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JaceDK's Realm of the Fellnight Queen (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob Trier

"That fell creature sought to twist our minds, remove our souls, and make us forget what we are, rendering us into nought but crude beasts."
- Jervaise Toppington, Steel Falcon of Andoran

Hello everyone,

After some good experiences as a player in several PbP's here on the boards, I have decided to try my luck as a GM. I have some RL GM experience, but this will be my first run with a PbP.

Any interested players should read the following post carefully and post an application that includes ALL of the requested information.

I have chosen to run the module Realm of the Fellnight Queen, by RPG Superstar Neil Spicer. The party is a group of five, starting at 7th level. Stats will be 20 point buy build, two traits and wealth-by-level gear (23,500 gp). There will also be two backup slots in case any players drop.

Characters may be built using the Core Rules + the APG. Other sources are subject to GM approval. Third party and playtest material are not allowed.

I expect to post at least once per day, and would like my players to do the same. I will provide players with my e-mail and MSN, and encourage you to use them if you have any questions or comments. Any absence should be reported to me, so I can run your character if you are unable to post for a longer period. Failure to post for extended periods of time without advanced warning is grounds for dismissal.

I'm in timezone GMT+1 (Denmark).

The module starts with the PC's being invited to the wedding of the retired half-elf ranger Elyin Ursage in the town of Bellis in the Verduran Forest in Andoran. Players are encourage to include a connection to Elyin in their background, something significant enough to warrant an invitation to the wedding.

I will be reviewing applications as they come in, and make my final selection on Saturday March 5th at 12PM GMT+1, assuming I have a healthy selection to choose from. This is not first come, first served - please take your time with your applications.

Instructions for character concept application

  • Post your character concept in a single spoilered post
  • Your concept should include race, class, alignment, personality, motivations, aspirations and a brief background (including the reason for being invited to the wedding).
  • You are welcome to post a full build, but I am mainly interested in seeing good, strong character concepts that showcase good RP potential.
  • Please include your time zone.

    If there are any questions, please let me know. I look forward to seeing your character concepts.

  • Good luck with your pbp! Always good to have more DMs.

    I am interested in joining

    Loren silverleaf is the youngest son of a noble family, he is a bit of a child prodigy having finished his apprecticship before reaching the age of 100, he is friendly and outgoing but can be a bit condesending to non elves, Loren wants to have some fun and grow in power,But loren also passionately despises evil and oppresson in all forms and will go out of his way to help people.

    Loren is 5ft 6 with black hair and brown eyes
    he is dressed in normal looking travellers clothes
    when fully outfitted he wears a sword and dagger, wears a light green cloak, brown trousers and a black top and black boots, he tries not to look like a wizard,
    his older brother had a scandlous affair with a human....

    and the result was Elyin Ursage, Loren is the only member of his family who has any contact with Elyin and is the only one cominng to the wedding.

    I am considering an Elven NG conjurer specialist with an Agathion, Silvanshee familar (if you will allow it!)
    I am in zone GMT 0 and can post once a day weekdays and sometimes on weekend (this is partly an old character concept that i did not get to use)

    Sovereign Court

    I would be interested in this :-)

    Jervaise Toppington, LN Fighter 1 / Rogue 4 / Eagle Knight 2:

    Jervaise Toppington is a hulking, middle-aged half-elf with tanned, leathery skin and close-cropped gray hair. Although he has a face that is a web of scar-tissue, which would look more at home on a battle-field than in a ballroom, he dresses impeccably in well-tailored clothing, and has a weakness for fine jewelry that also serves a functional purpose, like his favorite gorget, which is encrusted with garnets.

    Despite his rather intimidating (if a little incongruous) appearance, Jervaise knows how to turn on the charm with quiet ease, and has a knack for getting people to share their stories...

    The product of a brief tryst between a visiting Elven drill instructor and one of the local lasses, Jervaise' early years were never easy; he was slower to mature than most of the local youths, who picked on him for his pointed ears, and somewhat effeminate features. However, over time, he grew into his massive frame, and when the recruiters came through the region, looking for fresh blood for the armies of the Republic, he was quickly snapped-up.

