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Adventure Background
In 4606 ar, Aroden, god of humanity, innovation, and
history, died. No city in all of Golarion was wracked more
fundamentally by this catastrophic event than Westcrown.
The capital of Cheliax—an entire country sworn to the
god of humanity’s worship at the time—Westcrown was
the expected site of Aroden’s return and had spent decades
preparing for the event. A massive plaza known as the
Arodennama, complete with a towering statue of the god,
stood ready to receive the deity, yet after his death, it took
only a few short years for the church of Aroden to fall. The
Arodennama was abandoned, and the entire country found
itself in the grips of a civil war with fierce diabolists.
The rise of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune
saw Westcrown’s further descent.

After a brutal 30-year
civil war, the diabolical House of Thrune seized control
of Cheliax. One of their first acts as the nation’s new
government was to move the capital and royal court north
to the city of Egorian, emptying Westcrown of much of
its affluence and prestige. Those nobles who remained
behind were largely old families rooted in their traditions
and their pride, content to rot in their declining home.
While still a vibrant and important port, the splendor
that had typified Westcrown for centuries swiftly waned,
and without the noble court many commoners and
merchants who had previously made a living pandering to
the country’s elite were forced to move on, leaving whole
blocks abandoned. Westcrown faded to a pale shadow of
its former glory and became a playground

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