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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Oh, the "Rose" that was the first episode of the Dr Who reboot?

Yes. Most definitely yes. :D

Dr Who has always been a happy mix of all of the above.

Rose was a decent first episode, but it gets better. Better acting, better writing (Although they are not all winners, there are some very well-written and acted episodes)

The 'Season one' is kind of hit or miss for me personally. While I like the actor, he likes to do one thing and then leave, so (IMHO) he didn't stay long enough to grow into the role of the Dr. And like I said, not all of the episodes are awesomely written. (Although I loved the Charles Dickens episode. Even if you skip the season one entirely, you MUST watch that one!) :)
But while they do a lot in Season one that is still affecting the course of Dr Who episodes today. (Capt Jack Harness for example) the series really takes off with Tennant in Season 2. I have seen some peeps suggest to skip One and just start with 2. I would never do that. But Im a die hard fan. :)

Yes is the correct answer. :)

"Rose" certainly isn't the best episode (not even of season 1), but it did what it was intended to do: Create a solid entry point for new people to come aboard without needing to know all the lore of the 20-odd seasons before -- while also purshing back against much of the negative public impressions about Dr. Who (old, stodgy, and especially boring and slow).

Further, I've airways liked the ninth Doctor (Eccleston) -- both from the performance and (much of) the writing -- I think many of the things people like about #10 are, in fact, the natural developments of what we see in 9 -- the broken bits inside behind the mask. ("Dalek" was a brilliant episode, for instance, and I don't think it would have worked with Tennant).. I just wish he'd stayed on for more than a single season. I certainly prefer him to Capaldi and Smith.

That said, the writing and production staff really found their groove in Series 2 (first episode notwithstanding), and Tennant, over time, really infused a lot into the performance and character, such that for most fans of the modern series he *is* the Doctor (as was Baker for those of us who watched the old ones...)...

All that to say, it's scifi camp that has moments that will make you laugh, make you think, make you all ferklempt, will scare you... All the while celebrating the notion of optimism and reason as the solution to all problems.

Hear hear! Well said lad, well said!


Female Humanish

I like Eccleston; he's very believable as an alien. And being unfamiliar with the mythos, I wouldn't skip the first season of the reboot. I'm enjoying watching the Earth's destruction. The episode reminds me somewhat of The Fifth Element. And the science in this episode is better than in the first, where the global transmission should have fried the population of London (or failed due to lack of signal strength). Yes, I'm one of those people who's a real load to have at movies. "But that doesn't make sense!" "Shut up, Treppa!"

Female Humanish
Ragadolf wrote:
I miss Mothman too. :(

He just posted in the 8th Dwarf memorial thread! :-o

So he did!
Glad he's still around.

Female Humanish

I got through the first three episodes of the Eccleston reboot before Netflix decided to remove Dr. Who from availability. >_<

ASPECTS! I meant to post this a while ago for the new guys, but forgot. My second FATE game, Mass Effect, requested that, for each aspect, the player concoct not only a description, but also an invoke and compel idea. The GM is not tied to these uses. I found that having to make the aspect actionable really helped bridge the gap from coolstorybro to a true aspect.

That's an interesting thought -- though, to be fair, some ambiguity is good in that it allows for flexibility.

Female Humanish

I didn't take the examples as being exclusive. I sure hope not! Flexibility is the heart of FATE.

For me, they helped the transition from backstory to characteristics. How was the character changed by the incident? How might they act now? It made me think about differently.

No, I get it -- if you go back to the building of Kenneth, I was concerned there was too much overlap in my aspects. ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh yeah,... <a-Hem>

HAppy Birthday to Meeeeee!
HAppy Birthday to MEeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday old wizaaaaaaard!
You can no longer pretend your twenty-Threeeeee!


Female Humanish

Could it be someone's birthday? But whose?

Scratches head.

Happy birthday, Rags!

Female Humanish

A day in Yorkshire.

