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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Evil GM

I am....just :P

Still have a pulse. :)

Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

I've melted and I can't get up. -_-;;;

Evil GM

Yeah, it's 25'C here!!! You know the hottest temp known to Brit :P

Physical OXOOOO Mental OO Social OOOO; 3 fate points

Just douse yourselves in tea. That's what we do here in the States with any British problems: dump tea on them. It's lead to some minor misunderstandings over the years...

Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

95F (35C) here. And humid.

So long as it's ice tea, I'll go with that.

Blecch. It's 90's F down south in Lousy-anna, add recouping and having grown a beard to do a play (WHAT possessed me to grow a beard in Lousy-Anna in July, I will NEVER know!) and humidity, it Feels like 100+ F.

Blecch I say. Blecch. ;P

Ice tea is good. I'll second that.

If I can do the old brisk tea commercials, where the person dived into a pool of tea, even better. :D

Apologies. Dealing with RL issues. Mostly work stuff.
IF I'm not careful, and watch my tongue, I may end up making it worse.

Yep. I'm in trouble. ;P

Will keep up as much as able. Hopefully will settle down soon.

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Don't get in trouble like I did and end up unemployed. It is no fun at all.

Yeah, Much as I would really like to tell them all to jump in the lake, I really need the job. The pay stinks but the insurance has literally saved my life! ;P

Sad thing is, I tell people all the time,
"I don't need any help. I can get in trouble ALL by myself, thank you!"

Sad, but truer words are rarely spoken. ;P

Work stuff can be... what's the opposite of fun?

No worries, Rags, we totally get the whole Real Life thing. (And the difficulty in biting the tongue to avoid worse trouble, too..)

Evil GM

Wow, this past week has been crazy with one of my friends leaving party & birthday, etc... then when I finally have chance to get on paizo crashes.

However just to inform you guys, I'm going to a music festival on Thursday and I won't be back until early Monday. There probably won't be any wi-fi there :(

Taldor RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

I will be at Gencon August 14-17. I will probably not have internet access. I will be having scads and scads of fun. If you're also at GenCon, I'll be around the PFS room a lot; let's meet!


I was in such a hazardous hurry this last weekend, (Attending Anime Convention, and going with family to beach in Florida) I forgot to notify all my PbP's that I am out of town this week. ;P
Sorry for unannounced absence, Will be returning this weekend, and should be back to usual insanity by Monday.

Thanks all, see you soon,


Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

By the gods, I'm at least useful as a bad dice roll sink. Criminy.

Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

Who's Sylvia?

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Dammit, wrong pbp name. I guess we now have an elven alchemist with the party.

Evil GM

Good idea, bwa-hahahahahaha
Bomb throwing sidhe ladies would be cool....

Scary,... but cool! ;)

Crap. Run. ;)

Too l,... <Boom!>


Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

I love Sylvia, my elven alchemist.

3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4) = 13

Side note: Away at a wedding for the weekend, out of contact 'til Monday.

Happy happy!

Safe travels, and congrats to the lucky couple!

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Or condolences.

Nah, they're good for each other. However, that should be the last wedding for a few years now.

Sorry guys, been stupid, Busy that is. ;P

Work, home, Activities,... 8/

HEy all,
Just FYI, It is now one of my big show weeks. (Week long rental, this time round they are doing R&H Cinderella)

This means that my time is/will be limited. VERY limited.

I should usually be able to check in at least once/day. Probably very early or very late. But if I do not, please forgive me in advance.

Thx, Carry on! :)

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