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Jade Regent, presented by DM Hamied - Campaign Thread

Game Master Hamied

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Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

The sun sinks lower in the sky, but there is still much day left. You make your way south through town, down to where the docks dip into Sandpoint Harbor. Inquiring among the scattered folk that walk the piers, you are directed to a small fishing vessel. Two men, one older and one younger, prepare it for sailing.

"Hmmm..." The older man appears to consider your questions heavily. "Hmmmmmmm..."

"Fish trail, starts in at the north of Brinestump." The younger one chimes in. "There's two of those, in fact, but the lower one's been taken by goblins and some things worse. North one is the one you want. Proudstump is in there somewhere. Trail goes right to him."

Lisabett favors the young one with a charming smile. "Thank you for your assistance," she says sweetly. "I might return on the morrow to purchase some fish for provisions." She makes arrangements to return and procure the best they might leave her of the catch to bring with them on their journey.

Lisabett suggests to her companions that they should return to the Rusty Dragon so that they might discuss what they have learned with the others, discuss a more detailed plan and what manner of supplies they should procure before setting out, hopefully in the morning.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Following the old woman Almar wonders about her wordsI see. If you and Sandru vouch for her I can't but accept your judgement, but to be frank I don't know if I can bring myself to trust her, milady, I know she's not the one I'm searching for, but some wounds just never heal I fear.

She's right, the girl may very well have nothing to do with the black robed bastard, and I may be a fool for distrusting her, but some things can't just be done that easily. But enough of that, I hope she can help me

After a while walking Almar clears his throat and speaks:

As I said before, I'm searching for a black robed man. One whose clothes are way brighter than his soul. He did a lot of harm to me and my people and from what I discovered he's kept doing that. He's a rabid dog and needs to be put down. Can you help me find him so I can put an end to his evil?


"I do not assist with vengeance, but I may assist with justice. Allow me to look into the matter. You would be surprised what an old woman can learn." Koya laughs. "I have lived my whole life in Varisia and have met many folk. If this man is on the rampage that you claim, there are those I know who will have caught wind of it." She stops walking and turns to Almar.

"But in return for my eye towards justice, I ask that you put yours towards peace, at least among the folk of Sandpoint. Ameiko is not your enemy, and her Tian blood does not connect her to this man any more than my blood makes me a Sczarni crime lord. And I do not simply vouch for her. I have known her since she was a child, and in her short life she has weathered as many hardships as I myself have, yet she has always come through them with a smile and a song. I do not know how you measure an enemy, but unless you are so base as the man you seek, Ameiko Kaijitsu is not one."

She reaches a withered hand to Almar's face and brushes it lightly. "You are from a distant land and have traveled far. That much is clear from the dirt your clothes have gathered and the weary look about you. If you continue on in this fashion, you will turn to dust before you ever find your enemy. If you seek friends instead, if but for a day, your soul will find what it needs."

Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin


"Happy to help." says the younger man. "I might take you up on the ale after we have brought in the evening catch, if that offer still stands."

Lisabett smiles at the young fisherman. "It does," she answers simply, slightly embarrassed. Sandru does not belong to me, nor I to him. Or any other, she muses, and feels a stab of hurt thinking on his casual embrace of the Lady Ameiko. Slight, dark and beautiful she would never be, nor a peacemaker. "I will expect you."

Male Human Gunslinger 03

"I thank you for your offer, your help would be greatly appreciated. And rest assured what moves me is not thirst for vengeance, but rather desire for justice. The man I'm hunting killed and pillaged, ruined lives and betrayed hopes. He's capable of great evil and he's powerful and dangerous. I can attest to that myself. By helping me putting him down you would do a service to all of his victims and to all he threatens with his schemes. And I'm convinced there's a scheme... I just haven't puzzled it out... yet"

Says the gunslinger, then he continues:

"As for miss Ameiko, I apologize. I erred, I shouldn't have threatened teh way I did. And you are right about the fact her blood doesn't make her good or evil by its own virtue. It's one's deeds who should give the measure of a man's, or a woman's worth"

Almar continues walking in silence for a while and then he adds:"As for my mission... it seems clear I was mistaken about the destination of the black robed man's wandering. I think he could be headed for his hoomeland, and getting the caravan moving as soon as possible could be very important for me. Perhaps you know when Sandru intends to move?"

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3
Lisabett Erikkson wrote:
Lisabett flushes and smiles, which causes a single dimple to stave in her scarred cheek. "I...," she begins. "I observe the stars in the evening. In... in private," she demurs, sneaking nervous glances at Sorin, thinking of the kiss earlier.

