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Jade Regent, presented by DM Hamied - Campaign Thread

Game Master Hamied

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Jade Regent! This was a tough selection process, but I feel that we've got an interesting spread of characters and backgrounds. You may have noticed that two of your characters seek the affection of Ameiko. I am very curious to see how that will play out, particularly because of the contrast between our paladin and rogue.

But there's time for all that later. For the time being, please check in so I know you're aware that you've been selected.

Also, if you have not already created an alias for your character, please do so.

Sweet! That leaves the hunky Sandru all to myself. MMMmmm.

Greetings everyone, and congratulations.

And thanks to you, Hamied for the selection, I am really excited to see how this plays out.

Sarenrae's blessings on all of you.
I am sure we are going to have a great time with this adventure.

Runs around jumping like a kid.
"I get to go on an adventure, I get to go on an adventure! I've gotta tell Koya about this!"

Notices everyone staring...

Question for the GM. How early would you like us to submit our proposal for which spot in the caravan we are going to occupy? As spellcasters, Lisabett and Raziel are about equal on the slots that we can choose, or are we not going to worry about those roles until it is relevant?

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Thanks for giving me this opportunity!

I'm going to get my revenge... in this life or in the other!


That's a great question. It won't be immediately relevant, but you are welcome to start discussing it now. It would be good to get a sense of what role people might want to play in the caravan.

I can see Lisabett taking on either the role as spellcaster or trader. I imagine that she will see some manner of... blossoming in her social role before the caravan leaves, and might be eager to meet more and varied people along the path.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Well, I guess my Campaign Trait is pretty specific about the profession Almar's going to choose. Caravan Guard (if no one else wants it ofc)

That's your background, and while it is a likely role, circumstances can always change.


I find the lack of fetish-tastic art available for tattooed blond fantasy females disturbing, as visual cues help me to identify with a character. I based Lisabett on a "Aztec" warrior lady with a spear, but the bust department is censor worthy...

Reading over the rules again - should we create a section on our character sheets for keeping track of what our current relationship score with each NPC is? Are we expected to engage each of the NPCs in a relationship, or just that which falls under our campaign trait? Would you like to know what manner of relationship we see ourselves having with the other three NPCs?

Hmm, I am pretty sure I had another relevant question, but I just drew a blank.

Ah yes, the Caravan. When we get to it, I assume that it is going to be a good deal of work to assign and manage all the number of intricate things like what manner of wagons we are buying, inventory and what not together. Is this something we should elect one player or volunteer to manage?

Edit: Is there any way I can improve upon my character sheet, or any manner of change that you would like me to make so that it would be more accessible to you?

I like your avatar.

If you'd like to keep track of your relationship score on your sheet, you are welcome to do so, but I was intending to track those myself. The NPCs you are respectively connected to via your campaign traits are meant to give you a firm hook in the trajectory of the campaign. Your evolving relationships are, by no means, permanently tied to them. It's entirely possible, for example, that over the course of the game, Ameiko might fall for Raziel or Almar, even though they did not select her with the Childhood Crush trait (as did Alezandru and Sorin). That said, I plan to cater to what my players want out of the game, and characters who have feelings for an NPC will likely receive more opportunities to act upon said feelings than will other party members. It's simply that I have learned to never say never.

As for caravan management, I will do some of it (I feel that as GM, I should be aware of just about everything the players are doing, on some level), but I leave it up to you all whether you want to assign a single person to manage it or if you want to do it by committee. It makes no difference to me (I think either method can be viable).

Your character sheet looks good for now, Lisabett. I will look over all sheets over the next few days (as we're preparing to begin the campaign) and will let you know of any improvements I might suggest.

Sorry if I'm asking too many questions too quickly. I'm in the process of setting up a Kingmaker game for some fine fellows I met on these boards, and I know that as a GM they ask me stuff I haven't even thought of yet, so I am trying to preempt at this stage to save myself grief later. I find I get more organized the older I get, even if my attention is still somewhat scattered.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I always appreciate questions. I have GM'd for years, and throughout that time, I am constantly surprised by things I've never thought of. Additionally, I am still fairly new to play-by-post GMing and am always open to criticism, suggestions and (most of all) questions. Ask away. I will address all inquiries as best I can.

