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Jade Regent, presented by DM Hamied - Campaign Thread

Game Master Hamied

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Oops. You already wrote as much in the campaign thread.

Raziel and Sorin

I figure we should handle the mechanical part of the Harrowing (Kasha's reading) in the discussion thread. Early in the game, Sir Jolt and I discussed this. If I understand it correctly, he has access to a Harrow deck. For Sorin's reading, he proposed that he would draw the cards, and that I would interpret the results (via the NPC performing the reading). Would you both be comfortable with Sir Jolt drawing for both Sorin and Raziel and telling me what cards are drawn so I can weave them into the campaign narrative?

This pertains to Sorin and Raziel, who are to receive a Harrow reading as a gift due to their kindness towards Kasha and Minhzeri. It's not a secret, however, and you are welcome to observe the process (it may come up again). I simply spoilered it because it wasn't currently relevant to everybody.

That sounds fine to me, DM Hamied.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Sorry for the delay, a lot of unwanted overtime the past two days.

DM Hamied, Raziel: Harrowing:
The first step is to determine the specific question. Sine Kasha is offering a reading of the future I'm taking this to meant he question is: "What does the future hold?".

The question is assigned the most appropriate attribute (I'm going to say Wisdom) and both Raziel and Sorin are assigned a random card from the Wisdom suit (Stars) to represent them (if these cards don't show up in the reading, then they have no relevance).

Raziel's Card: The Mute Hag
Sorin's Card: The Lost

The Mute Hag: This is the neutral evil card of wisdom. It represents the insightful hag, a purveyor of blood pacts, treacherous secrets, and discord.
The Lost: This is the chaotic evil card of wisdom. The bodak represents the permanently insane, lost among lunatics and psychopaths in insane asylums. It is a card of emptiness.

All the crads are shuffled and set out in a 3x3 grid. The first column represents the Past (Lawful), the middle represents the Present (Neutral) and the third represents the Future (Chaotic). The top row represents a Positive outcome (Good), the middle an Unclear outcome (Neutral) and the bottom a Negative outcome (Evil). So each alignment is represented by one space on the grid.

At least one card from each column (Past, Present, Future) has to be "read" but any number can be. Certain cards have to be "read": Raziel and/or Sorin's card, any card where the card's alignment exactly matches the space's alignment and any card where the card's alignment is the direct opposite of the space's alignment. If none of those occur it suggests looking at partial alignment matches. As long as the "must read" cards are interpreted, it's up to the reader what other cards, if any, apply. The cards representing a character genreally apply most strongly to that character and may or may not apply to othersA Good card in an Evil space is supposed to be viewed in the most negative light and an Evil card in a Good space is supposed to be viewed in the most Positive light.

The drawing, starting with the Past (Lawful) and going from Positive outcomes (Good) at the top to Negative outcomes (Evil). Then likewise for the others.

The Past:

The Peacock
The Carnival
The Winged Serpent

The Peacock: This is the neutral card of dexterity. It represents a great beauty that can only be preserved if petrified and frozen in time for eternity, as by a cockatrice's glare. Smarter people accept the passage of time and avoid the Peacock. Its appearance signifies sudden personal shifts in attitude or societal change. No match, the card does not have to be read.

The Carnival: This is the chaotic neutral card of wisdom. It represents illusions and false dreams. Can heighten the power of the arcane but only at great risk. For most others, it represents imprudent plans or unrealistic ambitions. Opposite match, CN card in LN slot. Must be read.

The Winged Serpent: This is the lawful good card of wisdom. It represents the couatl, the bridge of understanding between the seperate towers of knowledge and judgement; knowing whether or not now is the time to act. Partial match, Lawful card in the Lawful column. Does not have to be read.

The Present:

The Lost
The Crows
The Wanderer

The Lost: This is the chaotic evil card of wisdom. It is the card of emptiness and the loss of identity. The bodak on the card represents the permanently insane, lost among lunatics and psychopaths in insane asylums. For those under its influence, the world makes no sense. Misaligned, it might represent clarity of thought but only under great duress. This is Sorin's card and must be read. It is misaligned being an evil card in a good slot.

