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Jade Regent, presented by DM Hamied - Campaign Thread

Game Master Hamied

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HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21 Perception
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20 Stealth

Alazandaru gives serious consideration to sneaking up on the window and surprising Lisbett, but is aware such a prank could go awry. Instead he simply walks into her view.

Hail! Sorry I wasn't at the tavern this morning...

Lisabett's eyes narrow. "Sirs, the rake from the Rusty Dragon appears to be without," she informs the group.

"If you are who you say you are, please forgive the suspicion and delay, but we've a trying morning."

Lisabett casts Detect Magic and focuses her concentration on the creature who wears Alazandaru's face.

You detect no magic coming from Alazandaru.

"Who?" Walthus Proudstump grimaces. "All manner of folk trudin' through here this mornin'."

"I did not catch his name," Lisabett answers, and moves to the door, "but I do not believe he is an enemy."

Lisabett removes the javelin from its place baring the door, and opens it to admit Alazandaru. "God dag" she greets, and examines him more thoroughly.

Lisabett Perception 1d20 ⇒ 8

"How went your preparations?" she inquires.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Alazandaru raises his eyebrows at the suspicion but does not comment on it.

Good... day. Well enough I suppose. I'm ready to slay as many goblins as we find. You found the Warden then? I tried to visit him last night but there was a complication. I ended up spending the evening with Shalelu instead.

"Welcome, Alazandaru. We were just getting ready to set out for the goblins," Raziel says.

He looks again at Walthus Proudstump again, and the halfling's pain seems to make a decision for him.

"Let me see if I can do something for your injury, Master Proudstump."
He concentrates for a brief second, and a healing light washes out from him and over the group.

I'm using one of my healing channels.
Healing Channel: 1d6 ⇒ 2
Everyone gets healed for 2 points of damage (which should bring Almar up to full, and give Proudstump a little healing).

"Det er bra" Lisabett decides, and nods to communicate her approval of Brother Holheim's decision. When he pauses to heal Warden Proudstump she smiles, and removing her tools of war for a moment, shrugs out of her furs.

"These should keep you warmer than the alcohol," she says softly, kneeling beside him momentarily to present her gift, "if it is comfort you seek."

Lisabett rises and looks to the group. "If we mean to defeat the goblin host today, might we consider the Warden's offer and this our shelter for the evening? I worry for your health, Warden," she continues and smiles at the halfling. "Yours is a necessary office, and I would not call you from your home, but like as not you will require more healing. If you would not have it from Sandpoint, at least allow us to treat you further."

Lisabett Diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

"My thanks to ya, friend. Feel better already." Walthus takes another swig from his bottle. "And yes, I be happy for a spot more of comfort. My thanks again. Up to ya whether ya rest here or not, but the offer stands. Don't stay on account of me needin' help, though. I be managin'."

"To answer your earlier question about approachin' the goblins, I been stewin' on it for minute and I can't honestly say. There're ways to cross the water and come at the goblins from the side, maybe pullin' off a surprise. Dangers in the water too, though. Ya hike back and take the Old Fish Trail and it'll lead ya right there, but the goblins'll see ya comin' for certain."

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Hmm... I'd be up for a surprise attack via the river. I bet I could silence any sentry before he knew what hit him...

Lisabett's eyes narrow and she tightens and relaxes her fists at the mention that they should approach the goblin host by the water. Aye, a sound enough approach for stealth, she muses, but the dangers inherent...

"Ice will float on standing water," Lisabett says, indicating herself, then looks to Sorin and Brother Holheim in their heavy armors, "but too large a stone will sink rather than skip across the surface. We should have a care that our approach will not condemn us."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

"Thank you mr Proudstump, your information was most welcome and your hospitality is more than enough of a reward for me. I's say I concurr with Sorin on the matter of going to Sandpoint for recovery... but if you decided to stay here I'll respect your will. A man should be able to choose his path for himself, just take care and give them hell if they come for you or yours, I say!", says Almar to the halfling. Then he adresses his companions:"I think we've better go hunting for the goblins. That's our mission. Witches, caves and monsters we'll deal with if they hinder us, otherwise let them be, they do not concern us! As for the route I think we'd have a better chance if we surprised them, they may be weaklings and cowards but there's a whole tribe of them and only five of us after all."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin accepts the cloak offered to him with a bow. "Thank you, Warden. I accept this in the spirit in which it was given. But there is no need to speak of debt. However, if you truly fell indebted then I ask that you simply be careful." Sorin smiles broadly, "I would hate to have gone through all that work just for you to trip and hit your head."