Ah, another important question: What is your view on what has been termed the "magic mart" effect of adventurers getting too much magical loot? We're going to be trading along the way to our destination, I gather, since we are traveling by caravan, does the AP take heroes needing gear into account?

What about crafting magical items? Will it be possible during overland travel? Or are you inclined to discourage it for the sake of maintaining balance?

I have been among groups where the arcanist is strictly a crafter for the sake of keeping the party in the greatest amount of magical gear. As a sorceress, I will have less feats and spells to work with on the whole, but Raziel is a prepared spellcaster and may wish to know as well.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Stopping in to say hi to everyone.

Mechanically, this is how I built Sorin and where I see him going:

Combat-wise he was designed around the idea of using the glaive at reach and gaining AoO against foes who try to close and then backing off and forcing them to do it again. Where this isn't practical (enclosed areas) or a more defensive situation arises, he'll use hammer and shield instead.

Feat wise he'll probably take at least one to boost the number of AoO's he can take or make them more effective. Aside from that, there are a number of options; have to see how things play out.

Skill wise, one point every level will go into Diplomacy as he'd rather negotiate before fighting. Points will go into his Perform skills as well.

As a side note, his archetype replaces the spellcasting he would normally get so he'll never be casting spells.

Right now, the only caravan duties he can take (apart from the ones everyone can do) is guard and trader. By level 2, he'll be able to do at least entertainer as well

DM Hamied:
I've got a couple ideas where to go with the Childhood Crush thing but I wanted to think about it a little more and then run it by you for ideas.

Secondly, I went to GenCon this year and a friend picked up a Harrow Deck at the Paizo booth for me. I actually think its kind of interesting and, as a Varisian, it would make sense for me culturally to seek out a reading before we left (though you'd have to interpret the results; it would be very vague if I had to do it); is that a possibility?. I even thought about starting out with a Harrow deck since it requires no skill or feat to do a reading but I was afraid it might bog things down if people asked for readings too often plus they cost 100gp to buy anyways.

It's hard to say how later chapters of the AP will deal with loot, but I always modify treasure parcels to accommodate my players. Item creation amidst rigorous travel would be difficult, but (without saying too much) the caravan does make periodic stops. I wouldn't think focusing on crafting would get much more in the way of things than in your average game. I won't discourage it, though I reserve the right to bump up the CR of encounters...


Sir Jolt:
I like the idea. Will the Harrow Deck rules in the Inner Sea World Guide be sufficient for me giving an interpretation?

Okie. Well, I wasn't planning on crafting with Lisabett, but I figured I should ask anyway, just in case.

Welcome, Sorin. My husband played a Samuraladunk (Samurai flavored paladin/monk) in Serpent Skull who was a Warrior of the Holy Light. Was pretty neat, I thought. I am looking forward to seeing a paladin of Shelyn in play, since they're incredibly rare.

Sovereign Court


Hi all, I'm at a funeral today but I will have a profile for alezandaru up by tomorrow-it will just be a copy paste with tweaks anyway so s'all good.

I'm sorry to hear that, AK. Take as much time as you need.

I've got to head to bed, but I'll post some more information tomorrow, mostly detailing how I'd like to handle a few things in game. Since I am sure you are curious about the start date, however, I will say that I'm shooting for Wednesday.

Looking forward to playing with you all.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Ok about the caravan role. I think I could take the role of a scout too if needed (survival check +4), I'll do whatever we think is needed the most. Btw can you see my character sheet? I've had problems in other games so I'd like to confirm people can see it.

For DM Hamied:
As for equipment, I find gunslinger a class who really depends on equipment, so any help in that department would really be appreciated. Personally I'll be saving for an alkenstar revolver (IF it can be found), because the cost and the problems of recharging a pistol are quite annoying at low levels (for example I'had to invest 70% of my starting 175gp in powder and bullets, and I have 10 of them)

Alexander Kilcoyne - I am sorry for your loss.

