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JCServant's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master JCServant

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Grand Lodge

Discussion for JCServant's "The Council of Thieves" takes place here.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

BAM!!! First in ;)

And by the way... LOTS of bad guys you say? In that case I would like to have your opinion on Leadership please :D

<BAMF!> Second in. };{>}~~v

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

I think I feel myself slowly drawn into a ranger....

Living the dream!

Grand Lodge

LOL. You don't lead Leadership...just consider your party members as your followers!

Silver Crusade

Male Human Priest Lvl 5; 32 HP; AC:17 [14F/15T]; P+6; [+5F+5R+8W]; [S1:3-S2:4-S3:1-1C-4L]

I will continue as the party healer and play a priest of Shelyn.

Grand Lodge

"He so pretty! Oh so pretty! He's so pretty and witty and bright! And I pity, anyone who isn't Kyle tonight! LALALALALA LA LA!"

Gotta love Shelyn!

Grand Lodge

Reading some more...this is going to be VERY interesting.

I need to be able to share files with the group, so I can send some things to you guys and easily share documents.

If you have a drop box account, please email me your dropbox email addy & name, so I can add you to shared folder I am setting up for this group. If you do not have drop box account, please sign up for one at this site.

You do not have the install the dropbox client on your computer(s) or laptop(s) to use the dropbox account. You would simply need to download updated files from the dropbox website using your account login as you needed to access those files. If you do install the client, however, files will automatically update in your drop box folder as I add/delete/change them, saving you valuable time. Only files our shared group folder can be seen & changed by all. Files in any other folder you set up will only update, automatically, on other computers you have on that account.

For other devices (ipad, phone, etc), having the dropbox app installed allows you to access these files from your mobile device whenever you have an internet connection. Depending on your device, you can usually save those files locally if you want to be able to access them when you are not on the road.

I'd like to get this set up as fast as possible so I can get you guys the house rules, information about Cheliax, pictures, etc.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Priest Lvl 5; 32 HP; AC:17 [14F/15T]; P+6; [+5F+5R+8W]; [S1:3-S2:4-S3:1-1C-4L]

I feel charming,
Oh, so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel!
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I'm real.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

I am going to take care of Dropbox right away - I have an account, let me see if I can find the credentials. If not, I will set up a new one and PM you.

And by the way, unless we as a group come to a different understanding, I am planning on going ranger - I have invested a lot on that guy, his background, his tone and attitude - he deserves to be here.

I'll post more details as soon as I finish my glass of wine, and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner ;)

I'm digging for an avatar (well, I will be when I can next sit at a console...), so appearance might contra-inspire, but I think at the moment you can expect on a faceman-ish rakshasa-blooded clawed, tailed, conjuror-dipper. I do think I ought to do something other than the Wizard for 1st level, though. Still letting the concept grow (need that avatar!), and I'll see what mechanics click well after that.

I'm not sure I'll be enough of anything to step on any niche-filler's toes.

Grand Lodge

I got the Player's Guide in the DropBox account if you are set up properly with the Shared folder, you will see that file there.

So far, I'm showing Kyle and Telurion, I believe, all set up.

I probably won't get to it today, but I'll be updating and saving the House Rules file there as soon as I can.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Wow... I am really struggling to decide which character to play :D

If I understood correctly, so far we have:

- A rogue
- A conjuror kinda thing
- A cleric

So, I am guessing:

- we still need mainly a frontliner - that would be ma boy Telurion (OR a charisma/int fighter build that I haven't yet figured out how to pull into existence :D )
- More damage - that would be ma ranger boy which is giving me a headache in deciding if he would be a switch hitter or archer extraordinaire
- I am guessing we may not need any further "faces" for the group since probably BudFox adn Sharan/Thornborn seem to be more than able to tackle that

HELP ME over here :D

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

AND I am liking a lot the inquisitor concept, though I never played anything similar so i do not know exactly how it fits in a group.