Sorin's face beams up with delight at hearing this.

"That's wonderful! I knew when I first saw you that you had the soul of an artist. As Shelyn is the goddess of the Arts, among other things, I can't help but approve that you seek and find solace and wisdom from it."

"As for the best place to view them, as a lad I would often sit at the docks to see the stars over the water. I would pretend that the stars were people and places and had fantastic adventures. This was long before I came into Shelyn's service, of course, but it is still my favorite spot to see the stars from. I know that you said you view them in private, as I do when I choose to view them, but I hope one night you'll let me join you. It would be nice to sit with someone who can see the art of the stars rather than just a barely noticed twinkle of light or a navigation point."

Quick as a breeze, Sorin's thoughts shift. Ah yes, information gathering. Splitting up makes sense. I'll see what I can find out and meet you back here shortly."

Sorin rushes out the door and, a few moments later, rushes back in looking at Lisabett. "Oh, and you absolutely must teach me that exquisite song you sang at the temple to the child. That was very beautiful...much as I suspect your heart is if you would show more of it."

He winks at her with a dazzling smile and rushes back out, waving to the Sheriff as he does so. "Nice seeing you again Sheriff!"

If there's anything else to learn from the fisherman: Diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Sorin Nicusor wrote:

"As for the best place to view them, as a lad I would often sit at the docks to see the stars over the water. I would pretend that the stars were people and places and had fantastic adventures. This was long before I came into Shelyn's service, of course, but it is still my favorite spot to see the stars from. I know that you said you view them in private, as I do when I choose to view them, but I hope one night you'll let me join you. It would be nice to sit with someone who can see the art of the stars rather than just a barely noticed twinkle of light or a navigation point."

Quick as a breeze, Sorin's thoughts shift. Ah yes, information gathering. Splitting up makes sense. I'll see what I can find out and meet you back here shortly."

Sorin rushes out the door and, a few moments later, rushes back in looking at Lisabett. "Oh, and you absolutely must teach me that exquisite song you sang at the temple to the child. That was very beautiful...much as I suspect your heart is if you would show more of it."

Retconning slightly

Lisabett's eyes dart in the many directions taken by the scattered young man, and is relieved when, waiting patiently for a chance to get a word in for herself, he exits. If he tempers his tongue to allow others to employ theirs, or not, he might prove a valuable companion, she hums and follows him.

Edited and put spoilers on as it concerns Sorin and Lisabett, and did not want to clutter up the board with reaction retconning

Raziel wanders to the Hagfish. Almost all the sailors drink here, and he could catch a few before they leave.
Besides, old Quinn should know a tale or two that he's heard, Raziel thinks.

Raziel will spend a few coins to help him with his information gathering.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27


Koya laughs. "Sandru is as a son to me, and rarely does he share his thoughts with his mother. You had best ask him yourself."

Koya stops and turns to Almar. You are once again in front of the Rusty Dragon Inn; it seems the stroll has taken you in a circle.

"Maybe you will find some answers here, child. Walk through this door as if you had not done so earlier." She opens the door and holds it. Within, Sandru and Ameiko look up. "Consider what chanced before to never have been." Koya finishes, loudly.

Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

Sorin's search brings him to a grizzled man untangling a fishing line.

"I ain't never seen it, but there's tell of greater dangers than goblins in that swamp." He spits. "Some say there's a pale monster that lurks in the Soggy River, what flows through Brinestump March. They say it stands tall as any man, but has legs bent back like a dog, and claws like a...well...I ain't never seen it."

Raziel has some success as well, coming upon Durke, a retired privateer that whiles away his later years in Sandpoint, drinking, fishing and drinking.

"Old Durke would do them himself, but for the witch down there in the swamp. Old Durke'd stand toe to toe with any beast from the wilds, or any rapscallion thinks he's a swordsman. In fact, Old Durke has. But Old Durke never would cross Megus. She ain't been seen in town for nigh a year now, but Old Durke'll never forget the day he saw her strolling through with all manner of vile tomes in hand that she got from Desna knows where. She looked at Old Durke then, and her stare went right into his bones, I tell ya. Right into his bones. You want to play in the mud, fine, but steer clear of Megus."

Having finished her interview, Lisabett lends the fishermen a traditional farewell from her culture, which is derogatory. She hopes that neither of them understand Skald, but if they do, she affords them a cheery salute before excusing herself. She wanders about the docks for a time, wondering which is the best vantage point for observing the spheres, which Sorin mentioned earlier. There is a number of benches in less than good repair, that smell strongly of fish innards, but then, most things do.

