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Ith's PFS pbp

Game Master ithuriel

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Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Ok, that's three and a tag along, that'll do me. I was going to do the City of Strangers, but I'm not against pulling something down if there's something someone wants to play.

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Knock knock?

Dark Archive

Wow, I did not see the game had restarted...and it looks like no one else did as well. Unfortunately, I will be going on vacation this week so my posting would be limited at best. I will return on September 1st.

If I may make a suggestion, I would PM all the players just to let them know you posted. They probably cannot see the gameplay thread anymore.

I don't have an open character right now, Nev. What game are you running? Do you want me to run a pregen?

Grand Lodge

I could have sworn I posted over here earlier today. I'll post up ASAP (tomorrow). I missed the initial kick off post.

Grand Lodge

Gerard> He's running City of Stranger Part I. # 51 I think

What pregen do you all want me to run?

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Hehe, I hoped that would get some responses :)

Gerald, go with what you feel! Yes, City of strangers.

I'll PM the others now.

So we have a sorcerer and a Druid. What character are you running, ith?

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Druid

Kovar leveled up to 5th over this past weekend, just fyi.

I'll pick my pregen when ith confirms who he's running.

Grand Lodge

Oh- I had assumed going forward with the same characters.

Let's get a roll call before going forward to be sure we are all on the same page and don't accidentally assemble a mismatched team.

1) DrGabe, Kovar, Druid 5
2) Gerard, Undecided
3) Ithuriel, Anashka, Cleric 4
4) Eric, Wadi, Sorcerer 3

Unless we recruit it looks like we need Gerard to be some kind of muscle.
Alternatively I could bring a Fighter 5 (Adriel Arnaux), but I may need to do some serious book keeping to make sure he is in order. He's a bastard sword switch hitter type. I haven't played him in two years or more. The records might be more or less in order, but I don't remember right now.

Grand Lodge

How do you feel about healing, Gerard? Adriel might be a better move for us.

AC 23 or 26 (with shield), +12 to hit (or +14 w/o Power attack), 1d10+6 (or +8) before his wands of lead blades or enlarge person which he has a fair chance of UMDing for himself.

I'll play a melee guy, if you are playing Anashka, ith. I just wanted to be sure.

I'm thinking about the samurai, since I have ran Valeros a few times. I'll decide and get a post up this evening.

Edit: I'd be happy running the cleric, too. Let me know and I'll run one of those two.

Grand Lodge

Okay. Once you are decided I'll follow suit.

You seem to be keen on the melee guy. That's fine. I'll bust out Kyra the cleric and we should be good to go!

Grand Lodge

Done. Because of my weird hours it is way past bedtime for me at 7pm in Greece so I'm calling it a night, but I'll check him over and post when I get home from work in the morning.

Grand Lodge

Doh! Never mind. I have run City of Strangers Part I and II. I can still get player credit for them, but I applied the GM credit to Adriel. He is not an option. Anashaka it is.

Samurai it is then!

Grand Lodge

AC 18/12/16; HP 45 F+6,R+3,W+2; Init.+2, Perception+8

Ooo, forgot the new pregens were released the other day! Amiri to the rescue...

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Ok, so we have three players about, Ith is really struggling on all fronts. So what should we do? Pack it in, or find a fourth?

I say we pack it in. I am running a pregen because I like everyone in the group and wanted to keep going, but if we only have three counting a DM posting now, I think we can safely say our run is over.

I had a great time, but we might need to take a break for a little bit.

Dark Archive

Yeah I am not feeling it for this group now, so it is a good idea to end this now.

I will keep an eye out for any new Pathfinder PbP games and hope to see you in one of them.

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Motion proposed, seconded, and carried.

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