    Jervaise spent the next few decades fighting for liberty, and the freedom to self-determination, becoming a career soldier in the armies of the Republic. He discovered that he had a particular knack for dealing with people, and an eye for detail that led him to train many of the Republic's best scouts. It was whilst doing this that he came in contact with Elyin Ursage, another half-elf instructor used by the Republic to train its new recruits (who in Jervaise's eye seemed to get greener every year). The two became fast friends, even if they came from slightly different worlds, and when their rotations came to an end, they managed to keep in touch on a semi-regular basis by sending letters via military channels.

    Jervaise is a fervent Andoran patriot, who firmly believes in the sovereign right of the Republic to determine its own future, and protect its borders against its war-like, less enlightened neighbors.

    To that end, he has made a career out of ferreting-out traitors to the republic, and returning them to the capital for trial. "I bring 'em back alive" is both his watch-word, and a source of great personal pride.

    Although he is quite willing to, and more than capable of, using strong-arm tactics to achieve his goals, he prefers an approach with a tad more finesse, and specializes in old-fashioned information gathering - in his experience, breaking bones does produce results, but coaxing people to hand-over information of their own free will tends not to produce enemies...

    ...However, when someone deliberately and willfully gets in the way of his pursuit of justice, the gloves come off...

    I am GMT+10

    Grand Lodge

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    I was in a brief run of Fellknight Realm on these boards when the DM abruptly packed it in. and I'd like to continue with the character I'd created for it.

    The character was adapted from this background, I'd be more than willing to backtrack her level back to 7.

    The DM of the time changed the idenity of the Witch of the Veiled Leaves to Rhoswen. but I never got around to editing the profile.

    About two centuries ago, the elf known only as the Witch of the Veiled Leaves had decided that the time had come for he to consider an heir to her Craft. Unsure of where she should seek an apprentice, she went to an oracle dwelling deep within the woods of her homeland to seek an omen. She was a bit more than startled by the terse pronouncement she was given.

    “Pass your Craft to a child of you and that of a seventh son.” Elven couples are not known for large families, having much more than one or two children was considered remarkable, a brood as large as seven all of one gender unheard of. But getting no answers, she went off to ponder and search.

    The weeks went rapidly to months, the years to decades. But at long last Astraia would find the destined father of her child. He was young, virile, and handsome. There was just one little problem…. He was Human.

    Astraia had no intention of binding herself to a Human, but there was no other way of fulfilling the oracle’s mandate and she was leery of trying to defy so specific an omen. Fortunately their had been no specification of marriage, and her natural beauty and magical charms proved more than adequate to the task at hand. She kept him a virtual prisoner of passion for the three days of the full moon until she was satisfied that she had what she needed from him and then disappeared leaving nothing behind but memories that were more like very erotic dreams.

    Her body took its course and she gave birth to a half-human girl whom she raised in secret not wanting to face the shame of her mixed progeny. Praise was rare and bitterly earned and her human heritage was frequently drawn up whenever Ylera’s progress fell short of her mother’s expectations. But she did show a surprising affinity for the Craft and in a surprisingly short time, she had come to a sufficient mastery that Astraia deemed her offspring ready to start her destined path.

    Warned never to seek her mother out actively, Ylera was told in no uncertain terms that she would spend her life both child and stranger to the two worlds of her heritage. That she would live with society but always be apart from it. Taking her mother’s advice, she has made her dwelling within the woods, on the fringes of human settlement. She puts her mudane skills in the valuable role of midwife, serving as healer to those who can not afford the services of a cleric for their ills and assisting in childbirth, frequently taking barter for the payment of her services.

    Relationships and Interaction

    Ylera allows others to think of her as Human not even speaking elvish to elves although she understands the language fluently, she retains the violet eyes of her mother, but her more distinctive elven feature, the ears are kept hidden beneath her raven tresses and a hooded cloak that she is never seen without. While she is supportive and engaging with her patients, she is frequently aloof and distant. If you're looking for a media model, think of Raven in the Teen Titans.

    Luke_Parry wrote:

    I would be interested in this :-)

    ** spoiler omitted **...

    I really like the concept, but unfortunately I don't own a copy of neither the Campaign Setting or the Andoran sourcebook, and as such don't have the info on the Eagle Knight prestige class.

    Is there any way I can read up on the class other than buying the books?

    JaceDK wrote:
    Luke_Parry wrote:

    I would be interested in this :-)

    ** spoiler omitted **...

    I really like the concept, but unfortunately I don't own a copy of neither the Campaign Setting or the Andoran sourcebook, and as such don't have the info on the Eagle Knight prestige class.