Sorin glances at the cloak for a moment as if unsure what to do with it. Then he'll walk up behind Lisabett and throw the cloak over her shoulders (he'll tut-tut away any attempt she makes to refuse) and clasp it. "There. If this witch is truly after you this will help." Sorin smiles brightly at Lisabett and will continue to do so until it is clear that she has accepted the cloak.

"It is good to know Shalelu is around; I'm sure she's working hard on her own plan. As for ours, if there is danger upon the water I fear I may be more of a hindrance than a help but both ways carry danger and risk. Whichever path we decide is fine but I do not think we should tarry overlong in making that decision."

Lisabett flushes and her smile displays a flash of dimple when Sorin places the cloak on her shoulders. She is no longer a child to be frightened by tales of giants, and trolls living beneath bridges; she has encountered several on her journey, and had she the prerequisite skill, she would have gladly joined in the hunt. Magics, however... she knew very well the temptation to do evil when one embraced the ability to debilitate a warrior through signs and words. Magicians, witches frightened her, for they reflected her own faults in a way a warrior could not fathom.

"As we have traveled with the knowledge that our foes have greater numbers, organization and the ability to control flames, I suggest that we take to the waters," Lisabett says. "Any creatures encountered therein will likely forestall us, but the element of surprise is the only advantage we can name in this endeavor and it should not be discounted," Lisabett suggests and gives a firm nod.

"Well then, does anyone have a boat, and skill to use it?" Raziel asks. "Because I don't fancy trying to swim in my armor."

"What kind of a warden wouldn't have a boat?" The halfling smiles. "Thing is, it ain't big. One rower and two passengers, max. And a few leaks, I admit. Hope ya don't mind wet toes."

"A boat without a pilot," Lisabett hums. "It appears that the Master is in no condition to steer..." she trails, and reflexively grasps for the comfort of her furs but recognizes too late that she has gifted them to the Warden. "My sense of direction is better than most, and my arms are strong. Master, how difficult would it be for us to take this boat on the river? To swim it?"

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Convenient; although you could simply remove your heavy armour as well in case the boat were to be attacked or overturned. If there are dangers inherent in the water, its unlikely the goblin's watch it. I would suggest that I cross first once we reach the river and i'll make sure you can cross without being detected.

"The current of the Soggy River splits so many ways in Brinestump that it ain't real strong in most places. One my size finds a need to be swimmin', but there are spots where folk tall as ya could have feet on the bottom and head above water. Course, then you're soaked in swampwater, and it'll get into places it might never comes out of." Walthus smiles as he puts his finger in his ear. "Some in here that'll be splashin' around forever."

"Boat's easy enough to row, ai. And the rake here, as ya called him, is right. Unstrap the heavy armor when in the boat. Better it sinks than ya sink yourself in case the crossin' don't go so well. In any case, I'll get ya set up. I can do that much for ya even if I'm in no shape to be meddlin' with goblins."

On a side note, I had Almar at 9/12 HP before Raziel's usage of Channel Energy, so I believe he should still be one point short (11/12 HP). I wanted to clarify because there was some mention of him being back at full.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar considers Alazandru's offer for a moment:"I would suggest we all go togheter, but if you feel confident in removing all the sentries before we cross that could help a lot in the upcoming fight... if there are any sentries, of course, them being goblins I'm not sure they would bother about sentries at all..."