As I understand our setting, an archer might feel hindered by buildings and such.

Conjuror for me will be a future dip, or perhaps a wistful never-done thing. Looks like an Urban Barb faceman, going to Arcane Duelist Bard. So still Arcane, but not Wizard.

A Freebooter Ranger gets an awesome 'hey you, over there! YOU are my favored enemy today! And my friends hate you, too!' ability, a boon to any party. It stakes out a de bono leader-guy space for you, and helps us concentrate our fire, always a good thing. I say rock the switch hitter, or even scimp on the ranged.

Inquisitor could be totally perfect, and I would not know it, haven't studied such.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Tiefling inquisitor... Oh my...

Telurion Andoren wrote:
Tiefling inquisitor... Oh my...

No, what I meant was it might be perfect for you, but I would not know.

Update: Now looking at Sensei/Hungry Ghost, and hoping to get Wall-Climbing from d20pfsrd approved.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Ok, i think i finally nailed it down regarding what I want to plsy... I think...

Planning on going Magus > Kensai.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Actually, a bladebound kensai tiefling magus with an aggressive demeanor. Should be FUN :D

And I'm torn between

: Sensei(bard-like 'advice' powers, Diplomacy and Knowledges) with Hungry Ghost(awesome-imagery dropkick power, and later Ki-vampire powers) and QingGong(which basically says, choose powers when you get to them)


: Flowing Monk(awesome-imagery judo throws of charging attackers, and his AOO makes foes flat-footed. Great team player that way, (Do we have a rogue?) but less of a face.)


: Sensei Martial Artist (to 5th, then getting fed up with the Lawful Feeble and going Barbarian. SERENE Barbarian.) But this would keep me from even pitching for the Wall Climbing 3rd-party swap, and I'm totally aiming for a Nightcrawler.

And I'm kinda gimping myself to get the Rakshasa paintjob, the look I want is the stats I don't. Or is Tiefling a free paint job kind of race? That would simplify.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Mainly we have the opportunity to coordinate our characters in and out of combat.

The character types I have been looking at do not have a straightforward ability to deal with social situations - for these they have mostly knowledges, and intimidation:

- Bladebound Kensai Tiefling Magus - this boy will be a nasty type, marginalized aggressive tiefling - mainly a martial character who I am expecting should be able to take the frontline, even without full plate - social will not be easy for him;

- Half-orc or Tiefling Inquisitor - the intimidation on this dude rises off the scale, besides he can bring the typical Inquisitor knowledges and party buffs to the mix - if we have enough melees (2 would suffice) I have some nasty surprises up my sleeve;

- The ranger... As you have understood by now, i've got a real love for rangers - equating between full archery and switch hitter, since after my second look at the switch hitter he looks gimped at the initial levels, mainly firing into melee :/ In social terms, he is good at pushing people around with intimidation, but above all at seeing through deceptions (really good sense motive due to high wis and class skill from Conspiracy hunter trait - if our cleric invests in this though, I may go to knowledge(local) which is a nice way to gather information)

So far I have equated also, though to a lesser degree, Bard - Arcane Duelist way, I have struggled immensely with a CHA/INT based fighter (I think I have struggled with this since the AD&D days :D ) but to no avail, and also considered a battle oracle - those guys are NASTY.

GMJCServant, any insights on how you usually handle multiclassing? Is it something to be built into the storyline as the game progresses, or if someone wants to take a monk dip 2 levels from now its just POOOOF it's done?

Grand Lodge

Well, it's not like characters and NPCs have signs on them saying that they are Fighters, wizards, etc. Essentially, characters use certain skills and as they get more experienced, they manifest new abilities. So a character who 'dips' in something isn't, from an RP perspective, much different than a magus who learns a new magus ability or a monk who just learned how to use Ki in a way that looks like magic.