Lisabett keeps her eyes trained for her new companions while she walks, had she been thinking correctly, she might have arranged a meeting place so they could return to the Rusty Dragon together. She is resolved to wait until they have met again rather than progressing to the venue alone.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin had said at the Sheriff's that he would meet them back there shortly so he's assuming that Raz and Lisabett will come back there. If Sorin is the first to arrive, he'll chat amiably with the Sheriff for awhile. If neither has still returned he will go looking for them and, if he fails to find them, will return to the Rusty Dragon.

A monster in the swamp, hmm? I wonder how many lips that tale has passed through before tonight. Still, it's believable enough.

Sure, I'll bite. The biggest drawback to PbP is that slight errors in miscommunication can break up parties without that being the intent.

After wandering about a while and not finding Brother Holheim forthcoming, Lisabett begins to become uneasy about the amount of time she has been spending idle, and recalls Sorin's determination to return to the Sheriff's office. She is eager to hear what manner of information he has learned, even if she is slightly wary of his open and easy manner.

Would he be so enthusiastic if he learned of my shame? she wonders as she walks. The image of his lips on her hand is mildly upsetting, as it inspires others that she wishes to forget. She is no stranger to a man's affections, once it seemed almost natural that she, one of very few females in the troop should be pursued, but she had put down enough warriors with her magics to make the bulk fearful, and a slim and dangerous minority resentful. And the women who followed in their wake... were miserly creatures who would debase themselves for items of less significance than even coin. Still, there had been attempts-

Lisabett colors and shakes her head, her power flaring with her temper. Each of the delicate hairs on her skin stand on end as a chill suffuses her, and a number of her breaths can be seen as vapor, wetting her lips as the cool gust from her lungs melts against the ambient air. Lisabett forces herself to reclaim her calm, but pauses for a time outside the sheriff's office to test it before entering.

Lisabett is pleased to find Sorin within, chatting with the sheriff. She spares the larger man a salute, then nods to Sorin. "My interview has alerted me to the existence of several roads, and the name of one we should avoid using. Know you any who would be able to provide us with a map of the area?" she inquires, not specifically addressing either party.

After gathering what information he could in the Hagfish, Raziel steps out. They had not arranged a meeting place, but Sorin had mentioned that there were others at the Rusty Dragon, so he walk the short distance to the inn, and enters.
Greeting those who are there, he waits for Sorin and Lisabett to show.

I'm not sure who is there now, so I'll leave it open. If Koya is there, Raziel will definately sit by her and talk.
Also, I'm going to Japan for a week and a half. While I will have internet while there, I won't be able to post as often. Also, it is a long trip, and I may be enroute for a day. I'm not leaving, but might be quieter for a bit. If you need to move the plot forward DM Hamied, please run my character.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"The man I spoke to mentioned a monster of some type in the swamp. While fisherman tales have been known to grow with the telling such things can occur with the swamp. I learned little apart from that"

Sorin ponders Lisabett's question. "I don't recall hearing that anyone has ever mapped the area we'll be venturing to. Sheriff, do you know of any such map?"

I am always cool with retcon when it comes to coordinating party location. Do it as you need to.

The next few days are insane for me, so I won't be able to post as frequently, but I'll try to get a few in when I can.

Have fun in Japan, Raziel. I'm jealous.

Alazandaru, Almar and Raziel

Raziel returns to the Rusty Dragon to find Koya and Almar standing at the open front door. Sandru and Ameiko look on quizzically from within.

The old woman smiles. "Raziel, you are returned. Show Almar here some hospitality in my stead. I must go to the cathedral."

Lisabett and Sorin

"A monster, hmm? Fishermen will talk, but then again, fishermen are about the only folk that visit Brinestump Marsh." Belor Hemlock grimaces. "And yet they've never had the sense to make a map of it, I'd wager. I don't have one myself, nor do I know of who would for certain. There's nothing of value there save the fish."

Only those who have never known hunger would discount food as a valuable resource Lisabett's mind seethes, frowning. She casts a wary glance at Sorin, evaluating.

"A young man has agreed to meet me at the Rusty Dragon this evening," she informs him. "As neither of us can account for Brother Holheim, perhaps we should return there ourselves?" she suggests.

Lisabett spares the sheriff a salute. "Good evening, sir," she says and exits, turning herself towards the Rusty Dragon.

