Thx for the reminder DSXM! I'll type up a post for that as soon as we decide where this meeting is going! (How far away from where Dan is now is 'The Retreat- Thirsk'?) Meanwhile,...

    Danny's twinges, reaching for his forehead. He takes a breath and starts to lift his cup, and winces again with an involuntary hiss of pain.

    "Bloody Heck,..." He murmurs. With an almost intense deliberation he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a bottle of tylenol. He swiftly pops two in his mouth and re-caps the bottle fiercely. He washes them down with a gulp of tea. Then 'Acks' in surprise and pants to cool his burning tongue.

    "Good. Hot." He recovers with a wan grin. He sips it again, more cautiously this time.

    'Okaaaayyy,... Tomorrow. First thing. I swear. Now let me alone for a few minutes will ya?!? Sheesh. Stoopid Geas,...'

    "Ah,... I haven't been in the area long enough to make a lot of friends,... But I know a few people. I could ask around. The question is, how much do we want to get out? The more people we ask about all this, the more people know we're looking for answers. And the sooner the bad guy finds out we're on the trail." He looks around at the others.

    "What? I'm no private investigator, but i watch a lot of TV. Asking questions on the street is exactly how information gets around. For bad guys even more than good guys."

    Evil GM

    Thirsk = 1 to 1.5 hours away by car (+ 0.5 by Bus or train)

    Letitia nods; "So we keep subtle, do we pick a specific area? Cool." she agrees.

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    Danny shrugs, takes another sip of tea. (Incident free this time.)

    "I just think, we should probably focus our search. That's all. On the other hand, it's not as if Mr-Medievel-Iron-Man doesn't already KNOW we're looking for him. So maybe secrecy isn't the issue. But then I would guess Speed would be. We'd need to move as soon as we got info, before the fact that we've got it gets back to him,... Am I the only one this is making any sense too?"

    Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    Axe chooses the Orange Pekoe tea with a bit of lemon and one cube of sugar and a scone. He listens as the others talk...
    Letitia, if you want some backup, let me know; those guys can be rough and sometimes the appearance of casual strength can make a difference

    Thinking in terms of a battle plan.

    this is to big to wrap our heads around looking at it like this; maybe we should map it out; get a map and some stick pins and map out all the activity we find out about, ask around, and see if we can see a pattern. When I was in Italy back in The WAR, around Anzio there was this little priest who was Venetori Umbrella or some such; some kind of group; he had info that led us to some necromancers who were the cause of much trouble. There is likely some local group like that who keep tabs on currents in the extraordinary; some even guard icons of power. In all the wars I have fought in one thing holds true, every group has items they consier national treasures and a lot of people get killed taking or protecting them way beyond their street value as treasures. All these museaum attacks seem to point to some core concept, where is Egg Shan when you need him.

    Evil GM

    Letitia nods her head; "Yes, there are two native groups - the Order of St. John & the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffalo (ROAB). The former are a Holy Order with fingers in the church, the latter a militant group to do with the stopping of the supernatural."

    I believe you can also contact these if you wish.

    Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    Buffalo, here in England! Axe chortles

    Evil GM

    Letitia smiles; "Well you have Birmingham, Manchester, Norfolk & New York!"

    Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    hehe, i meant has anyone here even seen a buffalo? Wonder if they wear buffalo hats like some lodges back stateside or like on teh Flintstones

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    Danny chokes, spraying a bit of tea from his nose. He coughs a bit, quickly wipes his face with a napkin whilst eying Axe with a look halfway between murder and the idolatry he usually reserves for Robin Williams.

    "Sorry, sorry. Wasn't expecting that, that's all. At least not from him." Danny apologizes, pointing at Axe accusingly. "That's the kind of thing I usually say. I think I've been a bad influence." He smirks.

    "Um,... ok, where were we? Ah, yes. OK, Instead of chasing down ALL my possible contacts, I'll ask one or two very specific (hopefully trustworthy) people, and see if that leads to anything. Hopefully it'll point back to one of the leads we already have. Sounds like the LAST thing we need right now is MORE options."

    Male Greek/Roman Demigod

    thought we were taking a drive to talk to someone...

    Axe goes to the window and looks out; scans the grounds

    Male Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;

    Kenneth raises an eyebrow, Police contacts, is it? I just met the woman.... and trust a Warden to stick her nose in enough tae know.

    He sighs and takes another sip of his Scottish Breakfast tea, savouring it, This is better than the stuff I grew up with... Clearly, there are perks tae associating with dragons.

    Finally, running out of ways to procrastinate, he says, "As it happens, I am meeting our bonnie detective this evening. Would that be soon enow?"

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    Danny grins knowingly. But that's as far as he's willing to take it. For now.

    "Sounds good to me. If I hustle I can talk to one or two people, and still make my gig tonight. (If I still HAVE a gig. I forgot to check in yesterday! Dangit!)"

    Danny fumbles for his cell phone, hastily checking for messages.

    Evil GM

    On Danny's phone is a message from his 'Agent', a cheap-suited man. His gig at the Three-legged Mare Pub is still on, usual time of 8 'til late - entertaining the patrons.

    Letitia smiles at Danny's at-ease manner, seemingly happy to have found a group of dependable people. "Yes, sounds sensible to me as well. Where to?" she asks sipping her drink.

    Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

    Nice! Thx for the link! :)

    Danny shrugs. "I should probably get moving if I'm gonna ask around. Meet up again tomorrow? See if anything panned out?" He asks, looking around.

    "I know that normally, just fishing takes time. But with the mess this guy made last night, somebody's gotta be talking about something. Maybe I'll even hear something tonight? If anyone wants to grab a late beer, er,... 'Pint', I'm playing at,... the 'Wonkey Donkey'?!? You gotta be kiddin me,... Oh, it's 'The Three-Legged Mare'" He says bemusedly, looking at the screen of his cell phone.

    Evil GM

    "I prefer a nice Sauvignon Blanc myself." Letitia's lips curl at the 'humourous' ale name. "So I'll probably see you tonight? I was thinking of asking the Order of Saint John and then later going to the Vampires... if anyone wishes to join me."

    Soon everyone departs on their merry way.

    What is everyone doing? Kenneth is meeting up with the police-lady later; Danny meeting with the girls or the package?

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