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Jade Regent, presented by DM Hamied - Campaign Thread

Game Master Hamied

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Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar adresses the others "If no one has anything against it I'll keep the pepperbox. I believe I'm the only one able to operate it anyway."
After that he talks directly to Sandru:"Sandru... how's the caravan? Can it travel north? Or do we need to get back to get supplies and the like? I would prefer to move north immediately, but I can understand if we NEED to go back to Sandpoint get supplies and a new vagon or two. But if that's the case I ask we do it QUICKLY"

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Sandru lets out a heavy sigh. "Sorin is right. The caravan is in no position to embark on such a journey at this moment. I agreed to aid Shalelu with her ruse, but archers will not feed us, nor do many of these men wish to accompany us."

"Indeed." says Sheriff Hemlock. "Happy to help with goblin trouble, but my place is in Sandpoint."

"You are not the only one." Sandru says, glancing at Koya. "But we can discuss that later. We will need a night to resupply in Sandpoint, and we must recruit some hands. The roads are more dangerous than ever, from what I understand. Tomorrow afternoon, I will take the caravan north." Sandru speaks with authority, but his voice wavers.

"Hate!" A high-pitched, shrieking voice cries out, interrupting the conversation. "Hate!" There is a goblin nearby, seemingly trapped under the corpse of its dog mount.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar moves in the direction the voice is coming from:"Let see if this thing works... I never got the chance to fire one..."

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Approaching the pinned goblin, you actually recognize its snarling face. It is Gutwad. While he is not adorned in any distinguishing garb, he still bears many of the wounds you gave him days ago; he has ridden into battle nevertheless.

"Hate!" He cries out again, teeth gnashing.

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Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin walks over to Gutwad and looks down on him for some time without speaking.

Finally, "Hate. Yes. And that's what has brought you to this current situation; a very bad one for you, isn't it. This is always the end for those who tread the road of hate. Always. The only difference is how much misery they spread along the way."

"You were gived a second chance and, instead of using it to do something great, you used it to be a flunky. A flunky who was sent to almost certain death. Are you sure your anger is not misplaced? Interesting how hate and understanding never go hand in hand."

"Well, I suspect you aren't really listening to me. You've spurned the gods I respect and follow while failing the ones you and those you became a lackey for follow. I do not envy the destination of your soul."

Sorin walsk back to whatever he was doing.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar shooks his head as he recognizes the goblin chief now pathetically squirming under a dead rat-thing and spewing bile.

"I hope no one has anything against getting rid of this beast once and for all. But killing him with a pistol shot would be wasting a perfectly good bullet, so..."

Almar unsheates his rapier and delivers coup de grace to Gutwald.

"Hate!" Gutwad cries over the metal scrape of Almar's rapier being pulled from its scabbard. Sorin's words were met with silence, but the goblin clearly understands the drawing of a weapon. "Hate!"

I'll go ahead and roll the damage.

Damage Roll:
2d6 + 2 ⇒ (2, 6) + 2 = 10
No need for a Fortitude save.
A moment later, Gutwad is silent once again.

Any other stuff people want to do before heading back to Sandpoint to set up the caravan?

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Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar cleans his blade on Gutwald's corpse. He doesn't seem impressed by the late chief last words:"I think we can safely say he died with the sentiment he cared the most for on his lips. An appropriate end if you ask me"

We should search the other dead goblins... I believe it's actually mandatory adventurers behaviour according to the "Laws of D&D adventuring"... :D

Goblin Loot:
16 small short swords
14 small wooden shields
10 small shortbows
34 copper in total
Piles of dirty, torn rags
Partially dried meat, most of which seems at least a little rotten

"Bounty doesn't count based on ears, way things chanced." Belor Hemlock calls out to you as you loot the goblins' corpses. "There'll be a reward for all this through my office, sure, but its split even between all assembled. Don't go cuttin' ears off a goblin riddled with arrows if you didn't even lift a bow."

"Are we really as petty as that, Sheriff?" Ameiko responds. "The battle is won, and none have shown anything but valor."

"Hmph!" is all the Sheriff responds with.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Is it ok if we move back to sandpoint without roleplaying the journey? Seems like we did everything we could here and people are at loss on what to do now

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Fine by me :-)

Sorry about the spotty posting. Graduate semester just started up. I should have some time to catch up tomorrow.

Little is said on the trek back to Sandpoint. Sarenrae's sun rises to its full height and sinks back again, just disappearing behind the evening clouds as you make you pass through the city's northern gate.

"Get rest!" Sandru barks. "If you plan to journey north tomorrow, you will need to rise early and make preparations."