Lisabett and Sorin

"Good evening." Sheriff Hemlock bows slightly. "And good luck."

Lisabett (along with Sorin?) makes her way back to the Rusty Dragon. She comes upon a small gathering at the door. Koya and Raziel are there, but also present is a man Lisabett recognizes from the caravan. One of Sandru's hired guards, he was often quiet and always strangely adorned during the journey west.

Not too unlike my lands, then, Lisabett hums, encountering the gathering. Although, a great deal less stood-

"Mother Koya, might I speak to you within? I have seen the girl, Minherzi and her mother, and welcome your insight," Lisabett glances at the group. "Is it customary to stand before the door?" she inquires. "I would think it far more agreeable to meet at table, although these small round tables are hardly conducive to entertainment," Lisabett jests lightly and smiles, hoping that her words communicate an easier air.

"I myself seek the girl and her mother, Lisabett. It have tarried too long and must go the cathedral. I was just introducing Almar and Raziel. Perhaps the four of you can find a table within, and then, a means to help each other." Koya bows politely, still holding the door.

"Minherzi will listen to songs, but she will not speak. I have not treated her with pity, she seems to me a courageous girl, and perhaps separating her from her mother for a time may assist her to see it as well?" Lisabett suggests, and then bows to the elder priestess.

"Good sirs, shall we take the Mother's sage advice and cease holding the Lady Ameiko's profits ransom? If we mean to defeat the goblin scourge, it will require a good deal of preparation." she says and strides purposefully into the room.

Lisabett takes a survey of the tavern, and seeing Sandru and Ameiko engaged in conversation within is crestfallen for a moment, but will not ignore them. She inclines her head in a bow to the Lady Ameiko and spares a glance for Sandru as she passes, determined to take an unoccupied table near them should they need guidance. Lisabett has observed that the Lady Ameiko is knowledgeable, but does not wish to intrude on her relations with Sandru. She takes a seat facing away from him, so that she will not be distracted.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Almar once again steps into the inn and adresses Sandru directly:"Well, Sandru, as I said earlier I need to know when and if you mean to move the caravan. The one I'm searching for is still out there, and he's up to no good... no good at all
Then, the former shieldmarshall adresses Ameiko: "I apologize for the ruckus I caused before, it seems I judged you unfairly.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Seeing the others return, Alazandaru taps his foot impatiently.

I thought we were organising a group to deal with the Goblins, but i've been waiting here for ages now... Would someone care to catch me up?

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

When Sorin comes in he look saround to see who's about. He sighs inwardly upon seeing Ameiko and Sandru together, still. He sits himeslf at the same table Lisabett is at and announces, to no one in particular: "Some of the fisherman claim there's a monster in the swamp. Man-sized with vicious claws and back-bent legs. Could be a tall tale but might not be. Sheriff says there's no known map of the area."

With that, Sorin pulls out his flute and begins cleaning the pieces. This thing is in hideous condition. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I cleaned it. Muttering to himself about his own poor instrument cleaning ethic Sorin carefully cleans each flute piece but contuniously frowns when examining his work.

"For my part, I have learned that there are two fish trails we might take to travel into the marsh to deal with the threat. One leads directly to them, if we wish to march to our death, but the one to the north is said to curve around one Warden Proudstump who is said to be an expert on the area," she says. "Perhaps this Warden might know more about this creature Sorin has heard of? And if he is familiar with the area, he might help us avoid any pitfalls inherent."

Lisabett pauses and inhales. "That there is no map of the area makes me... hesitant. I believe that we should seek out the Warden and obtain better information before we proceed against the goblins. It may be that he has seen or heard something of the missing party, as well."

Lisabett wets her lips and looks at her hands for a few moments. "The fisherman who relayed the information to me earlier will be meeting me here, later. I do not wish to discount him as a resource, but it would be... rude to press him further, I believe."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin looks up from his cleaning. "I confess, I'm more than a little worried about Warden Proudstump. I have trouble believing that the goblins would be unaware of this second path, even if they aren't using it. It isn't like it's hidden. If the good warden is still alive and well then I think we should try and convince him to return to the city for his own welfare."

He turns to Lisabett "Perhaps the fisherman coming in later can offer some insight as to why one path is clogged with goblins and the other not."

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Later? Alazandaru interrupts incredulously. Are we even going to make it out of Sandpoint by the end of the day? I've been waiting here for some time now while you rush around- and I would like some kind of timescale to work with!

