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JCServant's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master JCServant

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Two arcane casters can often work in a party, particularly if they cover separate rolls. I plan on summoning a lot of things and being about battlefield control and utility.

Right now I'm studying for a major chem test so I can't dedicate time to writing a background until later today. By tonight I should have all sorts of fluff up

Grand Lodge

Och...I really need to update my houserules...but generally summoners aren't allowed, and I'm very hesitant about summoning type casters. Even when they are small teams it can be rought. One time I ran a game with just two summoning was...let's say...ridiculous. It was so one sided that it became very un-fun to GM (and this was two casters in a campaign balanced for 4 players!). Then there's the fact that if we include the both of you that it brings up our total count of good guys in combat to six. Adding summons to the mix makes takes it even longer to resolve in Pbp than regular games.

Grand Lodge

Since there are two of you, we would be willing to consider one of you being something other than a wizard. I thing the consensus is that two casters is OK. But having one wizard and one something else would work as well. Thoughts?

I'll happily switch! Would a magus be a suitable replacement? It's a bit less "super-casty". If not a magus, then perhaps a bard. I think Killian could work really well as either of those classes.

I am a sorcerer who plans on using summon monster, not being the actual summoner class. Also I am extremely experienced in using summon monsters (although I usually do it as a wizard), if I put something on the field I will have its entire stat block (including augment summon changes) readily available for you.

I have RP reasons to summon as well, my character has the celestial bloodline and plans on bringing celestial creatures onto the field. I thought it would be interesting in such a town.

If you are still opposed to it I have no problem changing, just letting you know that if I do end up summoning creatures that I will do everything in my power to make it quick and efficient.

I am willing to switch as well, although it seems you have beat me to the punch and already have an idea in mind Dal

I'm leaning toward retooling Killian into a hexcrafter. His personality and everything else would remain the same, but he'd be a bit more physical and a tad less suave.

Hey guys. We definitely need a specialist arcane caster, we've felt the pain of not having one for a couple of levels. To help you decide what you want to be and how best to compliment what we have already;

Beppo - Classy, nobleman fighter. If he can't woo it with his shiny armour he kills it with big weapons.
Kyle - Priest (3rd party divine caster), good knowledges, specialist healer, saved all our asses a bunch of times and often the moral compass of the party.
Aemon - Ranger, archer. Consistent damage output from distance, useful skills, very angry person.
Brandon/Edmond - Vivisectionist Alchemist, dual-personality scientist/monster, can hit like a truck when flanking but poor AC and lack of finesse in monster form so basically kill or be killed in every fight.

Hopefully that will help you see where you can plug the gaps :)

Hmm, I could certainly pick up some buffs to help you from dying Brandon. Mage armor certainly comes to mind (if you don't already wear armor), enlarge person perhaps, etc. Or just disable them to the point where they can't hit back :3

Edit: P.S. Summoned creatures are fantastic for flanking

All done! Still need to buy gear, but I normally like to leave that until I'm certain the character is going to play. Taking the 'Westcrown Firebrand' campaign trait

For your convenience


Taryin was born and raised in Cheliax by nobility. His father was the kind of man who tried to steer others away from their wicked acts by example. He refused to abuse servants, gain subtle political advantage, always was the first to break up a fight, and always had enough coin to give some to that poor beggar. His mother felt much the same way, but she was more intimidated by the nobility around her and kept her opinions to herself in public. Taryin's kind parents gave him a rare upbringing in the infernal city, but as he grew older this caused problems.

Taryin never quite fit in with the other kids. He wouldn't join in when bullying or beating up a kid and he tried to follow his fathers example. This quickly made him very unpopular and he became the victim. The rest of his childhood was him trying to convince others they could bring back the former glory of the city, but he might as well have been talking to the wind. His father was immensely proud of him but also very scared for him, and told him that even thought he was doing good he should reign it in a bit. Give people a break when their tempers rise. And so over the course of many years Taryin became a very skilled debater, often managing to argue with a dozen kids at once.

Taryins efforts did not go unnoticed. Some of the kids he spoke to were tieflings, and some of their parents were part of a zealous cult of Asmodeus. They had always been angered by Taryins father being so meddling, but now he was trying to influence their children! It didn't take long for his anger to boil down into hatred, and they planned his fathers downfall.