Usually players who plan to dip into something do RP it somewhat into their character. A wizard who is going to dip into cleric is unusually pious and one who is going to dip into fighter tends to rely on melee weapons more than the average caster type of thing. I don't really put requirements on players, though. If they want to do something story related, though, we can certainly work together to come up with something as appropriate.

Grand Lodge

I really want to ramp up communication on this. It looks like I'm going to be out of town next week with limited access to internet. It would be nice to have everyone's character all settled up and ready to go.

Once you have your character pretty well nailed down, email me all of his/her details so I can put it into herolabs. I'm only showing a couple of you signed up for the shared folder, so we need to get more of you on board for that.

As most of you who play with me know, I'm not a big fan of dragging things out. So, let's give this all a dead line of Wednesday. By the end of Wednesday, you should have figured out and built your character, sent me the details and sent me an email with your dropbox email addy so I can put you on the share folder.

If I don't hear anything from a player by Wednesday, with the exception of the new father on the team who will join the game in progress...then I will assume you have gotten lost somewhere in the nether and begin recruiting if necessary.

If you have any questions, please email me directly for the fastest response. Alternatively, you can hit me up on Skype on nights/weekends (JCServant7) or email request my phone number.

Remember... 20 pt build... 150gp. Races/classes/archtypes from Paizo sources only though priest is allowed. While races from Advanced Race Guide is allowed, I'd rather not have 5 damphirs in the group, so talk things out. This takes place in Chiliax, however, where there are quite a number of tierflings (so no limit on that). Following the Tiefling rules from the Advanced Race Guide if you are going with that.

Game on!

Hey, I'll set up the dropbox today. We should pm the others Harboth, Rachele, etc to get them over here - they may not be seeing the updates or the link to the new discussion thread.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Priest Lvl 5; 32 HP; AC:17 [14F/15T]; P+6; [+5F+5R+8W]; [S1:3-S2:4-S3:1-1C-4L]
Telurion on 10/7 @ 3:32pm wrote:
if our cleric invests in this (sense motive) though, I may go to knowledge(local) which is a nice way to gather information

I had my Priest pick up sense motive just in case. But he also has local knowledge. I made him a squishy nerd that plays more of a support role in combat with healing and buffs, but can contribute to knowledge. Of course, it always help to have someone else rolling since my luck with the dice is notoriously bad. I'm sticking to the skills he does best (wis and int based) so don't expect him to win over any love for the party.

I've updated my character sheet in case you're interested in what I've done so far. Feel free to send me any advise.

An interesting part of my character is that he creates figurines. His deity encourages in building creative pieces of art, so he gets inspired during his daily prayer ritual and spends about an hour creating them. He needs to give them away to inspire others.

Grand Lodge

Budfox, you and I are thinking alike! I've sent everyone a priviate message right after I posted on the board. Looking forward to this! It's going to be awesome!

I'm also going to recruit one more. By my count we have six players. The normal max for any sane table is seven. I like to have the max because over the course of an entire multi-year campaign, its not unusual to lose one or two.

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

Still fussing around with my ranger concept - the tone and backstory are pretty well nailed down. I am just afraid that I may be gimping too much by going switch hitter.

I am not completely familiar with the mechanics, but if this is a city based AP, I am imagining a lot of cramped spaces, a lot of cover etc. I may face reall issues firing into melee or at enemies with cover, hence the open ended option for the magus and inquisitor are still there :D

Would be nice to hear from the others to make a final decision.

Grand Lodge

What level do you get the feat that lets you ignore cover issues? I know the one that lets you ignore melee is fairly early on...

Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter Lvl 2 (Lore Warden) / Ranger Lvl 1 | HP: 25/25

The thing with the switch hitter is that he focuses on the combat style options from the ranger class to obtain all his archer skills, except Deadly Aim which is chosen as a regular feat:

- STR18 and DEX16
- Half elf

Feat progression is something like:
Power Attack ( Melee weapon of coice - Greatsword)
First ranger combat option - level 2 - Rapid Shot
Then quickdraw

So when the enemy is at range, he fires arrows. If the enemy closes in for melee, he drops his bow, quickdraws his greatsword and wades in - this tactic should allow him to bypass point blank shot AND precise shot, since if melee is about he would be in melee and not at range.

