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It’s early dusk and the nightly rain begins early bringing the temperature outside down quickly making you glad of the fire pit in the Rusty Dragon Inn. Inside the low susurration of conversation and the sound of the rain beating against the roof fill the common room as people begin to fill the inn for the evening. The smell of Tian cuisine and roasting meat fills the air making your mouth water as a serving girl brings you the drink you ordered as you came in.

As you sit to enjoy your drink you can hear that the majority of conversations are concerning a series of attacks a group of goblins have been launching against local travellers thanks to their acquirement of a supply of fireworks. Apparently they've been emboldened by the explosions and coloured sparks that they managed to gain control of.

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

Ruhk shakes the rain out of his hair and smiles deeply.
It is good to be indoors on an eve like this, but it will be even better once I get a pint or two in me.

As Ruhk heads for a table, he grins ad salutes Perric and Armin, two ne'er do wells he has shared more than one amusing adventure with.
"Awright there Perric? Up for a game of darts later? Great, looking forward to taking your money again!"

Sauntering over to the bar he gets a tankard of good stout and takes a long pull from it.
Hops and barley, useless grain if you ask me, until you squeeze the juices out of them.

Finding a table to sit by, Ruhk sweeps his wet cloak over the back of the chair and sits down, leaning far back on the chair, resting his feet on another one as he enjoys the pleasant feeling of the stout spreading throughout his body.

Goblins eh?...

Nostariel sits near the hearth, a cup of spiced cider in hand, her damp cloak about her like a blanket. She listens to the conversations around her and gazes at the flickering, dancing flames. She half-imagines the goblins and their fireworks in her mind's eye, and half-remembers the razing of her childhood home so long ago.

Her familiar wriggles a little beneath her tunic, and she raises a hand to her abdomen to gently calm him. We'll find you some supper, soon, little one.

Nostariel takes a sip from her cup and breaks her gaze from the fire, closing her eyes until they adjust from the glare.

The varisian woman enters the Rusty Dragon, pulling back the hood of her coatand looks around through searching for an empty table. She then decides for a place at the bar.

Asira sits down on a stool at the bar and after the serving girl brought her an ale, she turns around looking across the room and listening to the talk while taking a deep sip from her tankard.

Goblins they say... with fireworks... how could those little buggers got their little claws on them?

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi rides up past the Rusty Dragon at a hard gallop having unsuccessfully failed to beat the rain. He takes Smoke's reins and leads the horse into the Goblin Squash Stables leaving him with Daviren Hosk. The retired hunter scowls at the Varisian, "Maybe you better steer that horse toward skewering goblins instead of dodging raindrops Marduzi." Marduzi laughs in return, "Ha, we'll see old man. Maybe I'll take you up on that." With that, Marduzi dashes off through the mud puddles and into the entrance of the Rusty Dragon.

He brushes the raindrops off his shoulders and immediately feels the warmth of the inn chase away the cold and wet outside. Easing his way through the room to the bar he orders cider with a shot and breathes the delicious smell of the food in deep. His eyes finally focus in front of him spotting Asira right there, "Hey sister, how are things? Daviren's complaining about the goblins again. Place is packed tonight."

Nostariel's ears perk up under her scarf, recognizing the accents of her clan. She opens her eyes and looks toward Asira and Marduzi, trying to place their names. They were so young last she saw them, and she always distanced herself from those in her clan that were not immediate family. Asira? Yes, Asira... and Mardun? Margoli? Marzuli? Sigh.

She keeps an eye on her clanmates, but waits for them to notice her before approaching.

Asira smiles wide as Marduzi enters the Inn. She offers him the place next to hers, motioning for the serving girl, so that she can take Marduzi's order.

Greetings brother. Things are fine with me, even though mom still wouldn't let me join a caravan. And how are things with you? How's working for the sheriff?

She waits for you to place your order.

Yes, goblins, seems like those little pests are getting emboldened as they have gotten their claws on some fireworks. They attacked several local travellers. Let's see what the Sheriff will do about them."

As Asira notices the elven Varisian she waves to her.

Nostariel smiles warmly at Asira, and waves back as she sets her cup of cider on the small table beside her. Fate seems to be at work tonight, crossing paths for some purpose.