"Anyway, who can sail a boat? I for one can't for sure"

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4
Almar Ashfield wrote:

Almar considers Alazandru's offer for a moment:"I would suggest we all go togheter, but if you feel confident in removing all the sentries before we cross that could help a lot in the upcoming fight... if there are any sentries, of course, them being goblins I'm not sure they would bother about sentries at all..."

I agree, its unlikely; but if they do have a single goblin on watch i'd rather cross myself and sneak up on him than have him raise an alarm and have a horde meet us with some of you unarmoured. If there are more than one of them on watch i'll signal for you to cross further down the river.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"By boat, it's two trips minimum anyways. One person to row the first two and then someone will have to bring it back to get the other two."

Turning to the warden, "How long will the boat route take?"

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

I was under the impression that the boat was just for those unable to swim across, rather than a trip in itself. Alazandaru retorts, looking to the Warden.

"I am not an exceptionally skilled swimmer, but as the Warden has informed us that the river is quite calm and can be walked in some areas," Lisabett reiterates."As I gather none of us are sailors, Master, how difficult would it be to simply follow the shoreline to our destination?"

Basically, I'm wondering if we stick to steering and cleaving close to the river's shoreline, will we be able to make it with untrained checks?

"No more than five minutes one way, and only that long because ya kind of arc a little in the bay instead of goin' straight across."

The halfling glances at Alazandaru. "Like I said, there's a few ways of doin' it. That would get ya there in a single trip, ai, but if ya take a dip in that water ya ain't comin' clean anytime soon. If ya ain't got a problem with smellin' like me, then go for it." Walthus laughs at his own joke.

"Shoreline's broken up by river outlets. Ya gotta cross one, just to the south, to be on the same bit of mud as the goblin village."

You can cross easily with untrained checks, even in armor, but you and your equipment will get completely wet and you may expose yourself to river dangers.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

I'm sure its nothing several baths won't fix- and i'd rather go across first to ensure their boating trips aren't rudely interrupted. I'm a good swimmer.

"A man after my own heart ya are, rake."

"It is settled, then," Lisabett says, and slings her javelin quiver over her shoulder. "Master Proudstump, I will accompany you and assist with preparing the boat, and you will demonstrate how I might steer it. I will take Brother Holheim and Sorin in the boat, unless you would prefer to pilot, Alamr and I might swim. As the rake, I am quite fond of bathing, and do not believe you gentlemen will begrudge me a foul odor for a few hours if it relates to our mission."

Sorry if the rake is sticking, but I don't recall if Alazandaru introduced himself properly before he just jetted out of the tavern. If I am wrong, I'm sorry. But I do know that he hasn't introduced himself to the warden.

If it keeps up, I'm going to force him to take the "Rake" archetype.

Just kidding.

On a related note, I don't think Raziel has ever referred to himself as Brother Holhiem. It's what Father Zantus called him at the beginning of the game. I do quite like it though (hope he does)!

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4
DM Hamied wrote:

If it keeps up, I'm going to force him to take the "Rake" archetype.


As for the Rake comments, its nothing he wouldn't have heard before as a Sczarni operative. Alazandaru had introduced himself to Lisbett (and hastily copied the smoother Sorin's motion of kissing her hand) and a few others, but hasn't bothered introducing himself to the Warden yet. Hes keen to be off as soon as possible (and hes not exactly incredibly well-mannered at the best of times).

Alazandaru: Sorry, between prepping and running my own KM game, and now a CC, I'd forgotten about your introduction. Now that you're posting more often, I will make a point to use Alazandaru's name. And I'm with you on the whole getting out of here quickly thing. Mage armor only lasts an hour.

DM Hamied & Raziel: It is a sign of respect Lisabett's part to include his title when she refers to him. I imagine that persons with healing magics would be pretty godlike in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. But, if he would prefer otherwise, he could always tell her.

DM Hamied and Lisabett: I've got no problem with being Brother Holhiem. Of course, it would be strange to have Soren or Alazandaru call me that, since we are Sandpoint inhabitants.