DM Hamied:
How do you feel about players including background NPCs as flavor in their posts? My RotRL character basically kicked off our social RP at the Swallowtail festival by assisting some children in their play by using prestidigitation to create a really minor illusion of a dragon to slay. Lisabett might pick up and carry a tired child on her back, or teach a group of them how to navigate by the stars some evening. I shouldn't think any of these will be named NPCs but since they are your domain, I thought that I would ask.

I will get my sheet updated later today to include encumbrance with my equipment and what measure of starting gold I did not spend.

I'm not going to worry about caravan roles quite yet, unless I have to.
I see that more than one PC can fill a role, and can fill different roles on diferent days.

And while I didn't build Raziel with caravan duties in mind, I do always figure that the first 3 levels are for fill-in of skills that you should have, but don't because you don't start out with enough points. For Raziel, that would include Alchemy (for potions), Heal (somehow it awlays ends up being a fill-in for me when playing someone who heals), and Knowledge and Linguist skills.

I can see your character sheet just fine. And don't worry about equipment. I will make sure you have the opportunity to improve your gear, both through what is available for purchase and what you might find on your travels. Firearms are very new to Golarion (and you should be prepared for strong reactions from NPCs about the fact that you have one, particularly when you fire it), but they are also being traded to all corners of the world, albeit in small amounts.

As for ammunition cost, you can purchase ammunition as if you had crafted it with your Gunsmithing feat (10% cost).

I welcome you including background NPCs in your posts. Keep in mind that I may take up roleplaying them as well, given the situation. While I would prefer if you steered clear of dictating what major NPCs do, I very much want you to interact with them, verbally and physically (that perhaps goes without saying).

Okay, I'm posting a list of what trained skills are in the party, including what the highest modifier is (and who has it):

Acrobatics: +7 (Alezandru)
Bluff: +4 (Alezandru)
Climb: +4* (Almar)
Craft (Alchemy): +5* (Almar)
Diplomacy: +8 (Raziel)
Disable Device: +8 (Alezandru)
Escape Artist: +7 (Alezandru)
Knowledge (Arcana): +6 (Lisabett)
Knowledge (Nature): +6 (Lisabett)
Knowledge (Nobility): +5 (Sorin)
Knowledge (Religion): +5 (Raziel)
Perception: +7 (Raziel)
Ride: +7* (Almar)
Sense Motive: +6 (Raziel)
Sleight of Hand: +7 (Alezandru)
Spellcraft: +6 (Lisabett)
Stealth: +7 (Alezandru)
Survival: +7* (Almar)
Swim: +5 (Alezandru)

This list is trained skills only. A few of you have untrained skills that still have a decent modifier. Some of you overlap on skills (Diplomacy, Survival and Spellcraft), but as those are skills that are definitely worth overlapping.

I mostly want to give you a sense of what the party specializes in, skill wise. I'm not trying to say "Hey, you guys, swap around your skills!". I leave it entirely up to you if you want to adjust your current trained skills, and once play begins, how to utilize your strengths and overcome any gaps the party might have.

* Almar, I think your character sheet isn't accounting for the +3 bonus for being trained in a class skill. I've added them here, factoring in your armor check penalty.

This will all sound redundant to AK, as it is literally cut and paste from my Carrion Crown Discussion Thread.

I'd like to clarify the difference between the discussion thread and the campaign thread. I'm not introducing anything revolutionary; the two threads will function as they do in just about any other play-by-post. I'm mostly bringing it up as a point of reference.

Campaign Thread

This is our main story thread. This is where I will post the campaign narrative, and where your characters will come to life. There are a few conventions I would like to see observed in the campaign thread, many of which are probably familiar to you already:

Please indicate what your character says aloud by using bold text."Quotation marks are optional."

Use italics to denote what your character is thinking to themselves.*

When you are speaking out of character, please use light blue text.

Use the normal text when describing what your character is doing, how he/she looks, etc.

*I know some players prefer not to use interior monologue at all, as they would rather indicate their character's thoughts in words and actions. I leave this choice up to you on an individual basis. Every roleplayer has their own approach.

I should say that I'm not going to police the thread and correct you in accordance with the posting guidelines above. I know some of you have an alternate method, and that's generally okay as long as its clear what your character is doing/saying.

