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JCServant's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master JCServant

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Grand Lodge

I'm starting a new Council of Thieves Adventure Path Play by Post. We have a well established group, but we’re looking to fill in a hole or two.

My play by posts are much more demanding than a typical play by post. Players are expected to post three times/ day.... 11a-2p, 3p-6p, and finally, 6p-10a (all EST). If you live in a different time zone, please adjust accordingly to figure out the required posting times. Missing a posting time may result in your character being skipped in a round of combat.

The other big difference is that we use a gridless combat by description method (Core Rulebook, Page 8) . In order to facilitate combat by description, Initiative is generally group based with players going first, and then bad guys, unless the bad guys surprise the party.

While the above guidelines seem unorthodox, in practice they really help keep our Pbp groups going full speed, allowing us to resolve most combat in 1-2 days rather than a week.

More Guideline details may be found here.

One more thing. This is a full blown Adventure path being played with Pbp. So, think long term! This could go for a couple of years. We’ll see.

Write below if you have more questions. Thanks!

I'm interested. I live in a timezone where I could almost never do the 3-6PM post, but I would always be able to post multiple times in the other ranges and willing to post contingencies and saving throws for the 3-6 one.

That being said, you might want to throw up some character creation requirements. Available races, classes, ability score generation, traits, feats, HP determination etc..

Grand Lodge

20 pt build. Any Paizo source race, class, feats, archtypes, etc. No 3rd party material allowed save the priest class (which is already spoken for). 150 GP. HPs are avearge rounded up (ala PFS).

Though max at first level right? What other classes are already spoken for?

Edit:What about traits? Are we required to take a campaign trait?

I'm interested as well, I'm in CST so the times aren't a big deal. What holes are you looking to fill? You mentioned you have a priest so I assume divine/healer is covered, but like Jelani said, what do you have and what would you like/need.

Grand Lodge

Established players are still deciding what they want to be. Might have a ranger and conjurer covered as of right now...but a lot is still up in the air.

Yeah, HP is always max at first level...I believe that's a Pathfinder rule.

Yeah, you would need to take a CoT trait. Check out the free player's guide. It has a lot of great information in it.

I'm thinking a LN rakshasa-spawn tiefling master summoner going to Diabolist. He would have the Diabolist Raised trait. Background will follow once I'm done reading the player's guide.

I am interested to play this module.

I am thinking a half elf two weapon fighter.

Dark Archive

"This is a full blown Adventure path being played with Pbp. So, think long term! This could go for a couple of years. We’ll see"

Sounds good. I'm planning an Urban Ranger (has Trapfinding)

Grand Lodge

I would be interested. Would be first time PbP. Thinking Magus or Bard/Rogue

Grand Lodge

Thank you. To give you all an update, I have asked the players to expedite their decision making in regards to what they are running with. Within the next day or two, based on those decisions, the group will choose one or two players to join their group. I will keep you all posted as the information becomes available. Please continue to post information here. The more you have about you and your character, the better decision they can make. I intend to have decisions finalized by Wednesday. Thank you!


I'd like to present Brandon Harcroft, a human alchemist, for your consideration.

He was drawn up for a different adventure path which is why certain details do not match your criteria, such as the campaign trait for example. In the interest of meeting the deadline and expediting the submission process I didn't want to delay.

I use Hero Lab to manage my characters so it would be a very quick job to stat him accordingly and rework his backstory (although hopefully you can see the direction I want to go with him without the exact detail) assuming you feel he could perform a role in your group.

I am experienced roleplayer and won't have any problems posting several times per day if necessary. I am in GMT so the timings may be slightly off but generally I should be on point as you are only -5 hours (or there abouts).