This is the general idea, but I have never seen it in practice (though I do would like to try it). Improved precise shot would come about around.... 10th level I guess.

Issues seem to be:

Investing in STR mean a (slightly) lower dex, if cover means +2 or +4 AC for example, I am already hard pressed to hit anything + if they are in melee it gets even worse.

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

By the way, here is Calendir, or how he would look at level 5, since I had leveled him up some for a different campaign. His background is only half written but I am finishing as I go, and he would need some small tweaks to fit more nicely into this one, but this is the guy, demeanor, tone and all.

On the plus side, I had already written down how I came across my animal companion
- Lagash the CAT :D

Grand Lodge

Hmmmm....tough choices!

Grand Lodge

So, what do we have so far? A priest, conjurer (mage?) and a Ranger? Hmmm

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

In any case, I will have to give this character a try, so I am sticking with the ranger (and also trying to secure the ranger as I already see others applying with the class also in the recruitment thread :D ).

Let's GO!!

Liberty's Edge

AC 16 / T12 / FF14 | HP 28/[28] | F+5 R+6 W+4 (+2 vs fear, +1 vs enchant) | Perc +10 (+2 urban areas) Init +2 (+2 urban areas) Half-Orc Ranger 3

Council of Thieves -- cool. Count me in. I could envision a scenario where I don't have time to keep up, but I would like to give it a go since I enjoy this group and it's nice to have some continuity.

From what I have read (only the player guides), this and Serpent's Skull are both AP's that seem really cool to me.

As to group composition and character, I generally tend toward damage dealers with limited or no magic (Harboth, an inquisitor, ranger, fighter, or barbarian), but can get interested in just about anything.

I will look at the AP guide and see if a concept arises from that, or from the Rorschach blots I find in my little one's diapers.

Good to see you Harboth, and glad you are aboard. We need a damage dealer so that will work out well. Looking forward to it too!

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

Ok guys, let's talk some specifics?

As a ranger I don't think I will be packing much "social" skills ;/

In fact, if you guys take a look at Calendir's background so far, you'll notice just that :D In any case I am planning to invest some into Intimidate, so at least we'll have some skill spread in social interaction, let's say if Diplomacy fails we scare them.

It won't be an overwhelming bonus (as I had on the half-orc inquisitor I sketched) but it should provide us another option.

Now, seeing we have a deadline for Wednesday (which I approve by the way), I look back as to when Telurion and Sharan first joined the group, and that a frontliner was needed at the time - I am more than willing to stick with my armor clad boy, as long as we talk it out beforehand, also to assist GM in selecting/recruiting as appropriate.

Do let me know.

Grand Lodge

At the same time, as you guys are discussing, I would like your thoughts on who you think might be your best 2 options for team mates based on the recruitment boards.

Grand Lodge

Now, seeing we have a deadline for Wednesday (which I approve by the way)

I'm happy to hear that. I know I come across as a bit of hard-ass sometimes...especially when I'm making deadlines and the such in the context of a game, but I really do believe in keeping things moving. If a player communicates a serious issue to me (Like...oh, I dunno..having a kid!), then I'll work things out with him/her. At the same time, when I'm not available, I make every effort to keep you guys updated with dates/times so you know what to expect.

