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Ith's PFS pbp

Game Master ithuriel

Current Characters

Qadira DrGabe

(1,908 posts)
Osirion Luke_Parry

(2,216 posts)
Vendra Loaggri
Taldor Alie Saechel

Fey Sorcerer 8 | HP 55/55 | AC 15, Touch 13, Flat Footed 13 | CMD 14 | Fort: +7, Ref: +6, Will +8 | Init. +6 | Perception +2 | SM 0

played by Gerald (1,152 posts)
Grand Lodge Amiri PFS

AC 18/12/16; HP 45 F+6,R+3,W+2; Init.+2, Perception+8

played by Gerald (28 posts)
Brienna Soldado
Andoran Anashka Arnaux

HP 23/23, AC16, T 11, FF 15, CMD 16, F +5, R +3, W +9, Channel 5/5

played by ithuriel (112 posts)
Member of the Ninth Battalion
Andoran Fog Darksmiter

Male Dwarf HP: 23[23] AC: 23 Firebolt 7[7] +3 (1d6) Channel: 5[5] 1d6 Endure Elements

played by Nevynxxx (361 posts)
Forwell Hog
Andoran Kovar

Male Human Druid

played by DrGabe (150 posts)
Boggard Champion
Montgomery Hall

played by Nevynxxx (83 posts)
Grand Lodge Talhaearn

Half Elf Rogue [8] | HP 67 | AC 22 T 15 FF 18 | F +5 R +10 W +5 | CMB +10 CMD 25 | Init +5 Perc +14 (low light)

played by Deane Beman (850 posts)
Cheliax Wadi Ahk'kolon

played by Eric Swanson (576 posts)

Previous Characters

Deane Beman

(370 posts)
Evan Whitefield

Male Human Husband 7 /Father 6/ H.D.S.S. 2/Programmer 2/ QC tech 3
(328 posts)
Sky Dragon

(1,396 posts)
Attic Whisperer
Grand Lodge ithuriel

(2,683 posts)
Andoran Mothman

Male Mothman Expert 5
(12,037 posts)
Cheliax Nevynxxx

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1
(3,179 posts)
Lantern Bearer
Andoran Aldred of Augustana

Male Half Elf Bard 2

played by Mothman (270 posts)
Vendra Loaggri
Taldor Alie Saechell

played by Gerald (8 posts)
DM Ithuriel

played by ithuriel (348 posts)

played by Evan Whitefield (202 posts)
Verrin Tieruk

Male Human Wizard 4 HP: 21/39 Surges: 7{7} AC: 15 Action Points: 1

played by Nevynxxx (422 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Andoran Kayluss

AC 30; Tch 15; FF 28; CMD 24; DR 3/-; hp 60; Fort: 10; Ref: +7; Will: +8
Init +2; Spd 20ft; CMB +11; Ixthalos +13/+8 (1d10+7/ 19-20/ x2); Longbow +10/+5 (1d8+2/ x3/ 110ft)
Climb +5; Diplomacy +8; Heal +8; Intimidate +7; Knowledge (Dungeon & Nature +4; Planes +1); Perception +12; Profession (Sailor) +6; Spellcraft +5; Survival +9; Swim +5

played by Evan Whitefield (241 posts)
Grand Lodge Magda Marinova

played by ithuriel (83 posts)


played by ithuriel (1 post)
Uzbin Parault
Osirion Sekhemre of Karnak

Male Elf Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3

played by Luke_Parry (336 posts)
Valeros of Bellis

played by ithuriel (45 posts)

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