Stats and background::

Brandon Harcroft
Male Human (Varisian) Alchemist 1
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Hero Points 1
Init +1; Senses Perception +4
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 14 (1d8+5)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +4 (1d4+4/19-20/x2) and
Morningstar +4 (1d8+6/x2)
Ranged Bomb +2 (1d6+2 Fire) and
Sling +1 (1d4+4/x2)
Special Attacks Bomb 1d6+2 (3/day) (DC 12)
Alchemist Spells Prepared (CL 1, 4 melee touch, 1 ranged touch):
1 (2/day) Enlarge Person (DC 13), Cure Light Wounds (DC 13)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +4; CMD 15
Feats Brew Potion, Iron Will, Throw Anything, Toughness +3
Traits Dirty Fighter, Shadow Child
Skills Acrobatics -1, Climb +2, Craft (alchemy) +6, Diplomacy +0, Escape Artist -1, Fly -1, Knowledge (nature) +6, Perception +4, Ride -1, Spellcraft +6, Stealth -1, Survival +4, Swim +2, Use Magic Device +3 Modifiers Alchemy +1
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Varisian
SQ Hero Points (1), Mutagen (DC 12)
Combat Gear Dagger, Lamellar (leather) armor, Morningstar, Sling, Sling bullets (20); Other Gear Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Belt pouch (empty), Blanket, Chalk (3), Ink, black, Inkpen, Mug/tankard, Mutagen: +4 STR, -2 INT, +2 Nat AC, Paper (3), Scroll case (empty), Spellbook, Tindertwig (5), Torch (2), Trail rations (4), Traveler's outfit, Vial (10), Waterskin, Whetstone
Bomb 1d6+2 (3/day) (DC 12) (Su) - 0/3
Dagger - 0/1
Mutagen: +4 STR, -2 INT, +2 Nat AC - 0/1
Sling bullets - 0/20
Torch - 0/2
Trail rations - 0/4
Special Abilities
Alchemy +1 (Su) +1 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Bomb 1d6+2 (3/day) (DC 12) (Su) Thrown Splash Weapon deals 1d6+2 fire damage.
Dirty Fighter +1 damage when flanking.
Hero Points (1) Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Mutagen (DC 12) (Su) Mutagen adds +4 to a Physical attribute, -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 natural armor for 10 minutes/level.
Shadow Child No 20% miss chance for attacks in dim lighting.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.


Brandon is an unassuming, average looking Varisian man. Born and raised in the small town of Sandpoint, he does not dress garishly, is slim, of middling height and sporting a somewhat scruffy beard. Passers-by generally pay him no mind and those who do find him polite enough but unwiling to enter into extended conversation.

He spends his time studying in his makeshift lab or reading one of many voluminous tomes on anatomy, psychology, arcana or the natural world. He is quiet, he is shy, he is law-abiding, he is pleasant.

He is also dangerously schizophrenic.

Brandon's parents thought nothing was amiss when he started talking of his friend Edmond Harrow, assuming he was one of the other Sandpoint children. Brandon could often be heard in his room talking with his friend or would spend hours playing in the woods and swamp in the area with Edmond, seemingly learning from his friend about flora and fauna, how to set a deadfall and identify the tracks of deer, boar and wolf.

Brandon was surprisingly precious when it came to the subject of Edmond and the prospect of playing with other children at festivals and birthday parties was at best worrysome. At worst, having to interact with other, meaner children, made the small boy angry and lash out with sudden fury and unbelievable strength given his slight frame.

He was often bullied as a child because of his narrow chest and quiet way. A cocky young human girl called Ameiko Kaijitsu would often show up to deter the bullies with her brash way or a quick kick to the nether regions. One day however, Bran was cornered by three boys and beaten wickedly. He remembered the blows raining down and a boot blocking out the sun but awoke some time later surrounded by the battered bodies of his antagonists. The leader suffered a broken jaw and shoulder, his arm jutting out at an awkward angle. When he was asked what happened he could only answer that Edmond helped him After this particularly violent episode his parents sat him down and asked pointedly about his relationship with Edmond. In many ways they were relieved to learn the other boy was not real, just a figment of his imagination, a play-mate conjured from the recesses of his mind. Brandon was forbidden from ever mentioning Edmond again.