When you are posting on the campaign thread, please post on the alias that represents your character, even if it's an out of character post. Additionally, please keep your character sheet updated to the best of your ability. I will be keeping my own tally of hit points and status effects, but I will refer to your character sheets frequently.

I don't plan on using an alternative dice rolling system, as I like the one built in to these boards. Is everybody clear on how to use the BBCode dice expression? If not, I'm happy to go over it. If you post a dice expression and then see that you've gotten a result that requires another roll (suck as to confirm a critical hit), you can do the secondary roll in your original post (via edit) or in a separate post. I have no preference, as long as it's clear why you're rolling.

All rolls will take place in the campaign thread: initiative, skills, attacks, hit points (upon leveling), etc. On the occasion that I roll secretly (i.e. for some Perception checks), I will include a spoiler entitled GM Screen. This is mostly for my personal reference, but it's also to demonstrate that there are rolls happening to support my side of the narrative. That said, I would prefer players didn't "look behind the screen".

When you post, don't hesitate to make a roll that you might use. Don't feel the need to wait for me to call for it. If you want to use Sense Motive on the smiling horse trader, go ahead and roll. It's possible that whatever skill you use won't be relevant, but when in doubt, be proactive and roll anyway.

This goes beyond dice. While part of my job is to set the pace of the story and to narrate events, you are the principle characters. Don't be afraid to take minor liberties with what's happening around your character. What I don't want to happen is to have everybody sitting around waiting for somebody else to do something.

On that note, I would like to keep things moving briskly, so I will forward things when I feel the pace has dipped. I never want to step on somebody's roleplaying, so if it's really important for your character to undertake something complicated, it might be best to indicate that you're putting a great deal of focus on a particular task. That way, I can give you the room you need to fulfill it to your satisfaction.

I am looking for character posts in the campaign thread at least once a day. Sometimes this can be more difficult, so if you're expecting that you won't be able to, let us know and we can adjust accordingly. It's always okay to take some time away from the game. Just keep the group informed.

Discussion Thread

This thread is for everything else. I call it a discussion thread instead of an out-of-character thread for two reasons:

1) I have no problem with game relevant out of character chat in the campaign thread.
2) The discussion thread isn't necessarily restricted to game/character related stuff.

Rules questions and talk of character builds, party synergy, bookkeeping, etc. should take place here. I have no preference for which alias you use in this thread.

I don't require people to post in the discussion thread with the same frequency that they post in the campaign thread. It is a good idea for players to check it out periodically, however, as game relevant conversation will happen.

I am perfectly fine with off-topic discussion, but it must be respectful. Obviously, anything prohibited by Paizo's messageboard policies is off-limits here. Beyond that, I generally like to keep politics out of things as that can prove a hot button for many people (myself included). Additionally, if any player indicates they are uncomfortable with a given topic, I will ask that we drop it immediately out of courtesy.

Please do not post personal information here. I don't mean that you can't talk about what's going on in your life, but please don't post your home address, or links to photos...anything like that.

To summarize appropriate uses of the two threads:

Campaign Thread
Campaign Narrative
Character Posts
Game Relevant Out-of-Character Posts
Dice Rolls
Minor Rules Questions (i.e. Did you add a +1 morale bonus to that roll?)

Discussion Thread
Caravan Information
Coordinating Character Building/Advancement
Major Rules Questions (i.e. How do we handle item creation while the caravan is travelling?)


I plan to roll initiative myself, as a time saving measure. Once I've rolled it, I will list the initiative order and we will proceed to take our turns, in order. I really prefer to go by initiative order, even if it can be slower, because I really hope to avoid: "if this happens, I do this...if this happens, I actually do this instead". Some of that is always okay, but actions in combat can be very conditional, so I'd like to move through it one step at a time. If this hurts the pace of the game, I may reconsider it. I'm always open to feedback.

When your turn comes up, you will have 24 hours (from the timestamp of the last post) to indicate your action and roll any necessary dice. Please include both attack and damage rolls. Also, always check to see if you need to confirm a critical hit once you've posted and the results of your rolls are known.