I'll assume you retire for the night. If not, feel free to roleplay your night activities. Do think of any NPCs you've encountered, and who you might like to ask along on the journey.

Just check upon the mother and girl, and inform Father Zantus that I am going. Other than that, I'll be ready for the next day.

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi will gather her spice box and other cooking supplies and will take over one of the wagons as her 'cook wagon'. She will look over the food stuffs and generally take care of the feeding of the people on the caravan. She also gathers all her belongings and stores them on the wagon.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar will get all of his stuff and immediately move back to the caravan, eager for departure. As a side note: I read the rules for caravans, can you tell us what stats will Sandru's caravan have?

Lisabett will visit Minherzi as well, then stray to the beach and spend the night in the little cave again, this time with her gear.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin will accompany Raziel to the cathedral. He'll say goodbye to Minherzi and her mother (Does she have have a name? The focus was always on Minherzi; is the mother desribed at all? Or perhaps she was and I just don't remember it.) He'll then talk to Father Zantus.

"Excuse me, Father, I have a favor to ask. We leave tomorrow morning and I have no idea how long we'll be gone. I've been meaning to sell my house for the last couple of years but now there's no time. I thought perhaps that you might use it to house refugees," he looks over at Minherzi, "that have no place else to go. It is not luxurious by any stretch but it was built for more than one. Also, I would hate to have it fall into disrepair. Should any decide to stay in Sandpoint the house can be theirs as it seems unlikely that I would choose to live their again upong returning. I will, of course, reimburse you for any unexpected costs that may arise upon my return."

One more bit of mechanical business: Congratulations! You've reached level 3. We'll handle it in the discussion thread.

We'll talk caravan stats, feats, and the like after leveling is all settled.

Minhzeri's mother is named Kasha. I'm not sure she ever introduced herself during the course of the game, but Raziel knew it at the start of the game, and called her that at one point. Father Zantus likely would have mentioned it at some point as well.

Father Zantus lets out a surprised chuckle. "Reimburse me for any costs? Sorin, you are generous enough to offer your house to those in need...think not about the upkeep. If you are serious about this, and you certainly sound it, I will cover any such expenses."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

I was considering if buying some other bullet and powder materials, I've got 19 gp so I won't be able to buy much, but I fear not being able to get them easily during travel... that said I can manage with what I've currently (30+ bullets)

Btw... it's that special time of play again...

HP roll 01:1d10 ⇒ 10
HP roll 02:1d10 ⇒ 9
HP roll 03:1d10 ⇒ 10

Edit:... sure I'm good with HP rolls! :D

Almar, sorry if I my wording was confusing. You don't need to roll all three of your HD, rather, you just need to roll for your third (which you just got by leveling). I'll accept the first result in your post.

Almar and Setomi

You come upon Sandru examining the damage the boar did. His glance at Setomi turns into a look of appraisal. "You may store your things in this one, Setomi."

Almar arrives at the caravan a moment later, and Sandru greets him with a smile. "May I offer my assistance?" After he helps the gunslinger load his belongings onto the caravan, his attention returns to Setomi. He stands watching her.

"What is Ameiko up to?"

Lisabett, Raziel, and Sorin

None of you hear Minhzeri approach, but you notice her after she takes Raziel's hand. She stands there, looking at the floor and saying nothing.

It sounds like folks are mostly ready to go, but I want to offer a little opportunity to roleplay your departure from Sandpoint. You may not be back here for some time. We'll get rolling on the journey soon...

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Sorry, I just started rolling the dices and didn't read your post very well, the blame is all on me. But I wasn't rolling all 3 dices, I was roling 3 because in my live tabletop game we do it that way when we level, we roll three times and get the best result of the three OR we take the average result (you need to specify what method you choose before rolling). I know we do things differently here, I just didn't think of the difference at the time and applied the "familiar pattern". My fault, as I said. Anyway, if you want me to reroll, I'll reroll, no problem :).

"Well, thanks Sandru, I'll take my old job if you are willing to have me... but how's the caravan? Do you need an hand with the reparations? I'll gladly help if you let me

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi looks over the wagon and nods her thanks to Sandru. She begins to load the various boxes and bundles of foodstuffs. After a while she notices Almar watching her.
"I am not sure where she is at the moment. The sorting of all these provisions has taken up most of my time, and I have not seen her this morning." A slightly panicked look comes over her face, and she leaves the caravan and heads back to the Dragon, searching for Ameiko.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin kneels beside Minherzi. He smiles broadly.

"Hello, it's very nice to see you again. It looks like I might be going on a long journey and I wanted to say goodbye to you and your mother before we left. Is she around?"