Shortly afterwards the fits started. The first time he simply fainted, apparently overcome by the summer heat. As the years passed the fits grew gradually worse into full seizures where his muscles would contract horribly, veins would bulge at his temples and often his father would force a leather belt between his teeth for fear he would bite through his own tongue. Distraught and a little fearful, the Harcroft's spent what money they had seeking advice from sages, sorcerors and learned men. None could provide an answer to the ailments he suffered and more worryingly his strength seemed to be growing every year, beyond what his thin arms seemed capable of. Worse, he often spoke in a voice that didn't sound his own, especially during his more frequent violent outbursts.

At age 15 Bran was prone to bouts of deep depression and would refuse to leave his room for days on end. Only his friend Ameiko would visit him and she was the only one he ever confided in that Edmond never left him, he still heard his voice in his head. All the other children in Sandpoint were afraid of him but Ameiko never judged him. She told him of her plans to leave Sandpoint with her friends in search of adventure and asked if he wanted to come along. He had never been so happy in his life.

Eventually, desperate, the Harcroft's took Brandon to see Niska Mvashti, the wise woman of over 100 hundred years old. If anyone had encountered Brandon's malody it would be her.

After witnessing one of his seizures, Niska and her daughter Koya declared they could not cure him. However, they offered to teach him all they knew about potion making, alchemy and the natural world in the hopes that he might find the means to control the voices and outbursts that plagued him through magic or chemistry.

He was devastated at not being able to accompany Ameiko but also found himelf enthralled with the knowledge he was gaining under the Mvashti tutilege. He spent the best part of ten years studying science and magic. He postulated often on his condition and created what he described as mutagens as a means to control it. He found his concoctions allowed him to remain conscious during his episodes and also gave him prodigious strength or almost limitless endurance. Whilst under the effects of the mutagens Edmond's presence was stronger than ever, a prospect that both terrifies and thrills him to this day.

Brandon is a man of science. He firmly believes that all divinity can be explained by magic which in turn can be manipulated, controlled and replicated by science. He feels there is nothing that cannot be explained, making him a slightly dour man but passionate about his field of expertise. He does not talk of his affliction and hides the fact that Edmond has lately taken on a personality of his own, often conversing with Brandon for extended lengths of time leaving him with a difficult relationship within his own mind...

Feeling that he has learned everything he can in Sandpoint and the occasional trip to Magnimar about both his condition and the means to control it, Brandon is seeking to broaden his horizons, expand his knowledge and master his strange and dangerous illness.


Brandon's schizophrenia should be very interesting to role play. I want it to be the seeds of the Master Chymist prestige class where Edmond finally gains a full personality of his own with motivations and behavious very different to Brandon. Edmond has always provided Bran with prodigiuos strength but it is only under the effects of mutagens that he becomes truly dangerous, tearing into foes relentlessly with tooth and bite. I see Bran as a melee/bomb striker in the early levels and later a full frontliner dealing damage with his feral mutagen whilst also bringing some decent skills and a little bit of magical support to the party.

I hope you find him interesting but if you have any questions about either myself or the character please let me know.


I'll throw my hat in the ring. I live in the EST zone and can post during the required times.

Silver Crusade

I present myself to you Hekra Hawkstorm.

I don't want to complete my character yet as you mentioned one of your players might be going conjuror. I'll wait until we know for sure what they are playing that way I can make something that won't overlap. I'm down to play just about anything and can make interesting characters quickly.

DM Jelani wrote:
I don't want to complete my character yet as you mentioned one of your players might be going conjuror.

I was that guy, and I'm not anymore. Feel free to proceed.

Cool, I'll try to get him up as soon as possible.

Im a returning player, going wizard/cleric/MT. Mostly buff/control spells with a splash of blasting

On second thought, I'm gonna withdraw my interest. I don't think I can do this serious a commitment at the moment.