Battlefield Placement
I not currently planning to post combat maps in this game. I really do enjoy the tactical element of Pathfinder, but while moving miniatures around on a battle mat at a table rarely spoils immersion, I'm less keen on "I move through D7, D8 and D9 and then diagonally down into E10 so I don't provoke an attack of opportunity". With that said, I think more and more about what combat would be like with maps, and I am looking into the possibility. I will keep you posted on this.

Because there are maps included in the Jade Regent AP, I will have a specific layout (measured in 5 foot squares) in mind for most encounters. Rather than have you dictate your specific position on a grid, I'd rather have players tell me what their character does in combat and I will move them accordingly. I will keep tactical movement in mind, and will never have you walk into a position where you are flanked, or have you provoke attacks of opportunity, unless you specify otherwise (i.e. I really need to get behind the oni. I'll move past him and risk the attack of opportunity).

These rules may be different from other play-by-post games you've been a part of, but I would like to follow them as discussed above, at least to start. I am always prepared to receive criticism and adjust things accordingly.

If you wish to give feedback, this thread is the best place to do so.

Would you like us to detail untrained skills in a separate section of the character sheet, so you can be sure we're not taking liberties? For example, Lisabett's untrained bluff roll is only at +3, I know this because she has a 3 in her charisma modifier and hasn't trained the skill, or is that just more stuff you don't want to have to read?

Lisabett Erikkson wrote:
Would you like us to detail untrained skills in a separate section of the character sheet, so you can be sure we're not taking liberties? For example, Lisabett's untrained bluff roll is only at +3, I know this because she has a 3 in her charisma modifier and hasn't trained the skill, or is that just more stuff you don't want to have to read?

No, I trust you. The list above is intended mostly a reference as you all figure out party synergy.

I have spewed forth a great deal of text, which I hope isn't too headache inducing. I intend to hop back into this thread this afternoon with some story related questions for each character.

One quick note: I am still planning to start up the campaign thread tomorrow, but you will have through the weekend to tweak your characters.

Excellent. I am very excited to get started. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Quick question DM Hamied on leveling up...

How do you do HP?
Do we roll and take what we get? (common way)
Do we have a choice of rolling or taking 1/2+1 die HP? (not as common, but I've seen it used)
Do we roll and take either the roll or take a minimum of 1/2+1 die of HP? (another uncommon set-up, but one that I've seen used also)
Or do you have some other variant that I've not seen yet? (not that that's a bad thing, I just haven't seen it yet)

For hit points, you'll roll your hit die. If the total is below 1/2, you may reroll (as many times as is needed).

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

Just as a point of interest, I will always post in my alias; it's just too confusing otherwise. It also provides easy access to my character sheet.

DM Hamied:
The Inner Sea World Guide is, unfortunately, useless for actually performing a Harrow. It mainly deals with the magical aspects; like the Prestige Class. The Wiki is much better.

Here's the link to the list of all the card with suit, alignment and general meaning: Harrow Cards

Here's the link to the Harrow in general but by the time it gets down to performing a harrowing it seems as if the writer lost interest as it becomes vague and confusing: Harrowing

I would recommend reading the second link first (it isn't long) and then going to the first link and just reading the descriptions of the suits and what they apply to. The card descriptions can be read if they come up. Then, I would read the rest of my post below.

Here's how it's really done:
» A single question is asked (up to 9 people can get a reading from that one single question)
» The DM determines which suit (attribute) best represents the question - the Harrow card list gives guidleines on this
» The 9 cards from that suit are pulled from the deck and each questioner randomly picks one. This is done simply to determine each character's "role" in the Harrowing; making a note of who drew what card.
» All the cards are gathered and the entire deck reshuffled.
» 9 cards are dealt face-up in a 3x3 grid
» The first column/file of the grid represents lawful and the past, the second represents neutrality and the present and the third chaotic and the future.
» The top row/rank represents good and positive outcomes, the middle neutrality and unsure outcomes and the bottom evil and negative outcomes.
» So the grid kind of looks like this:


Postitive.......LG ...............NG ....................CG

Uncertainty... LN ..............N......................CN


» Only certain cards are important to the reading with the past being read first, then the present and then the future. At least one card from each colum must be interpreted but more can be.
» If a character's "role" card appears, it must be interpreted. If the alignment of the card matches the alignment of the grid square it's in, that's a true match and must be interpreted. If the alignment of the card is in the diametrically opposite alignment spot on the grid, that's an opposite match and must be interpreted (the last can only happen with the 4 corner cards, where both alignment sets are opposite). The DM can interpret other cards if he wishes. In the case of the "role" card, the interpretation applies most strongly to the person who had that role.
»If the DM wishes to interpret more cards, or if none of the above occured (no role, true or opposite matches) then partial matches are looked for in each colum; where one alignment matches but the other does not.
»If none of the above occured, or he wishes to continue interpreting, the DM can interpret whichever cards he wishes but must still pick at least one per column
» If an evil card appears in the good row ("misaligned" is the term they use), it should be given a positive interpretation. Likewise, if a good card appears in the evil row, it should be given a negative one. Law appearing in chaos (or the other way around) doesn't mean anything.

It's up to the DM what mechanical or story effects (if any) the reading has.

All the tenses (past, present and future) that are interpreted apply, in some way, to the question asked but may reference things and events the character knows nothing about. For example, an indication of a past tragedy could refer to the character's father being murdered even though the character thought (and still thinks) he died in his sleep.

In the example harrowing they give with the deck, the fortune-teller doesn't bother to interpret any cards that aren't at least partial matches. Of course, in the example, all 3 columns had at least one partial match or better. Also, no matter how many people ask the question, they all get the same reading. The only exception to that is if a character's "role" card appears and that only applies to the one card. The fortune-teller isn't required to immediately interpet the cards, they can "think about it" for awhile but an answer is supposed to be given in a few days at most.

If you allow the harrowing, I'd like to draw the cards if that's okay. Also, how many in the group are going to ask the question has to be determined. But if you don't want to bother with it, that's fine too.

Okay, I'd like to get everybody's backgrounds aligned with the beginning of the campaign. Alezandru, Raziel and Sorin have all been in Sandpoint for a long while now. Almar and Lisabett have just arrived with Sandru's caravan (Koya has been traveling with the caravan as well), which has come from Korvosa via the smaller settlements lying along the lowland waters that run down from the Storval Plateau. Here are some ideas I have for your respective entries into the campaign, presented as a brief narrative. Please let me know if they work for you, and if not, what you would change:

When the caravan arrives, you are having a drink in the Rusty Dragon, gazing at Ameiko from behind your mug of beer. She is going over Tien letters with Sorin Nicusor. You don't know the man that well, but you are familiar with his propensity for singing and his worship of the goddess Shelyn. He's not very good at pronouncing Tien. Not as good as you are, anyway.

The tavern door opens, and a parade of tired travelers enters. Ameiko turns and her face lights up with a radiant smile. "Sandru!"

The Tian man, clad in black, has evaded you yet again. You have chased him for well over a year now. Exhausting as your constant travel has proven, his trail has been easy to follow from the beginning, for he is well remembered in every town he visits. You witnessed him to be a murderer, but he is a lecher and a glutton as well. Always, citizens of the communities he has passed through speak of a man of insatiable appetites. A man who has ravaged brothel and tavern alike.

You would have thought that the hardened people of Trunau, surrounded by the bloodthirsty orcs of Belkzen, would not be easy victims, but he is said to have raped its women and stopped its men's hearts with a mysterious and hideous artifact. You followed him to Korvosa, eager to chance upon the Varisian caravan he was said to be seeking. The one that took you on as a hireling was not the same, however. Even still, his carnal wake was as obvious as ever.

Until now. The Pixie's Kitten is Sandpoint's only brothel, and the women within are entirely unaware of the man you have been tracking. You have erred in your chase. He has not been here. You head to the Rusty Dragon, the inn where Sandru went the moment the caravan pulled in to town. You must be on the road again soon. You were so close; the Tian man in black cannot evade you. Not after all this time. Not after what he has done.

