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JaceDK's Realm of the Fellnight Queen (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob Trier

"That fell creature sought to twist our minds, remove our souls, and make us forget what we are, rendering us into nought but crude beasts."
- Jervaise Toppington, Steel Falcon of Andoran

Current Characters


Female Elf Fighter 1 (weapon master)

played by Ansha (108 posts)
Caelin Nyndel

hp 79/79, AC 24/19/15, CMD 29, F: +11, R: +14, W: +12, init: +5, per: +15 Elf Ranger Infiltrator

played by ubertripp (393 posts)

hp 57/57, AC 25/16t/22ff, CMD 26, F: +5, R: +6, W: +8, init: +3, per: +8 Human (Mwangi) Oracle 8

played by ubertripp (21 posts)
Large Water Elemental
Goodluck K'tango

played by James Martin (222 posts)
Loris Raknian
Jervaise Toppington

Male Half-Elf Fighter 1 / Rogue (Scout/Thug) 4 / Steel Falcon 2 / Chevalier 1

played by Luke_Parry (243 posts)

Male Halfling Inquisitor 8

played by Bruno Kristensen (219 posts)

Taecuss dyn Bru

played by markofbane (419 posts)

Current NPCs


Storyteller extraordinaire

played by Jacob Trier (967 posts)

Previous Characters

Jacob Trier

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
(631 posts)
Bronze Dragon

(1,618 posts)
Silver Dragon
Neil Spicer

Male Human Expert 4
(5,830 posts)

Male Human Expert 5 (DM)
(83 posts)
Jeggare Noble

hp 66/66, AC 26/17/20, CMD 23/24, F: +8, R: +11, W: +7, init: +5, per: +10 Human Bard 6/Fighter 2

played by Jacob Trier (1,747 posts)
The Enraged Warrior
Kalev Lehola

Male (HP 27/71, AC- 23 T- 15 FF- 18 CMD- 28, F +11, R +10, W +6, P +15*, In +3*, AOO +17) Half-orc Ranger (Guide) 7/Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1

played by Bruno Kristensen (753 posts)

Previous NPCs


(11 posts)
NPC: Arvormeigh the Nixie

(3 posts)
NPC: Devarre Snowgaard

(13 posts)
NPC: Elyin Ursage

(11 posts)
Female Wizard
NPC: Fira the Dryad

(5 posts)
NPC: Lielaera Shantru

(2 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
NPC: Lumi Reasonknot

(2 posts)
NPC: Maligorn the Satyr

(10 posts)
NPC: Oreius Dawnsprinter

(5 posts)
NPC: Palombier the Unicorn

(6 posts)
Vinroot the Drunken Treant
NPC: Vinroot the Treant

(5 posts)
Tenzekil Braybittle (Bleachling)
NPC:Tenzekil Braybittle

(3 posts)

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