Taryin was walking home from a play with his father, listening spellbound as he was told about the beings that fought against devils. Suddenly his father stopped, looking down an alleyway. After a moment he told Taryin to hurry home. Confused, Taryin tried to ask what was going on but his father turned with a rare expression of force and ordered him to run home. He stayed a moment longer then turned on his heels and started sprinting home so he could tell his mother what was going on. Before he got too far he heard his father speak forcefully, then a low hoarse whisper answer him. His father yelled something, and there was a sharp crack. Taryin stopped, mind racing until he turned and ran back to his father. He was greeted by the site of a Tiefling in dark robes hunched over the body of his father. He looked up at Taryin, with a small smile "The Prince of Darkness sends his regards" Taryin, too horrified to move, felt the grief, sadness, and anger well up inside of him. Tears streaming down his face, he cried out in fury at the man, and to both of their surprise a white light exploded outward right in front of the Tiefling, sending him backwards. His satisfaction turning to fear, the red skinned man gathered his senses and fled the scene.

Taryin took a long time to recover from his fathers death. During this time he shut out the outside world, often spending entire days in his room or in the wilderness, practicing his new found magic and spending time talking to the celestial creatures he learned to summon. When others discovered he had this power he realized he was becoming a person of well as a target. When he came of age his mother noted how his attitude had changed, and he wondered at her comment. He realized he was becoming more like her, afraid of what could be done to him for trying to be a good person. Then he thought back on how the other nobles must see him, as well as the gangs and cults in the city. He brooded for several hours, and that very night he packed everything he could and fled the city, away from his own fear and indecision and the consuming hatred.

Taryin spend the next 5 years traveling the world, learning about other cultures, picking up on things about magic, and all the while reflecting back on his home. And he still feels guilty about not telling his mother before he fled. After a period of studying under an experienced caster for a few months (who appreciated somebody young who could lift things and keep his house clean) the old man inquired about his past. Taryin reluctantly told him, and the old man 'humphed' at the story and leaned in "You gave up is what you did. No good deed goes unpunished, it's a hard path, aye. You can't change the world in a day, but you're scorning your fathers memory by not trying." Stunned by the accusation and insight, Taryin finished his studies and came to the decision to return to his home. He wanted to finish what his father started, even if it took his entire life. And so he began the long journey back to Infernal Cheliax.


Taryin is of average height and a slim build, with dark brown hair that falls down to his neck. He's roguishly handsome, normally wearing clothing of a traveler despite his air of nobility. Taryin has a quick wit and lots of charm, quick to make people smile and enjoy themselves. He's also a very spirited debater, often willing to sit at a pub for an hour with a complete stranger talking of local laws or something else.

Grand Lodge

Yeah...I chatted with a couple of our other players in Skype and email. I believe the group is looking for a more arcane caster. They already have a good physical presence. I think they're looking for one focused on CC, arcane/elemental dmg, debuffs and the such. Buffs are always appreciated (haste ftw), of course. Also, I use a worksheet to track combat... and while I totally appreciate your willingness to post stat blocks and the such...the method I use to run and track Pbp makes it hard to run things with six players plus summons. If it was a 3 player group or something, it would be much easier to consider.

And please, forgive me for not thinking that aspect through a bit better when putting the call out for casters. We could have been more considerate there. I will update my houserules Pbp section and the such so that's more clear in the future.

Dal, if you have any fondness for bards I know you'll find a special place in Brandon/Edmonds heart with inspire courage and haste =)

Ive always loved the idea of the magus but it frustrates me that there doesn't seem to be a way to make an effective one without the cheesy intensify spell shocking grasp/dervish dance combo.

I'll take a look at bard this evening. I started to retool Killian into a hexcrafter and after getting through the skills didn't really like how it was turning out. Then, the postmonster ate the changes to the profile =P

I hate that...

I have zero experience with hexcrafters. Witch archetype im guessing?

Magus archetype to include witch hexes. Becomes very good at debuffing.

Hmm, I know I'm beating a dead horse and am probably getting to the point of wearing your patience thin on the summon issue, but I really like the idea of using celestial creatures in this campaign. Ok, some arguments for my cause.