Speaking of, my postings from Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 21 will be sparadic due to a business trip (I really hope this is the last one of the year). That's one of the reasons I would like all the 'housekeeping' and set up done before hand. I'd like to set the stage, at least, and get the ball rolling. My internet connectivity during that time period will be hit or miss, but I will do my best to keep things moving. Tuesday, October 16-Thursday, October 18th will be especially evil, since I'll be in airports and planes most of those days. I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, I'm going to begin putting characters into Herolabs. As I do, those of you with the dropbox program installed on your computers will automatically get updated PDFs of the group in your shared folder. If you want me to put a picture of your charater on that PDF, email me your JPG and I'll put it into the Herolab file.

As I mentioned somewhere, I will use Herolab to update and manage everyone's character. If you own herolabs with all of the expansions, I can also send you a character portfolio file whenever you request (to import into your own program). As always, I still encourage players to keep their own notes, double check all math in the PDF, etc. The Herolab's program is 99% in calculating in bonues and the such, but its still missing a couple of things. And then there's the fact that the aging GM likes to totally forget to enter some of the things he should....

My own build is still very nebulous. Won't be Conjuror, unless oyu need that now that it's advertised. Currently thinking Sohei/Master of MAny Styles (Crane/Archon to start). Also very fond of the Flowing Monk's ability to hand flat-footed targets to the party. If you didn't have a deadline, I might never settle down. I don't feel I can criticize any other applicant (and haven't looked yet), I would just observe that a long-haul gig might be a better bet on an established presence on the boards. (And I'm aware that recommends against me. :) )

What I need is to stop playing with the legos and start putting on the clay... So OK, this Tiefling is from some underclass, even among tieflings, and he's been a bouncer/blocker at a bordello in Westcrown. Wrong guy gets mad, or can't get it on, or whatever, and sudden 'licensing' issues arise, and we find our black-furred friend suddenly in the classical 'orphan' stance so common among PCs.

OK, it's rough, but now my artist will shout at the engineer to shut up already. :)

Stats later. I'm running a Sohei/MoMS Monk.

Alignments... LG? LN?

Grand Lodge

Thorn, you can choose whatever you want right now. It was advertised, but was done so with the idea that we're still working on cementing choices.

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

As far as I have seen from the recruitment posts, here are my thoughts:

- As far as the insiders go, we seem to be having still a few doubts regarding what will be played, you think we can have an update on who will be participating, adn the expected classes? (Count me in as Ranger/Fighter)

- So far we have a healer, a rogue and a ranger
- If Sharan goes conjurer, we can rate that as a... controller?
- If she follows another path, as posted above, "Sensei(bard-like 'advice' powers, Diplomacy and Knowledges)", we have social strength right there

- All in all, we seem to have skills (BudFox and me), social (Sharan and Kyle), and damage dealers (me, Budfox, Sharan?)

- I would say that the roles we are clearly missing, would be Arcane Casters (both for damage and utility), front line combatants (I can step up if needed), and maybe some additional form of damage.

From the applicants, I would say:

- DM Jelani: LN rakshasa-spawn tiefling master summoner going to Diabolist - seems to fit in as controller or damage dealer. I am not sure how he plans to play it
- DM Heterocephalus: half elf two weapon fighter - damage or tanker? Probably damage, may fit in
- Letha Celestborn: Urban Ranger (has Trapfinding) - I think we have this base covered
- Hawkwen Agricola: Thinking Magus or Bard/Rogue - I think we have this covered, but would depend on the kind of Magus

Personal note: I have a thing with Neutral alignments, which is to understand what are the reasons for them to cooperate with the group :D

And those were my two cents so far.

EDIT: Ok, so Thornborn is Sohei/MoMS Monk - meaning combat but not frontliner (correct me if I am wrong Thorn), which convers for some of our missing damage but not for front line.

Bud, how social is your rogue? (Thinking if between your Bluff/Diplomacy and Kyle's Knowledge(local) and Sense Motive, we have the social aspect covered).

Wow..... long post :D

Grand Lodge

Personal note: I have a thing with Neutral alignments, which is to understand what are the reasons for them to cooperate with the group :D

Welcome to my world! LOL. Alignment talks! I love these!! They are the fuel of flamewars, though I prefer intelligent discussions...whcih I believe we'd have here with our players.