    Is there any way I can read up on the class other than buying the books?


    I found the Steel Falcon prestige class in the archives of Nethys. I assume this is the Eagle Knight class you are referring to. If so, I have no problems with it. I also have the Andoran: Spirit of Liberty dataset for HeroLab, so I can use that to check the stats on your build.

    You should be aware that Steel Knight requires you to be good, so you will have to change your alignment from LN.

    This. Is. Tempting.

    I've been telling myself not to add any pbp, but I've been waiting for someone to run this one in particular. Plus, single adventures are soooo much better than an AP pbp which can go on forever. Okay, I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head. Let me see what I can come up with, and I'll post something soon . . . maybe that crazy madbomber dwarf alchemist I've had in mind.

    Enjoy. Wrote this today. I'm GMT +5


    Valian the Instrument.

    Human Rogue 5/Assassin 2
    Neutral Evil

    “And having taken this for his opportunity, he had him placed in the square one morning, in two pieces with a piece of wood and a bloody knife beside him. The ferocity of which spectacle left those peoples at once satisfied and stupefied” ~Niccolo Machiavelli

    “What is it to rage? It is to be ferocious without purpose. To rage is to let the body incline towards its natural violence without engaging the intellect and the will to power. Ferocity is the total integration of a mind and body fully committed to the violence at hand. Throw as many of the dice of Fate at him as you will; the ferocious prince, the assassin academic will defeat you every time, barbed abacus in hand...” ~Valian's Journal “On Power”

    Val and Ursage have been...acquaintances...for quite some time. The two used to spar in their youth, playing elaborate games of hide and seek that went far beyond the giggling foibles of their peers. Ursage only ever won by exploiting his ever deepening connection to his surroundings, Valian by guile or surprise.

    For Ursage, the games were fun, exercise for a natural prodigy in tracking and hunting. But for Valian the games had a deadly seriousness to them. As a student in Bellis, Valian had developed a characteristic disregard for the longstanding traditions of his peers. With a half-orc lumberjack for an adopted father and a Cheliaxian camp follower for a mother, he grew up placing little value on the ancient elvish customs.

    Although his teachers dismissed him as understandable eccentric, for an alien, his peers were less kind. Young elves hounded and bullied him mercilessly on his morning hunts with his dad. On the way home from school, elvish students from the elite universities would pelt him with blunt arrows or swoop in on him with wooden blades.

    And why wouldn't they? Only a year before his expulsion, Valian had exposed the slavery of “lesser races” among many supposedly noble houses of Bellis. How he obtained the information is the subject of stiffened jaws and wide eyes that never speak audibly. The social turmoil that ensued was intense, always boiling over just as the mayor seemed to have settled it again. He was finally exiled to the forest since jailing or suspending him always seemed to make the turmoil worse.

    Val has now returned to see the only person he could ever call “brother” get married. Simultaneous feelings of seething jealousy and a deep respect fight within his soul. The two emotions battle for the affections of the central force behind Valian's personality, ferocity.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

    Can't resist...

    I'd like to play Goodluck V'tong, a Mwangi Witch. Goodluck was born in Mwangi, and went to sea when he was 12. He's been on ships ever since, first as a sailor, then as a shaman when he bonded with his monkey companion, Chitters. However, he was forced to leave the sea when he fell out with his former lover and captain, Sarah Brightsky. Cap'n Brightsky was well known for two things: beauty and jealousy, and when Goodluck made the mistake of smiling a little too long at a pretty barmaid in port, Brightsky attempted to kill the barmaid and Goodluck, too. He fled into town, and eventually joined up with a group of adventurers. Seeking to give his beloved Captain time to cool down, he's been travelling on land ever since, but the ocean's in his blood.

    He's in town for the wedding of Elyin Ursage, who once saved his life during a long sea voyage. (Ursage slew a juvenile sea serpent who had his teeth in Goodluck at the time.) In an attempt to repay his debt, he's brought a special Mwangi charm that's supposed to ensure a long life and many sons.

    I'm in GMT -6.

    I'm East Coast U.S., so GMT-5? Here it is . . .