Lisabett narrows her eyes at the interruption. "It is late in the afternoon now. I see how one who has not left this place might assume that we were wandering about to stretch our legs and act the fool, but it does take some time to acquire the information we currently have," she begins carefully, "which Sorin agrees is not enough to move upon. Know you the area in question?" she inquires.

"For if you do not, as I do not, I would caution against moving without as accurate a picture as possible of our foes. We know that this one trail is frequented by goblins, but not the other. Perhaps there is a foe that they fear that keeps them from the other? We cannot know.

"As for your question of a time table, I would caution against leaving before the marrow. It will be dark soon, and I cannot see well at night."

Lisabett calms and looks the young man straight in his eyes. "Perhaps you might temper yourself with a trip to the cathedral with Mother Koya. Having seen what these goblins are capable of first hand, I for one am not willing to walk blindly into a cabal of monsters in their home who have the ability to immolate us alive."

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

DM what is the time currently? Thought it was early afternoon but with my limited internet access I might have missed some indicators.

Alazandaru's eyes narrowed at the baiting insult but did not rise to it.

I do not know the area in question, no. However, there is a fine line between leaving informed and taking so long about it that some innocent loses their life because we were too slow to act; all the information you have is common knowledge so I pray your fisherman has something better for you later. I hope that we will depart promptly come morning and I hope your well-intended caution does not cost anyone dearly.

Finishing his drink with a final gulp, he moves to leave the tavern.

Not clearly addressing any one individual but glancing briefly at Sorin, he speaks at the door.

Next time you plan to have someone waiting for you half the day, do them the courtesy of informing them of your plans so they can make their own. I shall bid you all good night; I have work to do...

His piece said, Alazandaru stalks out of the tavern.

I assume this goes without saying but its a new game with people I have not played with before and I haven't posted much yet so i'll say it now; I am not my character. Absolutely no hostility from me as a player and i'm very much enjoying reading all of your posts :).

Lisabett's hands clench into fists, and her cool blue eyes follow the young man's exit so far as it is not required for her to turn her head to acknowledge his behavior.

Is that how it appeared when I defied my captain? she wonders. She feels a flush creep up her face, but it is quickly consumed by anger. No, he was evil. I wish to spare lives, not rush blindly into danger.

No one will be served if each of us were to disappear in the swamps. None at all, she assures herself.

Lisabett sighs and slowly lets her fists relax. "Mister Nicusor, you seem familiar with the Lady and this establishment. What manner of dish would you recommend? I have not eaten since this morning, and crave something with a bit more spice than roasted rabbit."

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

DM Hamied:

If its not too much trouble, Alazandaru would like to visit his associates within the Sczarni and enquire about Warden Proudstump Diplomacy roll to gather information-

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 Diplomacy

Depending on what time of day it is, Alazandaru may also want to quickly scout out the trail himself...

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin talks out to the air, addressing no one in particular. "I didn't even expect Alazandaru to still be here when we got back. He must be in an unusually good mood. I wonder if he..." He stops suddenly.

He turns slowly to face Lisabett, his face filled with mock dismay. "Mister Nicusor? Mister?" Sorin's head droops with even further exaggertated dismay. "I see. To one as young and graceful as yourself I must seem ancient as the mountains. Ah, the burden of growing old! Ameiko, I fear I shall have to lean upon your arm in the swamp lest I slip into my dotage." Sorin's voice drips with sadness but his golden eyes twinkle with merriment.

He suddenly leaps to his feet knocking down the chair that he was seated upon his voice booming with authority. "However! I have been given a sacred mission! I...must decide tonight's dinner; which I will treat everyone to, of course. And since our beautiful young guest," he gestures to Lisabett "has grown weary of campfire hare, I hereby pronounce that tonight's meal will be..." he glances around the room to make sure everyone is paying attention "...spiced fish."

Turning to face Lisabett his face now full of mirth "However, the giver of this quest must now make a solemn vow - else we shall all be feasting on campfire hare tonight. You must vow, to always call me Sorin and never Mister Nicusor. And!" he interjects before anyone can interrupt "as old friends and new join together tonight in dining, I will have no heavy hearts sullying the lovely Ameiko's establishment. As such, this vow must be made while smiling."

His pronouncement complete, the smiling Sorin folds his arms and looks at Lisabett, awaiting her response.

I'm always intrigued when players have differing expressions of high charisma. Your post made me smile.

Lisabett flushes as she is singled out in the crowd with such exuberance, but is too stunned to react. It takes a few moments for her to register that somewhere in his speech he was addressing her specifically.