The Crows: This is the neutral evil card of dexterity. It represents murder, theft, and the violent loss of that which is loved. The Crows aim to shock with the loss they cause. This is a partial match (NE on NN) and does not have to be read.

The Wanderer: This is the neutral good card of intelligence. It represents a centaur collector who appreciates things others discard as junk. He most often appears to those clever enough to see the value in what others ignore. This is a partial match (NG on NE) and does not have to be read.

The Future:

The Uprising
The Inquisitor
The Rabbit Prince

The Uprising: This is the chaotic neutral card of strength. It represents overwhelming strength that catches the subject up in something much more powerful. Its strength can crush those in its path. A partial match (CN on CG) and does not have to be read.

The Inquisitor: This is the lawful neutral card of intelligence. It represents an immutable object that cannot be deceived or influenced. It accepts nothing save the truth and to stand in its way is to court disaster. An opposite match (LN on CN) and must be read.

The Rabbit Prince: This is the chaotic neutral card of dexterity. It represents the quiky vicissitudes of melee combat. The Rabbit Prince is the personification of the capriciousness of battle, and his broken sword indicates that defeat may come to anyone. The card sometimes represents younger members of royal or noble houses. A partial match (CN on CE) and does not have to be read.

That's it. Every column ended up with one card that has to be read and it's up to the reader (Kasha/DM Hamied) if any of the others apply. I copied most of this from the PF Wiki but sometimes added in a few sentences from the more descriptive Harrow book if it seemed relevant.

The book gives plenty of examples on how to read a good card in an evil slot and vice versa but doesn't offer up a single example of how to read a chaotic card in a lawful slot nor the opposite.

I've only used the deck twice before and neither time were there so many strongly Neutral cards; that makes it trickier I think. I'd say just take your time and let the game continue. You can always add in a "You remember Kasha saying..." later.

Wow! Thanks for putting all that together. It will take me some time to digest it all, but I'll get Kasha's interpretation together before long.

Harrowing Question:
Am I understanding correctly that while Raziel and Sorin have drawn separate cards, the 3x3 spread is for both?

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

DM Hamied:
Correct. Though since Sorin's card appears on the grid, whatever that particular card represents (good or bad) will affect/apply to Sorin more strongly.

Lisabett, you should have joined us for a Harrow reading. The doom and gloom would have been perfect for you!
And you could have picked on Raziel for being dooooooomed! \(~_~)/

Female Human Housewife/1

Hahaha, I was thinking that as I was reading it myself. Got plenty of my own doom and gloom to interpret, though, what with birds turning on each other.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

I was thinking the best drivers would be:

-Ulrick: Basically for roleplaying reasons, he's the most limited in options but he's got an history with Lisabett, the other 2 Ulfen and knows Almar.

-Walthus Proudstump: Provided he's not some shifter again (note to self: check for the signs!) proudstump gives us a lot of good options, we can nevr have enough guarda, we absolutely need drivers and an healercould be useful anyway. The fact he provides us with some RP potential too is a welcome bonus.

-Quoaral: his abilities are very useful, we need traders and we need wainwrigths. His character seems a bit suspicious but we'll see in play.

-Caran: The old man is another wainwright, and possibly a guard. Almar may get criticized for this choice, based on his age, but I simply think it's best to have many guards and wainwrights. Good defence and ability to repair the caravan should be paramount in the initial stages of our adventure, we'll expand the other aspects later in the game, imo.

Anyway these are just my ideas, let me know what do you think and who'd you like to have on board for the journey.


I'm sorry for the 2 brothers but as it is we have enough drivers and they can do just that. I expect Sandru not to be too happy about losing them.


We didn't check for Alazandaru... we should be worried about him at this point I guess.

Female Human Housewife/1

an old carpenter? why the heck not, it'd be like going on adventure with my father in law, who is a retired chief engineer for mega oil tankers.

halflings are always fun.

and self destructive fun with the ulfen crowd for lisabett will be interesting.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

My list was pretty much the same as Almar's though I had Derrell instead of Ulrick. In part, because Sorin doesn't really know him and his opinion of him will largely be influenced by what Lisabett thinks of him. Also, in such a long trip, having as many people who can be slotted into a healing role can't be bad.

