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It's Tomb of Horrors

Game Master Kelsey MacAilbert

It's Tomb of Horrors. With Pathfinder rules.

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Silver Crusade

Gargoyle would have to make a separate save to attack Dresmond. To save you some time 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17 vs DC20, 17 is fail so gargoyles attack couldn't go through.

Dresmond flees back not wanting to take his chances that the thing will break through the enchantment soon enough he flees behind the pit trap the others are preparing and casts shield of faith on himself raising AC to 29.

Hoping that the gargoyle doesn't have combat reflexes :)

I actually interpret it the other way. From the wording of the sanctuary spell (on which the ability is based), if the creature passes its will save, it is unaffected by the sanctuary for the duration of the spell, while if it fails, the sanctuary holds it at bay for the spell's duration. The major difference between the domain power and the spell is that the domain power protects multiple people.

I've ruled that, as a single aura, each individual enemy needs to save once and once only, regardless of how many people the aura is protecting. I did work through my reasoning prior to making the will save, and in fact entirely expected the gargoyle to be scrabbling helplessly at an invisible barrier for as long as Dresmond chose to maintain it, with no additional will saves to overcome the effect. That wasn't how the dice fell, though. Bad luck there. So, the damage stands.

It's also worth noting that this makes the ability a bit more predictable, avoiding situations in which you're taking damage round after round, but still having to refrain from attacking lest you lose the dubious protection.

And no, the gargoyle doesn't have combat reflexes, otherwise it would have taken another chunk out of Victor when he moved. So no AoO there.

Wesley soon gets one of his tools hooked around the catch the group used to hold the trapdoor closed, waiting only on Dresmond's retreat to pull it loose. The moment Dremond is across, Wesley pulls the catch loose, leaving the gargoyle, in hot pursuit, to plummet into the pit trap and onto the sharp spikes at the bottom. The trapdoor swings closed behind it, though whether that will hold the creature remains to be seen.

Gargoyle reflex save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Wesley plans to pop the catch and open the trapdoor occasionally so bombs can be fired at it at will.

Male Human Alchemist 9

Victor coughs up a bit of blood, 'That hurt...' he grumbles, and proceeds to ignore the creature in the pit and turns his attention to quickly putting together a Cure Serious Wounds, which he gulps down.

Cure Serious Wounds:3d8 + 9 ⇒ (3, 2, 6) + 9 = 20

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

"Have some more of those? Wait, first things first, let me know when I pop it open so you bomb it again?"

Male Human Alchemist 9

Victor, feeling somewhat renewed preps a bomb to drop into the pit when Wesley opens the latch.

As Wesley pops the trapdoor open, Victor drops a couple of bombs in on the gargoyle which, skewered as it is on the spikes, is in little position to resist. The creature seems weaker, its wounds more deeply etched into its form. The bombs blast further craters into the creature, one destroying an entire arm, the stump spurting black blood. Nevertheless, it pulls itself from the spikes, rising to its feet, only to catch a pair of burning rays in the chest.

"Once more should do it," Marius says, coolly assessing the impact of his own spell on top of Victor's efforts. And indeed a second pair of rays from the mage cause the stony monstrosity to crumple back down again, rage spent at last in death.

Figured I'd save a bit of time by using the real dice there, and between the poison spikes and a crit from Victor, there didn't seem much point in calling for a final round of attacks on the gargoyle. Victory is yours.

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Wesley jumps up with boyous enthusiasm. "Woohoo, that was teamwork. I thought I saw gems on him."

Yes, Wesley is seriously considering searching for treasure on the gargoyle. If he can do so safely, he will check for loot. He is a burglar after all.

Male Human Alchemist 9

'I'd offer you one of my extracts, but I've only got a limited number of those a day. I can brew them into Potions, but it takes a long time. Dresmond, can you lend a hand with Wesley's wounds?'.

He looks down the pit and ponders for a few seconds. 'Aye, those gems looks enticing, perhaps a better idea would be for use to use our rope, tie a couple of lassos to hook over the beast and pull it back out of the pit? I've got 50' of rope, what've the rest of you got?'

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

"Sorry, I travel light."

Male Human Alchemist 9

With only one rope, Victor doubles it over to increase its strength and tries to drag the gargoyle up.

The gargoyle, as it turns out, is much too heavy to haul out of the pit, short of being smashed into pieces. However, the spikes at the bottom are widely-spaced enough that one can easily avoid stepping on them while at the bottom of the pit.

Climbing down, Wesley is able to retrieve the bejewelled collar fastened around the gargoyle's neck. In all, there are ten large, blue quartz gems set into it, each worth perhaps a hundred gold.

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Wesley climbs up and points to the necklace "Party treasure."

Wesley pokes Dresmond--"I am hurt, please fix me up."

Wesley carefully put the necklace in an empty sack, disables the trap again, and continues past the gargoyles former postion.

We can track community treasure anywhere you want. A thief as awesome as Wesley is only minorly impressed with the necklace.

Silver Crusade

Dresmond spontaneously casts cure mod on himself and cure serious on Wesley in place of Shatter and Speak with dead. "Thar ye go lad."

Dresmond is not as minorly impressed by the necklace as Wesley. "Hand me that necklace lad ye never know what magics it could contain eh." He then remember he did not prepare any spells to do that sort of thing so he hands it to Marius. "Eh mage check this out for any aura will ye."

Heals to me:2d8 + 8 ⇒ (3, 1) + 8 = 12
Heals to Rogue:3d8 + 8 ⇒ (7, 1, 5) + 8 = 21

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Wesley hands the necklace over eagerly.

Male Human Alchemist 9

'Oy, thief, how about while he does his thing you start poking your nose around those doors in there, I'll stand guard in case there are more of these things. Victor barks at Wesly, impatiant to keep going. He walks back into the room and draws his sword, just in case.

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Wesley rushes to take point to continue investigating past the gargoyle. At his point he slows down and resumes his cautious investigation of the ruins. Status = -2 hp from full health

Marius regards the necklace thoughtfully, muttering a brief spell as he turns it over, "No major enchantments," he says at length, "But the is something... Hah." He springs a hidden catch, revealing a small hidden compartment within the body of the necklace, with a scrap of parchment concealed inside.

After perusing the runes on the parchment for a few moments, Marius mutters a different spell, before reading aloud.

"Look low and high for gold, to hear a tale untold. The archway at the end, and on your way you'll wend."

Meanwhile, Wesley's investigation of the gargoyle's room reveals little beyond what he'd already seen. Opening each of the doors in turn reveals two small, empty chambers, one with another door on the far side, the other without.

Map has been updated.

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Exercising true paranoia, Wesley then opens the door.

Male Human Alchemist 9

Victor follows him, 10' behind.

Wesley works his way through a series of six more doors, each opening from one wall of a subsequent chamber, and ultimately looping back to the original room in which he found the gargoyle. The final door had been concealed on the outside, though once he'd opened it and knew what to look for, he could see the faintest of seams from the northern side.

Appears as hobbit--Periblooded aasimar Wizard (Conjurer) 5

Seeing as there have been many concealed doors, Wesley will recheck the six rooms for secret and concealed doors.
Perception = 10+17 = 27

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