Thank you Treppa,

As cool as that video is, I'm so glad I'm not a farmer! (Anywhere!) ;P

Happy birthday, Rags!


Yay gift cards!
Post-birthday lunch w/ entire family was at Outback! Mmmm,... Steak!

Evil GM

So is Danny & Kenneth doing anything special in the couple of months between chapters?

Good question. I'd love to say heck yeah, but I only have vague ideas at this point. ;P

Let me percolate on that and get back to you tomorrow. ;)

Also have a few ideas. Will get back to you.

Right, ok, per the milestone, I'm chosing not to swap skills or alter aspects -- I've more sisters and even if Molly is "saved", it wouldn't really change that aspect of myself.

I *did*, however, use the new skill rank to learn Average Empathy -- I figure that'd be the result of some long talks with Molly and her new beau -- learning to listen a little more (beyond the usual approach of using Presence and/or Investigation)

DSX - Kenneth's Downtime (IC):

Kenneth's downtime will depend, at least, somewhat, on the talk he'll have with Molly the next day... and how Sloane is doing.

I'm thinking, really, no matter what -- he's probably going be thinking about taking a trip back to Edinburgh -- to see his other sisters -- whether to talk about Molly's progress and "tell them the good news", or to express his concern about how her current "improvement" isn't really long for this world.

The time away from York, also, will give him some time to clear his head -- he's dealing with feeling for Laura, Letitia and Sal -- and there's the way that Sloane's been looking at him. He's more than a little worried about hurting any of them -- and he'll be at least a little wistful that he's about 1000 years too late to be the traveling bard/hero who moves on and, so, avoids hurting anyone.... So, based on all that, I'm thinking he'll want to visit Cait's grave.

Of course, he may completely ruin that by bringing Sal along to meet some of his old contacts who might be able to get her new papers...

He'll also be doing what he can to look for Brigid's bow, of course.

I do have a few other ideas -- and I might actually enchant something else in the downtime also -- but it somewhat depends on what happens when he does the first bits -- and, for that matter, how much downtime there is.

Evil GM

Oh, in the turmoil with the Death of the Vampire Lord - it seems the Poppy Court has virtually vanished. And according to Letitia, who has been titled Warden of the Marches, the Red Court seems to have disappeared worldwide....

Kenneth Downtime:
Molly appears genuinely contrite, though there is a hint of steel in her that seems to run in the genes. She's delighted to move away from the busy, hectic life with Arjen and promises to keep in touch - a promise she fulfils with e-mails & pictures of patisserie that she's now learning to make in France. A subtle, but conciliatory jibe at the wandering minstrel. :P

However at the same time there's something 'other' about Molly; a strength that's more than natural. A couple of months later, Kenneth will find out/discover that Molly is active on 'para-net'. She seems to be helping people, whilst keeping her emotional distance - but building a group of contacts, as is her want to network.

Sloane has been better since Lawrences death, she's grown more friendly with Sara of the 'witches coven'. They plan on hanging out at the Viking Festival over the Whitsun Weekend (where the next chapter starts).

Laura has been busy recently with a case (serious crime potentially is on the rise she implies), she's still happy-go-lucky and seems to be feeling a trifle guilty that she cannot spend more time with him. Or is it just her way of keeping a bit of distance. But the time they do spend together is exhilarating.

Danny's Down time:


Not sure why I bothered with a spoiler. Since I'm making this up as I go! ;)

Danny is conflicted.

His innate sense of responsibility (and a lil bit of stubbornness) makes him want to take his 'responsibilities' as Summer's Emissary to Winter seriously. Even if they were given to him in a way that he wasn't really allowed to refuse. A part of him thinks this might have been either a grand Fae joke, OR a grand Fae plan where they put him here because they thought he would be ineffectual and would not upset anyone's plans. THAT thought makes him want to be VERY effectual. (Did I mention stubbornness?) ;P

On the other hand, he really didn't ask for all of THIS. (Although his musical super-powers are pretty cool.) And a part of him would very much like to run away and pretend that none of it ever happened, and move on with his life. But even Danny realizes that he would never be able to un-see everything that he has seen. And he would always be checking shadows for boogie-men every time he hears of the least little thing on the news.