"I'm not so sure removing my armor and trying to redon it in the face of a possible goblin attack is a wise thing," Raziel says. "But by all means, let us proceed."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"So, less of a real river and more of a sludgy stream, is it? Well, if I have to clean my armor afterwards then so be it. I'm ready."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

"Let's go then. I've got no problems going by boat or on foot. Either way is fine for me"

I like "Brother Holhiem" and Lisabett's rationale. I mentioned it because I think it's neat how nicknaming conventions arise in a group.

"It's a river until it hits the marsh, then it be goin' every which way. I'll bring the boat around anyway, in case there's anythin' ya want to keep dry. I'll row and take it across, and the rest of ya can walk through the water. Don't try and talk me out of it. My mind's set." The halfling springs to his feet. You can tell he's feeling a better. "Out the door and along the shore. I'll be on the water in a spit, and catch up. Off we go, then."

You exit the house and follow Walthus Proudstump's directions, sticking close to the muddy shoreline. As you tread on the soggy mud, you can't help but notice the striking beauty of the blue water of the sea beyond the bog. Sure enough, not a minute after you've set out, the halfling comes into view, rowing his boat alongside your path. He is behind you in pace, and you reach a larger stretch of water before he catches up and puts the boat ashore.

"Anything ya want me to ferry across, I'll keep it dry." Maybe be a good idea for foodstuffs, lanterns, and Almar's ammunition and powder. Just let me know what you have Walthus take across for you.

"Down steam, see that arm of muddy bank reaching out? Ya might find it shallowest there. Step careful."

You step into the murky water and feel it surge into your boots. You find the bottom easily enough, and it seems to flatten out, allowing you to walk with the water up to your shoulders. You turn to see that Proudstump has already made it across and is gingerly depositing your items on the other bank.

Something solid brushes against you in the water.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Since this wasn't a long journey, I imagine that most perishable items weren't even brought along. He does, however, carry his flute everywhere.

Sorin places his flute in the boat. Then, upon second consideration, places his tabard with the symbol of Shelyn in the boat as well. Looking down at the mucky water he sighs and steps in. He'll follow Proudstump's suggestions as the best places to walk.

Lisabett would like her bedroll, blankets, and foodstuffs to be ferried across if we're not leaving those back at the shelter at the very least. Oh, also, has it been over an hour yet? Is Lisabett's Mage Armor still active, or is that gone now?

A cold shiver runs down Lisabett's spine, but she keeps her voice tight and rational when she address the group. She recognizes that if she were to scream they will lose all hope of approaching the goblins stealthily. "Sirs, I do not wish to alarm you unduly, but I believe that we have stirred something living in this mire," she says. "Prepare yourselves."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin looks down at the murky waters for a moment and realises that he can't really see a thing. He looks aroun to see if he can see any telltale signs of a creature. "Hopefully it was just a harmless eel or something."

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 13

Walthus looks up with concern, but does not speak.

Sorin looks around carefully, but doesn't see anything suspicious. Perhaps there is nothing.

But then he feels something bump against his hip underwater.

Raziel will put his backpack and equipment attached to the backpack into the boat.

Frowning at the stretch of muddy water, Raziel wades foreward. At Lisabett's warning, he peers around, also trying to decern what might be in the water.

Perception Roll: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"Wait, I just felt something too." He turns to the boat, "Warden Proudstump, this river is fairly shallow; do you know of any specific creatures that might be a threat to us here?" Sorin continues to glance at the murky water as if expecting something to burst forth at any second.

"The snakes don't come this close to the saltwater, and nothin' from the saltwater comes this far into the swamp." The halfling keeps his voice low, looking over his shoulder to the south. "Just hurry on out."

You move forward, carefully, but not without haste. Lisabett steps out of the water, followed by Sorin. Raziel's knee hits something. Whatever it is bounces into Almar leg, and comes to a rest.

"Helvetes forbanna!" Lisabett hisses in Skald. She leans down and offers her hand to whomever is closer, Brother Holheim or Alamar, to assist in pulling them from the water. Her spear and javelins are currently still strapped to her back. She does not appear to care in the least that she is nigh covered in filth and her dress is clinging to her decidedly female physiology.