    Gareth Hillen is a (NG) dwarven alchemist who makes a living selling his wares out of a shop in the Andoran city of Carpenden and in travels to other towns throughout the region. From time to time, he has been known to adventure although he has trouble keeping companions. Burned long ago by one of his experiments, the left side of his face is well scarred extending up on to his scalp, and the social interactions due to it have left him a gruff, unsociable and slightly unstable person. A little bigger than the average dwarf, Katic sports short red hair and a beard that is little more than a goatee. He is usually dressed in comfortable adventuring gear, and always has a bag slung across his shoulders.

    While recently travelling through the Verduran Forest, he was staying at an inn when he heard talk of the ensuing wedding. He injected himself into the conversation, much to the dismay of those engaged. When he woke the next morning, he found an invitation slipped under his door, the provider apparently hoping to embarrass him as a cruel prank. The joke, however, is that Gareth has known Elyin Ursage for a number of years, having regularly provided various items for adventuring needs.

    Sovereign Court

    JaceDK wrote:

    I found the Steel Falcon prestige class in the archives of Nethys. I assume this is the Eagle Knight class you are referring to. If so, I have no problems with it. I also have the Andoran: Spirit of Liberty dataset for HeroLab, so I can use that to check the stats on your build.

    You should be aware that Steel Knight requires you to be good, so you will have to change your alignment from LN.

    Good, that is where I would have recommended looking :-)

    As for the alignment, changing it should not be an issue.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

    James Martin wrote:

    Can't resist...

    ** spoiler omitted **

    I'm in GMT -6.

    Okay. I did some thinking and while I like the concept, I would probably change him to an Oracle of Waves, since witch didn't fit the concept like I wanted it to. I wanted more of a Voodoo priest of Gozreh feel, and witch didn't strike that quite well. So, he'd be an Oracle, probably with the Lame drawback, since the idea of a Voodoo priest with a twisted leg appeals to me greatly. Might still have a pet monkey, though. Because, well, monkeys are cool.

    RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

    I will most definitely post my character late tonight/early tomorrow morning!

    RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

    Levi's Application (Lokprakash):

    Name: Lokprakash the Enlightened
    Race: Vudrani-Half Elf
    Class: Summoner (Eidolon: Harapan, a biped humanoid elephant [based off of Ganesha from Hinduism])
    Alignment: LG, skewed toward NG.

    Lokprakash is a charming and handsome half-elf that fails to notice how charismatic he truly is. He is far more concerned with his studies, and is particularly interested in religion, history, magic, nobility, local customs, and the planes. Because of this he is somewhat socially awkward, yet manages to win people over with his smile and sparkling blue eyes.
    "Lok" is constantly getting himself into difficult situations due to his lack of wisdom and curiosity (and might be considered absent-minded), but always has his stern and protective Eidolon to rescue him.

    Lokprakash is a seeker of secrets first and foremost, and is constantly working on discovering new information. He is an active member of the Pathfinder Society, and seeks to one day be included in a Chronicle. He is constantly seeking new information, especially concerning the complex Vudrani Pantheon and magic.

    Lokprakash, meaning light of the world in Vudrani, is a Vudrani Half Elf. Born to a Vudrani mother, and fathered by an adventuring elf ranger, Lokprakash very much grew up in the dual world of being a half elf. He never quite fit into mainstream Vudrani society (but was never bullied or anything of the sort), but growing up in Vudra left him few opportunities to connect with his elven heritage. His father continued to adventure after his birth, and would send letters and of his and his half-sister's adventures (his sister being the half elf Elyin Ursage) back to Lokprakash and his mother. This inspired "Lok" to become an adventurer himself, and at a young age he was sent to Jalmeray to study magic. It was here he finally began to fit in, and here that he became a summoner. Upon graduating from one of the schools in Jalmeray Lokprakash traveled to Osirion and Absalom to continue his quest for knowledge. Lokprakash was contacted by the Pathfinder Society a mere three years ago.

    Lokprakash has been invited to the wedding as a family member of the bride, and her favorite nephew.

    I am completely willing to work on this background and swap stuff out and in to please you and create a great group. I through this information together in 10 minutes from ideas floating in my head, and I'd love to here back from you!

    Time Zone: GMT +6, GMT +5 (DLST)

    Great stuff already. Keep em coming.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

    Slight rejiggering of concept... Still an Human Male Oracle of Waves 7.