Dark Archive

After the majority of the evenings meals have been served to their tables a couple of serving girls clear a space at the bar and Ameiko, the owner of the bar and a bard of some talent, comes out and takes a seat on the bar. She takes a few moments to fiddle with her unusual instrument, tightening strings and giving them a quick few strums, before launching into a haunting song of Tian origin. The song is melancholy and despite not being able to understand the words you can get the feeling it’s a song of longing, a desire for a home that the singer hasn’t and will never see. After she finishes the first song the taverns crowd shows its appreciation with a small cheer before she launches into a series of Varisian tavern songs.

A short while later, as Ameiko continues her musical set, you hear a rhythmic thudding begin outside. At first you think it might be someone enjoying the music but then you realise it must be someone hammering something to the outer wall of the inn.

Halfway through Ameiko's song, before the hammering begins...

A slim cloaked figure enters the inn, shaking droplet of rain from her high hood. She pauses in the doorway, looking tentatively at the lively crowd, and seeming uncertain of her welcome. Her gaze moves from face to face, but in the end she shrugs slightly to herself and sidles round the edge of the bar area. She finds a seat near a wall and settles herself, nose wrinkled at the smell of stale ale and wet bodies. As she moves, the cloak parts slightly to reveal a monk's robe beneath.

Her body language is reserved and does not encourage company.

During the the first song, Nostariel moves over to the bar and stands with Marduzi and Asira. During the Varisian tunes, she dances with joy and abandon, clapping, twirling, and smiling. She encourages her comrades to join her in the revelry.

Once the thudding begins, Nostariel heads to a window, rubs her cloak to wipe away the fog, and peers out to try to find the source of the commotion.

Asira joins Nostariel in the dancing, loosing herself for a time in the movement.

As the thudding begins she stops, looking over to Nostariel whom she finds standing at the window peering out and she walks up besides her.

"What do you see? What is causing this noise?" she asks still laughing and out of breath from the dance while trying to peer out next to the elven woman.

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

I always did like a spot of good music, but tonight is not one of those nights that I will sing along. I just don't understand the words.

As the song progresses, Ruhk finishes of two more tankards of stout, feeling the nice buzz he was craving settle into his body and mellowing his mood.

Maybe I'll tell a good story after she is done, I haven't told the tale of Sir Orric the not-so-chaste knight for a bit...

As the thudding begins outside, Ruhk frowns.
"Now you would have to be truly insane to go out in that weather just to see what was written..."

After a few moments of pause, Ruhk sighs, smiles a self-deprecating smile and does head out into the rain to do just that.

Mei's enjoyment of the music is only signaled by the delicate tapping of one slender finger. She finally catches the eye of a servant, and wraps her hands round a glass of warm water with a dash of wine. She sips, slowly.

I wonder what that noise is? Looks like the pretty man is going to find out. Or maybe just heading home drunk...

She feels that she should mingle, dance, renew old friendships. But everyone looks different, older, and why would they remember her anyway? And besides isn't it nice just to sit here and listen to the music, after the long quiet of monastery life?

Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

"It's hard to tell.."

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

As Asira asks about working for the sheriff, "I like it well enough. it has been good to get a chance to see more of the land around Sandpoint. This is such a beautiful area. But, I have to admit that it is a little overwhelming being around so many people that aren't part of the clans all the time. I find myself missing the road a bit."

Marduzi leans against the bar, listening to Ameiko play the strange instrument. My that woman is amazing. A beautiful voice and such varied talents. Mmmm, the food here too. His stomach begins to rumble as Nostariel walks over to join them at the bar.

He smiles, "Hey, Nostariel. I didn't expect to see you here tonight." As the elf makes her way out to dance Marduzi hesitates for a moment and then thinks Hells, its just like dancing around the fire with the caravan I guess, just with a bunch more strangers. He whirls his way out to the floor, spinning and jumping with the tunes.

The hammering begins and Marduzi pauses in the dance, looking toward the outside door. Seeing Ruhk head for the door, Marduzi decides to follow.

(retroactively, in response to Marduzi)

"Nor did I," she smiles, "The rain was picking up, and I decided to come in to warm up and stay dry. I felt something in the air. A crossroads. And, here we are."

Seeing Marduzi follow after the other man, Nostariel pulls her hood up and tugs on Asira's sleeve. "Come on, it could be fun..."