As far as N's, I've often pointed out the same thing myself. There are three types of neutrals, generally speaking.

1. The kind who have no strong convictions. Most people are neutral in the real world. They wouldn't lay down their life for another (outside of immediate family/love), but they do have compuctures about taking life. While that fits most of us in real life, it doesn't make for great heroes.

2. The kind that flip flop between alignments. Saving the world one minute, but stealing from someone the next. The prankster who puts a good joke over the party's safety, or a Wolverine type character who has anger management issues and kills when he's really upset, rather than following group guidelines. It works for a while, but a character staying true to this over the long run can get irritating for the group really fast.

3. THe kind that are dedicated to an ideal to the point that they are willing to die and/or sacrfice for it. These are genearlly LN or TN. Examples include the Cleric of Abadar who purused the ideals of fair trade above all else or the Ninja sworn to avenge the death of his dragon clan who travels with the party to find out who killed them, but he will never raise a hand vs. dragons since he worships them.

These aren't much different than Good heroes (who lay down their lives for the well being of the weak, innocent, etc), except they replace concern for innocents, weak, etc with things like Trees, Dragons, Balance, knowledge, etc. From an RP standpoint, its not too hard to work into a party, but, as you point out, the reasons holding them to the rest of the party are weaker. The GM usually has to go out of his/her way to give him/her motivation to stay in the group.

On a side note, I, personally, do not find them as inspiring as Good characters (I'd rather read about heroes who lay down their lives for others rather than for an impersonal ideal). However, I have seen a few that, when played right, can make for some awesome RP mixed in with an otherwise mostly Good party. (Boy could I tell you stories!)

Wow..... long post :D

Hey, that's my line!

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

I am absolutely sure that it is possible to roleplay a Neutral character - I just usually like to hear something from the person playing it so that I can get an idea of the logic behind it :D

By the way, small change on my ranger concept - I am going to drop the Intimidation and focus on Knowledge (Local).

GM-JCS We have 2 traits (one from the campaign) - is this correct?

The Sohei/MoMS build (call it BD,for Black Devil) looks like he'll be near the front lines, defending,preventing damage more than doing it. He'll be unexplainedly (at first) protective of the Shelynite

Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

Another 2 important changes:

Race changed to human.
Switch-hitter changed to Archer Ranger (though I still believe I can wield a weapon but hey)


Male Half-elf Ranger lvl5

GM-JCServant be honest, is this a VERY intensive city sprawl AP? I am thinking Urban Ranger Archetype to be honest :D

Male Human Male Human Commoner 1

Sorry I missed this somehow. I've been dying to play a wiz/cleic/Mystic
Theurge, and I think I will.

Tiefling M Monk 1(Sohei/MoMS)

He watched from the shadows. That was hardly noteworthy; it was practically the Wiscrani national sport. The thieves watched the marks, the marks watched the girls, the vendors watched the thieves watch the marks, everyone watched the Hellknights...

He was watching the Shelynite. So was that vendor, that girl, that thief. He stepped from his shadow. A shame really, it was a really good shadow. Two, three, there. Four steps on a straight line toward the thief, and the thief was gone. Not forgotten, nor forgetting, but gone. The thief would remember that taking an interest had drawn interest, and take less interest, next time, if there was a next time.

It was a small boon. But it was what the moment afforded the shadowed watcher.

Grand Lodge

Calendir Eltoreth wrote:
I am absolutely sure that it is possible to roleplay a Neutral character - I just usually like to hear something from the person playing it so that I can get an idea of the logic behind it :D

Oh, I've seen it done...but it IS a challenge for the player to convey an interesting N character that also has motivation to actually stick their neck out for the group and/or for others in the course of adventuring without some strong "G" seeping in.

GM-JCS We have 2 traits (one from the campaign) - is this correct?


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