Guard is the easiest spot to fill as everyone already present can do it (maybe not Mother Koya because of her age).

I am slightly concerned about Driver though. Not everyone has Handle Animal and when caravans are attacked, it always seems like Drivers are the first targets.

How many wagons are in the caravan to begin with? (nvm, I see from the guide we start with three: a covered wagon, a fortune teller's and a supply). Who's driving these? How many traveller's are with the caravan appart from the PC's, NPC's and the four we hire?

Sandru will drive one wagon. You will need two other drivers total.

Even though Almar is in the position to "decide," I hope the group comes to some consensus on who to hire.

Yes, Sandru has some attachment to the Varisian brothers, but they are also limited in their role. Utility vs. Relationship.

And a good point about Alazandaru. You have neither heard or seen any sign of him since two days past, when he allegedly left Sandru mid-conversation. I don't want a PC who's not coming back to be a hang up for the progression of the story, but you did have some small bond with him, and he has disappeared.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

If no one has different suggestions I'll go with my initial picks. I'll wait some more to allow everyone to express his opinions. Thanks and let me know.

Sorry for taking all this time to post: I had to bring my PC to a friend for assistance. Now it will hopefully work much better

Sounds good. I'll finalize your selection tomorrow if nobody has any objections.

Female Human Housewife/1

I'm cool with Almar's picks. looking forward to what the Ulrick is so concerned about in Riddleport.

I'm not simply trying to shut down Almar's concern for Alazandaru as a way to brush over our lost player. Sandru is reacting in the manner I feel he would, given the circumstances. I never like to be the GM that says "No, you can't do that," so know that it is the will of an NPC you are encountering, and not my heavy hand.

Hey guys,

I've just now ended (more-or-less officially) my Carrion Crown play-by-post on these boards. I did so because I felt that particular game just wasn't working out. I think that this one, however, is still going strong and I am fully committed to it.

Anyway, I thought I'd make some mention of it over here since a few of you were also involved in the CC game and might be wondering if there was some deeper issue that might threaten my GMing in general. There is not. I'm sorry things didn't work out better over there, but be assured that Jade Regent still has my full attention.

DM Hamied

I want this first night to be an opportunity for you to set roles and routines within the caravan. Subsequent days and nights will move more quickly between destinations/encounters.

Because overland travel is a big part of this AP, I don't want to zip through it, but I also don't want to bog things down too heavily. I think we'll find a nice balance, but I'm happy to get your input on how "long" you think it should take to travel.

Also, I think I should mention now that I'll be out of town next week. I assumed my hotel would have wi-fi, but I have just learned that it will not (rather irritated about that). I may still be able to post regularly, but I'm not sure yet; I wanted to give you a heads up in case there is some kind of interruption in my activity in this game.

Female Human Housewife/1

i think we could all stand to pause a bit and figure out who the new girl is. we're all pretty set in our "we survived the swamp" ways to really acknowledge the new party member. maybe we should RP around dinner proper?

It sounds like she has a fairly solitary after dinner routine, but I am sure there will be opportunities. The most important thing for me while you're traveling is that you have the opportunity to roleplay. Travel expedience should never get int he way of that.

Female Human (Tian) Ninja-1

Setomi knows that the players have bonded in the swamp, and that she cannot force herself into that bond. But she is not trying to be a hermit....she is friendly and fairly open to talk to, and can make some killer stews!!! But she will not, at this juncture, attempt to force herself into the group. She hopes that she will slowly work herself into the party, either through being good at her camp job (cooking), or perhaps though conflict.

Female Human Housewife/1

Hurray for the return of the Lisabett and Almar show! They should get intimate over a few empty pints and make everything completely awkward for EVERYONE. *laughs*

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Yeah... that would be quite akward for Almar... but he's quite the obsessed type. He probably considers lowering his guard or dulling his abilities with alcool a big mistake. Who can say when his enemy will strike...

This characterization forces my hand a little (can't even make him smile...) but I find it true to his "man with no name" image

Female Human Housewife/1

Hahaha. I was just joking. The last thing that pairing needs is to discover that their miserable, self absorbed selves have bits that fit together if they could admit they stand each other occasionally.