    Goodluck was born for the sea. He grew up in the Mwangi expanse, near the coast and spent much of his youth in canoes. When he was 10 he was taken on a merchant vessel as a cabin boy, and was instantly adopted by the crew, partly due to a birthmark of waves on his cheek, which was seen as a sign of Gozreh's favor. He learned the ropes, rising up the ranks to become an able seaman. However, when he was 16 he was knocked overboard during a violent storm. When he was fished out of the water, he was covered in barnacles, which ate into his flesh and could not be removed. The ship's witchdoctor pronounced them the cost of Gozreh's favor.

    As it turns out, they were. Goodluck began to exhibit a strange mastery of water, and the ability to see through the frequent mist and fog that rose over the sea. These powers increased, but the barnacles did as well, eating away at his flesh and giving him a horrid countenance that appears half-dead. However, his personality is strong and his presence shines through, giving him an odd magnetism.

    It was this magnetism that attracted the lovely captain of the Sea Wraith, Sarah Brightsky. Sarah seemed to think the barnacles only made him more of a fearsome consort, until he fell out of favor with her over a decision she made to sail into the Eye of Abendego. It was in this storm that Goodluck was nearly eaten by sea serpents, and would have died if it weren't for a passenger, a half-elf ranger named Elyin Ursage. Ursage gravely wounded the serpent that attacked Goodluck and drove it off. Goodluck swore he'd repay the debt of his life to Ursage, over Ursage's protests. When the ship reached dock, he left it, leaving behind a spurned lover and the seas, to accompany Ursage back to be married...

    I'm definitely open to changing anything as needed.

    For your consideration, Taecuss dyn Bru.


    Taecuss is a Chaotic Good Elven Bard.

    Things overheard when Taecuss showed up in town for Elyin’s wedding: “Oh gods, what’s he doing here?” Do you remember the last family gathering he showed up at?” “He says the trouble’s never his fault, but somehow its always there when he is.” “Yes, it’s never his fault.” “Why couldn’t he just stay away?” “Can you believe anything he says?” “He’s such a know-it-all.”

    Taecuss has always been well intentioned. It is just that in following his curiosity and trying to do the right thing, a lot of thing seem to go wrong. He was always been a lover of good stories as a child, and when he was old enough he set out to gather as many as he could, and make some up. As decade after decade passed, the stories Taecuss told and made up began to blur with his real life, and before he knew it most of the stories were about him, his travels and his exploits. Through it all, Tae has had several anchors on the truth, and his uncle Elyin is one of them. Though Taecuss is nearly three times older than Elyin, he is technically Elyin’s nephew, and Elyin, by far the more responsible of the two, treats him as such. No matter how far or how long Taecuss’s travels take, he always finds his way back to Elyin to catch up and stay in touch with a more normal life.

    I am in the Paizo time zone. (GMT -8, US Pacific Time).

    RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

    Thanks for nodding us about this in our other game thread, after careful consideration I don't think I can submit a character. I really want to, but with two kids in a household with two adult masters degree students, and after the tests I took this week, I think that the games I have going now are already stretching me a bit thin. If you end up needing someone down the line, hopefully no one will drop, but if something happens let me know and I might be able to submit something for you to consider then.

    For your consideration: Caelin Nyndel


    Caelin Nyndel
    Elf Ranger Infiltrator 7

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    “Caelin is a right jolly fellow. Over a flagon he’s as much fun as you could want in an elf: friendly, a good ear, quick with a laugh. But get him in the forest and it’s a diff’rnt story. He’ll sneak up on a pixie while she’s washing her underclothes before she even knows he’s under the trees.
    Not that she’s got anything to worry about. He knows the difference between the fey. There’s them that love this world and are right tolerant of those, like you and I, which walk it. It’s the others. Them’s the ones he can’t stand. Those that thirst after the First World. That get into your dreams and turn ‘em into nightmares, such that you never wake up. Those’re the ones that Caelin goes after.
    And I’ll tell you this, if I was doing anything that might hurt Caelin or his friends, or the good folk of the forest? Well, the last thing I’d want to see comin’ was him and his gods-awful sword. I’ve seen him worked up, and the look in his eye? It ‘bout put the life out of me.”

    Caelin Nyndel stalks the Verduran Forest in Andoran, alert to any threat to its rightful inhabitants. An apprentice and friend to Elyin Ursage, he has dedicated himself to the skills and knowledge necessary to protect this forest. For to him, it is the most wonderful place on Golarion. He has vowed to spend his long life savoring every glade, blade of grass, and grove. After many years of hard work, he is proud to be taking up the work left off by his accomplished mentor.