1) I will never summon more than 1 thing at a time.
2) I only summon about 2 creatures from each list, which I can inform you of and give you the stat block now. At this level probably a total of 3-4 creatures total, and I'll probably completely focus on 1 of them above the others for pure combat stats.
3) RP flavor
4) I am very organized with all of my spellcasting, posting a link every time I use a spell.

In fact, I believe I can create a profile for the summons I intend to use. Then you can track them just like a companion or familiar, and if I ever summon something else it's probably for utility out of combat.

Just some thoughts, I am aware of the confusion and slugishness that can be created from summoning, but I believe I am efficient enough to not even slow combat down. Feel free to just say no and I'll change my spells around. Again, sorry for persisting in a subject that you are so wary of, and I won't feel insulted at all if you just say 'no I do not want to deal with it'

Hey everyone i like what i'm seeing so far, as JC/Brandon has said we really need a arcane caster it has hurt us a lot in the past, two would work but it would be nice to diversify even more on what we have in the group.

A bard would be brilliant buffer for our melee types. Beppo/Brandon do a lot of damage already enhancing that can only be a good thing.

I've played a Magus really enjoyed apart from having like 2-3 touch spells worth casting, i'd love to play one of the archetypes again someday.

I liked your magus fwiw Aemon

Alright, I present Killian Shard, now as an arcane duelist. I like this approach much more than the hexcrafter for some reason. I think his personality still fits with my initial vision for the character, even though he's more supportive and less manipulative than his wizardly incarnation was.

I'll work on his equipment purchases throughout the afternoon.

Grand Lodge

Oh, it's not YOU I'm worried about slowing down the's ME. A seventh body, whether its a pet, companion, NPC or PC, adds to the work I do to resolve combat. And it already takes me 15 minutes on the average to resolve 5-6 peeps. It's a few minutes more..but that few minutes are often pushing the border of my break time.

I'd prefer not to unless we lose a player down the road. I did seven players / PCs once, and it was just too much for me. If it was just for flavor reasons, that's not a big deal as it has no impact on resolving combat.

Did I put up the official amount of gold yet? I don't remember...

You did, at the bottom of the previous page: 10,500 gps.
And on that note, I've finished Killian's shopping. His profile should be complete!

Ok, I'll swap out his summoning spells and feats.

Also, what do you think on his background?

Grand Lodge

Oh, wow...great backgroun, Taryin. Two thumbs, way up.

I think we pretty much would like both of you to join! Congrats! That will put us up to six players.

Taryin, If we go back down to five players, I will allow a free re-train on your feats that allow you back into a summoning focus if you so desire (and the team is OK with it).

The next step is that I need you guys to email me the following information. My email address is jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com

Real Name
Character Name, Race, Class
Email address
Dropbox email address (So I can send you invite. If you do not yet have a dropbox account, please sing up with this link :

You can also add me as a skype chat buddy: jcservant7

Once we have you on dropbox, you will have access to some of the other character's backgrounds, background on Westcrown, party file, pictures, and access to a summary file of the campaiagn that I'm working on.

Welcome to the team guys!

Welcome -- we look forward to gaming with you!

"Ha HA! Glad to be here, friends! Glad to be here!"

"A pleasure to work with such like minded men"

What is your stance on item creation feats? I either don't remember it in your house rules, missed it, or it wasn't in there. I only intend on ever having craft wondrous item so when we have large amounts of downtime we can save some party gold.

Speaking of gold, any specifications on how to spend it? I normally buy a lot of 1-2k minor magical items such as handy haversacks and wands.

Grand Lodge

You guys can now start posting your ooc chat in our discussion thread.

There's a line in the 25+ pages of text that says its generally frowned upon, hahahaha. During 'downtime' the party does have a variety of choices of things they can do including gathering information, bonding/teaching the NPCs, working for extra coin and more.

Right now, buying +1 or lower magic items/armor and wonderous items up to about 2k can be done with no hassle. We haven't had anyone seek anything more than that...yet.

Changed the feat to defensive combat training. Would make sense with his childhood.

I do have 1 item that's over 2k, but its an Eyes of the Eagle at 2.5k. Just gives me a +5 to perception in non-social situations. Is that alright?

Welcome! on board.

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