Okay, so without wi-fi on my trip, I'll be posting with my smartphone. I should still be able to do so regularly, if a little more laboriously, but it will almost certainly prevent me from making up and altering combat maps. I'd kind of hoped to squeeze an encounter in soon, but I may have to hold off for a while. This part of the AP is particularly flexible (and those that know it are already aware that I deviate a fair bit), so that should be fine, if you guys are okay with a lengthier break between encounters. In this AP and in my GMing style, combat frequency waxes and wanes anyway.

We'll move on to Galduria before long.

I think I also get checks for my trait person as well, although mine isn't a romance.

I'm having a tough time posting on my phone. Hoping to better figure it out tomorrow and get a more substantial post up then.

Female Human Housewife/1

essentially I am waiting to see if initiative is called before I have lisabett start firing off mage armor on potential combatants like crazy. No combat would ever be hard if the arcanist and cleric were fully appraised of the situation and every warrior had the best possible gear to handle the threat.

Just got back into town, and am exhausted. Hoping to get a substantial post or two up tomorrow.

Apologies for the absence. I had to switch Internet providers and it didn't go smoothly. My phone, cable and Internet are all bundled together but cost increases had pushed the bill to almost $200 a month; too expensive for me to maintain. I found a similar service for just over half the cost but when there were problems their moronic Tier 1 phone support wouldn't escalate my call and let me talk to an actual technician. When I actually did get to talk to a tech everything was fixed by the next day. I work with computers myself and had already surmissed what the problem was which made being unable to talk to an actual tech all the more frustrating. I used to be able to post from work but our filter there started blocking Paizo in the late Fall. You get what you pay for I guess.

No worries, Sir Jolt. I'm sorry to hear about your internet woes, but glad to hear that they are resolved.

I'll start working on a google document map, as we may need it soon...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everybody!

Female Human Housewife/1

Lisabett does not negotiate with terrorists.

Lisabett does not make credible threats to terrorists either, appearently. (^_~)

Sorry I'm a little behind, guys. I had some friends in town briefly, and had a tough time finding a moment to post. Catching up now.

My schedule is really hairy these days, so my posting is definitely being affected. I hope it doesn't hold things up too much. Thanks for your patience, everybody!

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Is raziel still with us?

Yes, Still here. I just didn't have anything to say.

I apologize for the lagging pace, guys. I'm in the midst of successive 12 hour days, course work not included. I'll try to get a post in every day, but the game will be somewhat hindered by my schedule until things settle down a bit in May. Thank you for your patience; I really enjoy playing with you all.

*hands Sorin some cocoa*

Just trying to get us all out of this alive.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Alive is certainly good. Sorin's confusion stems from if safety was the primary concern, then we should have taken the safer path. Taking a route known for danger with slow moving (and not exactly unobtrusive) wagons without stopping to deal with, or at least investigate, that danger is an invitation to disaster (from Sorin's point of view) and Sandru's decision suddenly seems irrational (again, from Sorin's point of view).

Does Golarion have hot chocolate?

Yes, but it is rare. You can only get it consistently in Katapesh.

Yay, more combat for Lisabett to be utterly ineffective in!

C'mon dice, keep failing me!

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Hi people, I contacted DM hamied cause I lost access to Almar's account (an idiotic story, really). If he approves I'll be posting with this alt just wanted to tell you. I'm the same as before (so no luck there Lisabett... ;D)

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Ehrm... this is the alt...


Thus the Lisbett/Almar love story continues :P

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03
Lisabett Erikkson wrote:


Thus the Lisbett/Almar love story continues :P


If it continues this way it will end being a memorable slaughter fest... something like the "Red Wedding" from G.R.Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire" for those who read it... :D

Male Human Gunslinger 03


I keep posting with the wrong alt!!!

And she was so going to use her excess of coin to pay for a nice fatted Ulfen woman without scars for Almar, too. :D Heck, maybe even Raziel and Sorin.

She's feeling generous.

I am trying to find rules on alcohol, but I'm failing...I was sure there were some. Do any of you know of an official way to handle a drinking contest? I was planning on a succession of Fortitude saves, with some bonuses for Lisabett because it's mead.

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