Grand Lodge

Brandon, Stray Hal're in! Please head on over to the discussion board, introduce yourself and email me your character stats/information . I'll be posting more instruction for ya over there.

The rest of you...thank you so much for applying...there are a lot of great ideas here, just too few seats (I even bumped it up to seven to squeeze more in!)

Grand Lodge

Nearly a year later, and we've lost a few people in this campaign, opening up a slot for an arcane/face person. We are in the middle of book about 40% of the way through this AP. Anyone out there looking for a rigorous posting speed and a fast, "specially made for play by post" combat?

If you can post during our three posting periods (11am-2pm EST, 3pm-6pm EST and 7pm-8am EST, and like what you see in our Gameplay, post here.

I'm bumping this up. We have a great game going with four good players at level 5 and some good chemistry.

We're about to go to Hell and back without you...

Grand Lodge

LOL!!! Hell and back...! :) Now THAT'S a trip worth taking!

I hope it has a ye olde gift Shoppe.

Grand Lodge


The Exchange

Hey JC! Haven't seen you in quite a while, dotting for interest

I've yet to find a game that posts too quickly for me, the posting rate shouldn't be a problem

Arcane/face? That just screams sorcerer. I'll have a concept up sometime tonight, pretty hectic day

Grand Lodge

Ayup. As long as you can hang with the posting times, you'll find this to be a fast (for Pbp), exciting campaign. You can see gameplay for more info...though admittedly, 100 pages to read through IS kinda a lot at this point. Hmmm. I may have consider writing some sort of synapses thus far.

The bios we did should help new players get to know our characters as well

The Exchange

As much as I enjoy reading a good adventure, yes over 100 pages is a bit much. A synapses would be wonderful

Brandon, when you say bio's, do you mean the back story in each persons profile or something done in game?

I do mean the backstory in profile but further than that, we had a short hiatus during which we each wrote up the biographies of our characters including both original backstory when we applied and more info based on events we had taken part in. Should give quite a good account of who we are and how we came to be doing what we are doing. JC has those in a dropbox file.

Grand Lodge

Indeed. You can pull those bad boys up right here...

And the notable NPCs...

Ailyn - er%29.docx

There are more, but this should get you started :)

Also, download and read the free player's guide to the AP. eves-Players-Guide

I'll work on a synopsis.

If interested how should we go about setting up characters. do we start at 5th? Is equipment party based or should we assume gold per core rulebook for character creation.

I was thinking of going Int based caster but I can take a few traits, possibly a feat and maybe some gold in the form of a magical item if allowed to provide a good jump on face duties. Would good levels in Diplomacy, Bluff, and Sense Motive be what the group is looking for in a Face?

The Exchange

I have a few ideas, but some questions first.

What are your restrictions on race? And what is the point build, and pretty much everything else about character creation

Grand Lodge'll want to go over my houserules. There's a chapter at the end with the Pbp rules you will want to review in detail.

And should you have the misfortune of dying...

Grand Lodge

Character creation is 20 pt buy. Two must be from the player's guide. Starting Gold will be around 8k...though I'm still crunching the numbers for that one.

looking over the 25 page document it appears you have a great deal of house rules and ways of doing things that would make you a poor fit for me hope everyone has fun.

The Exchange

That wall of house rule text

Ok this will take me a bit to read, I'll have to put that aside for later

Grand Lodge

Wow... It isn't that bad guys. lol. It's actually a fast read, and held to insure that we are on the same page. I'd be willing to bet it's less words than a typical adventure path players guide. You will find that for the most part, these guidelines make the game more fun, such as the hero and power point rules... And added options for healing feats. The chapter on Pbp rules does take a little to wrap you mind around, but one you do, you'll see it's a much faster and efficient way to do combat in pbp. The time you save in doing your turns will easily make up the time it takes to read and figure out.

Grand Lodge

Understand that, at a table, I could slowly introduce concepts and/or how I judge some of the more gray areas as they come up, or slowly over weeks. That's much harder to do in Pbp, so that's why I need to put it into one, centralized document.