Nostariel heads for the door, too.

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

Huh, quite a crowd following me, I guess I'm not the only one who is curious.

As Ruhk steps outside, he looks up at the sky, closes his eyes and let the cool rain wash over his face, feeling his buzz receding and his natural instincts taking over again.
For a short moment he just stands there, enjoying nature’s cool caress on his face.
Then he grins, shakes his head like a dog trying to remove water from its fur and begins to look for the origin of the hammering sound.

Sure, let's follow the others outside."

Asira pull her hood up too and follows Nostariel out of the door.

Dark Archive

As you head outside you can see that it’s a man hammering something to one of the support beams of the inn's veranda. Hearing you approach the man turns and you recognise the neatly trimmed moustache, square jaw and easy grin of deputy Cobb, one of Sheriff Hemlock’s men.

“Evening” he greets you quickly touching the forward brim of his hat and ducking his head.

Having come back outside you can see that the road has turned to moderately churned mud under the endless torrent of heavy rain and the occasional rumble of thunder accompanies the flashes of lightning the cross the sky.

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

"Evening Cobb, so what's this you are nailing up then? Must be something really important for you to pick this time and weather to do it in?"

Ruhk grins a little and leans forward conspiratorially.
"Sheriff caught you napping on guard duty again and sent you here as punishment? I keep telling you, three beers at lunch make you sleepy."

As he leans in to give Cobb a friendly slap on the back Ruhk also peers over his shoulder, trying to get a better look at what Cobb is nailing up.

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi arrives outside just in time to catch Ruhk's jest. A blast of rain sweeps onto the veranda catching Marduzi in the spray. He chuckles in spite of the weather, "Ha, Cobb, it sounds like this one knows you all too well. What do you have here?"

Dark Archive

"Aye, the damn Sheriff caught me dozing, told me I had ta nail this up on the way home" Cobb replies indicating the board he was nailing up.

The board has an open message on it indicating that Sandpoint has reinstated its bounty of ten gold pieces for each relatively fresh goblin ear and a bonus of three hundred gold pieces for the individual or group that can kill the goblin's leader and bring proof of his demise to the sheriff.

"I'd do that for free," Nostarial seethes. Her countenance much changed from moments ago.

Dark Archive

"Well I wouldn' suggest you go on your own" Cobb replies "but if'n your interested I'd head south towards Brinestump Marsh, it's where they been coming from"

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi turns to see the anger etched on the elf's face, "Nostariel, sounds like you've had a bad run-in before, are you ok? Nasty little things ought to be ridden down. I'll join you if you'll accept the company."

Turning back the the guard he asks, "Hey, Cobb, what do you know about the Brinestump Marsh?"

I should probably add it to backstory, but I sort of imagined goblinoids were the reason her original village was razed. Most of the older folks in our clan would know about it, but politely never bring it up, and the younger generation (you all) would likely be unaware of the events.

"Well, it'd be nice to be with the clan again, and I could use the income." Nostariel's mood eases upa bit. "Why not? Once the rain lets up?"

Mei watches a small group head out into the rain, and chooses not to join them. The only person she is sure she recognizes is Miss Lan, who looks just as she did when Mei left five years earlier. Miss Lan never aged, but would she remember little Mei? Friends, I suppose. Probably wouldn't want me tagging along anyway. Instead, she decides to talk to Ameiko, taking her chance in between two songs.

"That was beautiful. Did you write it, or is it a traditional song?"

Dark Archive

Ameiko looks up at the question with an easy smile and pushing back her fringe before answering.
“Well, most of the songs are traditional works but I change up their compositions to suit myself” she says in her curiously accented common.
Ameiko is a youngish woman in with shoulder length black hair and a blonde fringe making you wonder if she dyes it or if it is something that can happen naturally with those of Tian decent. At the moment she’s wearing a red dress of Varisian cut and is still cradling her samisen across her lap.

Meanwhile outside deputy Cobb takes a moment to think before replying.
“Well folks, a lot of people avoid the swamp cause it’s real overgrown and there are some nasty beasties in it but” he pauses gathering his thoughts “There is this one Halfling who lives in the swamp, he would probably know where the goblins live”.

"See? Things are afoot," Nostariel grins. It's obvious she's excited by the idea of an adventure, whatever it may be. Towns and taverns are just places to pause between real life, anyway.