The mercenaries had taken you deeper into Varisia than you had originally thought. Long had you been waiting to cross the Varisian border, but the men made no mention of it when you did. Perhaps they wished to have your talents in their service for a while longer. Perhaps they were simply terrible navigators.

You had just emerged from the Ashwood when you heard word of the undermanned caravan ahead. It was then that you traded the shackles of the unscrupulous mercenaries for those of Sandru and his caravan. Though you have known in your heart that you made the right decision, The dream that Desna sent you was much more than welcome reassurance.

You had just finished giving thanks to Desna at the Sandpoint Cathedral when you witnessed a priest bolt from Sarenrae's shrine out the heavy, oaken doors, leaving a stunned clergyman of Desna behind him. The man who smiled at you a minute ago when you entered turned, his face contorted in confusion. "I hope Koya is as glad to see you, Brother Holheim..."

You are finishing a devotional to the Dawnflower at the Sandpoint Cathedral when you hear word of the caravan's arrival, and you rush out seeking Koya. She had left Sandpoint months ago without so much as a word to you, accompanying the caravan east to Korvosa on the very same day that her mother died. Though she has regularly traveled the well-known route with Sandru for years, you had certainly not expected her to leave before the funeral had happened. The incident had become another lesson in the strange ways of Desnans.

By the time you had found out, it was too late to follow. Were you breaking your promise to Niska Mvashti? Since Koya has been gone, you have been heartsick and fearful, sure that some ill fate would befall the elderly daughter of your dear friend. But Father Zantus says that she has returned safely, and that she has gone with Sandru and his comrades to the Rusty Dragon for some hard earned refreshment. You head to the inn with due haste.

It's a quiet afternoon in Sandpoint, despite the fearful talk of goblins and fireworks that has pervaded the town for the last two weeks. Ameiko sits behind the counter at the Rusty Dragon, across from you. A moment ago, she indicated that there is a bounty on goblins for the first time in years and quietly dared you to look into it. Before you could form any kind of answer, she pulled out a scroll with Tien characters and began your day's lesson.

A lesson that is interrupted as the door of the tavern swings open. Ameiko's face goes from surprise to joy. "Sandru!"

DM Hamied:

Looks good to me. Just want to clarify one point, though, is Koya joining me in worship at the cathedral?
Essentially, Holheim is excited to see the old Desnan priestess beside Lisabett, correct?

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Thanks for the clarifications DM Hamied. I updated my character sheet (and as I can't change the negs for armor where it's wrong I reduced the misc. mod so to provide correct results).

DM Hamied:
Perfect. Almar will be in a hurry to get the caravan moving asap... :D

Lisabett Erikkson wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I don't think I made it very clear. No, Koya has presumably gone to the Rusty Dragon with Sandru. The priest you saw leaving quickly likely went there to seek her.

DM Hamied:

Thanks for the clarification. I will keep that in mind when I am thinking on an introductory post.

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

DM Hamied:
As I've been/lived in Sandpoint for awhile, can I assume I know the other major NPC's by name and face if nothing else. Would I have already had the chance to start a relationship with any of the others? Any relationship with Shandru would be, at least at the beginning, a rivalry; Sorin's heard the same stories everyone else has. He might know Zoya through religious connections and Sorin would like her. I doubt he would have met met Shalelu in more than passing. As my score with them would only be 3 it makes little mechanical difference at this point.

Are you going to keep track of our XP seperately? The relationship scores grant XP bonuses and I'm already at the friendship level with Ameiko (my score is 7). I admit, I'm not fond of the 'XP for relationship' mechanic as it encourages metagame relationship building for something that should be pure story, IMO, (not to mention the possibility of a character advancing earlier than others simply because they've developed more relationships) so I won't be sad if you're not using that. But if you are that's fine, I was just curious.

Sorin Nicusor wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Okay, I think I understand how a Harrowing works. Just to make'll draw the cards and phrase the question and I'll interpret the results through the descriptions of the various cards?

You can assume that Sorin knows the four major NPCs and just about everybody else in town (including Alezandru and Raziel), though maybe he isn't as fast with the names of the girls in the Pixie's Kitten...

