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Jade Regent

Game Master Will Cooper

A game of Jade Regent


Friendly Fighter
Ruhk "The Dandy"

Magus 1 - Init +2 - AC: 15/T: 12/FF: 14- Perception: +0 - F: +4/R: +2/W: +2 - CMB: +2 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft
Hp:11/11, Status Effect: None, Arcane Pool: 3/3, Spells: lv1 2/2

(680 posts)


Jordan Andosano

Human [hp = 17/17; AC12/T12/ff10; F +1; R+3; W+5 CMD 12] Wizard (Evoker) 2 [force missile 7/7]
(130 posts)
Justin D'Rite aka Sluuth

Lizardman hp=75/76(AC23/ff23/t10) {F=+10/R=+5/W=+7} CMD 22 Paladin 7 (Shining Knight) Smite evil 0/3 - Lay on hands 1/6
(995 posts)

David James Olsen

Priest of Asmodeus
GM Blood

(6,054 posts)
Sajan Gadadvara
Silver Crusade Halvor Lumbar

Male Aasimar Merciful Healer Cleric (1)/Master of Many Syles & Monk of the Lotus (1) of Irori
Current Hps 15/15, AC 15, t 15, FF 10, CMD 15, Saves: F +5, R +3, W +8, Init +1, Per +8

(51 posts)


Andoran Jake Hargrove

Fighter 4 (Two-Handed), HP 40/40, AC: 20/T: 13/FF: 17, Perception +1, F: +7/ R: +4/ W: +2, CMB: +8, CMD: 20, Speed: 20, Init: +4
(677 posts)
Malcolm Cavendish

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin/6 Warrior of the Holy Light/HP: 57/63/AC: 21(22)/CMB: 9/CMD: 22/Init: 2/Perc: 4
(1,077 posts)


Rommin Hawkridge

Human Barbarian 1 HPs 16/16 AC 17 FF 15 T 12 (-2 Raging) CMD 16 Fort +5 Ref +2 Will +0 (+2 Raging) Init +2 Per +4
(427 posts)


Shadow Lodge Merck

Bugbear Mook lvl 12
(627 posts)

Alchemist, grenadier lvl 2
(88 posts)


13-green-dragon-FINAL 2 avatar
Marduzi Lovarya

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

(256 posts)



(480 posts)
Acadamae Student Korvosa
Kelistra Drav

Female Human (Varisian) Bard 2
(148 posts)

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