"I'll buy you three a drink-you, too... Cobb, was it? Let's get out of this beastly weather and talk of this new venture. Cobb, can you tell us anything more about the goblin activity?"

Nostariel seems chipper, and urges her companions back into the warm, music-filled tavern.

Perception to notice Mei: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Another gust of wind blows a shower of water across Marduzi's face, "Ha, you don't have to ask me twice Nostariel. Let's go." He pushes the door to the inn back open, threading his way through the crowd to the bar.

Asira studies the paper hangign there.

A bounty on those goblins? Should I...? Why not it might be fun to leave this town a little and perhaps they need my assistance...

She follows the others inside puling her hood back again.

"I'll accompany you two if you don't mind. Could be fun to get out of town for a while.

She hangs her coat onto a hook next to the door and you can swear it jumps off the hook before she lifts it from the floor again to hang it there again. She has a resignated smile in her face for a moment.

Jörmungandr wrote:

Ameiko looks up at the question with an easy smile and pushing back her fringe before answering.

“Well, most of the songs are traditional works but I change up their compositions to suit myself” she says in her curiously accented common.

Mei smiles in return, "You are very talented. I thought I recognised the tunes from my childhood, but you put a new twist on them. Familiar but new - I liked it. I've been away from good music for too long. Wind chimes and sacred gongs don't feed the same heart-hunger."

After a moment's thought, "Have you been in Sandpoint for long?"

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

"A drink? For free? Now where have YOU been all my life beautiful?
What are we waiting for? Let's set to drinking and planning, even if I myself hope for more of the former and only just enough of the later."

Ruhk chuckles and steps indoors again, running a hand through his wet hair and taking a deep breath.

"Get those tankards ready! For I aim to see the bottom of several of them."
He calls out with gusto.

Dark Archive

Cobb happily follows the group into the inn and takes a seat at one of the round tables eager to share a drink with everyone. After ordering his drink he takes out a pipe and begins packing it with tobacco before replying to Nostariel.

“Well, the goblin tribe is called the licktoads, don’t know why” he says taking a moment to light the pipe and take a few puffs “but the damn things have managed to get their hands on fireworks from somewhere and ever since they’ve been attacking folk that pass through from the south”.

He pauses and looks towards the roof obviously gathering his thoughts.

“The problem is some folk are afraid the damn things are going to get bold enough to attack the town and even if they ain’t the brightest the bravery brought on by their new toys means they could set half the town a fire before we beat them back. So the Sheriff reasons the best thing to do is to pay some people to hit them first” he finally finishes with a weak smile.

Meanwhile back at the bar Ameiko chokes off a quick laugh before regaining her composure and smiling politely at the young monk in front of her.

“You could say I’ve been around town for a while” she replies “My father was one of the founders of this town”.

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi settles in and listens to Cobb tell about the licktoads while taking in a new cider and shot. Strange name, wonder what that's about." His dark eyes gleam in the firelight as Cobb finishes his thoughts. "So Cobb, any idea how many goblins we're talking about here. I mean, are we talking a big village or are they scattered throughout the marsh?"

Nostariel doles out a few silver and notices Mei and Ameiko talking.

"Mei? Mei! It's been too long. What brings you hear? No, silly question, it's probably the same thing that brought us all here this night," Nostarial motions toward the others.

"After you're done talking with your lovely friend, come over and I'll buy you a drink. Better still, you should invite her over when she's done with her set." Nostariel turns her head away from Ameiko so that only Mei can see her wink.

She returns to the group with a round of drinks for everyone, and sits down next to Cobb, sking him to kindly repeat the bits she missed. Once things are being discussed, Nostariel's countenance becomes serious again.

"Do they seem better organized than usual, or just more emboldened by their new explosives? Any seeming pattern to their attacks, or just more frequent?"


Meanwhile back at the bar Ameiko chokes off a quick laugh before regaining her composure and smiling politely at the young monk in front of her.

“You could say I’ve been around town for a while” she replies “My father was one of the founders of this town”.

"Oh," Mei flushes, "I didn't remember you. I'm so sorry. Still it's good to meet you, or meet you again after all this time!". Nostariel catches Mei's attention, and so she says her goodbyes to Ameiko. "Why don't you come join us when you've finished singing?