"As you wish, Sorin," she answers, and smiles softly. "Thank you."

It is still midday, but some time has passed. It's getting close to 4pm in game time. Also, you would have learned by now that Brinestump Marsh is about four miles to the south, by way of road.


Let me know if you want to scout the trail based on the information above.

Alazandaru finds two of his associates playing a game of tiles.

"Proudstump? What do you want with that little fool?"

"Eugeni's just scared of his snakes."

"A lie!"

"You told me three months back you wouldn't go near his hut on account of his snakes."

"And why should I care about a little hovel in the swamp?" He pauses a moment. The other man snickers. "They're poisonous! Who keeps poisonous snakes?"

Almar, Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

Sandru shakes his head when Almar speaks. "I'm here at least two days before I set off for Magnimar. I need to offload the spices we carried from Korvosa, and the ship that's to bear them as cargo hasn't even arrived yet. Even if I was comfortable leaving it to those who works the docks, that very same vessel is carrying other goods from Riddleport that I'm to load up and carry south. It takes time, I'm afraid." He sighs. "What's more, I am hesitant to risk the road if goblins are lighting caravans ablaze."

"For my part, I am glad to have you, Almar." Ameiko says. "I am sorry for your setback, but you are welcome to my hospitality as long as you offer respect in return. And..." She crosses her arms. "Maybe tell us a story of your travels. I find myself wondering if you can smile."

Two days until he travels again. That is not enough time to become attached. And it would appear as though I may continue to prove myself useful, provided...

"Perhaps Alazandaru's position was not so brash as I so easily dismissed," she says softly to Sorin. "I do not believe that Desna meant for me to reside here. But still," Lisabett pauses and looks to the scars on her hands, then shakes her head. "I do not believe that my caution is excessive. Unfamiliar terrain is a formidable enough threat, and we might hope that this is what is forestalling the previous party, and the goblin host that we are aware of, and now this fresh monster that you speak of...

"I like this none at all," she admits, "but you are correct, we should spend a night becoming at least passing familiar with each other if we intend to travel together."

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

"Well, at this point, even though I worry about Warden Proudstump, I think it unlikely that waiting until the morning will have any significant impact on the situation. Though it's only 3 or 4 miles to the trail I have no idea how long it will take us to reach the Warden after that; if he is to be found at all."

Frowning at his flute which seems no cleaner than when he started he puts it away. "His information may lead to more traveling. One group has disappeared already so I beleive at least a certain amount of caution and preperation is called for. If we were to leave today, I think we would need to do so immediately and, based one his words, I do not believe Alazadaru will be returning anytime soon. I would rather have a full group, well-rested with the whole day before us, when we journey to find the Warden."

Kicking back in his chair, Sorin gazes up at the ceiling. "I inquired the Sheriff about the location of Shalelu as shes knows the area around here better than anybody. Unfortunately, no one has seen her."

Sorin sits up straight again. "If we are to wait till the morning then there is dinner to look to." Sorin grins mischeivously and looks at Ameiko, "and perhaps the fair lady who runs this establishment would honor us with a performance of some sort..."

Lisabett inhales sharply at Sorin's suggestion that the Lady Ameiko perform. A peacemaker and a performer? There is little else Sandru's people value more. She exhales slowly and studies her hands again. How many years has it been since I thought that I might someday touch the spheres? she wonders. No less a fool now, it seems.

There was a time when she were truly lost when she wondered if she had been born of another pair, to any other land, if she might be accorded the title of beautiful. Certainly, she was fierce, and those who fought beside her appeared to feel more than camaraderie for her, but that number became few when her magics defeated them in combat. Magic, though uncommon, was not unknown among her people. Specifically, it was feared, especially magics not of the Earth, as they represented the taint that had defiled neighboring Irrisen, and slavery with evil intent. Among superstitious and unlearned warriors, Lisabett was an anomaly, not only for her gender, but for her abilities which in her awkward years manifested themselves randomly. And after she had learned control of them, then she had simply been afforded the label of weapon.

Lisabett shivers and her fingers reflexively curl as though with deep chill when an uncomfortable image springs to mind. she sweeps her hand across the scar beneath her left eye, still quite pink and raw, smoothing a shock of blonde hair behind her ear.

"Yes, that would be pleasant," she lies.

Lisabett's Untrained Bluff 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

I am in Japan, but should have some contact at least once a day.

Raziel has been listening to the discussion carefully, and now he speaks up.
"Yes, waiting until we have a full day of light to explore would be best. Also, I've heard rumors of a witch that also lives in the marsh, so we will have to keep our eyes out for more than just goblins."