Danny would very much like to 'get closer' to the twins. (Either one, or both.) OR as he remembers thinking recently, find a 'real' girlfriend. Someone he can relieve some stress with OUTSIDE of blowing up Vamp's parties. Preferably in less dangerous, more enjoyable, ways. ;) But getting closer to the twins means getting them closer to whatever nightmare monster-of-the-week he's dealing with presently. And giving their father a chance to find out more about his more unorthodox activities. (Although his recent discovery that the twins dad is already involved with the Spooky Side of the street really threw him for a loop, and he feels like he should get more involved. To protect the twins of course.) :/
And finding another girl-friend? Well, there's another person that he would have to keep out of his other world. Or try making a relationship with someone who already IS walking the spooky side? Club-hopper and self-avowed ladies man that he is, he wouldn't know where to start.
(And he's pretty sure Sal would break him in half if he tried to kiss her. She is cute though, in a 'I can break you in half' kind of way.) :/

Trying to figure out how to do a minor skills swap/upgrade to reflect this, but Danny is now seriously trying to make more Spooky contacts, Fae and whatever he can get in friendly with. (Without risking his life and/or soul.) He figures if he's going to be involved, like it or not, then he'd best not be entirely reliant upon information given him by the Fae. As they are most likely to leave out a bit of information that he might wish he'd known BEFORE walking into Vamp Den A. :P

(Fuzzy on details, need to review his mom's situation)
Danny decides to (Carefully and quietly) begin researching how to rescue his mom. Last he recalled, she was technically OK, just trapped. Supposedly with no way out. (Without releasing some BIG BAD that he's pretty sure she doesn't want him to release just for her.??) IF he feels it's safe to do so, he will go and pay a polite visit to a certain handyman/mechanic and ask if he might be able to at least give him a clue or something.
And if he has any ideas how to tweak "Frankintaur' (Or was that 'Guitarstein'?) That would be a bonus. His harmonica trick worked once, but He'd rather have an actual steel-bodied steel guitar between him and a vamp or ghoul the NEXT time he's stupid enough to walk into a Vamp's party! Invited or otherwise. ;P

Any of those give you something to work with DSX? :)

Female Humanish

I know I've been bugging you about Jorvik, DSX, but I actually don't have the re-rebuild done. Might take me a couple of days.

As far as interim stuff, I only need to know if Maya said anything, or acknowledged being "the Voice".

Thanks, DSX, you're awesome.


Then, yes, Kenneth will head to Edinburgh -- apparently taking Sal in the road trip -- he's going to see his sisters... and to visit Cait's grave to try to center himself... and will also be introducing Sal to the folks he knows who can make fake paper for her.

That done, he'll follow along the whole "being called to serve" thing -- I imagine that the Lady'll have a few small things for her Herald to do.

Mechanics (Enchanting Something):

Also, as I was saying, really debating enchanting up some armour for myself -- with the 2 slots and lore 5, I can bump something to 6. That'd give me an always on Block 3, though since blocks fail if they've been beaten, I'm not quite sure how that would work -- I guess it would just reset immediately?

I suppose I could go with armour, but the halving twice makes that somewhat less snazzy.

Another option would be a one-time super-block/armour (a "get out of jail free" magic that absorbs a nasty shot).

Another option would be a social block/armour -- which is also more than a little tempting.

I can't help it. The empty slots are driving me crazy. ;)

Just a warning -- I'll be out of town for 9 days -- leaving Sunday the 14th, and back the 23rd (a Tuesday, I believe). I won't have internet access during that time (though, hopefully, I'll have a lot of sun and a nice beach).

Free free to bot Kenneth, as needed... of course, I'm not gone yet, either.

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