Mei joins Nostariel and the others. "Miss Lan!" she says with a strange formal little bow, "you remembered me! I wasn't sure... everything seems so different...". She notices that she is interrupting a conversation, something serious sounding.

"What's going on?"

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

"Licktoads"? Not very imaginative, probably means exactly what it sounds like. I guess we should be grateful they are not called the "Sheephumper" tribe then eh?"

Laughing a little at his own joke, Ruhk proceeds to drain the tankard in front of him and order a refill.
He then glances up at Mei.

"You...look a little familiar, but surely that cannot be right, I would never be so rude as to forget a lady.
Be that as it may, we are talking about goblins; feel free to jump in if you have got anything to add eh?"

Ruhk smiles a friendly smile at Mei.
Three women already? This is shaping up to be a pretty good evening.

"So, where do these "Ratfornicators" live? Can't hunt what you can't find I always say."

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

Oops, Cobb had already said where they live.
Ah well, guess Ruhk just didn't hear it over the sound of the rain.

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi looks up as Nostariel greets Mei, "Mei? I can't believe it. Look at you! Its me, Marduzi! I remember you from my visits to Niska when I was a little boy. Where have you been? It seems like it has been so long." The young Varisian leaps up reaching his arms around Mei and giving her a powerful hug.

Asira laughs about Ruhk's joke, a loud and joyfull laughter. After she stops laughing, she notices Mei.

Oh Mei, sorry I didn't notice you before." She gives Mei a short hug too. "Please sit with us."

She waits until Mai sits down and has a drink to before she turns to the others again.

"So hunting 'licktoad' Goblins in the Brinestump Marshes then? That sounds like a plan."

She turns again to Cobb.

You said there was a halfling lifing in the Marshes who can help us? Has this halfling a name and do you know where he lives exactly there?"

Dark Archive

Cobb spends a few moments contemplating his answer, locals knew he wasn't dumb just slow, before replying. The smell of his tobacco filling the air.
"Well I don't know the fella personally but I thinks his name was Wallus, Waldus, something like that anyway" he replies.

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi sits back down in his chair after greeting Mei, just in time to hear Asira's question and Cobb's response. "Who else would be good to talk to about the goblins and the Marsh Cobb? It would be good for us to know how many we might be facing and which path to Wallus or Waldus." He leans back and has another drink.

Male Magus 3 - HP 27/27 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Ft +5 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +2 | Perc +4 |

"Wallus or Waldus indeed, I hope he himself can clear up the name business for us, or we are liable to begin referring to him as "walnut" ere long."
Ruhk scuffs two empty tankards to one side to make room for one more.

"It sort of sounds like we are going goblin hunting then yes? Just the good ol' boys and gals from Sandpoint.
Say what you will, but it sounds better than hustling people at darts for sure."

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi laughs at Ruhk's joke, "Hey, for all we know, he is Walnut. All right then, I'm in for sure. Just hope we can learn a little more about what we're facing in the marsh before we head out." Marduzi hails a waitress to order one more drink.

"Sure, we could ask around a bit, does anybody know someone who is out there regulary?"

Asira downs her ale in one sip and puts her tankard down onto the table.

"So when do we start our little adventure?"

AC 18/12/16 HP 19/19 F+4 R+2 W+0 Init+2 Per+6

Marduzi smiles, "How about tomorrow morning? I don't see well in the dark." The drink arrives and Marduzi thanks the waitress. He takes a deep drink waiting to see if anyone else has advice or thoughts.

"The morning is a good idea, as the rain will likely have let up. The ground will be soggy, so best we bring good boots. Perhaps we all meet here at dawn, we can spend a little time getting supplies, and then head out?"

Dark Archive

Cobb excuses himself for a few moments and comes back from the bar with a small sheet of parchment that he quickly sketches on with some charcoal. Once he's finished he places the small square of paper on the table presenting his map of the regions south of Sandpoint. Tapping a line that follows the coast south of Sandpoint he tells you that you have to follow the lost coast road south until it heads away from the coast to skirt around the edges of Brinestump Marsh. He tells you that as you follow the road you'll find a small road leading into the marsh with a small sign, at the end of this trail is the halfing’s home. Beyond that he doesn't really know much of the place.

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