Sorin will wait and see if Minherzi fetches her mother. Either way:

"I understand you've become very good with your flute. Would you like to play a song together before I go? You can play whatever you want and I'll follow along."

Again, Sorin will wait and see if she's willing.


Sandru watches Setomi walk away before he turns to address Almar. "Of course, Almar. I will prepare everything, only be ready." The Varisian pauses for a moment. "What do you think of Lisabett?" he asks candidly.


I don't think I made it clear, but this is still late at night, before the morning. You still don't know where Ameiko is, and you can still to look for her.

You find Ameiko sitting in the main hall of the Rusty Dragon. She has her eyes closed, but she seems to sense your presence as you enter. She turns to face you. "I am going north, Setomi, but I do not wish to heave my burden onto you. Whatever duty you feel you owe me, I'll not hold you to it if you wish to stay. It is hard to leave one's home."

Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

Minhzeri tugs on Raziel's hand briefly before releasing it. She returns with flute in hand, her mother following. The young girl purses her burnt lips and presses them against the top of the instrument, blowing lightly.

Perform (Flute) - 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi moves over to the table and sits beside Ameiko. She places her hand on the other woman's arm and say, "Remember when we were little girls and we would sneak into the kitchen and steal Mochi?" She smiles a bit wistfully at the memory, but quickly sobers. "We are not those little girls any more Ameiko. You changed when you returned home from your 'adventures'. You grew up, and maybe not in the best way. I too have had to grow up quickly. Mother revealed much to me about our family and yours. It is not just for you that I go on this journey, but for my clan, even though I am the last. Giri. You know this word means duty, but so much more. I have Giri to you, but also to my family. We will fulfil our duty together, and maybe discover more about who we are in the process."
She stands and helps Ameiko to her feet. "There is much to do before we depart. Let’s get going. Oh, and here!" She slides a jelly filled mochi from the sleeve of her robe and sets it in front of Ameiko, a small smile upon her lips.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar feels a bit puzzled by Sandru's abrupt change of topic:"Well... she's... she's... a competent tracker. She's certainly willfull and headstrong, ahe's outspoken and certainly doesn't allow herself to be hindered by other people opinions... But why this question Sandru? She's certainly beautiful, but I fear she'll give you the ride of your life, for good and for ill if you get my meaning" at the end of the tirade Almar looks at Sandru with a worried look in his eyes.


"Oh, I didn't mean..." Sandru is clearly flustered. "I should say, she has not committed to the journey, but I think she would be a great asset. I was going to approach her about it...but...she is young and her temper is quick. I merely wished to...consult you."


Ameiko smiles. "Thank you, Setomi. I am honored by your devotion, and surprised by it. Not because I ever doubted you, but because...this is all so strange. I...I am so glad you will be with me." She stands, picking up the mochi. "For what its worth, I would have left the Rusty Dragon to you. But instead, it will help to fund our journey."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar feels himself almost smiling at Sandru's words, but in the end he can just nod:"She'll be an asset as long as she'll understand she's not alone and that no one owes her obedience or fealty... she needs to earn those, as you well know. And I don't mean anything more than what I said: there's good steel in her, but it needs to be tempered, that's all... I actually think you could help her a great deal in realizing her full potential, so asking her to join us would work in her own interest in the long run...", after that the gunslinger just shooks his head and, in as a serious tone as he can manage adds:"In other words... go get her she needs us and we need her! But don't let her know that!"


"Ask her because she's important to us, but don't tell her she's important to us." Sandru laughs. "Just as I've done with every other brash fool I've roped into traveling with me." He stops and looks back at Almar. "Do not take offense."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

"None taken. Let me know how it goes, Sandru... and... good luck!"

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi looks stunned at the thought of Ameiko leaving her the Dragon. She moves over and hugs the woman. "Thank you for the means so much to know you would trust me with the Dragon! If things were different, I might have actually accepted, but we have a different road to follow. Come on out and see everyone, I think some are worried about how you have been acting."
Setomi takes a look around the Inn, her eyes misting a little as she remembers all the good times they had here. She sniffs, rubs her eyes with the arm of her shirt, and then smiles. She turns from the only home she has ever known, and walks out the door, to prepare for the trip north.

Lisabett Survival 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22

Finding Minherzi's condition little changed, Lisabett purchases fishing line, several hooks and a bucket at the general store, and spends her last evening in Sandpoint herding all manner of crustaceans into her possession. The constant shrieking of the gulls whose attention she had won was something of an annoyance - a sardonic smile blossomed on her face to think of Sorin's lady, and considered the exercise time well spent in honing her patience with the creature.