"But Sorin is correct, we should at least have a dinner here as comrades."
Raziel glances at Lisabett, seeing how she takes all of this in.

Since you made a bluff check,I'll give you a sense motive.
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19


After looking up the skill to double check, it seems that you know that Lisabett is lying about it being pleasant to hear Ameiko perform, but you haven't rolled well enough to get a hunch. DM Hamied could confirm, however.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

"I see... so removing these Goblins may help you decide to leave sooner? If so I can lend an hand in dealing with them, I used to hunt mutants coming from the wastes, I don't think goblin to be worse than those. But I need your word we'll be moving as soon as possible once the pests are dealt with" says Almar to the Varisian merchant. Then he adresses Ameiko: "Thank you for your kind offer miss Ameiko, I'll be glad accept it. As for my travels, I fear they have been just a long, sad trail of broken bodies and broken dreams, and the monster who caused it always a step further away. I started following this trail in Alkenstar, half the world away and my enemy always eluded me. I was sure he was headed here, but apparently I was mistaken, and now I've lost him again. He's out there killing raping and maiming even now, and I bear the duty of stopping him once and for all. As for smiling... I don't feel I've anything to smile about at the moment, but rest assured I will when justice will be served"

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

I'll make the same check on Lisabett's bluff.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

That just makes it but not enough to learn anything.

Thinking he's said something wrong but not understanding what he pauses for only a brief moment before "Or...perhaps I will provide today's entertainment."

He pulls out his flute. "Mt throat is a bit sore for singing so I'll play the flute...though I've been having some trouble keeping it to tune so please forgive any off notes you hear.

This is only being said because, even as a human with an INT bonus, I only had half the skill points needed to get the skills he should, believably, already have. His "sore throat" and "out of tune instruments" will vanish at first level up.

"This is the very first song I ever learned to play. It was hearing this song at the Festival years ago that led me to my service with Shelyn." Sorin begins playing an upbeat and lively dance tune.

Perform: Wind Instrument 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
Technically, that qualifies as an "enjoyable" performance.

When the tune is finished Sorin lays down the flute but is clearly displeased. You should be able to play that song asleep. Utter mediocrity. His smile is somewhat abashed. "I had hoped to give a better performance than that. But a good artist never blames his I'll blame my hunger instead"

Lisabett looks up at Sorin's performance, sits quietly and even smiles softly during his song. The music of the spheres, she reminds herself, each one has its unique voice and lends to Desna's enjoyment of Her journeys across the skies.

"Nonsense, Sorin," Lisabett denies when he derides himself. "I've known men with worse voices. Large Ulric's hands are skilled, but his joining in the songs in the mead hall causes some to rage," she jests and chuckles at a remembrance of a time before her troubles began, her natural smile causing dimples to soften her scarred cheeks once more.

Still getting slammed, but my schedule should be more regular tomorrow, at which point I should be able to post a little more frequently. Thanks for your patience, all. Loving the interaction.

Almar, Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

Sandru looks solemnly at Almar. "You have my word on that, friend. I would know more about this man, though, after you have aided the others against the goblins. Thank you, by the way." Sandru considers. "The one you seek is Tian, and right ahead of your chase? Maybe he has something to do with the flameworks?"

"Fireworks." Ameiko corrects.

Sandru grumbles. "Whatever they are called. It just occurred to me, so I thought I'd say something. If there's nothing in it, at least Almar may have some knowledge of how to handle the devices."

"Because he's from Alkenstar? Because everybody from Alkenstar is knowledgeable about explosive powder." Ameiko smirks at Almar. "Apologies. I am petty. But indeed, I hope you will find some leisure this evening." Ameiko disappears into the kitchen as Sorin plays.

"Well played, Sorin." Ameiko calls from the other room, after the flute is quiet. "The ale and spiced fish for your table are on the house tonight."

You sit among your new companions, waiting for your dinner. After about an hour, Ameiko brings a platter of spiced fish and a mug of ale for each of you. She sets them on the table with a smile, then returns to the counter and leans against it. At the first quiet moment, she begins to sing.

Ameiko's Perform (Sing) - 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32

She sings a Tian song. It is hauntingly beautiful, and all of the patrons in the Rusty Dragon watch her in rapt attention. Her performance goes on for several minutes, building from a tender moment to a sweeping finale.

"There." She smiles at Sorin after she has finished. "Is that to your satisfaction?"

