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Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

I've survived the first week of the semester. Yay!

Sorry about the gap, folks. Rough end-of-week and week-end. (Work, the possible self-destruction of my RL campaign, a birthday dinner that turned into an endurance session, etc, etc..... if not for enjoying attending a hockey game on Thursday, I might have totally snapped [of course, the subsequent loss over the weekend didn't help]).

However, catching up and will have our usual self-confident bard in place.

Evil GM

Don't worry, I think January has hit everyone for 6. I'm just coming off a slight cold and stuff - hope your campaign can slide back to focus.

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Yeah, I'm struggling to get back on track.

Evil GM

Story so far...

  • There's a meeting near the conjugation of 3 rivers in York, between the Poppy Court, the Winter Court of the Fey & one other. It is hosted by Lord Lawrence - vampire of the Red Court & scheduled for tomorrow night.
  • The Poppy Courts blood is 'thinning', becoming less potent and causing them to die.
  • Thus the Poppy Vampires are mixing opium with altered blood to create subjects that they can feed from to enhance their own blood - to stop any degradation, illness & death. However as a consequence the drug-users can take on aspects of the vampires.
  • Our heroes raided the laboratory, capturing the one scientist capable of manipulating the drugs, as well as stealing the capital & destroying/taking all the research notes. (as well as finding Molly's BF)
  • Molly works for the Poppy Court as a lawyer.
  • She is scheduled to go to a pub in Whitby and try & find a boat captain to retrieve a package tonight.
  • At the Cathedral, Sophie works for the Order of Saint John - a group of humans that work behind the scenes to mitigate the excesses of the supernatural community. They are willing and able to stop the drug-route given enough information.

  • Another Endurance-marathon-Musical-Week survived!

    I'm getting t-shirts made.
    "I survived Tarzan Jr, The Musical"

    And we managed to do it without doing a 'George of the jungle' Imitation.
    Although it was close. Once or twice. ;)

    Yeah, I keep catching up, only to get slammed again.
    Eventually we'll all get rolling at the same time, right?

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    I'm confused again. I thought Morien and I were in the back while Laura and Kenneth were in front and the Terror Twins were on the fire escape.

    Evil GM

    "She scoots to the door of 810, checks for onlookers, and listens there, quietly, without touching the door."

    Well there was only a balcony or a single door to the corridor as an exit. In fact the corridor leads to either the fire escape (from which you can see the balcony) or the stairwell/lift.

    Anyway, you've managed to retrieve the information that Sophie would need to totally shut down the operation - or that Laura or you lot could use.

    Just go with the flow Treppa! :)

    Yeah, I also didn't realize that the 'front' group and the 'back' group could basically see each other.
    I presumed the fire escape led to a back window of the apartment. (Least that's the way it usually works in American apartment buildings) :/

    But really? 'Terror Twins'? We're not THAT bad. :P

    Ok, we COULD be, but we haven't been. Yet,... :)

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    As long as it's not combat, I'm fine with being confused. In fact, I'm used to it.



    And here I thought that the Terror Twins referred to Danny's girlfriends? :)

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    We better hurry up and get our posting done.

    Tilnar wrote:
    And here I thought that the Terror Twins referred to Danny's girlfriends? :)

    That was always MY assumption! :)

    Treppa wrote:
    We better hurry up and get our posting done.


    I'd better hurry and catch up on all my threads then!
    Wouldn't want to get to Ragnarok without all of my clever quips recorded for posterity!

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    I'm sorry for the lack of participation lately. Sitting at the computer has been a bit beyond my capabilities. Stupid bronchitis!

    Shame on you bronchitis! Keeping Treppa away from us! Shame on you I say! Release your hold on her lungs this instant! Or I shall be very cross with you!

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    After watching what poor Jssra went through with hers, I'm feeling pretty lucky.

    Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

    Long may your luck hold.

    (For those who haven't been listening to me complain for the past month and a half, I had the common cold turn into 'asthma is trying to kill me'. As of today, I'm off the strongest of the medications used to control it. We'll see what happens.)