    Racial Options: Woodcraft replaces Elven Magic
    Class: Ranger with Infiltrator option and Two-Handed Weapon Combat Style
    Favored Enemies: Fey and Dragons
    Feats (including bonus): Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Scribe Scroll, Weapon Focus (greatsword)
    Primary Weapon: +1 cold iron greatsword

    Birthmark of Gozreh

    For your perusal:

    Kyras Acamen:
    Kyras Acamen Half-Elf NG Ranger 7

    Ever since Elyin found him stumbling through the woods as youth covered in bruises, blood, and dirt; he has looked up to the man who saved his life. Elyin taught him the bow, the sword, and the wild; yet he wasn't quite able to teach him how to trust everyone. Those he does however he would go to the Abyss and back for.

    Upon leaving Elyin's care he has been hunting. He doubts he will ever find those who actually raided and ransacked the village he had been born in. Most of his memories of the 'event' have faded for the most part. All he remembers is the shock of recognition on his parent's faces and them urging him to flee. And the screams. In the meantime he hunts those who would prey upon others, always wondering if the one is is talking to the one in his dreams.

    For Elyin, Kyras would do just about anything. Even so when the invitation to Elyin's wedding arrived, at the thought of being surround by so many people he did not know he knew a moment of dread. One never knew quite what someone was going to do, and what one didn't know is what would kill them. But for Elyin, he would go. If only to watch his back of course.

    I am at GMT-5 however most of my posting would be overnight.

    Dark Archive

    My Character Concept:

    Meycho, Adopted Halfling Inquisitor of Ketephys:
    Meycho never told anyone his real, halfling name, most likely because he never knew it or has forgotten it. Meycho was born into slavery in Cheliax, like so many other halflings. He doesn't remember when, as he doesn't know how old he is. Meycho would probably still be a slave, if it weren't for a half-elf ranger by the name of Elyin Ursage, who helped free the young halfling and several other slaves.

    Meycho, less than 15 years old at the time, was adopted by an elven family, worshipping Ketephys, and it didn't take long (certainly not in the eyes of the long-lived elves), before tales of Ketephys had sparked an interest in the young halfling, who decided to take the name of Ketephys' canine companion as his own.

    In the following years, Meycho learned woodcraft from an old cleric of Ketephys. Armed with these skills, he has since worked with the Bellflower Network to free other slaves and fight injustice wherever he found it.

    Meycho is horrified of being caught again, still having nightmares about his almost forgotten childhood. He's learnt several knacks that should keep him out of captivity, but this still hasn't done much to ease his mind.

    He's 3'1" and weighs 35 lbs, has long, curly, brown hair and hazel eyes and wears an elven chain mail, originally a mithril chain shirt that was resized for him, as well as a deep green cloak. He fights with a longbow or two daggers and has a hawk, named Falling Star, with whom he's developed a deep bond and an effective fighting technique.

    All right. Deadline's past. Some very good concepts to choose from.

    The chosen five:
    Jervaise Toppington, Half-elf male Fighter/Rogue/Steel Falcon (Luke_Parry)
    Goodluck V'tong, Human Male Oracle of Waves (James Martin)
    Taecuss, Chaotic Good Elven Bard. (markofbane)
    Caelin Nyndel, Elf Ranger Infiltrator 7 (ubertripp)
    Meycho, Adopted Halfling Inquisitor of Ketephys (Bruno Kristensen)

    Backup slots:
    Gareth Hillen (Billzabub)
    Lokprakash the Enlightened (Levis)

    Players, please post in the OOC thread as soon as possible.

    That's cool. A buddy of mine is about to start another pbp, and I shouldn't really be adding another anyway. Thanks, JaceDK, for the consideration. At the very least, you hopefully helped me exorcise that concept which has been pinging around in my head for some time now.

    Have fun with the game.

    RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

    JaceDK wrote:

    All right. Deadline's past. Some very good concepts to choose from.

    Backup slots:
    Gareth Hillen (Billzabub)
    Lokprakash the Enlightened (Levis)

    Thanks for considering me JaceDK! Also, my time zone is -6 GMT (Wisconsin), so if you end up needing me, let me know! Have fun, best of luck, and roll some 20s!

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