I hate that the relationships are tied to XP, so I'm striking that. To be honest, I don't usually hand out XP in my games; I instead track the characters' progress myself and tell them when they level. That way, its not only easier for me to keep XP entirely even between PCs, but I can ensure that they are advancing appropriately even if they don't happen to open door x or research fact y. I've yet to bring that up in this thread because I think that model might prove a little problematic with this AP. There might be appeal for the players in just keeping the caravan moving, and I would like there to be some incentive to explore (that isn't piles and piles of treasure).

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm thinking on it, and will ask opinions in this thread before making a final ruling. The most important thing to me is that I'm running the kind of game that my players want to play. If anybody is particularly against a house rule, I'm inclined to go with the default. After all, Paizo knows more about designing game mechanics than I do! :)

Male Human Gunslinger 03

Personally I'm in favor of DM freedom. The DM role is to provide a challangening and interesting experience that's fun for everyone (he included), I tend to think to many rules detailing everything reduce fun and promote endless discussions.

DM Hamied:
Yes, that start-up works for me just fine.

A few other things about Raziel's motivations. Being sent here at a young age, Raziel ended up going from a busy city to the quiet town.
He missed the activity of Magnamar, and he was a bit isolated (all his friends were back in Magnamar, after all).
All this means that Raziel is ready to go on some sort of adventure. His close contact with Koya has also made him aware that he might never have such adventures.
That is why he goes to the Rusty Dragon to listen to adventure stories and Ameiko, and watches for Shalelu and Sandru. They are his connections with adventure (since it doesn't look like they will happen to him).

HP 45/45, AC- 18, Touch- 14, Flat- 14, CMD- 21, Fort- +6, Ref- +9, Will- +2, Percep- +7, Init- +4

Intro works for me. Profile up and ready :)

Okay, I think we're ready to get started then. I will begin work on the first campaign post shortly. I should first mention, however, that even though your characters all have strong motivation to follow a caravan on an extremely long journey, the reason for that journey will not have surfaced at the beginning of the campaign (for most of you, anyway). There is a prelude, of sorts.

I would like to start the narrative, but I still owe you a Harrowing reading. Are you okay doing it in the next few days with the story already begun?

Excellent timing. I just finished my homework for my campaign.

And so it begins...

It may be already apparent, but I've really taken to the villain you included in your background. Rest assured he is not just going to disappear into the ether now that he's provided an excuse for you to travel to Sandpoint. He is already being fleshed out and will be part of the campaign.

Good good. I always appreciate knowing a character's motives a little better. The better to hook you with...

Ameiko is 22 years old. I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner on her age (I know you want Sorin to be in the same range).

Male Human (Varisian) Paladin of Shelyn (Warrior of the Holy Light) 3

DM Hamied:
That's pretty much how the harrowing works. We can do the harrowing whenever you want; there's no hurry. Timewise, it probably wouldn't even occur to Sorin to seek one until it was almost time to leave Sandpoint anyways.

I'm glad that you're dumping the relationship XP thing. I'm kind or surprised Paizo went that route at all, to be honest.

I agree about leveling everyone at the same time. Waaaay back in 1E, I ran the original Dragonlance modules (before it became its own setting) and the characters played the pregens (which the modules pretty much assume you're going to do) and we never had to keep track of XP because the modules updated everything on their own. It was amazing what a difference that made not having to keep track of that. From then on, in any game where we could get away with ignoring XP tracking (or whatever equivalent) we would do so.

Let's say that Sorin is also 22.

Dice Rawlin', don't mind me:
Random Age1d6 ⇒ 1

Recognized I hadn't bothered to give Lisabett an age... It was rather silly of me.

Also I don't know where Sorin is in relation to Lisabett, otherwise I would describe how she looks better. I tend to think of taverns as not having a good amount of light to see people perfectly by, like restaurants they want to keep it neutral and less... overtly public.

Male Human Gunslinger 03

DM Hamied:
Thanks! I couldn't have asked nothing more! I love when a campaign incorporates BGs in a complex tapestry... and I really want to have words with that man in black... :D

Now that most of the PCs have been up and moving, you've been able to get a good sense of what each other look like. It's certainly appropriate to include a description of your character (and I see that Lisabett did...good stuff).

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