    Whoo. Good luck!
    Glad to hear your getting better at least.


    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    Yup. As another asthmatic, I try to be very careful when bronchitis comes to visit, especially since watching Jssra suffer.

    The good thing is, now I have something to do while under the weather.

    I'm lucky I was only ever mildly asthmatic. Knocks wood.

    Evil GM

    Tee-hee, my college was up near Whitby on Saturday. He was going to a village called Filey, but it was shut - so he headed onto Whitby.

    DSX laughs at the whole village/town being closed.

    Heh, sounds like one of my old college-towns.
    The place (downtown) rolled up and turned into a ghost town on weekends. Seriously.

    I once thought of filming my sequel (to my Dr Who fan-film I made in Jr College) there, it is a ready-made abandoned town set! :)

    Evil GM

    Treppa's brought up where you are exactly...

    I've placed you inside the bar/pub but with a view of the boats through the windows. There is a veranda & forecourt (which I believe you can find on google maps) where you can have drinks too.

    My reasoning for this is so that you can plan whilst still getting some info about what's happening with Molly (IE. she's talking to a sea-captain about hiring a boat); rather than you guys planning so much the game stalls.

    You are all together, but out of direct/obvious view of Molly - however you cannot hear her without getting closer.

    The pub (Duke of York) is reasonably busy & as Tangris says has pretty wait-staff.

    Awesome, luv seeing how you mix in all the real world stuff. :)

    Just give me a bit to figure out how Danny's going to do this.
    He's better at actually ATTRACTING attention, not avoiding it. :P

    Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

    Woo! Posting from airport hell.

    <Waves at Jssra through portal viewing 'airport hell'>

    I was going to ask, 'Which One'?
    But then realized, does it matter? They're all the same! :(

    Safe travels!

    Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

    Thank you; we escaped. :)

    At that point it was Detroit, which is surprisingly modern and well-appointed considering the area it's in.

    DH and I are crashing on the couch of two very kind friends in Palo Alto for a night, before we move on to the (terribly expensive, paid for by family) hotel where the reservation block for the wedding of one of my cousins-in-law is. Family-related stuff will take up the next three-ish days, most likely, then we'll be free for Monday, and Tuesday will be eaten by the trip home.

    Detroit was (is?) the hub airport for an airline, so those do tend to be kept in better shape. (It's way better than Miami, for instance -- but maybe I'm just mad at Miami for not having free wifi)

    Yeah when I was traveling for work, (Never was much, but a little) I had noticed the trend back then was already heading towards 'Pay for our airport WiFi service'. Which probably explains the then-sudden surge in popularity of the 'buy our cell service wifi-internet device and take it with you anywhere' services. :)

    The hubs do tend to be kept in better shape, but also get worn out/abused a lot quicker too. They always seem to be in a perpetual state of 'improvement'. (IE= construction) ;P

    Glad you escaped the clutches of the airport monster! Enjoy the wedding and what little time away from RL that you get! :D

    Evil GM

    Bonus Fate Point to both Sal & Danny, for the amusing interplay (if that's acceptable to everyone) :D

    Female Kentucky Derby (Species: Human) Expert 4 / Generalist 1

    Go for it! They've earned 'em.

    Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

    Kind of embarrassing getting an FP for goofiness. These are temps, right?

    Evil GM

    Yep, they get spend as you go. But stick around until you spend them, I believe everyone should be upto full anyway. (We refreshed not too long ago).

    Cool, thanks!

    The whole point is to have fun, right? :)

    Query, if Sal HAD dunked me, would I have gotten 2? ;P
    (JK!) :)

    Works for me. ;)

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    P: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ S: ◘ ◘ M: ◘ ◘ FP: ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ; no current consequences

    I'm going to take a bit of a break to rethink my life while you guys chase down the boat. No more selling deathsticks for me.

    Ok, cool.
    Have fun(?) :)

    Hope all's well, and getting better!

    'Have fun storming the castle!'


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