The trade off is you will be part of an awesome group with a GM that has nearly a year of proven track record of being responsible to the campaign day after day, week after week. I think investing 30-60 minutes to get up to speed in how our game works (and just as much if not more to catch up on story) is a small price to pay. You could jump into a PBP that doesn't have those strings attached and have it fall apart in 3 months wasting a lot more than a few hours.

For those daunted by the house rules document, the essential elements are not as overwhelming as they may seem, and you have to remember that there are a lot of rules in there that are not relevant to this particular campaign, so you can skip them.

I would pay attention primarily to the casting system on pp 7-8, the power point system on pp 20-22, the loot system on pp 23-24, and the combat business on 24-25. Perhaps healing on pp12-14 (basically, healing is more effective) if you intend to go that way.

There's not a whole lot of other changes. Some highlights:

  • JCS will keep a herolabs version of each character, and you can correct him if something appears to be amiss and/or incorrect.
  • Favors core and tiefling for race choice.
  • No summoners.
  • No more than 2 summoned creatures per caster at a time; bit of luck works on ONE roll, not all of them.

  • Dotting for interest. Dropbox, unsurprisingly, is blocked at the office, so I'll look over things and present an idea after I get home this evening.

    Grand Lodge

    Dal, if you email me ( jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com ) I can email them to you if that is more convenient.

    The Exchange

    Oh sorry, didn't mean for that to come across negatively. Normally when I think house rules there's about a paragraph of things that I can look over in about a minute. I had class in 10 minutes and thought I could get through the rules real quick is all. Just saying I didn't have the time, no worries!

    Grand Lodge

    Ah. Cool beans, Tiasar.

    The Exchange

    Read through it, I agree with about 95% of it and the rest I skipped because it didn't apply to me :p. I'm still slightly confused on how to do stats, I managed to find your stats for an extra party member and wasn't sure if it was the same. If so, I'm going to try for rolling


    4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 4, 6) = 14
    4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 4) = 10
    4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 5, 6) = 22
    4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 6) = 16
    4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 6, 1) = 17
    4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 1, 1) = 12

    After dropping lowest


    Wow, those are some crazy stats

    Grand Lodge

    It's a 20 point buy stat system. :)

    The Exchange

    Haha that almost relieves me, those are broken stats

    Basic crunch done, haven't typed up the details yet but you can tell mechanically what I'm aiming for. And yes, CELESTIAL bloodline, it's gonna be a fun background :P

    Alright - I've read through the houserules (I'll need to go over the power points system a time or two more yet, methinks) and I decided to try for something a little less traditional.

    When you first said you were looking for an "arcane caster and party face," that naturally suggested a sorcerer. So, I tried to see if I could make a witch or wizard who could fill that role instead. I wound up settling with a wizard, and I'm pretty pleased with what I've got!

    Killian Shard is here for your consideration, though his purchases have yet to be determined and I haven't bothered stating out his familiar in entirety yet. I'm half tempted to swap the familiar out for a bonded item if for no other reason than to lighten up the bookkeeping, but I have a neat idea for further down the line for an improved familiar.

    Haven't worked his background out yet either, but I see Killian as a smooth talking, self-confident, charming (and at times arrogant!) slickster; almost a confidence-man of sorts. While he puts on a good show, appearing as a senseless fop most of the time (taking a little inspiration from the Scarlet Pimpernel here), he's actually quite shrewd despite appearances.

    His biggest motivation for adventure at this stage would be uncovering secrets about the illusive Council of Thieves, a group for which he has gradually developed an absorbing curiosity and dark fascination.

    Grand Lodge

    Crunched gold this morning...10,500gp is about right.

    Hmmm...Taryin, can you give us a basic overview...I'll ask the guys to look over and choose one of you for the sorcerer role. Maybe we can have both of you (though 2 pure arcane casters may be much). Let me question and poll the guys and see what they think.

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