Wintering with a peacemaker who openly wept in the presence of men had lent itself to a peculiar expression of behavior with them, Lisabett reflected while she fished. What little else did she have to express her displeasure with their idiocy than her voice? Among warriors - nei, among monsters cunningly disguised as men, physical strength exercised through battle was the expression of a man's will. A woman... either belonged to one man who could enforce his claim, or was open to plunder from them all.

Snarling, Lisabett tossed an inferior catch to the gulls. At sixteen she was a maid when lesser women ran about with one child on the hip and another nursing on their breast. Them that venerated the lord of the Hunt would, at any rate, while those who took Desna's name in vain upon the long table often had several themselves, but not from any one stud. When the greatest rate of travel is from the longhall door to flat upon one's belly with a man's upon ones back, one could scarcely contemplate the mysteries of the Lady of the Spheres.

As the ink of night became heavy and displayed Her favored landscape, Lisabett tossed the remainder of her catch to the gulls, then gathered up her line and hook in the pail and walked a ways to be in peace when she took her meditation. She lay on her back in the sand and let the rising surf lick at her bare toes, caring nothing for the salt that became trapped against her leg. Oh, it would have been prudent to buy more clothes before the journey, but Southern women were cut from surprisingly different cloth. The only she could claim had her height was the elven Mistress, and her shape had nothing of Lisabett's softness.

Sighing, Lisabett empties her mind and opens it to the song of the Spheres.

Druid Spells Memorized:

0 - Create Water, Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink, Resistance
1 - Feather Step, Longstrider, D-Obscuring Mist, Speak with Animals

Lisabett Charisma check Childhood Crush 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22 huh...

Hair still dripping and bodice lazily cinched about her waist with several yards of lacing tied in coarse knock, Lisabett kneels and twists her curls into intricate plaits and braids while Minherzi plays her flute, taking the opportunity presented by a general lack of activity to indulge herself. When the girl's song ends, if she shows interest, Lisabett pulls a tendril of the Varisian's hair into a braid.


"Among our people, we wear these when we go to war," she tells the girl, and smiles brightly enough to show her dimples. "And those who sing and support us in those battles are our greatest allies."

Raziel smiles warmly to Minhzeri as she plays the flute.
As she finishes, he says, "That is a beautify melody, Minhzeri. Your playing has lifted shadows from my heart, and brightened my day."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Shortly after Minherzi begins playing the flute, Sorin will pull out his new flute and play it along with her; but always as an accompaniment. He wants the song to be hers.

Perform: flute 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

When the song is over, Sorin addresses the mother, "It looks like we'll be traveling, possibly for a long while and I wanted to say goodbye. I'm giving my house to allow for better accomodations for those, such as yourself, who have nowhere else to go. The Cathedral's a nice enough building but a house is better for living, especially, he looks down at Minherzi, "when there's children."


"I likely will not need to tell you a thing. She makes her opinions clear to all of Sandpoint." Sandru chuckles. "I'm off to my pillow. I'll be out here again at first light. Get some rest." With that, he walks away from the caravan and into a shadowed alley.


"Setomi, wait." Ameiko stops in the doorway. "I will go to my room while it is still mine. Those that worry after me will see me early next morning."

Lisabett, Raziel, and Sorin

Geez, Sorin. Way to upstage the poor kid...


Where Minhzeri's song is simple Sorin's is complex. Where the girl's playing is faint, the paladin's seems to echo from every corner of the Cathedral.

Spellcraft DC 15:
Sorin's flute seems to producing the spell, ghost sound.
You cannot deny that given two days practice with the instrument, Minhzeri's progress is remarkable, but Sorin seems the master.

The little girl smiles at Sorin, then at Raziel. She turns at last to Lisabett, reaching back to feel the braid that the Ulfen made in her hair. She giggles. Tears come to Kasha's face. "Thank you." She says, smiling at Lisabett. "You have been so generous, all of you." The Varisian reaches into a worn satchel and produces a handful of cards.

Knowledge (Geography) or (Local) DC 15:
This looks to be a harrow deck: a stack of cards used by fortune tellers.
"For the three of you. All, or any of you, I will perform a reading."

"You are most welcome, Kasha," Raziel replies, giving a bow. "I would welcome your gift of a reading."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar let's Sandru go, and goes back to the wagon where his bedroll is, checks his stuff and tries to catch sleep.

"I'm coming to get you, black robed bastard... and I'll find a way to make you pay for everything!"

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"I too would welcome a reading," Sorin says, bowing extavagantly. "My mother, being my father's second wife, was quite obsessed with Harrow decks. Particularly at Festival time, she would harass anyone holding one and constantly pester them for readings. Though I never thought of it at the time, I beleive she developed quite a reputation and readers would hide their decks and pretend other tasks when they saw her coming." Sorin laughs.