As Lisabett helps to pull her comrades out of the water, the bouncing mass rolls to the surface for a moment. It's the corpse of a small humanoid. It washes against the bank before beginning to sink again.

I've made a new ruling on the Crush trait, detailed in the discussion thread.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

What happened to Alazandaru crossing first? I've been asleep (GMT+2) and it seems my chance to go over first and watch for danger has gone... Where is Alazandaru at this moment?

My mistake, AK. I know that you've been wanting Alazandaru to cross first, but I wrote up the post in a bit of a hurry and that rather important detail slipped my mind. Apologies.

We'll say that Alazandaru walked in advance of the party and the rowboat. Whereas the others waited for Proudstump to bring the boat to shore next to them (to ferry their items), Alazandaru went directly into the water. Because he is a strong swimmer, he did not go downstream to find a shallow point. This would give him time to scout. Does that work? If so, we'll narrate that bit and have Alazandaru on the opposite shore well before the others.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Sounds fine, thanks. Scout is not just a word on my character sheet for Alazandaru :P.

Sorry again. Bit of retcon, but it doesn't really change anything. I'll put it in the past tense all the same.

GM Screen:
Swim - 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Stealth - 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Perception - 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Alazandaru slid into the water gracefully, and in a few strong strokes, he had crossed to the opposite bank. Pulling himself quietly into a crawl, he carefully surveyed the swamp to the south for signs of goblins. Through the tangle of trees, he made out the form of a walled structure. He concentrated, trying to catch any signs of activity, but there were none. It was still...and quiet.

The footfalls of his companions in the mud bade him to turn. Proudstump was coming in to shore near them. Alazandaru watched the wake made by the halfling's rowboat. There was no hidden dark shapes beneath. He turned his attention downstream, his eyes lingering on flow of the current. It was slow, and it accounted for all movement within the water.

Proudstump's boat came into the muddy bank with a clumsy thunk. Alazandaru turned and watched him begin to unload it. He was not being very quiet. Nor were the others, who were now up their shoulders in the water. They were talking, and not in hushed tones.

Was there something in the water?

Yes. There was something. It was not there a moment ago, but a small mass had floated to the surface for a moment, before sinking. Alazandaru's keen eyes were quick enough, though, and he knew it to be a body.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Swimming back into the river, Alazandaru tried to bring the body ashore, with a sickening feeling in his stomach that he might already know who it will be...

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21 Swim check if required.

Alazandaru enters the water once more and retrieves the body. It is a goblin. How long it has been dead you cannot readily say, but as waterlogged corpses go, it is less bloated than some. It is covered in leeches, and a small fish swims out of its open stomach as you pull it onto the bank.

Upon closer examination, you realize the goblin's chest bears slash marks.

The other members of the party emerge from the river, dripping. You have crossed successfully.

GM Screen:
Alazandaru 1d100 ⇒ 64 - Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Almar 1d100 ⇒ 91 - Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Lisabett 1d100 ⇒ 12 - Perception 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (1) + 0 = 1
Raziel 1d100 ⇒ 33 - Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Sorin 1d100 ⇒ 52 - Perception 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (2) + 0 = 2

After helping Alamar and Brother Holheim to the shore, Lisabett goes and kneels beside Alazandaru and the prize that he has claimed from the river. Assuming she can see what you have posted above as no perception check was called for..

"Might this be the handiwork of the missing party?" she inquires. "If they were this skilled..." Lisabett continues and then trails. If this were their work, then why not return to Sandpoint to claim the reward? What other cause might they-

Lisabett stiffens and looks to Alazandaru. "You seem to me to be intimate with the lady Ameiko. She said that these fireworks were extremely rare, and that she did not know how they came into the goblins hands. Brother Holheim and I have seen what destruction they have brought to the lives of one family. What if it were the case that mercenaries decided they wished to possess these weapons for themselves?" Lisabett suggests.

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