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorin has no words. He can't, nor does he try to, keep the look of adoration off his face as he looks at Ameiko. He simply stands and bows deeply to her.

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4
DM Hamied wrote:

It is still midday, but some time has passed. It's getting close to 4pm in game time. Also, you would have learned by now that Brinestump Marsh is about four miles to the south, by way of road.


** spoiler omitted **

Alazandaru finds two of his associates playing a game of tiles.

"Proudstump? What do you want with that little fool?"

"Eugeni's just scared of his snakes."

"A lie!"

"You told me three months back you wouldn't go near his hut on account of his snakes."

"And why should I care about a little hovel in the swamp?" He pauses a moment. The other man snickers. "They're poisonous! Who keeps poisonous snakes?"

Alazandaru snickers on cue at the teasing of Eugeni, then muses both to himself and his accomplices-

Perhaps that's why the Goblins are rumoured to avoid the trail eh... I think I'll go pay Proudstump a visit. I'd ask you to come Eugenis but I know you'll be too frightened of the snakes so perhaps its better you stay in Sandpoint where its safe...

I'm not sure what check would be required for Alazandaru's attempt to manipulate/goad Eugenis into coming, so I'll just make a roll and you can decide DM.

1d20 ⇒ 19


"I am NOT afraid of snakes!" Eugeni lifts the table as he stands, flinging it on its side. The porcelain tiles shatter on the floor. The other man, Berev, falls out of his chair, howling with laughter.

Eugeni stares at Alazandaru, red in the face. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Alazandaru grins once again, his amusement genuine. He often felt that some of the men he had got stuck working with were cruel and malicious, but Eugeni and Berev weren't so bad.

You coming too? he asked Berev as he got back up to his feet and allowed Eugeni to lead the way.

Lisabett is glad that she has her back to the lady, for Ameiko's performance seems to tug upon the sorrow in her soul, stroking the center of her power. Tears come to her eyes that freeze almost immediately and make soft sounds as they collide with the table top.

The singer at Norunn's hall was several years Lisabett's elder, and a good deal more experienced with men. She had tried to warn her about the captain's affections, but Lisabett had not heard. The night Large Ulric put his pen to her flesh again, he had come for her, and when she refused him gave her the scar that now decorated her left eye and spat upon her. The singer's efforts to restore peace cost her honor, and Lisabett what remained of her pride as it was made known that his savage attack on the community's heart was her responsibility, so that he could reassert his dominance. Large Ulric, a crafty man with deft fingers, promised that if the captain should lay his hand upon another woman in anger he would slit his throat, but Lisabett had simply shook her head. None would believe that she had their interests at heart.

And they would have been right...

Lisabett remains silent a long while after the performance has ended. When the food arrives, she eats sparingly, and slowly, savoring none of the taste, but needing nourishment. The ale she finds very little to her liking, but she sips at politely, not wishing to make an enemy of the Lady Ameiko by refusing her hospitality.


"Our game has apparently come to an end." Berev chuckles "So I suppose I shall."

After a few minutes, Eugeni has rounded up three horses. He also appears to have attached cumbersome metal plates to his lower legs. If his clumsier walk is not enough to rouse more laughter, the ten full minutes he requires to mount his horse while wearing the makeshift leggings is. Berev can barely contain himself. Eugeni's face is bright red, but he says nothing in response as he starts his horse on a trot.

Almar, Lisabett, Raziel and Sorin

A near silence hangs over the inn for several minutes after Ameiko's song ends. Only when the door swings open to the admit a trio of men sharing in bawdy verse does the atmosphere return to that of a drinking establishment. Time passes and evening approaches.

It is strange to those of you that know Sandpoint to see so sparse a crowd, but the goblin problem has brought more and more disquiet with each passing day. That the creatures set off fireworks the previous night was particularly disheartening. No measure had yet been enough to quell the threat.

Still, those that indulge in drink night after night are a faithful lot, and you are not alone in the Rusty Dragon, nor is your table free of the other patrons' awkward stares. You and your new companions are indeed a strange mix.

Lisabett will remain, nursing her ale for as long as is needed until the fisherman whom she promised to share an ale with arrives. She does not feel any particular mood to share, or indulge in merriment. Instead, at the first opportunity, she would prefer to retire for the night, to the docks as Sorin suggested to commune with the spheres.

Lisabett rises and draws her purse. "I will be observing the spheres, but I should not be overlong," she says to her companions. "I intend to spend the night here, and will rise before dawn so that we may make full use of the daylight tomorrow," she says.

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