Lisabett's eyes dart between the participants in the conversation. A reading of what? And why would it be required that I remain to hear? Sorin's speech put her ill at ease.

"No, thank you," she declines after a few more moments, eyes rarely straying from Sorin. She bows politely to the matron, spares a smile for Minherzi and then strides away as quickly as her legs will carry her.

Seem to have misunderstood the timeline. Lisabett's private time on the beach happens prior to leaving.

Raziel and Sorin

"Your story is very funny." Kasha replies without laughing. She looks after Lisabett, her brow knit with concern. "I would like a night's sleep, however. Meet me here come morning, and I will see what the cards say of your path."

Any objections to moving to the following morning?

Male Human Gunslinger 03

No objections from me

Grug, jet lag. why must it be sleeping in til noon when it's not even 3 in the morning? I'm okay with moving on.

Fine by me.

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Good to go!!!

Thanks for your patience, everybody. City-wide theatre fringe festival + the start of the semester = limited posting time.


You awake from a dreamless sleep to find a piece of parchment laid across your chest. On it, a pair of Tien characters are scribed beautifully.


The fierce shrieking of gulls wakes you from your sleep. Looking outside the mouth of the cave, you see two of the birds locked in deadly combat. Seconds later, one of them buries its bill in the other's neck. The dying bird lets out a fading wail and ceases to move. The other gulls on the beach continue their relentless cawing as the victor begins to feed on its fellow bird.


Your ears catch voices from beyond the door before your eyes open. You recognize one of them. Ameiko.

"Take good care of my Dragon, Enzi." She says.

"Are you sure you wish to do this, Ameiko?" A male voice replies.

"Yes. I cannot promise my return, and so the Dragon must move on without me. It is probable that I will return this way, but even if I come back to Sandpoint, my life is due some change."


Your chamber is quiet when you awake. Morning has come, and Kasha will be expecting you soon.


Your house feels especially large and empty as light finds its way into your windows. It is dawn, and the promised Harrowing awaits you.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar springs upright abruptly and makes the parchement fly on the floor. After a moment of startled silence he picks it up snd starts examining it:"It's written in that strange Tien runic script. No way to understand what it says... but more importantly, who put it on my chest and why?" . After a moment of consideration Almar dresses up and examines the rest of the caravan for traces or clues of what might have happened.

Survival check:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi waits until Ameiko finishes talking to Enzi, then walks out from the kitchen into the main room. She smiles and nods to Enzi and then looks at Ameiko. "Are you ready to go Ameiko? I can wait outside if you need a few more moments." She stands by the door, waiting to see if the woman will join her.


Nothing on the ground or on the wagons indicates any movement through the area. If somebody came upon you while you slept, they did so methodically, and did not leave any trace that you can detect.


You recognize Enzi Rhasheni, a recent transplant from Magnimar. He is lanky, but is a graceful dancer and a gifted singer. Of the residents of Sandpoint to which Ameiko might sell her inn, he is a curious choice. He nods at you politely.

"I will need a few minutes, Setomi." Ameiko answers. "I intend to take my horse, but would like to store some of my belongings on the wagons. Would you be willing to carry this bundle to the caravan for me?"

Have a bit of a difficult time with this one, as it's hard to conceptualize what a person with above average reasoning skills would do when faced with Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...

Lisabett watches the grisly scene unfold from the security of the shelter she has found. Every movement she makes is deliberate, and she does not for one moment take her eyes from the display of dominance the gulls make as she pulls her pack onto her shoulders, and then her blanket up over her head. She summons her magics and the air about her cools as she crouches near the mouth of the cave, frost slowly creeping up the edge of the blanket that she touches with her fingertips.

Sure, a single beast might dispatched for demonstrating such unnatural behavior, but this was endemic. A flock of gulls could savage her eyes beyond repair and leave her blind and useless, a fate worse than death. Driven into a mad frenzy, Lisabett did not expect that the bulk were willing to negotiate to allow her safe passage, nor did she have the weapons or the magic to dispatch the swarm effectively.

Inhaling sharply, and throwing caution and her fate to the winds, Lisabett drops from the cave to the beach, and rises to her full height, pulling the blanket up over her eyes, but not obstructing the precious orbs in any way, and slowly moves along the edge of the beach back to Sandpoint.

Raziel wakes and prepares his morning meditations and prayers.
After that, he steps out, ready to hear what Kasha will say about his future. His few belongings are in his backpack, and he notes that perhaps he should pick up a few other things as they travel.

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